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V. Davis This is a horrible drug that lies to the user. I hate what it is doing to my husband and to our marriage. 
Anthony Verster a DRUG FROM HELL! 
Anonymous My wife almost lost her brother to Oxycontin. It has taken 10 years of methadone clinics and suboxone therapy but he is finally free.  
Joshua Kennedy never lost anyone from these but know they're pretty much legal heroin. If the gov would legalize pot it'd solve many issues like these. Good luck 
Travis Stilwell I have seen OxyContin destroy peoples lives in my hometown Juneau Alaska. I have even lost people to the addiction. The quicker this prescription drug is removed from our streets the better. 
kelly Rudd I hate this drug for what is has done to my boyfriend! I do not even recognize him anymore, I do not know what to do to help him and to make him realize what he has turned into.  
Catherine Shinn My Daughter stopped breathing and flatlined on Oxycontin after surgery to have her appendix out! they revived her however I know this should have never happened…it was in a hospital with round the clock care…We don't trust this drug and it should be taken off the market!  
Mark Simmons Well, Its me again Larry, we spoke in Dec of 2013, I addressed congress in Jan open session of 2014, was basically removed from the premises for what was on my mind...If you recall on Dec 8 radio show we discussed my mission. Folks!!!!!!! Its a good thing you sign and share your stories but the only way to make a difference is for each one of us that has loved ones that are addicted or have lost, or signed this petition is to go sit on the steps of the White House !!!!!!! REFUSE TO LET IT CONTINUE !!!!! I STILL FIGHT FOR EVERYDAY!!! For those of you out there that are addicted, you can overcome!!!!! These guys at Prescription Addiction Radio have been fighting for years for Companies, Government, and general public to listen up.....Thing is....our so called GOVERNment , is paid by the Pharmaceutical Companys to GOVERN that, we, us, and those taking, abusing, and be prescribe these meds, are GOOD COMMERCE !!!!!! Its all about the money. I pray for all the people who have lost loved ones and pray for those of you addicted, that are probably like myself and legitament patients, but I will say, If you are addicted,, YOU CAN PUT THEM DOWN its not recommended, and I died three times from putting them down, but yet here I am, still putting a voice out there. As I said earlier, If everyone that visits this site or listens to the shows would show up on the steps of congress, it would be a thorn in the side of PurduePharma!!!!!!!!MAKE A STAND!!!!!!!!!!GODSPEED to All  
Hamid jafari Hi all I was hocockt to this drog for 8 years and at last on April 2012 I had cornery artery desis and did open heart surgery. After that I quite but damage it's bin don. I like to see this drog be band in the world. Thanks hamid 
mike mallory how is it that Purdue can manufacture this opiate knock-off legally while my son is facing 5 years in prison plus 10 years probation (not one beer, in milwaukee!)for sharing his with known ringleader (od "victim", whom he stayed with & performed cpr until police arrived)? I have always told him to be truthfull and honest, but he was tricked by police to confess without Miranda rights ("Terry Stop"?). FYI- told my other children to run and lie (my only criminal charge has been for throwing "missiles"- snowballs 39 years ago). Pharma execs best stay out of Milwaukee area or you may be spit upon, tripped then peed on- arrest me and hopefully I'll get to tell my story to local then national tv. Whores! my phone number is 262-366-4298 Mike- authorities please call I'm dying to tell my family's story. By the way my son suffers from mental illness, but the court sidestepped this issue. Or ccontact me by ISIS. 
Anna R Taylor  
Anonymous Oxycontin is in the process of destroying my husband. He began taking after a fall as far as I know and became addicted. His behavior has changed so drastically we hardly know him. He has distanced himself from myself and the kids. It is devastating to watch this kind of drug destroy a life. Please ban Oxycontin. The FDA is wrong putting such an addictive drug of destruction out there.  
Diane My son is just recently "recovering" from abuse of this death pill which leads to heroin abuse and finally death! He has lost friends to this "death pill". I don't want to lose my only child! I pray every day and every night that he will not relapse and start using again. This drug is EVERYWHERE and so easy to obtain. I don't understand?! 
Christopher Kyle  
Linda fredericks My son died from this - his name was jesse 
Anonymous My step daughter started on oxycot and it has been a living nightmare for years. Her parents continue to enable her... Then she started on other drugs like heroin etc. She has been in and out of the hospital and again right now for another 6 weeks' I refuse to go to see her this time . I am exhausted from years of this...the foul verbal abuse , lying, chronic manipulation, plays parents against each to squeeze every cent she can. Why do I feel guilty when I do not own this problem and why am I blamed or yelled at because we do not get along! Also I refuse to allow my children in the car with her , endless division brought upon us. The last hospitalization from sepsis she made a b line with an iv straight to her drug source . Done Until she quits  
Sonja Verster I have been accicted to oxycontin for 6 years after being prescribed it by a doctor, having cronic kidney pain. I have tried to commit suicide 8 times, while being on oxcycontin and had to be put in a induced come x3, to save my life. I have put my family through hell. This product is definately mis represented, and should be taken of the market completely. 
Stephanie My mom started taking Oxycontin when it was released in the 90s. For the entire time I knew her, she had taken it. She quickly became addicted, even more so, after the passing of her father. For ten years, I watched as she dove deeper and deeper into her addiction. I watched her die right before my eyes, and be revived, thirteen times from this drug before I turned 12. In September, 2014, Oxycontin took my mother from me and from her other three daughters, the youngest being only 11. I now have to live with knowing that my mom will never see her first grandchild. I will never be able to call her and seek her advice when I need it most. I am stuck in a state of limbo, of loneliness, I am lost without my mother, all because of pharmaceutical medications that should not have been legal in the first place. This drug should be banned, and I stand behind the banning of it one hundred percent, for I have seen how dangerous it truly is.  
Trudy Just lost the love of my life to this horrible drug. He was in rehab twice. He really tried. Now we're all left here without him. The drug ruins more lives than it saves. This "painkiller" is the reason for my greatest pain ever, and it can never be healed. Please ban OxyContin in honour of my dear love and all the other victims of this horrendous drug. 
sarah carver im a daughter of an addict...scared to death for my dad... 
Marylynn peterman OxyContin is highly addictive and be taken off the market. My spouse became addicted and it ruined our family. Dr.'s prescribe the drug wreck lessly and should be held accountable. 
Danny Brown This is literally Big Pharma generating a profit from death. Too many people have overdosed on oxycontin and too many people are also dying in proxy wars so the U.S. Government can secure the opium they need to manufacture oxycontin. Medicinal Marijuana is a million times safer, yet the government has declared an endless drug war because they know the marijuana industry would hurt Big Pharma. Oxycontin is a brutally addictive and deadly substance, so why does our government continue to support this opium agenda? Obviously because Big Pharma has bought out the government. BAN OXYCONTIN. BAN ALL OPIATES. 
Chris Fowler My son-in-law abuses this drug regularly and my daughter has a history of abusing this drug too. It not only destroys lives but destroys families and keeps the person abusing it from living a productive life.  
Tina Finn I have a friend on oxy and it's killing him and he wont quit, we have to get rid of these pills before more and more people die. 
Anonymous Save lives. RIP RPM. 
Sarah I got hooked on this crap after a car accident. Almost killed me. I suffered a mini stroke from taking it. Horrible and should be banned. I also now have a leison on my liver from it. Lost 4 years of my life from it. Almost lost my home to foreclosure and financially ruined from it. I will never be the person I was before I started using it. Please ban this legal herion. I had no idea of the side effects. 
Kim Miller I currently am suffering from my brother abusing oxy's. He takes 110mg three times a day. He is also a raging alcoholic now. He has become so violent towards me, physically and verbally. He has already overdosed once. I have been to his doctors, told them about the alcohol, showed them my bruises and they do F_______g nothing. I have begged the police to rush him to the hospital, but because he' an adult, he's entitled to drink in his home. Oh yeh, he has Aides too. So can you imagine what I am dealing with. Nobody will believe me what this oxy is doing to him. He gets these outburst where h3 wants to kill me. I'm scared to death of him on this drug. God bless all loved ones who are suffering and not getting help from anyone. Nobody cares. Good luck.  
michael The girl I loved shattered her ankle before we met and the doctor prescribed her oxycontin. 8 Years later and she is completely hooked on it, and has picked up cocaine as well. She has basically never been able to fully quit its use since prescribed. Prior to this prescription she had no history of drug abuse whatsoever. Oxycontin has ruined her life and the prospect for us to be married with children. How can they give this to 20 year olds??? 
amanda seltzer This is a gateway drug to heroin that takes many lives.  
Kevin Scanlon Ban Oxycontin NOW! 
Jennifer Rose  
Jorge Gonzalez  
Dorcas Crosthwait  
Kaarin Phelps  
Audrey phelps  
Randall Phelps Do it before someone else "follows doctor's orders"!! 
Anonymous My husband is addicted to Oxycontin it has ruined my marriage. 
Christine Reynolds  
Michaela Pain killers are the gateway to heroin.. I've lost family members due to addiction. I have many family members and high school friends who are emotionally unavailable due to substance abuse. I am going to school to specialize in drug addiction mental health counseling. This country needs to see a change and it starts with us!!  
Terry Harris  
Jacqui Raad  
Karin Haley My son workrd for Up's, he had a package fall on his neck and they send him to the company Dr.That is where it all started.He could not get enough pain meds. And son was addicted to it.He lost his job and sought it on the streets. I lost my son to atiction to pain 2008.It all started with OxyContin? 
Deborah Cliver  
Roger Kaikko  
Valerie Moore  
April schalow  
Terry Ann Stout Oxycotin killed my son. .its to addictive..stop killing people! 
Patricia Burcham  
Cathy reed This drug killed my 27 yr old daughter she was my only child. Why would a doctor put a young girl on roxycotin 30 and perkacet 15 prescribed her a 120 roxycotins and 90 perkacet when she had early stages of degenerating bone disease. I need to understand. This drug killed my only child 
Michelle R. All pain pills are becoming dangerous. Too many people depend on them. Others depend on them to sell them. With oxy being one of the strongest, it should be done away with. It sickens me what this world has come to with drug abuse. I have seen users, abusers and sellers. Its not worth it.  
Dawn Edwards This is a killer drug! People have become so addicted to it that it causes you to need more and more easily overdosed. People are even snorting it up their noses!!! Get it off the market. This is one of the worse drugs along with heroine and METH. It will kill you. 
Caitlin Kuvalanka  
Darlene Demiraiakian I lost my 22 yr old son, Kyle, on Aug. 03, 2014, due to his organs shutting down from extended use of the painkillers he was prescribed for his broken back, one being oxy. He starred on Oxy, illegally, at 14. By 16 he was shooting heroin. We had no clue., we knew he was on something, but didn't know what. At 17 he OD'd and died three times as well as had a stroke and was in a comma for a month. He wasn't expected to make it, but by some miracle, he came out of it unfazed. A week out if the hospital he had a needle in his arm. He'd done 2 12 month rehabs as well as several detox stints and numerous times in jail and a yr in state prison. Nothing stopped him. Then he broke hisback snd the hospital misdiagnosed him and sent him home with painkillers. By the time he was finally correctly diagnosed, he had 3 broken vertabrae andca bad infection. He couldn't get clean enough to find a surgeon to do the surgery, but they had no problem handing him oxy like candy, along with norco, vicodin, percadan and flexiril, for a full yr, until his organs finally had enough and shut down. He was 2 months, to the day, shy of his 23rd birthday. Not a day goes by that I don't miss my baby and hate Oxy. BAN THEM OR THE DOCTORS THAT PERSCRIBE THEM!!! 
Eric Gurley I was addicted to oxycontin for over 6 years. It took me to the gates of hell and almost took my life! It should be taken from the public immediately!  
Alana McLean  
kristin higgins  
Anonymous I hope oxycotin gets banned my friends funeral was today he was 51  
Debbie my son started with oxys when he was 13 graduated to heroin when 16. Many detoxs, rehabs and jail. did not help I found him dead on july 30th 2014 HE was only 23 my life ended when his did. if not for the opiates he started with he never would have been introduced to heroin. it was cheaper then the pills. I have a 17YR OLD AND I WILL NOT LET HIM TAKE PAIN KILLERS AT ALL DRS WILL ACTUALLY CONTINUE TO GIVE THEM TO MINORS. IT MAKES ME SO MAD.. HE HAD HIS MOLARS TAKEN OUT. NO PAIN MEDS..HE WAS FINE.  
Colleen Weidenfeller  
Amanda Brzenk  
Blake Carmichael  
Trish My sons family has been torn apart because of this drug. He has three young boys who have never known their mother because of this drug. The children were taken from her care four years ago for abuse and neglect. When she was with my son she was in and out of jail every other year for doing other illegal things to buy drugs. The boys are now 6, 9 and 12. I have been their mother. My son never lived that way. She was ok when they met and was ok the first year, then she began going to emergency rooms, dentist and got hooked. From there she met people who knew how to work the system. She began stealing, robbing my son. It was bad, real bad. So while good came from it all and their Dad has custody, the boys will never know their mother and have scars from when she was there because she is still the same. Take this drug off the market, it destroys families! 
Tamera Doyle  
yvonne lh  
Jade W.Q  
Nicholas flores  
Ruthann This is killing our kids and young adults,including my own...why is it still available. I don't get it and the new drugs going on the market. It all sickens me 
Pamela Melrose  
Diane Speelhoffer  
klo Oxy,hydrocodone,vicodine, and now the " miracle drug", suboxone, turn good people into addicts, they think they are doing nothing wrong since this comes with a prescription. The doctors don't care, they get a steady income from the office visits and constant tests and screenings they order. Because an addict is a loyal patient. The patient will do anything to keep coming back to his dealer. PAIN KILLERS CAUSE PAIN!!! Of course the patient will keep coming back with new complaints because the drugs cause more pain, a pain killer veteran has zero tolerance for pain because of the pain killers he began taking for pain! The doctors are fully aware of this. Darvocet, then hydrocodone, then hydro with a morphine patch! The doctor gave my husband as much as he wanted for years. All for a sciatic nerve that had been corrected with surgery. Yet the doc continued to prescribe and UP the strength and quantity of pain killers for 5 years!! This is criminal. Do no harm? It has destroyed our lives and we've now been fighting this addiction for over 15 years. I am signing this because I want to make a statement about the way doctors hand this out like candy. Is there ever a need for pain meds? Of course. Someone who is truely in severe pain, but then what? For how long? Just turn them into an addict and point your finger and say, "you're just an addict" Help them manage pain, help them ween off, help them with counseling. Short term use with education on the symptoms of drug abuse and symptoms of drug withdrawal. I could go on and on since mine and my children's lives have been forever damaged from these drugs. NOTHING BUT LEGAL HEROIN!!!  
Jodi Young My cousin and her husband lost 2 kids to the state of GA 2 yrs ago. One yr ago she has the third baby that the state took straight from the hospital. They have a real bad drug problem. They have o.d mutiple times and was rushed to the e.r. Also both have been arrested numerous times. Dfcs stepped in and set certain criteria they had to meet. They did the exact opposite and failed drug tests. So it went in front of a judge, apparently that didnt sway them to stop the drugs because her husband passed out in front of the judge. Then they were allowed supervised visitation BUT STILL NO CHANGE. They would show up very messed and also passed out at visitation. So can someone please tell me how she was able to bring the 4th baby home from the hospital today. They are also feeding oxys to my 80 yr old grandma and she has had a pain pill addiction as long as I can remember but never oxys until now. Oh yea they just burned there house down 1 week agothat a aunt left to them in a will. Neither work or have any way to support there selfs. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP EXPLAIN AND WHAT CAN I DO 
Anonymous Lost loved one to Oxycontin. 
paul iacobucci  
Mike Effren Painmaker and not painkiller 
Carol Please!! I have seen this medication destroy so many people and my family! Please look at doctors and ban this killer!  
Susan Zimmerman Deaths from prescription drug use is becoming an epidemic. There are not proper protocols in place to monitor prescription drug use. I have lost more people than I can count on one hand from overdose from Oxy and Roxy. These opiates are deadly and so so scary.  
Patricia Due to horrible car accidents a greedy Dr. Prescribed this demonic drug to my husband. It has destroyed our marriage his morals and behavior. He is not the same person BAD TEMPER ALWAYS NODDING OUT . After his back surgery in 2010 it got even worse. This drug steals families and their lives and kills. I'm praying to God that he opens his eyes to get off the drug before it's too late. Please ban this drug. It's a killer highly addictive and ruined the quality of our life. There has to be something else out there for chronic pain sufferers. Too many people and our youth have more!!! 
Hayley Lynn Harvey I lost my daughter to an overdose. Even it wasn't caused by this but she got started on oxy's. I see to many people addicted to a number of different pills including my father, sister, niece and nephew while my other sister who gets 3 prescriptions and sells them to either feed her crack addiction or to pay back my parents for robbing them. She also gives them to our family members. I too am sick of all these pills that are so freely given to ppl just so the Doctor's and pharmaceutical companies can make tons of money.  
Kathleen Ryan This drug is as deadly as Vietnam was for American lives.  
Tim Shellman  
Janna Piehuta  
Lillian Lopez Had stage 4 cancer in 2005. I was given oxycotin for about 3 months. Became a violent addict. Most of which I can't even remember. I threatened my family I would attack family members trying to stop me from taking more. I had to be instituted into a rehab center. I was so out of it. I woke up in the rehab. Not knowing what happened, The nurse had told me that when I was admitted, I was close to death. I was taking so much oxy. No one should go through that. Thank God I have a family that did what they had to save my life. It was a very horrible time in my life, aside from trying to recover from the cancer and addiction. I worry about those people who live alone and have no family. 
Sonia H. Maulsby The doctors who dispense these drugs should lose their license, they addict people who might not really have serious pain, but by the time they get addicted, they think they do. They said that my sister died of ALS but it was really her addition that killed her. 
edwina wittum I'm tired of the games. I want stricter regulations on all prescription drugs and a ban on anything used to make illegal drugs.If its somthing we can live with out then don't make it!!! So cooks can't make meth!!! Or at least do a better job of regulating products that are used for meth production. Also need to crack down on marijuana coming across the border.  
Brenna My husband's addictions to alcohol and Oxycodone/OxyContin has destroyed our marriage. He got addicted to OxyContin after a surgery last summer. He started buying them off the street when his post-op Percocet 5/325's ran out. His addictions will inevitably lead to his death. He already "died" once from mixing the two. He was lucky enough to be given a second chance and yet he continues in his bondage to drugs and alcohol. He is only 34. I am watching the man I love fade away. BAN THIS DEATH SENTENCE OF A DRUG NOW!!!!! 
Anonymous This drug needs to be taken off the market.. 
Louanne M Allison My marriage to a man who has been taking oxycodone and morphine to treat his chronic back pain lies, steals and manipulates so badly that he has very few family who will have anything to do with him. He spends every dollar of available credit then complains he has no money and begs me to give him my very hard earned cash. 
mario ortiz I have no personal history with the drug but as a first responder i know the effects ot can have on people and their families BAN OXYCOTIN 
ELayne Kincaid  
Mary Brophy-Lee I lost my only brother to this drug. We need it out lawed! I had ordered 20 bracelets and now I need to order more.You have my support 100 percent! Oxi kills our loved ones! 
Dhruva Patel I lost my soulmate because of this drug. It ruins lives, it needs to stop producing! 
James William Kincaid III A great hidden danger to society. We must get this removed. I just had three mid teen buddies struck down a week ago by OxyContin. One has passed away and the other two are still in intensive care inflicted with coma. 
Sandi Pirie I've seen way too much bad from this and all alike meds. It has to be taken off the market. 
Antoinette Jackson I lost my son to a drug overdose. Many of the kids in the neighborhood are struggling with opiate addiction. Something needs to be done.  
Shawn Parasiliti I don't want my son to be another statistic. He was introduced to Oxy's in a club and has become a heroin addict. He has battlehis for over 11 years and this has destroyed almost every aspect of his life. Not to mention the extreme toll it has taken on the fmily. He is in rehab, again and I shudder to think that this may be his last time if he doesn't get clean. This drug should be renamed the " Destoyer", because that is all it does.  
Steve Sousa Please please get this out of our country .. Opioids are slowly killing our kids, our healthcare system, our insurances, our families, parents, economy, all the while adding depression and hopelessness to the millions of addicted citizens and kids that are trying to start some kind of life in this world. Why? Guys - Afghanistan is laughing at us all the way to the bank this is America is it not. I may lose a son to this shit and I know the FDA will just turn a blind eye. Why?? 17,000 deaths (2011) and millions of lives ruined related to opioids according to SAMHSA. Why? Really WTF  
Cynthia Hanna I am a retired Nurse and Nursing home Administrator. I seen what this Oxycontin has done to Patients. It is a bad drug causing patients to get hook on this med. It need to be Ban.  
Don Richardson Long term prescription of oxycodone had caused 3-massive heart attacks, Heart arteries all blocked85-95percent Forced into heart bypass surgery($263K)and now weak heart My life has been destroyed by oxycodone and doctors not warning of adverse side effectsI need to locate a trial attorney to file a lawsuit for damages against Purdue Pharma for selling this poison and knowing about side effects ,they have made Billions with FDA negligent in no recall Any help is Appreciciated Don Richardson 
Jessica T Been sober for about 4 months and OxyContin/Oxycodone ruined my entire life and everything in it. Before this, I was extremely stable within my bipolar diagnosis and had my entire life going for me. Now my life is still on shambles and not stable at all. Nothing good comes out of this medication. Ruins many lives. I'm just lucky I didn't die, but surviving it and trying to come out of it takes a lot of work as well. Do families and loved ones a favor and ban this medicine.  
Stacy Baker  
Jinny Lee  
Mr Robert A Singleton I lost my son two days ago to and over dose of oxicottn. 
Raymond Pounds My 32 year old nephew is addicted and it is destroying him and his family, including he 3.5 month old son. 
Dan Brenn oxycontin is essentially legal heroin.It is destroying our youth and our nation. it should have been banned a long time ago. The government needs to get out of the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies. 
Bonnie Siperko My 70 year old mother in law has been addicted for 10 years. 
Donna Marie Brill  
Kelly I have witnessed this drug destroy lives. I understand the severity and the feeling of despair it causes. I hope that we can make a change!!!! 
Patricia Coleman  
Jean Maheux I'm addicted, I need help and I'm not alone! 
Lisa Baxter  
Logan Jones This drug is more of a harm than help. There are many, many other options for pain and OxyContin is NOT the right one. It is a recreational drug and has the highest potential for abuse than any other pharmaceutical drug on the US market. Purdue Pharma has had their 20 years with this killer, and it is time for another plan.  
Anonymous My mother is slowly "going" with this medication. It's very sad to see what this does to her. Get rid of it!  
Debbie Mccaw I was addicted to oxycontin at a young age. I was introduced to them by a significant other. I lost my life from those evil things. I turned into a whole different person. Please get these away from our future children. 
Krysten Barczuk Oxycontin has ruined the life of me and my family. It has also taken the life of young adults within my home town, every week there is a new person who drops dead from overdosing. Prescription medications should not be readily available, I believe that you should have to drive to your doctor in order to get your dose. If that isn't realistic, then there has to be a better way to control it. People start with popping pills at a young age because it is what all the "cool" kids are doing and then as soon as Oxycontin gets in the mix it is game over. Oxycontin without a doubt eventually will turn into a heroin addiction. My brother who is 29 has been struggling with this addiction for about 10 years. This drug has taken his life and destroyed our family and put my parents in a financial situation they may never be able to get out of. Not to mention the amount of stress and worry they deal with everyday. They are lost, feeling guilty, and I worry about them every day. My dad has always been a happy life of the party time guy, and just last year he was threatening to take his life, only to lead to him getting his own cocktail of pharmaceuticals prescribed. Not only do we have the big pharmaceutical companies jamming unnecessary medication down out throats, or law enforcement makes it virtually impossible to get out. My parents have tried plenty of times to get my brother legally removed from our home and the hoops they have to jump through to make that happen is unreal. No only is that impossible but the fear of him breaking in and doing something to hurt someone is alive and real. If you think any murder within a family that is not somehow related to drugs, you are insane. This drug is horrible, and has done nothing but cause pain and sadness for society.  
amber walter Lost to many people to this horrible addiction. How many more people have to die before something is done. 
Devon Rybacki  
Kristin Tovey  
Laura Vinje Just lost my lovely nephew ... he had repeated tooth aches and became addicted to OxyContin. He just got married and had a new baby, a beautiful life ahead of him. He was found on the couch by his wife when she came home from work. The people who continue to let this happen have lost their moral compass. 
Louise Frislid  
Noelle Frislid  
Margaret M. Poggi My daughter is addicted to Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. She was introduced to these drugs by her rheumatologist about 10 years ago for her rheumatoid arthritis. She worked as a school nurse, and all that ended in 2010. She is in and out of the hospital with infections and heart problems. And at 56, becoming a vegetable. It has ruined her life and her family's. Doctors should have to pay the price for prescribing them to patients. Please ban this drug. Please ban these drugs, also Dilaudid, which gives patients a similar effect, but even worse. Please ban this drug. Now because of hospital stays, she has no time left on her insurance, for treatments at rehab. 
Mary Korosec My 32 year old daughter was so drug sick and depressed on oxy she took a gun and shot herself in the head and died. She turned from an honest sweet beautiful girl to an evil deceptive deceitful person. I felt like I was living with a total stranger. I miss my real daughter the daughter I had before the oxycodone took control of her. Please ban this terrible drug! 
Dr. "L" After nearly 30 years of practicing urgent care medicine and seeing the effects of prescription drug abuse; I have coined the following jingle "Schedule 2, I never do; Schedule 3, infrequently; Schedule 4, a little bit more 
Neoh Yin Pheng  
Alicia Crider My significant other is addicted to this and instant release oxycodone. He is only 22 years old and a doctor prescribes it to him even if he is early on using them and changes quantity and has recently moved up the milligrams for both simultaneously. I fear for his life every time he gets the prescription and our lives are falling apart because of it. I hope that this doctor reaps her karma for doing this to someone so young. I hope and pray he finds another pain management method without narcotics. 
Alexandra This drug should be reserved for those who are terminal, because that's where it takes you. Just lost my brother, an ex-Oxy dealer, to heroin. Peace to all and let's get the awareness out there. 
S Crenshaw  
D'Var Hansbrough  
Gustavo Javier Hejtmanek  
sadie martinez  
Lisa Garcia Together we can all make a difference! 
Lorraine San Filippo  
Kelly Arana Its a killing pill! Young people call it BLUE & are smoking it! They are killing themselves by hanging themselves. It needs to be GONE!  
tiffiny post  
Morgan McCort  
Jessica I would like to see this drug be completely gone from the world. I'm positively certain that there is something else they can take for pain, even if that patient is going to pain management clinics! They could prescribe something that isn't OxyContin! This drug is just to strong and has an extremely high mortality rate for people who abuse it or take more than the prescribed amount in a day. My heart goes out to all of the families of loved ones who are using this sinister drug. I would very much like to see a world where this dangerous drug DID NOT EXIST! It ruins the lives of those who use it and just causes despair and sadness to their families who see them suffer on this medication and what they'll do to get it. Some will try to hurt themselves on purpose because they're so addicted to this drug and that is dangerous in and of itself. 
Patricia Stephanchick Lost a good friend to it. We got him to the hospital once, where they were able to save him. The second time, we were not that lucky.  
Colin Wescott Im am a Veteran of the Iraq war opposed to both of these wars going on. 98% of the world's opium supply comes from Afghanistan which is my understanding that opium is a main ingredient needed to create oxycontin. The United States Government is profiting off of this by shipping mass amounts of opium to the United States to create oxycontin thus, in which is why it is such a big problem. So please fellow  
Robin Betle My son died at 21, early morning on October 06 from taking OxiContin while drinking to much. He was out in Alberta working with a pipeline crue, two of his friend found him and they were very disturbed by it. Now he is gone, never to come back, leaving all of us to miss him. I was always very respectful to him, and to everyone, this has proven to be my greatest help for getting to a place of peace. I went to Alberta to get my son, so that I could speak to him before he was cremated, the next day I flew home with him. I brought him to his moms, where he was supposed to be for the long thanksgiving long weekend. After I left there and came home, a peace came over me and I've been doing relatively well every since, unbearable to bearable now. 
Roxann B. White I know MANY people who are addicts. Who have been addicted for years. Entire families full of addicts! I am lucky to have thrown away all scripts for OxyContin the hospital has tried to prescribe me in the past! My boyfriend is not so lucky. He is a addict who right now is on Suboxone because when he was a kid he got into a REALLY BAD car accident and he was Prescribed OxyCotin for pain. He then turned into a heroine addict who used needles, Oxys, whatever he could use to get high. He has done a lot of time in prison over OxyCotin charges and heroine charges. Addicts are munipulative liars and thieves. The addiction takes over their bodies and minds for the worst. They lose their morals and will steal from their parents, siblings, spouse, banks, convinence stores, you name a place with money to a broke addicts and their mind will convince them it's ok or they won't get caught, they just "need" to get high. My roommate has become an addict in the past month that the hospital has been prescribing him Oxys for tooth pain. He now feels sick without it, is losing his job from calling out of work, and hasn't paid his rent in two months, (wonder where his money is going to!) about to be homeless, and the hospital told him yesterday that they can't prescribe him anymore because he is now a "drug addict" mind you he recorded this happening. He is a drug addict and so is my boyfriend because of "prescription opioids" (aka prescription addictions). I'm sick or seeing our loved ones and people I don't even know struggling because of the government using these pills to keep people addicted to drugs and keep the money rolling into their reserve. Then they arrest people and throw them in prison for next to life long sentences or more for the drugs everyone is addicted to because of you. People use their scripts of suboxone to sell to buy Oxys and heroine! It's ALL YOUR FAULT! All opioids should be ILLEGAL. You money hungry sharks. Baiting people into addiction and a lifetime of problems. YOU SUCK! Stop trying to make more money by keeping the addiction to drugs alive, the population death tolls up from oxy and opiod "prescription addiction" overdoses, disease, and jaundice, the only war on drugs is the one YOU CREATED. I believe in my heart and soul that you and your "prescriptions" are evil, made by evil people, supported by more evil people, and drug coma toasted zombie drug addicts who YOU CREATED. Get these fucking drugs off the streets of my Neighborhood, my State, my County, OUT OF MY LIFE! I did a year in prison myself for sale of Opioids, it opened my eyes to the lies and deception our government feeds people to keep them addicted to drugs. It's members of our own CIA bringing HEROINE into the USA! The real "drug dealers" are the people prescribing people these addictions and the companies making these drugs. And I'll NEVER AGAIN SUPPORT YOUR BIG SCANDLE!!! Sorry, Not Sorry! Aha... 
Connie Hess Canfield  
Jacqueline Pitre-Wilson My mother is in the ICU unit due to heart issues she was finally cleared to have surgery to have her breast removed due to cancer God was with her and she made it through the surgery, however now she is suffering due to hallucinating because the Dr's had her on Oxicodone she is hallucinating so bad it breaks our heart to see her going through this after surviving cancer surgery and inow being cancer free with a bad heart she does not even understand what she survived because this horrible medication Oxicodone left her with fear and severe hallucinations it is so unfair we are on day 7 after they stopped giving it to her and she comes in and out hallucination that the nurses and doctors are trying to kill her not knowing at times who her kids are this is heartbreaking no one in life should suffer like this. I am praying our mother does not suffer another heart attack due to this medication making her so crazy her heart rate shoots and it is affecting her badly. 
julia christensen  
Lucienne Caputo I just found out that my daughter is addicted to this drug... I am devastated! She still lives in the Bay Area but we moved back to Brasil. She doesn't have health insurance. I am willing to send her money for her to get one. Her boyfriend is helping her; he took way her cell and atm card. I am very scary ... I feel a lot of pain inside heart. 
Phyllis pollock My 45 year old son died from prescription drugs including OxyContin. It is not difficult to get your prescriptions filled from numerous doctors . I even tried talking to the doctors but they only talk to their patients.  
Lynell McClure  
john riley iam 52 years old and have suffered back problems for 30 years,i have been given my types of pain pills.recently was given ms contin by pain doctor.keep in mind I have had at least 10 heart attacks.first pill made me feel like I had the flue.i was so sick I thought I was going to die.i got on the web to see what the side effects were and could not believe an educated dr.would prescribe me such a horrible poison,in my condition.the fact that any oxy. product has been allowed is scandalous.i have come to the conclusion that there is not a pain med out there that does not have the potential to destroy you.until the corruption and greed ceases we will be prisoners to our pain.who wants to go to Washington?i do . 
Yesenia Sanchez  
Anonymous OxyContin has ruined my family because of my husband's addiction and will ultimately lose his life if it does not get under control, 
Gloria Yes, Please ban this. My son told he was using it in the past. He was away for a while and he started it again.I think. Gloria Fernandez 
j. martines Oxy needs to be banned my husband after each surgery(3 back surgeries) was given oxy and other painkillers which had him hooked caused him to go into depression. Last year he took his life. Now my daughter I found out takes them by snorting them now she has moved to herione lost custody of her child and spent time in jail. If the pills are band great but heroine needs to be addressed aggressively everyone will gravitate to it. Unfortunately when and if the pills are banned something else will step into its place. There needs to be more facilities for rehab that will not financially bankrupt families. We all can't afford the spa like rehabs and stop putting facilities right in the middle of high traffic drug areas. 
Rebecca Jordan  
Suzanne Hunter I have just recently lost my brother, Mark to Oxycontin! I am devastated that this drug is legal. About a year ago my husband finally got off of Oxycontin that he was addicted to for over ten years. My husband had several strokes before taking Suboxone to get off the Oxycontin. I almost lost my cousin to oxycontin she tried to take her life three times! One of my son's friends overdosed on Oxycontin at the age of 18 and he had a son of his own. I lost a close friend that was married to my cousin about 5 years ago she overdosed of Oxycontin. My son's friend's step dad took his life when taking Oxycontin about 14 years ago. My son's ex-girlfriend has been in rehab twice for being addicted to Oxycontin. She was in rehab for 2 years and is still there. How many more friends and family do I have to lose before Oxycontin banned!!! 
Jeannie M. Cowan This drug needs to be taken off market. I lost my beloved nephew Mark , because of this drug! 
James McMahan lost my 20 year old son to oxy,he only took one mixed with something else his friends let him die without calling for help. 
Matthew Escamilla  
Jeannie Cowan i lost my beloved nephew Mark due to this awful drug!! 
Kristina No more bad drugs.  
peggy judson-nelson Just lost my best friend due to it's effects...ban this horrid drug from the marketplace PLEASE! Enough!!!!! 
Cathy L This is a hideous drug. It takes lives. It is evil like the devil himself. How Purdue Pharma sleeps at night is beyond my imagination. Words cannot explain the pain the people addicted to this "pain medication" endure. I have seen the withdrawal of this drug before my very eyes and it crushes my heart!! Seriously!!! This hideous drug inflicts pain on everyone it touches. I cannot understand why it is still prescribed to the unknowing public! At best it should be for the terminally ill period.  
Patricio Paras  
Joe Fritz I have seen the cycle of pain that follows the (intentional as well as unintentional) abuse of prescription opiodes. I pray for those still sick and suffering, and their loved ones who are left the most hurt. 
Susan Whitney About eight years ago my son tried to take his life three times after being prescribed OxyContin. He was put on oxycodon and told that it wasn't the same drug and he committed suicide August 15, 2014.  
Beth My daughter died of oxycontin/valium od. She had alcohol/cocaine problem from teens to ~30. I told her, after 3rd dui, I would not get her out of jail if it happened again. She cleaned herself up and a different personality emerged. She acquired a good job and was happy. She was 35 when she married but unfortunately it ended in a bitter divorce. She became depressed along with physical problems...knee replacements. It was unbelievable how many drugs she was prescribed. Lyrica, Cymbalta, valium, etc She would eat a meal in slow motion and eventually started having problems at work. She told me her doctor had her on cortef and synthroid and said she would have to be on it for the rest of her life. I took her to an endocrinologist who weaned her off these drugs. I called her doctor and told him her pupils were pin points and was he aware she had addiction problems in her youth. I started going to doctor visits with her and she mentioned to doctor of addiction in past and he said maybe that's why you're having problems now, SO, he was aware. The police came to my door and I went to my daughter's house. Crime scene tapes were across her porch and I saw my only child carried out in a bag. Coroner said suicide from oxy/valium interaction and she had over 100 pills in her system. Her death certificate says suicide. She was found sitting at her computer, no vomit. If she had taken 100 pills, there would have been vomit. The police took 400 oxycontin from her house. The doctor prescribed 3 months mail order supply, after he knew there was a problem. I asked the doctor for her medical records and he charged me $250 for same. I suffer PTSD from crime scene tapes and seeing her body carried from her house. The scene never leaves my mind. I feel the doctor murdered my baby girl. There has to be a way to stop these new pushers. 
Chris Fikis "American Gangster" has nothing on the execs at Perdue Pharma. I wonder how they sleep at night knowing how many lives they helped destroy? 
tammy arns meeks please ban this drug. it destroud my marriage cause the pills come first.and ive seen a friends mom die from it.and my ex husband has several family members hook in ut how can the edoes give this to so many 
Jess Brooks  
Arturo Martinez I just found out my 15 year old boy has tried Oxycotin as a recreational drug. With all the documented abuse I see no reason why it should be on the market. 
lynn brown I have a 23 year old son who has been battling drugs for 5 years now since his father died in front of him at 15 years old. He tried to cover pain and is now an addict. It is destroying our family. Its to easy to get these drugs. Its all about money! Kids are dying!!! Get rid of them! Or make it where someone has to go in to get their meds given to them or brought to them! Monitored!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!! 
Fances Lynette Copeland, Rph  
W Haldin We believe we have a casualty  
Cathy My BF has been on oxi for 18 years! The last year his script was raised from 20mg to 80mg! He's in complete denial he's addicted because they're prescribed! He also got me addicted n gave them to me for months until one day he decided to use them to control! Now I'm at his mercy and want out of this abusive relationship n addiction! He gave up his marriage of 27 years for these pills, he got me addicted so I would stay with him even tho he's abusive! He's so violently angry n defensive about his pills and will not acknowledge he's an addict because they're "prescribed"... He says they don't affect him like other ppl... His pain is minimal n he faked a lot of it... I know cuz I was with him when he pretended he couldn't move his neck but when home, he could do anything! He mixes his oxi with loratabs n trauma doll which is not the directions for consumption but again, defends his abuse because they're prescribed! I can't take the abuse anymore, he's numb n defensive, doesn't care about anything but his pills! This drug is evil... The devil... BAN THIS FKN POISON 
Sara Baez  
Maryjo Grelle  
Donald Richardson long term use of Oxcodone caused multiple heart attacks and Heart artery blockage of 85-95 percent I had open heart / bypass surgery. Heart surgeon advised I was very close to crossing over and death Need a Ct Trial attorney to file a lawsuit Thank you Don Richardson 
Janna Hunt Ban Oxycontin and Oxycodone. Ban the pharmecuetical companies from making STRONGER drugs to replace it as well!!! 
Jeff Sanders Ban all single ingredient Oxycodone containing should be stopped from further manufacture immediatly. It is too easily obtained and is ruining our teenagers and young adults and the lives of their families...Its pandemic. All combination products should only be available through a registration and approval program and its use valid only for cancer or other debilitating and life threatening diseases (Muscular/skeletal pains are unapproved) with all 50 states sharing a centralized database that must be reviewed each time a prescription is written by an approved U.S. physician. DEA must review, trend and act upon the database as well.  
Theresa D'Anna  
Sandi Rust It is evil. 
Rachele I worked in addiction medicine for several years. All opioid drugs have the risk of addiction. Drug manufacturers, as well as prescribers, are responsible for this horrible epidemic taking the lives of our loved ones. After a person becomes addicted to prescription drugs and they are no longer available, street drugs are the next step for most. Addiction is non discriminating. It leaves heartache and broken families everywhere.  
Jon B So many lives lost for no reason.It's sad 
Charlotte Wakefield My sister Gets OxyContin & it is paid for by Medicaid, it is supposed to be for her migraine headaches, but she sells it and goes into the doctors office for a shot when she gets the headaches, she sells the OxyContin. Her boyfriend is a math teacher at Hunter junior high school in West Valley City Utah and he has admitted to taking it every day, but said He only takes half a pill each day. Besides being a teacher on drugs in the classroom he also teaches guitar lessons, and his young students are taught at the house she deals the drugs from! I went to the W. Valley City Police Department and reported her three years ago and nothing has ever done about it. I've given up on my sister because of her greed and selfishness, she does not care Who she gives this drug to, she started two of my three daughters on drugs and I have nothing to do with her, I do know what goes on because one of my daughters has told me she and her friends have gotten this drug from my sister. I've gone to the west valley city, Utah Police Department and personally given them her name address details, everything and nothing was ever done! I also let them know that one of my daughters would be willing to testify to the fact that she's bought OxyContin from my sister. Then again, The West Valley Police Department has been under scrutiny for sometime now, because of Violations & corruption within their Police Department! I believe my sister is extra evil because she's not addicted to it she sells that and she's destroyed so many lives 
Lori Pollock My daughter has been addicted to OxyContin for 4 years now it started with a perscription from a dentist after getting her wisdom teeth removed. Her life is a mess she has been in and out of jail, crashed cars, quit university and is very unhealthy down to less than 100 pounds. She is currently in jail on drug related charges and we are getting her in a dry out clinic once she is released from jail, she continues her struggle with this highly addictive drug and has been buying street versions which are a risk to her life. Two boys 20 years old just died this week in Saskatoon Canada our home town, from a tainted street version of OxyContin. Please stop this drug from being produced in any form, I want to save my daughter before it is too late for her to be saved. 
Pamela Kenner This drug kills. 
Alan I am a long term addict on oxycontin for no reason, I take a 120mg and a 40mg, twice a day. I would love to stop but I can't as I have bad withdrawel symptoms.  
Claudia Dawson  
Brooke Weddington My father has been addicted to this horrible drug due to back pain. He has lost his job and weight, inclusing he has forgotten who I am. I wish more than anything he was never prescribed such a strong addictive narcotic, it has ruined his life forever and he is now too far gone.. 
Anonymous Dr put me on that horrible drug. Made me feel odd. Have had 5 back surgeries since 2009. Finally got them to move me to something else. Withdrawals where horrible. Thank goodness my Dr listens to me and switch me quickly when I told them how I was feeling. My sister died 10yrs ago on oxycotin. Needs to be banned  
Tina gray  
William Coleman I have a guy that I thought I wanted to be with but it turned out he is an addict and I can't trust what he says the worst part is that he is so far gone at only 21. 
Meredith Loux  
Anonymous My step daughter is taken oxycontin. She keeps having to take more and more. Its ruining her life and can't get any help. I have a friend that died after taking it once with Alcohol. 
Joyce E. Dzina  
Anonymous I had neighbors who lived a daily life on that drug,and beer,they could not motivate without it,it was too bad to see the differnce in their mood swings,the weird thing was,somehow they had great jobs,and would pass the random drug tests,but would sway back and forth talking, they said when i asked them,how do you pass the drug test? they said they buy some clear,and dump it in their urine,,,,,,,,,,last time i saw them,they apeared to be breaking out ith sores,and getting their liver tested 
David Griffin  
MARCELO MOREYRA No more oxycontin!!!! 
cody Oxy killed my son daughter and wife  
Phil Castellano The time is right to file a multi billion dollar class action lawsuit against the US Govt(which I normally love) For allowing the Doctors & Drug makers to continue serving drugs to people who are addicted. Many times I contacted doctors and drug stores(like CVS,Walgrens) to tell them to stop selling her drugs because she has a problem. ALL tell me I have nothing to say because she is older than 21. Wake up America we are losing a generation of 'people. It is time we hold Low life doctors,drug companies, insurance companies accountable. AND the only people that can do this is our elected officials. Perhaps it is time to show them that we mean business.  
jeanne surrett  
Terri I have tried to nip the problem in the bud by speaking to my husband's doctor and pleading with him for a medipump which directs the painkiller to the area needed, but all he will do is give me a signed letter to keep a hold of his medicine and administer it as directed. He still steals some at the beginning of the refill to avoid a bad UI. His doctor threatens to take it away from him if he will not get a steroid injection, which causes a rare reaction of pulmonary emboli, but he takes the shot to not lose his painkillers. The police made me give him all of his medicines when I kicked two predators off of my property who were stealing drugs from my husband, because they had also been drugging his Mountain Dew rendering him unable to stand up for himself and the police said he was old enough to decide for himself. They overdosed him in their RV; but luckily I persisted in trying to get them to look for him in time to revive him. The police, the two perps, and the hospital blamed my husband for the overdose because they lied and said we had been separated after a fight. When the doctor called me the next morning to ask about his Percocet prescription, which was used to overdose him, I told her that he had not been prescribed that for months and had no money to purchase any drugs and all of his medicines were returned, because luckily I asked one of the perps to list every medicine and warned her that they had all better be returned. I still see them occasionally out on the streets ready to destroy another family because they can get as many prescription drugs they want by a Denver doctor that prescribes medicine for homeless people. I have no where to turn to but this piece of paper.  
julie rose I live in the UK. My daughter is 19 and has anorexia. Her boyfriend has been buying this drug on an underground internet site and has it delivered to her flat. In the name of 'love' he has manipulated her into taking it and I believe she is now addicted. I only found out yesterday as I had to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. She has become abusive, is always sick and has today lost her job. My heart is breaking and I am terrified after reading about the drug. Please God I can help her. 
Clayton Bigelow All oxycodone products need to be banned! They are too easy to get and are enslaving and killing our loved ones. Ban oxycodone! 
Madeline Gedeon  
Aares McCall This drug has affected many people & it should be stopped immediately. It has brought a lot of hurt to my girlfriends family as we'll as other families. 
A. M  
Molly Nason My brother passed away from a d/o from this drug about 2 years ago, and his best friend passed away from the same thing a few days ago. Disgusting drug. 
Louise Murphy Son is addicted 
Vicki Green This drug is no more than poison that the pharmaceuticals are making a fortune off of as it kills our citizens and over loads our jails and prison with addicts looking anyway to not go through withdrawal. Please stop the sale of this and similar drugs so we don't have to watch any more of our children, parents and friends either die from this drugs or ruin their lives with this government sponsored poison. Thank you, Vicki Green 
Sheila Perez I just hope someone does something pretty soon about this dangerous epidemic that is sweeping our country. I know families who have been profoundly affected by these drugs! just because they are prescribed by doctors doesn't make them any better. People are dying! I have family members who are being robbed of their lives and their quality of life because of these so-called pain relievers all they are doing is causing pain for families who have to watch their loved ones being affected by them. I pray something is done soon.  
crista 435  
Rebecca Backschies This is the most horrific method of "population control" if you will. Big money for Rx companies & probably kickbacks for Dr. TERRIBLE losses to families either by death or having Oxy steal their souls. BAN IT. My nephew just turned 32 and it will be by prayer and grace of God that he celebrates another. This drug is also BEING INJECTED WITH NEEDLES so easy to get from the pharmacy. WHY? 
Tisha Smith  
Haylie Johnson I know many people in my family who have been and still are addicted to this and similar drugs, it is so painful for me, because I am starting to lose love, respect and trust for these people. The addicts I know, do nothing but lie, cheat, steal, blame others for their dumb mistakes, and cause drama for everyone... they basically will do anything to just get their next dosage of drugs. It is sad to me that my children's own grandmother cares more about "popping" a pill, than the well being of these sweet angels. My children will never have a loving grandma just because pills are more important. 
Dustin Smith  
Teresa Scarber The drug industry in general has gotten out of hand. Its all about money and lack of caring about the American people. All you have to do anymore is complain and the doctors will wright you a prescription for anythng. Drugs are advertised on television so people know what to ask for. Doctors offices are easy to optain drugs from and Hospitals are very cautious. The drug stores are not any better, they know about all the over the counter crap kids are using to legally get high and just dont care (pass drug text and still get high). I wonder if the real zombie epedimic is really the drug culture we have now.  
Kenneth Reeves  
Reuben Russell Both my boys are flirting with death every day. I don't understand why this horrible drug is still on the streets.  
Lia Nicole I have been on oxycontin just buying of the streets at 16yrs old and at 18 yrs old i was prescribed to oxycontin ..i would go through i bottle of #90 60mg pills in 2 weeks or less, than start taking 80s till that ran out than start on 40mg... i do consider my self as well i was a pill head....but they have ruined my life and took away every single bit of my 20's! They took my happiness away my care free attitude I use to be funny lia, i have become hateful, miserable lia that hated my life!! I hate these pills with a pasion!! I am now on suboxone working my way to getting off of oxycontin!! im so excited to finally get rid of these pills that are ruining so many ppls lives!! and looking forward to whats to come in my life now!!! ok THANKYOU LIA NICOLE 
Tamara Mclean Oxycontin ruined my whole family's life. My father had to take a high dosage after a freak work accident which was about 15 years ago now and it's been hell ever since. The awesome, caring dad we once knew many years ago has been changed into a psycho zombie that lies, steals and becomes unpredictable. My parents had been together since they were 16 years old happily married with myself and 6 other siblings, because of oxycontin my dad has been kicked out many times for being a danger to my family while he's high or from withdrawals, he's tried to quit many times for our family but the drug has got the better of him now. We just want our daddy back. :( get rid of this drug! 
Philip Butterworth How is this drug still on the market? Surely the pain that it treats is preferable to a lifetime of addiction.... It's time for companies especially pill companies to start acting responsibly. This drug is the true gateway to heroin for most kids these days, it's time to get rid if it. 
jane hurley I Lost my 18 yr old son 3 yrs ago to an oxycontin overdose. He had only been out of a treatment program less than 60 days. i truly believed he was ok. What I didn't know was that the statistics told that an addict 60 days or less clean are 10 times more likely to die from a oxytocin (or herein over-dose) they are not only more apt to relpase, they no longer have the tolerance for the drug they once did. Parents as well as loved ones need to be informed and educated. Thank you Jane Hurley 
Anonymous Here's to hoping that this epidemic starts to stop! 
nathan lane I hope this petition get the ball rolling on outlawing this horrible drug. Me and my wife have been raising her nieces for almost two years now because her sister loves these pills more than her own daughters. I have seen narcotic addiction in the past but nothing I've seen compares with this. It is impossible for me understand how something known to be so addictive can be left on the market or how the CEOs of its maker can sleep at night. God bless the families hurt by this drug and bless you all creators of this petition for doing something about it. Thank you 
Anonymous I don't have a family member right now that is addicted to drugs but I have, and Thank God he quit using years ago. I hate drugs of any kind and its too bad we can't rid this world of them. 
Walter E Brock  
Cheri Pfeiffer  
Michele Fink  
shoshana Oxy's destroyed my ex husband which in turn caused me to leave him after 25 years of marriage. He has been on them since 2003. Still... Needless to say it has also destroyed my daughters boyfriend who is only 24 and went on to becoming a heroin addict. I HATE OXYCONTIN .. worse epidemic ever in south florida. dont move here and if you live here GET OUT somehow it will curse you or someone you know.  
beebe sisso  
Anonymous My disowned sister is in jail for selling oxycontin. This is not the first time. She is a repeat offender. Her main income was selling Oxycontin in black market now her life is down to the toilet. She will come out of the prison in 2015. I divorced her as brother/sister. I am writing this Oxycontin in black market ruin her life.  
David A. I signed this petition over 5 years ago....and I am happy that it did not fade away. I am signing it again with renewed hope that very soon the epidemic of addiction and death that oxycontin, oxycodone,has caused will soon be over. I had a center that helped addicts and alcoholics get clean...and in almost 12 years of operating that facility, the fact was that over 85% of everyone who walked through the door was somehow effected by oxycontin. This drug is slowly but surely breaking down the social, economic, physical, psychological, spiritual, lives of the human beings who live and die right here in our own back yard. That being the place that was once safe and secure and was called the United States of America. Its not the cause of all that is wrong with our country....but it plays a huge, huge role in our inevitable downfall. Sad situation for a place that was once free...but no longer is. I have bought over a thousand of the bracelets and gave them out for many years. I will do this again in hope of a change before its too late. 
Anonymous This is just LEGAL DRUG DEALING -- killing our people 
Cathy Montgomery I have a stepdaughter that began using this drug and became addicted to it. When no longer able to find or afford it anymore she turned to heroin which is cheaper. Since these drugs have been used she has ruined her life. She has shoplifted to get money for drugs, she's lost her baby at the hospital to cps due to both her and baby testing positive. She is most like going to be put into the child abuse registry, and in turn will no longer be able to have her dream career of an LPN which she went to school and studied so hard for. This drug needs banned. It is to highly addictive and ruins young lives.  
Debra Copeland  
Anonymous This Drug is hurting and killing people. This drug is not only sold on the streets but out doctors are prescribing this drur knowing that people can get addicted to it. please lets do something about this. 
tisha barnes Iam 35 now and proud to say I have been off of of them since 2003 I was only 24 and already had 4 kids had my 1st born at age 17 and got married at 17 and I got on them cause I had a uncle that lived with me and he got 180 80mg a month and migraines run in my family and when I was down with bad headache and couldn't get out bed cause light,smell,sound all bothered me but I had to take care of my kids and it stared with 20 mg and just like once a week after 3 months it gotten worse until in had to have it everyday or I would be sick so I waas taking them just to feel normal so depressed and disappointed in myself I took care of my kids and they had food love bathes and fun and all normal kid stuff but I knew that money we was spending on them could be going to kids and I had someone call defacs on me a family friend and seems like for 6 months someone else in there family would call with new problem least to sy I lost my 4 kids even though I got clean for 6 months not to mention my husband had gotten on them also so we were both sick if didn have it so I was one had to take care of kids well after bing with same family for so long they wanted all of them to adopt them and I wanted to go thru with program 6 more moths but foster parents that took such good care of my kids and took in all 4 I knew they was good people and I had a choice right then go 6 more months clean and I may get them bk but the family had them wasnt going to keep them anymore cause they were so attached and didn't want to get more attached and taking away.and if I did fight it they were going bk into foster care and had no one to get all of them so I done what was best for them and I will never be the same person my oldest child was 7 my only son 4 and then my 3rd baby was only 16 months and last baby 3 months and I have missed out on everything growing up and them being so young when they were taken I m sure they want remember me maybe oldest she was always older acting then her age and my son had only spent the night off 5-7 times and always will family not to mention lost a lot of friends I see no good that this drug has done only addicted and will make you lose family,friends,home,pride,and a lot more please learn from my mistakes I will never b the same 
Lexi This drug should have not been created!! There are many other ways to deal with pain without causing a horrible addiction and so many people to lose their lives!! It's sad that the people that are prescribed this drug by doctors don't know what they are getting there selves into... I have seen this first hand with loved ones and people in the area. If this drug was never created and supplied, many innocent lives would not have been taken. BAN OXYCONTIN!!! 
Brenda Morris  
Michelle keene Should ban oxy but not suboxone. Most people do not know but, suboxone works better and you take a lot less- also repairs receptors- need to come out with an herb that works. The ones I tried didnt. 
viola lower  
Gladys Ladd I lost my girlfriend Aug 26 2014 a dr choung gave them to her 2 yrs ago for her knee they should of took her off them this girl only wt# 115 she was addict to this drug they gave her 3 30mg a day way to many 
Nicole Sosa  
Mark Skeels Hello lm Mark I live in the UK I take 100mg of oxycontin as we as 10mg of oxynorm for breakthrough pain. I suffer from osteoarthritis and im an addict I have to say my gp is fantastic and is very reluctant to up my prescription and uses other things to help. Your story on 16x9 saddened me for your loss and gave me hope too. I'd like to see this drug banned as well as drug companies made more accountable. In the UK its on the dangerous drug register and is in blister packs produced by a company called Napp pharmaceutical company. I hope this information helps btw id love a wrist band please let me know how to get one. Love and blessings Mark 
jessica ogle  
Barbara My son got addicted after extensive throat surgery in 2009. He was able to get off with suboxone when he had health insurance. When that ran out of insurance he relapsed on and off. Eventually He did some stupid, non-violent, stuff and is in trouble with the law. I am hoping the judge will have some compassion and understanding of this brain disease, addiction to oxys.I too believe it should be banned. God Bless Anyone, family,and friends that have been touched by this epidemic. Would not wish it on anyone!!!!! 
Kenneth D Riera  
patricia palyshyn oxycotin destroyed my son who was healthy until he was prescribed this drug for pain in his arm and shoulder. He became addicted, depressed and lost the will to live and developed a heart problem. After 3 years he suffered from a heart attack and died.  
Jill Gardner  
Lauren McMahon  
Kayle Spoonauer  
Megan Gardner  
anonymous I live in south florida & i have seen first hand whatvoxycontin does to people. It really is the plague that should of never happened. It has become an epademic here in south florida. If i could shovel a few pills down those pharmacy companies that manufacture & o.k.the FDA to put this devil out to the public maybe they would understand what our communities & families are dealing with. They collect the big $$$ & stand by while people drop like flies to their deaths. I am so distraught about this medication. It makes me sick to my stomach & i hope all those bastards making millions of dollars off of the innocent people needing help never get to see a good life. They will all burn in hell.Sorry i am that upset & i never wish bad on anyone in my life so forgive me god for feeling such a way. 
scott badner I am completely against this drug.It might help pain but it's like heroin and needs to be banned. It does more harm than good. It destroys people's lives and makes people steal and hurt to get it. It is sad. 
Melissa Abel I hate Oxycontin. It has destroyed my Dad. 
Janis Houseal  
Christy from Florida Been hooked for almost 8 years now all because a doctor gave me a prescription of oxy following a surgery when I was only 21. Bc of oxy I am now stuck in a methadone clinic on 40 mgs per day paying $450 a month to go there. To make this all worse I am 30weeks pregnant and going to have a baby who will hopefully make it without any further problems but will have to be treated for the withdraws from the methadone too. My methadone clinic encouraged me to increase my dose my entire pregnancy saying it's just like a diabetic patient will need more incline during pregnancy, however I refused and stayed at 40mgs (as they wont allow me to decrease) saying it could cause miscarriage.  
Lisa Grajeda  
Madeleine Herzog 21, recovering addict from Chicago. My heart goes out to everyone on here and you guys will be in my prayers. I dont know why its so easy to get oxys, but it needs to stop. 
jeff bloomquist Ive been addicted 7 years of my life. These doctors need to tell people, what im about to prescribe to you is heroin. And im sure people would have a different opinion about accepting it. These pills have messed my life up far to long and am finally have the support and willpower to get off them. PLEASE BAN THESE THEY ARE NO GOOD.... PPEOPLE WILL FEEL BETTER IF THEY LET THEIR BODIES HEAL NORMALLY.  
kim green for my husband SFC Ricky W. Green. this is a horrible horrible drug, it kills and destroys families. please ban this horrible addictive drug 
Dee Neide I work in the addictions field and in Tampa, Florida. We are the Oxycontin capital here. It is a shame what the doctors are doing to people who break a leg or have back pain. Most of the people I counsel are addicted because a Doctor prescribed them oxy. 
Adrianna Vazquez  
sherry This is just horrible and as long as its out there, it will just keep being abused 
Leslie May I lost my ex-husband to oxy and heroin addiction. It shouldn't be available.  
Jamie Molloy  
Amanda Melton This is a horrible drug which helps no one and cases more pain and addiction. To many people have lost their lives because of this worthless drug.  
Kayelyn McCain  
Frank R Farello Enough already.. It's unnecessary. Ban this drug 
Anonymous This drug is disgusting. I broke my shoulder last year and I can not believe how fast this drug was given to me. Although it took away a lot of the pain it would make my stomach too upset and I hated I how I felt. I'm so lucky that my body reacted that way. Unfortunately a beautiful young lady that just graduated from high school and that I had the pleasure of teaching so many years ago was not so lucky. She lost her life last weekend and I can not stop thinking of her. I am frightened what the future holds for my two year old baby girl. I would love to say I will not raise her that way. However, I need to be realistic. She will make good and bad choices and I will love her regardless. This drug is just too available. Rest In Peace  
Stella Shiflett  
Anonymous Ban it!!!!  
Michael Nikolau  
Carla Shiflett  
Angela Mankind survived before this evil drug existed! Not only have I lost a family member to this drug but 3 friends as well! I've had to see too many heart breaking tragedies because of this horrible drug! There are other safer options of pain killers if someone HAS to take a pain killer! So PLEASE ban this stupid drug!!!!! I hope these pharmaceutical companies figure out that life is more precious than money! 
Cindy Henning  
Michelle Morton Please ban this horrific drug.  
Anonymous my father currently takes oxycontin. he abuses it and it's tearing our family apart. ban this terrible drug! 
Chelsea Campbell Please ban this horrible drug. I have seen it claim the lives of many friends and destroy the lives of others as well, including my own family. I hurts to see the people you love go through so much pain and suffering, they lose sight of theselves and become a person entirely unknown to what they were before. I believe it is an excellent idea to ban any new prescriptions of OxyContin and offer the support and resources to those currently taking it so that they can become clean and get back to living the lives they deserve with the families they love.  
Shereen Abu-arafeh It has destroyed my life with my boyfriend and turned him into a completely different person. It is slowly but surely ruining our lives 
Jeannie lapointe  
Chris Skaletsky  
Kaitlyn Breault  
Jeffrey Shurtleff This Legal Drug is ruining our youth while fattening many doctors and Big Pharma 
nicole ojeda This drug took my friends life! 
Lisa Williams I love my best friend yesterday to an overdose. This drug is dangerous, addictive and lethal.  
Vena Burgos This drug had caused me not only to lose my own father but also the father of my child and after all the years it has been plaguing or society, I am disappointed that this drug is still legal and actively being prescribed today.  
kori lee Ban! Rip lurch :( 
Mrs Marsh This drug killed my son,when it took it for pain(Oxycodone)This drug does so much harm and should be banned. How many more lifes or going to be taken by this drug? before its withdrawn  
robert morin This demon is the true gateway to the worst stuff on the planet. A woman I loved very much had issues with this and several other pills after being prescribed out of necessity for pain. She was already abusing them a bit when I met her and I helped her off for a time. Then she started up again, left me for someone , an "enabler" who fed her addiction and helped her into heroin. Up until just yesterday, I tried my damnedest to get through to the good person buried under the addiction but I couldn't. Now shes a full heroin addict, though she denies it of course saying its really not a bad drug like meth, and now shes sleeping with random men, unprotected, for heroin, methadone, loratab, etc. Shes fully engaged in the addict lifestyle buying illegal firearms, stolen property, etc. Shes so far gone and it kills me. All thanks to starting with that little blue bastard. Damn drug companies for making these things.  
Alyse Zwetsloot  
Gina Grant This drug has and is destroying too many families and this should not be allowed to continue. I pray that I will soon see the day that this drug is outlawed and that it comes before it is too late to save the life of my child.  
Anonymous It is unfortunate we live in a time where pharmaceutical companies dictate what is on the market in the name of profit. 
Thomas Abenante Lost a friend to a heroin overdose....He started with pain pills 
Rachel Hutchinson This drug hastened my father's death. He was hopelessly addicted to this drug. 
Slick Ban this crap already. It has ruined so many lives including mine. I was an addict and currently on Suboxone for 5 years now. My wife on the other hand just wont get the help she needs. I fear I am going to lose her.  
Traci Tokashiki  
Anonymous I lost my beautiful loving son June 11, 2014 as result of his addiction to OxyContin. He was 30 yrs old. This drug has to be banned so that this does not happen to anyone else. Please I beg you. His death has left such a hole in my heart. 
Anonymous I saw how dangerous the drug was when my elderly father was put on it for back pain. After taking it for awhile he was getting worse and was soon not able to walk. I researched it and was shocked to find out that a side affect is back pain! It looked like he might die within 6 months of taking the drug. I took him to the doctor and we changed to other meds and he was much better now. 
Ethan Filipic  
Anonymous I hope they do take this of the market. It is the work of the devil on earth. It has destroyed so much of my loved one's life. Something I pray no other people will have to ever understand. Please take this off the market.  
Shirley Smith  
Michael Elkins Both of my children have addition to this drug. To watch your children slowly die is torture. This Drug should be banned immediately!  
laura conner First my brother,his,wife and friends.Now i am learning not one son ,not two sons but all three of my oldest boys. Vicious cycle of crime and drugs.Prison does not stop the addictions .just passes time .When is going to stop .I am afraid of end result. 
Sandra Rogerson  
Brianna Renae Greenfield My fiance tried herion during a low point in his young life and then quit shortly after begining to date me. After that, he relied on Oxycotin to get his "fix" without me leaving him. I am currently trying to help him realize to stop taking any pharmaceutical drugs or medications, unless absolutely necessary.  
Nila Pugliese My little brother is going to die. I ask for you to stop this drug once and for all! I see first hand working in a pharmacy what this drug can do and visually see people who abuse the drug. It deteriorated one's physical self and all those around them who love and care for them. There are other Rx options. This needs to stop!!!!!!!! 
Loren Simburger The ulitmate drug leading to herion addiction. 
kyley hood  
Kathy Baughman Tired of losing my friends over this drug. Third one gone now. Two were suicides because they couldn't get off of it.  
Margo Alvarez  
William D. Iredale  
Benita Harding Please end the sells and distribution of oxycontin it is turning our youth into heroin addicts. I have counseled many adolescent who have become addicted to oxycontin and heroin. .  
Heather Whitley Too many deaths have happened as the expense of this drug. We need to take control.  
Anonymous I've lost three family members and on the verge of losing my brother over this drug. Please ban this drug, ban doctors from prescribing it, and increase the legal penalties for the criminals who provide it illegally. Thank you 
Beth Eschenfelder  
Rachel Kivlahan  
Marguerite cottone  
david shevick this drug should be off the market 
Armando alonso I lost my boy Ryan Alonso to this horrible drug ! Please ban this ! S::t  
Barbara Ziobro Please ban this! People are dying! I know too many people touched by the disease of addition and mostly all started with legal prescription drugs! This needs to stop! Alleged efforts made prescription data bases that no one has to abide by is just not enough! please ban this highly addictive drug which most often leads to heroin use! really it is the same just legal! Please help support the efforts to ban this drug and those like it!!  
Laura Martin  
Armen Zeytoonian I personally know 4-5 people who have died from this drug. That's me - one - person - and I know 4-5. How many do you know? The fact that we are counting lives taken by Oxy is insane, isn't it? And even crazier is that the list grows exponentially every day! This drug must go. Period. Find an alternative "pain management vehicle".  
Nanci Ross When I received an Oxy prescription following a dental procedure, it became evident to me, first hand, that this drug (and many others) were now widely overused and very accessible.  
Faith Masloski Hopefully this drug is banned and may nobody be harmed from it ever again i hope the people who made this drug be put away 
Kendal Adams  
Leila Allen My sister died unexpectedly from an Oxycontin overdose at age 47. Her death was an absolutely heartbreaking tragedy so I am more than happy to sign this petition.  
Troy A Hotchkiss I live in south florida. The pill mill capital. With friends in the past and a recent experience with my girlfriend I can say this drug is beyond highly addictive. The pharmaceutical company's and pain management doctors know this, they could care less if they are killing patients. The money to be made is huge and like an addict they are addicted to a quick buck. Not to mention it is an all cash business. If a doctor doesn't ask for insurance or take credit cards; run! You could walk into any of these clinics and say I have pain, and within a matter of minutes another addict is born.  
Anonymous If doctors want to use Oxycontin as a pain reliever, then they should help you manage the medicine so you do not get addicted. Since they will not do that, they should not be allowed to prescribe it!!  
nikolas sink I was addicted to oxy for a while and it completely ruined my life thanks to subutex I have finally cleaned my life up and I would love to see it banned. 
thart My husband was given oxy for back pain in the mid-90's. We had no idea it was synthetic heroin. Nor did we know that it takes only 20 consecutive days taking it to become hooked. With in 10 years, we lost everything. Job, home, family, freedom... Thanks Doc!!  
Dana Valdez  
Paula Midkiff  
Debbie Jackson  
Alec Earley Wouldn't wish oxy addiction to my worst enemy.  
Anonymous One of the worst drugs out there , lost a few people , its a terrible drug with terrible side effects that lead to heroin ... BAN oxys!!! 
Anonymous You may never think this drug will personally effect you, but nobody is invisible. I have seen it take fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, fanily and friends. There is nothing but a history of detruction and heartbreak surrounding this drug. It is true; some people may need it but ultimately they are just losing days off their life by introducing this drug into their body. Give these people a change, save a life. Dont let the epidemic spread.  
James Storms My son was prescribed Oxyicodone for a back injury. Became addicted an still after many years struggles with the addiction.  
Tim Greene  
Stephanie Thompson I will be sober 4 years in 7/14. Prescription drug addiction nearly killed me and caused me to lose almost everything.  
S Dawn Hanscom Need to ban it now too many lives and families have been and will be destroyed! 
Tony Suttile  
Crystal Schuh  
nancy bowser  
stephen menti From South Florida. You know the rest. 
Bill Foster  
Donna DeHaan  
Linda Holmes  
Sharyn Cerniglia This is a horribly insidious drug and should be banned! 
Ashley Cooperman  
Jessica b OxyContin has taken the lives of 5 of my friends. It has also turned the most amazing people into thiefs, liars, and degenerates. I would love nothing more than to see this drug gone. 
Kim Imbruglia  
Kevin Gregory  
Anne Mcginness  
Kelly Hollinger  
Erica Garwood OxyContin is available at any pharmacy, and has become the preferred substitute for heroin on our streets with many tens of thousands now addicted. OxyContin was approved by the FDA, with Purdue Pharma claiming then and continuing to infer that it's addiction potential is low. In 2007, Purdue and three top executives of Purdue Pharma pled guilty in Virginia in relation to misleading the public about the addictive qualities and safety of OxyContin and paid fines totaling over $634 million. But no Purdue Pharma executive went to jail and the FDA has allowed OxyContin to remain on the market. There are other products as effective as OxyContin at controlling pain but no other legal opioid has the history of misrepresentation, abuse, death and destruction of OxyContin. OxyContin is a "virus" that started an epidemic of addiction and death that has now infected every community in America. It is time for the FDA to remove the newest substitute for heroin, OxyContin, from the marketplace. 
Donnarae Schwartz I have to many friends that lost their children to this awful drug.What . How many lives do we have to loose.... 
Matt Falcone  
dale everett I am and a retired junky as i like to put it. This november i will celebrate 3 years with no opiates, and i know first hand how quickly a small pill can completely dominate your life. Honestly there is no need for oxy to be issued to people with such ease and without warning, that it may stop your pain but steal your soul in the process. R.I.P- B.J.L B.E. V.O. and to all the others that lost there life.  
robert warfield Ive lost a friend to heroin. I'm not sure how it started. I currently have a close friend who has been in and out of rehab twice now for pills and heroin. Pain killers lead to his current addiction and it's really taking a toll on him. 
Anonymous It starts here and leads down a faster road of harder drug use. Majority of Heroine users began as Pill users turned abusers over time.  
Alison Rosenberg I lost my best friend to a horrible incident involving this drug. I was unaware of his addiction, and the sudden loss of his life has not only affected hundreds of people, it has also created a strength in me to fight against the production and use of this drug. I refuse to lose another person in my life to oxy overdose. 
Anonymous My son committed suicide while taking OxyContin. Even though he had a history of drug abuse he was prescribed a significant amount of Oxy for an injury. Although the drug didn't specifically kill him I believe it had a hand in pushing him over the edge. No one should go through this devastation. Ban the drug!  
Shirley Good Many people I know are hooked. 
Frances Davies My husband came home with this from the GP and I hit the roof....he took it and is still taking a small dosage and does not believe me when I tell him the effects of this stuff....says he trusts his GP. Yep, sure. I was given it after a shoulder reconstruction and vomited it straight back up. Horrible drug. 
Patricia McGrenra OxyContin is a product of the devil. Save lives. Ban it forever! 
Michelle Cox As I type this my husband is in rehab for the 2nd time in 2 1/2 years. All opiates should be banned. These pills given to him after back surgery have just about destroyed our lives.  
Anonymous Please stop this horrible epidemic. Too many young lives have been the cause of so many deaths. This is a horrific epidemic that needs to be put to and end. Ban OxyContin forever. 
Stephanie B  
Marisela Sosa This drug was brought in to help but has done no good for many. We need to get this off our family pharmacy shelves at it is being misused. We need to think about the future of our society 
Anonymous This drug took away so much from me. Money, car, apartment, relationships with significant other and family, My health problems, ect...  
Mary rogers  
Stephen S Rogers Too many good kids are getting hooked on this. 
Mike Sittloh Oxy ruined my life and has taken the lives of many of my friends.  
Atasheh Demers  
chris Pill mills are population control,allowed by our government. 
Yvonne Family member was affected by this addiction...would travel to south florida to get meds... I worked with police to sucessfully close down one of these bastards.... 
Susan I have a sister who is deeply addicted to Oxys and it has destroyed her as a person emotionally and physically. It has ruined our family, her relationships and her life. I am no longer close with her and I wish that she never would have taken this drug which eliminated all her good qualities as a person. She is unrecognizable now.  
Julian Wuttke Surprisingly, it was through Macklemore's own struggle against OxyContin that lead me to look into day to day deaths regarding its abuse. Surprised to find such a drug openly legalised by the FDA, it is with all due respect to the families of the lost ones to OxyContin addiction that I sign this petition.  
Melissa Bakosh  
Chuck Philpott  
Anonymous As a physician I can attest to the fact that these opioids are drugs of abuse responsible for tens of thousands of deaths each year. The blood money profits generated to Purdue and other manufacturers came directly from irresponsible and criminal prescribers. They should be banned.  
Linda Robbins-Haney  
Beth Birli My two sons and husband became addicted. My husband and one son are using suboxone, which they are now addicted to. My other son moved on to heroin. He has many problems with the law including 3 or 4 felony charges. He cannot get his life together. This drug has ruined numerous lives while benefiting drug companies and some physicians. 
Shirley Allen My son had to have many surgeries and was in pain. When he came home from the hospital or went to the ER he was always given oxycontin . He began hospital jumping to get his candy..and then the worst came he couldn't afford oxycontin on the streets so then it became heroin. Well make a long story short.. I don't have a son.. my 2 grandchildren don't have a dad. BAN IT 
Tami P. OXYCONTIN AND ITS SIDEKICK OXYCODONE ARE FROM THE DEVIL..I've seen it suck the life out of healthy normal people, people who one minute are there and the next minute are totally out of it when they take's really sick stuff. I personally have never dealt with anyone that has done the actual street drug HEROIN and obviously ive never done the crap myself but let me tell u this stuff oxycontin is a literal nightmare!!! I think it's disgusting how these deep pocketed pos's buy themselves out of their sly ways...but guess what buddy boy(s)? When the final judgment comes (and trust me it will come)...all the $$$ you're making now off of killing people, their dreams, their families and such will all be something YOU WILL FACE....HAVE FUN....maybe I will be able to pray for you WILL NEED IT. For anyone out there contemplating this drug PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH....I'VE HAD CANCER AND NEVER WENT ON THIS....I had lymph nodes taken out, I've had drains in areas you wouldn't like....but I got through it....I hate pain trust me I have no problem with pain killers NONE give me a Vicodin or Norco I don't know I did have Percocet for 4 weeks when i went through one of my surgeries and was reading about it and did not know it was similar to Oxy....but never had it again that was 10 yrs ago...nevertheless, not take this crap...if you're worried about pain then after taking this you will have NO LIFE....think long, deep and hard about what you're doing....the battlefield is in the MIND. GOD BLESS. 
Nicole Ray My grandfather was given this horrible drug for his pain as he had hurt his back. The next day he was in the hospital fighting for his life. He took one pill and its literally killing him. He is still in the hospital w/blood and fluid in his lungs, they cannot stablize his blood pressure. He will probably die due to this drug. an otherwise healthy man now on his death bed after being perscribed this horrible horrible drug 
Muhammad Hamdan I'm losing my uncles , cousins and now my brother to this drug all to fill someone's pocket 
corina So sad breaks my heart .Seen so many life's ruined and they are so subtle get on the street makes no sense why are they still here available ??? Crazy this world is so evil and Money has taken control.I pray lord for the famliesvwho lost a son daughter etc may you give them strength to go on ...PLEASE LORD HELP THESE children  
Delores Campisi-Otness  
Anonymous I know someone who is on these and they fall asleep standing up! This person also Falls asleep in the shower, on the toilet, even while driving! It's very sad, it's like this person isn't the same anymore. This person is not who I use to know, she's a zombie now. I also lost my uncle to this drug. It needs to be banned ASAP!  
Ashley Dow  
sarah conant  
Jenna Vangraafeiland  
Ashley VanGraafeiland Please ban this dangerous drug. My mother, father & brother are all addicted to this drug and I have sadly watched their lives going further and further down the toilet. My mom even sold her dead mothers jewelry, and they lost their car, hour and all belongings to pay for their illegal prescription drug use habit. And it all started with being prescribed this drug for pain. Please remove it from the marketplace before it damages any other lives. 
Carmen Ramirez My ex/father of my son has been addicted to OxyContin for almost 5 yrs now. This drug took over his life, he is an amazing person and father but it's been so sad to see what this drug has done to him, it took over his life . He has been in and out of jail because of it, I've seen what this drug can do to a person and it's so hard breaking . It's sad to see such a great person go downhill and loose their life because of it . I really hope that they Ban this drug for good , and it stops taking over people's , 
JoAnna Esposito my brother Tony was addicted to oxy cotton and he died October 23rd 2013.the doctor has prescribed him over 600 a month! how can they do that? my brother was 41 years old. 
Edna Wren I've read the comments on this petition, they break my heart. My son became addicted to OxyContin, it started with a prescription from his dentist when he had his wisdom teeth taken out. Then he graduated to heroin use. He is currently sentenced eight years in prison for robbing several pharmacies. He is 25. His nervous system has been damaged and he struggles with coping. This effects his family as well, I had a stroke from the stress of it and his younger brother feels abandon.  
Kathryn B. Big pharma keeps getting richer and richer off the pain, misery and despair of others. This toxin needs to be banned.  
Shayna Landry  
Nicola Munroe Hello, I was an addict from my prescription meds the physician prescribed me for some 20 years! I was on Vicodin 10/500 mgs 2-prn. 8 per day, plus Methadone 10mgs, 1-four x a day, plus OxyContin and Ridelin for ADD. What a combination of drugs! I look back over the years and wonder why I am still living. I felt Toxic all the time. My 4 kids and husband were very worried about me everyday and everyday I'd go to work , drive home 30 miles each way, come home make dinner, clean house take care of the kids go to bed late get up the next morning and start routine all over again plus I help support my husbands Commercial Photography business for thirty some thirty years! These drugs over time changed the person I was into: an exhausted, none dependable, emotional, stubborn ( in denial about every thing) I rejected and hated any criticism about me from all the family and friends. My children told me they loved me so much and just wanted their old mom back! I didn't realize the drugs had changed me so much. Then I got a call from my Dr. That the prescriptions would no longer be available for me as of the next day!! I was in a panic! Cold turkey off drugs?? Help! I didn't think I could do it, BUT I did it! All alone in my bedroom over a 3 day weekend, I had no insurance to help me! Everyone! I went thru HeLL and back it was a nightmare. I had no other meds to help with the withdrawals , just my self. It took about 2 weeks to feel a bit like my old self again. I prayed hard for God to help me everyday, he did! I have been clean for one year and so glad to be off the drugs! These drugs are very very dangerous to the body and mind! We have to reach the Dr. Not to issue these prescription to the public where our children could get into them also also! I have my life back now, I deal with my extreme pain issues in other ways. I will never ever take these drugs again in my lifetime. THEY ARE TOXIC & WiLL KILL YOU!!! And the sad part is the Dr's don't have time to monitor what your taking, how long you've been on the harmfull drugs and don't really care. They just keep on re-filling your toxic meds!! To everyone out there I am so sorry for your loss and realize I could have been a statistic also! But, with strong determination and will-there is life after these toxic drugs. I know I've been there, but NEVER again! Praying for you all. Best wishes- Nicky 
Tayler Drake  
Stephanie Knapp I have seen so many peoples lives destroyed because of the addiction to these pills. Sad, we need to get them off the market. 
scott johns  
Trena Gray My husband started abusing oxy and xanax last yr. he went to rehab for a month in september of 2013. However he is bipolar and under alot of stress he refuses to get back on his meds for his bipolar and im afraid he is starting to use again. Last month we lost a friend to an overdose. I know how everyone is feeling and what theyve been through. Im soo sorry for your lost. Trena Gray 
Anonymous My husband is in rehab right now as I write this. Although he does take as prescribed it has progressively changed him for the worst. He's lazy moody still in pain and has in addition developed a serious gambling compulsion that has destroyed our marriage. Most Dr's don't want to get to the root of the problem just take a pill then next patient. Insanity.  
Cathy Letalien When is this going to end. I lost my only child my son last year when is this going to end?? When is our government going to stop this madness. I have lost faith in our government who continues to turn a blind eye to what is happening to our children our loved ones. It is wrong and needs to stop now!! 
Sara Brook I truly believe OxyContin is a horrible drug. I watched because we could not stop my ex-boyfriend from sinking into self-destruct.  
stanley arbaugh I have had too many people I know fall victim to this and im sick of it!!! 
Timothy S Parisien This drug has destroyed many people and families on Indian reservations. 
Melissa Beard OxyContin kills more people a year then drunk drivers. STOP THE SELFLESS KILLING 
keesha apurlock  
Anonymous I truly hope this goes through. God bless you all 
Kathyrn Gray My 37 year old niece has been addicted to it for years now, after being in and out of rehab in the last two years she gave up. She left her children with their father and made oxycontin her life. She died May 22nd at 38 years old. 
Kathleen Powell My son had 22 friends die from heroin overdose last year. They all started with vicodin moved to OxyContin. It is epidemic and needs to stop being prescribed so freely. My sons addiction started with a prescription. 
Jennifer Welbaum We are in the middle of a drug epidemic. It is time for the people in authority to stand up and DO SOMETHING! 
Victoria cramer My name is Victoria I was addicted to OxyContin & heroine for 12 years I'm 23 years old my 2 sisters and parents are all addicted to the OxyContin & oxycodone also. You know I always wanted to be a nurse or dr but after the 47 counts of prescription fraud & 37 counts of abstaining a c2 narcotic by fraud & the heroin charges I will never get to live my dream because of my OxyContin addiction pretty much making me feind for more so I had to steal a prescription pad to feed my addiction With that being said I did 3 1/2 years in state prison I got out Dec18th of 2013. All because of OxyContin I lost myself I have no idea who I am anymore or why my addiction won't let me be I've been struggling to stay clean since I came home. I've relapsed multiple times since December and it's only May. These pills need to be taken off the market for good! Maybe it will save my sisters lives my life & my parents life. My parents say they need it for pain my dads on OxyContin 60s 3x a day and OxyContin 80mg 2x a day & oxycondone 30mg 6x per day and my moms on oxycodone 6x a day that's enough to kill a horse. There is no need for a dr to put one person on that much medication it's not sane to take that much medication a day either but hey say there not addicts! Yea okay! But they are & this epidemic needs to be put to rest once & for all. No one deserves to wake up dope sick from OxyContin or heroin lie & steal just to get one more but one is never enough for the addict mind. I also think they should take methadone away too it's just as bad & coming off of it is a 90 day withdrawal & you get just as high on methadone as you do OxyContin or heroin it's just a daily fix so u don't do heroin or OxyContin but at the end of the day methadone is the same damn thing. Thank you for making this petition whoever you are I think it's great that your trying to save lives keep up the good work if we all stand we can make a difference in this cold cruel world. 
Dawn Pool It is addictive, can lead to heroin use and death. 
Anonymous This drug is far more dangerous than beneficial. Please stop it and ban the use of it. 
Melisa Marks My son died of a Heroin overdose. He started with OxyContin. This epidemic needs to stop. 
Carol Daniels Rominger Pharmaceutical. Companies need to be held responsible to the lack of information they give the general public. Not only are they slowly killing the old, and the young they are destroying each American citizen that either looses a family member to heroin or these drugs.. 
chris monteros Please ban this drug oxy, i find it hard to believe it is still prescribed. I sent my son to Boston to go to school and play NCAA hockey. He broke his jaw and was prescribed this drug while in Boston. He came back addicted...I have spent 16,000.00 just this year in paying off his bills, him stealing from me ect. He is a different person and our lives have been totally altered. Its a full time job trying to watch him. Ban it NOW. The company that manufactures it and the doctors who prescribe it should be sued and jailed.  
Gail DiTommaso Please ban this highly addicting drug !! Having a heroin addict who started on this drug is extremely upsetting !! Do something about this epidemic!! It falls on you . 
Traci jacobs These drugs, OxyContin and heroin r both the devil. My daughter, a beautiful, smart, intelligent young lady who had a bright future ahead of her, became a slave to these drugs. They took away the daughter I once knew, turned her into a lost soul. She has a son that I'm currently taking care of. Breaks my heart everyday as I never once imagined my daughter a drug addict and now everyday she plays Russian roulette with her life. I worry about her everyday, whether today will be the day I get the call and get told this nasty devil drug has taken my beautiful daughter from me. As of right now she is physically here but I lost her long ago, the day she took her first OxyContin which in turn led her to live the life as a heroin addict, at the young age of 18yrs young. Get this drug off the streets, one less chance of these young kids getting sucked into the world of heroin addiction, because all OxyContin is, is a pill form of heroin. Technically a legal form of heroin. It should of never ended up being FDA approved, it's not a safe drug!!!! 
lori largent  
Anonymous I lost my mom to OxyContin, she was only 49 years old. She had three daughters and 9 grandchildren, we all miss her deeply. 
Robert Keller This drug has torn families apart because too many doctors write prescriptions on demand from patients they have seen in the past and haven't seen in years. 
Anonymous I work with patients with addictions to this medication and the effects on their lives and the lives of their loved ones is profound. The patients may as well be taking heroin as their addiction is just as strong and the negative impact on their health, physical function, mental capabilities, and quality of life are one in the same. Promoting other non-addictive alternatives to pain relief including referrals to physical therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, etc. would be a much better alternative than just putting a band-aid over the problem... a band-aid that can eventually kill someone.  
miranda omelchenko  
John Maslowski Please ban Oxycontin. In addition, please ask the FDA to issue a moratorium on the approval of new opiod pain medication. Over 125,00 Americans have died over the past decade as a direct result of opiod medication. If a foreign country killed that many Americans our government woud go to war with them. Yet, we allow corporate America to get away with it. Thank you! 
Terry Otness I've not lost anyone (that I know about) to this pandora's box "gift" on the world. I'm glad to see this site, I've often wondered how something so powerful could be put and remain on the market. 
Linda Jean Halko  
Teresa Manis  
Kristine Harder I know seven young people in the town of Juneau Alaska who are now dead. Oxy TRULY is the gateway drug. I thank God my daughter was finally able to break free, but many families don't have the resources mine did to fight this terrible scourge. I urge you to please SAVE lives and take this awful drug off the market! 
Joee d edel OxyContin needs to stop taking lives! So many family members started with it and ended with heroion! Suboxon just as bad! Please take this drug out of my future children's reality!  
Carla Lindquist I know of too many lives that have been ruined because of this drug. It is time to get rid of it. There are other pain killers out there that are far less harmful. 
keith colvin  
Amy Carrano  
glenn krakoff my sons dependance on OxyContin and the urge to use more and more, which is an effect of Oxy, ultimately put him on a road trip to hell and sadly death. Signed with a broken heart, Glenn, the proud father of Carlo... 
Yazan Bawli  
Tawnya L D Kunz Thank You All For Your Heart-wrenching Honesty! You have inspired me to try to help more to ban this addictive & dangerous drug! I am in the midst of a battle for the younger generation also, so pray for a miracle for my journey as I am praying for you & yours, & To Any Higher Power Who May Help Us All! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You For Sharing Your Stories of Pain & Loss & Hope & Recovery! May the Universe & God Bless Us Who Stand Up & Fight! 
Anonymous This stuff is very powerful and very dangerous. Way too much of this class of painkillers is produced. I work as a school teacher and see first-hand how irresponsible parents and consumers allow this crap to fall into the hands of young men and women. Yet, the greatest irresponsibility is that big Pharma like Purdue are aware of this problem, yet still continue to produce amounts of product that exceed practical demand in the market. Ban it.  
Anthony P Fagga I am married 49 year old man I was diagnosed with 3 ruptured disk in my back my pcp started with vicodin in 2007 then the oxycodone Started in late 2007 from 5mg to 15mg 4 times day. I then went to desert pain and rehab in Tucson Arizona to make a very long and unpleasant story short I got up to 2 80mg oxycontin and 5 , 15mg oxycodone a day to being cut off cold turkey by Dr Arnold Farr and PA, Steven Edelman they accused me of script hoarding I don't even know what that is, I never ever got written up or disobeyed the rules. At this clinic if you are a pretty women they write you up but if you are a male they throw you out. They told me I will not be going down on my doseage and they do not prescribe medicine for withdrawals and they do not consider withdrawals an emergency. All of these clinics should be put out of business. I feel for all the loved ones who lost their lives I lost my career and almost my family I can get another career but not another family. If not for their loving support I probably would have committed suicide. Do to the horrors of withdrawal. Thanks to the brave woman who started this petition so I was able to express myself at least I know I'm not alone  
Anonymous I'm a mother of two and was married for 28 years. I worked as a healthcare worker but came down with a rare auto immune disease that literally ravage my body with pain, to make the story short, the doctor that I had kept increasing me with my meds to the point where he was writing a total of 450 qty a month within years span (combo of oxycontin and oxycodone) I probably wouldn't be here if I would have taken that amount. They don't care if you die or have seizure due to withdrawal coz they get a kicked back from Purdue!!! 
Nathaniel Robertson I have witnessed this firsthand. My mother has been perscribed this and many other pain management pills for over 10 years now. She isnt herself anymore just a zombie wanting more pills. 90% of the time shes asleep and when she isnt shes falling asleep even while standing, driving or preforming near any task. You start to try talking and she doesnt even make tell her something and 5 minutes later she forgets...its hard for a kid growing up to witness every day their mother becomes less of a person unable to even call me on holidays or birthdays because they cant even remember any of it. The sad part of this is as soon as the particular pill is banned they will simply change the formula and recreate it. I believe the pharmaceutical companys owe me for stealing away my childhood,and my family. im now 25 and shes only gotten worse. Help is no longer a option so I know this is going to kill her fairly soon and I honestly wish the most horrid punishments on these greedy pharmaceutical companies.  
Mary Lawless Studer I strongly support this endeavor. 
Kristin Triano I have seen FAR too many people's lives ruined or ended because of Oxy. How can you even question whether or not it should be banned?... it's a no brainer. Come on - wake up and stop burying your head.  
Sarah People choose to take this drug just like I did because it makes you feel good. I then went to shooting heroin because it's cheaper and pills became almost impossible to find. Now because middle class kids died instead of the poor kids that have been overdosing for years people actually give a shit. What's fucked up is that the government puts out these medications then arrests all the doctors so you have all these people now moving to heroin because they have no choice. I live in ny and can't even find heroin now it's so scarce.  
Lacey wilder Enough already...too many people have been given this for pain and ended up addicted...ending up dying 
susan wilder Lost many friends from this fucked up drug,fucked up manufacturer...what the hell is this crap still out many more people will die from 
Michelle Way  
Carole Hill I lost my youngest son to drugs, it started with a car wreck and messed up back, put on Oxy, the rest is history. This drug is to easy to get, doctors must be getting kick back, he was able to get this no matter who he saw, this drug is killing our young men, ladies, kids, teens, old people, lets stop this before some one else has their child die.  
Anonymous Please ban this drug! 
kate lawless This is a no-brainer. Take it off the market, it is killing people. 
Starla Smith  
Kristi Wagner  
Joseph Lawless Enough is enough. 
mark costello  
Jean McAndrew  
Firoozeh I will do anything in my power against any drug .no parent should burry their child of drug . 
Julie Mason  
karen walton  
Jill Curtis Either ban or mandate proper training of the flipping Dr's prescribing it. More stringent monitoring of prescriber's, pharmacies and patients should also be a must! 
Anonymous I personally know several people who get hooked on this drug and then turn to street drugs. This needs to be taken off the market! It destroys lives! 
Dan Lawless  
Roberta Larsen  
Rosario Alvarez This drug is killing our kids on the streets please help other families keep Their kinds alive  
Jorge A Rocha I have seen many of my son's friends die , please help dan this horrible drug off our streets  
Katie Barnese  
Joyce D'Ignazio Please take this drug off the market it is an addictive drug that has taken peoples lives. Please have compassion for people, don't think of the mighty dollar. 
Stacie Succa  
Stephanie watts This is a rotton,rotton drug that has ruined whole families as the addict spirils out of control. The Dr,s do not have a real grip on the true distruction these drugs are causing or they just don,t care. Death is the end for many,many addicts. I would like to see them banned forever! 
denise farhat I have a daughter who started out taking oxy's (unprescribed). Later it went to heroin. It robs these kids of their lives and their family's lives also! This insanity has got to be stopped!  
Darla R. Kairis  
M Gaffney Oxycodone is the tool by which "we, the people" are inoculated against clear and critical thinking and reasoning by our "leaders" - whose agenda it is to effect the disenfranchisement of members of the one person, one vote system, with all possible haste. A tool for the creation of someone's "new world order." 
Carole Nolan  
Julie Pursell This medication is seriously dangerous for human consumption! It destroys lives as well as families!! We need to save our children, PLEASE!!! This is synthetic heroin and we need to change the way this contributes to addiction and disease! 
Diane Gallagher  
Ruth Ashcraft  
Mirzi Hughes  
Natalie Archer  
Cynthia Krakoff This horrible drug completely changed my son from a wonderful loving human being to a drug addict!!! This drug is so horrible that after losing his health insurance, he began to rob pharmacies for this nightmare drug!!! My son was sent to prison for the first time in his life... he was never arrested before, had never even spent a night in jail before... No Criminal History!!! NONE! His addiction to this horrible drug lead my son to heroin in prison!!! Where the inmates taught my son how to shoot up and a heroin took his life only a short time later. I hate your drug!!! My son lost his life, his wife, and little son, all because of his addiction to this killer drug!!! 
Corey Nelson  
Lucy Johnston  
Marsha Schorr On this Mother's Day, I am missing my only son, Aaron Fender, who died June 21, 2009 from oxycontin. If I could only have another day with my sweet son . . . words can't even express what it would mean to me. He was only 24 years old and his whole life ahead of him. I grieve for his unborn children. . . 
Powell Stevenson Doctors give this out like candy 5 days and you are hooked 
Gigi Steel Yes My cousin died from them at the age of 33... A terrible drug that is highly addicting.. It destroyed so many lives.. 
Luz Rabah  
Alice Abellanida  
Catherine Brauer Please take this drug off the market and save our families! 
Amelia Derusso I have lost my only child to these pills  
Tom Friend  
Stewart Hanick This and other so called "legal drugs" cause nothing but pain and suffering for countless users and their families.I know this first hand , as I have seen the devastation with my son.I don't understand how this can be sold legally. 
Hollie Dustin  
REBECCA HARLAN I lost my beloved son in 2010 to oxycontin. I miss him every second of every day. 
steven Sanabria I am a recovering addict of oxycontin and let me tell you that It ruined my teenager years. I am giving my testimony at this moment for oxycontin to be banned forever to come please nobody else needs to be using that narcotic it destroys lives. 
Michael Kadel My family has been deeply affected by this infliction, and we have friends who've lost son/daughters, and this non-sense has to stop! 
denise-helene adam n.d.  
Lori Semidey Please ban oxycontin. I lost my precious daughter to this horrible drug. 
Nadine Tonoren This EVIL drug almost killed my son,10 out of 7 friend of his that he grow up with died from it..they where like my children..please please BAN OXYCONTIN for good...THANX 
Marianne O'Brien Nordon  
Karen Beggs To continue manufacturing this insidious drug should be a criminal act.  
Anonymous This is A LEGAL SUBSTITUTE FOR HEROIN--- a KILLER DRUG THAT IS TOTALLY USED, ABUSED AND CAUSING TOO MANY DEATHS OF OUR YOUNG PEOPLE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH-- our drug companies are turning innocent people into drug addiction. 
Christie thomas I have watched the destruction of 2 Sons for 8 years from addiction to this drug 
diane hollis  
Laurie Murphy  
Judson Murphy  
Linda Weitz To many lives are ruined by being addicted because of its easy availablity 
Catherine Elverston  
Donna Ingram I'm the grandmother of a child that became addicted to OxyContin and I miss him everyday. If this signature will save one child or close one more pill mill I have made a differnce. Love you, Chad  
Ann Sasich  
ginny sharon My Grandson was addicted to oxy, then when he could not afford it any longer he went to heroin. He died of a drug overdose May 2, 2010. P lease please ban this drug it has caused more harm than good. How many people have to die before something is done. 
Tonya Hilligoss  
SharonK. Watson  
Barbara Jennes On May 17, 2013, my daughter nearly died of a heroin overdose. Had we not found her (gray and unbreathing) and resucitated her, she would not be with us today. Her heroin addiction was a direct result of previous use of oxycontin. The addiction cost us $45,000 in rehab costs. It threw her life so completely out of balance that her five years of university study was in vain. Ban this drug. It is killing young Americans. It is destroying lives. It is costly families millions and millions of dollars each year.  
Anonymous My beautiful daughter, Lindsey, died of an accidental overdose of prescription medication including oxycontin. If she had not been given such a large dose, perhaps she would be alive today. She was in pain from endometriosis. She just wanted to get better so she listened to her doctor and died in her sleep. She was 25 years old. Please ban this deadly drug. 
Bonnie Bonaccorsi The root of all evil!! Pharmaceuticals have created an era of addiction...all for the money!! So many young lives lost! So many families destroyed! Those who start their addiction with opiodes, like OxyContin, most surely will end with an addiction to Heroin. Same plant. Same addiction. Same consequences. One is not. The "legal" one causing more addiction and death, than the other, currently. Drugs need to be judged on their propensity to cause addiction, and their dangers of causing overdoses and deaths, not whether they are legal or not. We must eliminate the stigma of addiction and focus on helping those caught up in this epidemic, and most importantly, we must educate ourselves, so when that doctor offers you Vicodin, Percocet, and the worst of the worst...OXYCONTIN...not only will you say "no thanks", but you will educate HIM on the devastation opiodes are wreaking on our country. Keep up the good fight!! To those loved ones we have will never be forgotten!! Peace.  
Graham Joy  
Laurie Champion ban this addictive drug that is killing people every day and creating more addicts every minute in this country. 
Krystle wienckowski Please ban this horrible drug.  
Carlos M Yero Sr  
Pam Stephenson I nearly lost my grandson to oxy. After four years and over $50,000 spent on rehab he is finally clean and doing well. He has a good job, is active in AA and we are so proud of him. He has been clean for three years now but came so close to dieing. A friend of mine was given oxy by her dentist after a tooth extration. What is wrong with that dentist? 
joann stone sister died od. many young men around the neighborhood are losing everything to them. I hate this legal use of a of that addicts innocent people by doctors who prescribe them. its a corporate greed determination to make billions off the victims. they target the young and healthy and got customers for a very long time. joann 
Susan Gipson My Son Nathan Followill died because of this drug. You can find the details about what happened to him. Google: GIPSON v. KASEY  
Anonymous I lost my son to prescription drugs in 2011. Please take OxyContin off the market. I do not want to see any other parents suffer like I have to suffer every single day of the rest of my life.  
David Hill  
jean dellomo  
Lisa Scott  
Karen Kent This devil of a drug killed my 22 year old beautiful boy!!!! My once happy family will never be the same. I wake up sick every single day for the past two years now with the pain of losing my precious and unique son and I go to sleep with this same heartache every night, that is if I am lucky enough to get some sleep. I now have PTSD from seeing my son's blue face dead in his bedroom. This drug didn't just kill my son, it killed our entire family. This is a genocide for a group of young people who were just beginning their adult lives. It is a tragedy!!!!! I won't even go into the pain and suffering my family, but especially by son, went through before this drug finally killed him. That is a whole other story that I won't go into right now. Trust me, this drug has to be erased from this earth, before other beautiful souls are erased and families destroyed forever. Matt's mom... Karen Kent  
Joel Morris Ban Oxycontin, please. 
Tasha Brookman Please sign up to ban this prescription pill. It is Ruining families.  
David E. Jones My 15 year old son (Austin) passed away in January 2009 to ocycontin's cousin Methadone , along with several friends through out the years. All opiats should be only administered in a clinical setting.My mother in -law was an addict to Methadone due to back problems and took her life at the age of 76 , getting her pills off the street. These drugs do terrible harm but yet our Doctors are still dishing them out like candy no age group is immune or social group.  
Lisa Lewis  
Sunja Ackerman  
nick chernoff lost my son due to oxy. 
Andrew Alder  
Tiffany Wienckowski  
Barbara B Colessides Wow. Our idiotic laws criminalize marijuana - an actually BENEFICIAL substance, but synthetic heroins by the big pharma companies are OK. My cousin LOST HER SON thanks to this IDIOTIC and CRIMINAL construct. For those who continue with this LIE, hope you get your own circle of hell. You deserve it! 
Jill McCracken  
Renee West Our family affected. Our son is doing well now but it took a toll and will always always be a concern. Other friends have also had problems. We had a crime committed against us do to addiction and need to obtain funding for oxy. 
Bee Pedersen  
Jean Ruggieri I pray for more signatures and that there would be a ban on oxycontin very soon. Now there is a new drug to be released within the next few months that is supposed to be worse than oxycontin. The name is Zohydro 
Anonymous I was a addict and when heroin wasn't available Oxys were the next best thing. I have been clean for 4yrs now and am so happy. These drugs are horrible, and all OxyContin is, is a synthetic heroin.....but it's legal! I hope they stop making it all together, too many people are dying!! 
brian buono I was prescribed Oxycontin for pain in 1997 and even though I never had a vice I was addicted to it within weeks. This medication ruined my life including sending me to prison. It has taken me 9 years to get my life on the right track. In my opinion the makers of this drug (perdue) should be brought up not only on their misleading information about the drug but also attempted manslaughter and manslaughter. If this situation had been started by anyone other than a huge drug company that is exactly what would have happened. This drug and its manufacturer ruined my life for years, years I will never get back. I have not even mentioned all of the people I have hurt. They probably suffered more than I did. RIP mom and dad! 
Thomas Brown I became addicted to this drug legally from a doctor. I have been destroyed by it. As I write this I am struggling to stop using it. I am on day 3 of withdrawal. Pray for me.I am a disabled veteran and the V.A. has denied me help for this for years. 
tom baKER  
ken pollard I was prescribed OxyCottin for pain too.when I startwd hallucinating and my heart stopped. If I had not gone to the hospital I would be dead. this drug is worse then heroin 
Anonymous My daughter is just starting to feel like a human being after being addicted to pain pills for 4 years. During that time she lost a baby that lived for 23 days born at only 24 weeks. My daughter has been battling a bacterial blood infection and hepatitis c and is now on disability. This is a devastating disease and this drug has to be banned.  
Joshua Warren I want this drug banned in the US and all countries. It has ruined my life and the lives of others as well. I know my family doesn't believe me, but I love them with all my heart and while I feel like they hate me at times, most of the time, I love them, I love them so much and just wish they better understood what it means to be an addict. That's it's not just as simple as saying "no" ... God, how I wish it was. I think because of a general lack of understanding in my family about the power of this drug and it's potential for addiction they don't see the full scope of what I'm battling. I do however understand their anger, frustration and disappointment with me. While I know I'm battling something some people truly don't know the degree of difficulty it entails, I can't let that be an excuse for me not getting clean, and most importantly, staying clean. I really wish there were a happy medium somewhere with them understanding and having a little more compassion with what I'm dealing with, and also me being more understanding and considerate of their feelings as well. While sometimes I feel as if they wouldn't care if I died, and sometimes I feel as if I am treated as such, with the constant put downs, disgust, telling me they have zero sympathy for me, no excuses, I'm a coward, etc when I'm being told these things it makes me feel like there is no hope, because I'm dealing with something that I can't simply handle on my own, but honestly, I feel a part of my family feels 99.9% of the battle is me and those of us who are in this devilish cycle, the professionals who help addicts, etc they know that simply isn't true, and isn't even close. I love my family so much, I just wish they understood more. At one point yes, it was a personal choice where I simply wanted to use and abuse drugs (primarily this one) but as everyone knows over time it is no longer simply a choice, eventually it evolves into a bonafide mental and physical dependence that you simply just can't say "no" to anymore. From the bottom of my soul, I wish this drug and other opiates with a similar degree of potential abuse to be banned or administered only in a hospital under strict supervision and lock & key. I apologize to those who truly need these types of medications and have trouble getting them because of individuals such as myself who ultimately made it that way. Finally, I know my family and my long time ex girlfriend will never see or read this, but most of all, I want to apologize to them because without them, there's a possibility I would have already off'd myself (please forgive me for being graphic). In addition, sometimes I feel like because of their lack of knowledge, comprehension on the drugs and subject of addiction itself I feel trapped as if they'll never truly understand my side and that it isn't as easy and a personal choice like they think. I know it ultimately falls on me. It's primarily me and it's majority me. While I know all this, I also know it's not as easy as ABC 123 and some ridiculous "Josh, you just say no and don't do it stop being irresponsible stop being a pathetic loser and coward stop feeling sorry for yourself and not even trying." I feel trapped knowing that it's on me, but I need much more help than my family doesn't know or doesn't want to believe. Thanks for listening. Writing this has surprisingly helped me feel better in some way. 
Angelica I hope one day my bestfriend/boyfriend finds the strength to stop using drugs to be happy. My condolences to all the families who have lost loved ones because of this.  
Lindsay Gilmore My Mother's life has spiraled out of control. She is no longer a functioning part of society. She is suicidal, mentally unstable and sleeps day in and day out. I just learned her doctor has been prescribing her 180 oxycodones a month for "pain management" for the last 13 months. He prescribed this knowing she has only one kidney also. She is taking 6 per day and our journey to intervene just started 3 days ago. I pray she makes it through this addiction. I've never seen someone so high on anything in my life. She doesn't even know who I am (her daughter) when I call her on the phone.  
Michaela Kelty killed my best friend/ and other friends I'm 24. I watched my high school classmates bury our friend Mark. I went to Marks funeral with my best friend Svetlana. Exactly one year later on the same date Nov. 20th, Svetlana overdosed and died. Then we buried her. I F****ING hate heroin and oxycontin and anything related. It is a trap it should be illegal. 
jill r for all that have been affected, they are doimg more harm than good, please 
Donna Joyner This drug destroyed my daughter she was a beautiful intelligent, kind wonderful person until she was prescribed this terrible drug that took her life at the young age of 28 yrs.' old this drug needs to be banned and all other addictive drugs on the market that's destroying lives and families  
Broken Mother This weekend, I almost lost my precious little girl because she ingested a fragment of an oxycontin pill (we're not sure of the amount because she was being watched by grandparents, who have prescriptions for it). Even though my parents have a prescription for it, the doctors at the hospital think it was a fragment of a long-lasting version of the pill. That little fragment literally almost killed my child - she was completely unresponsive, breathing very heavy and shallow and her o2 saturation rate was 84% when she was admitted. Seeing my child be diagnosed with having an opiate overdose was one of the worst nightmares I could have ever imagined. My parents feel terrible and we are all doing everything we can t make sure it never happens again.... but my god, if a child can be killed by a pill fragment of this stuff, what the hell is it doing outside of a controlled environment? Things this strong that can easily kill children and animals in small doses, and kill adults quite easily as well, should NOT be readily accessible on the market in a pharmacy as if it was an antibiotics or an acid reducer. This should not be dispensed for patient at-home use. We are much luckier than many parents - she is completely fine now (she was admitted this past Saturday evening from taking the pill early evening and was discharged this afternoon). But it really was horrifying and was very, very close to being a completely different outcome. I want this stuff banned - doctors are using it to keep patients quiet instead of actually find a legitimate treatment for people's ailments. I want it off the market ! 
Anonymous Never again. It destroyed my loved one, his future, our relationship, his talent, his life. He was the sweetest boy I ever met before that. He was my best friend and lover. Everybody loved him. He was a fantastic cellist. Now he's the shadow of someone else. 
patricia Scott Government has taken oxycotin off the market because it caused the death of hundreds of innocent people, maybe thousands! Yes, they have taken it off the market and replaced this drug under another name!!!! What is the sense of this petition if drug companies still producing and selling and doctors still prescribing this deadly medication and still believe it is harmless!  
david demilio My sister just lost her son on 4/25/14. This country is all about the money. We the people need to rise up. 
Anonymous my husband had back surgery in 2005 after a few years he start taking oxy cotin which he got from a friend. It wasn't long before he found his "own" doctor. Now on oxy for over 5 years it has made our lives hell. He withdrawls every single month. Taking his month of pills in 2 weeks, sometimes less. I try to hold them for him but it becomes a big fight. I recently found out he took 3000.00 out of our back account to spend on pills on top of what he was getting from the doctor. I know one day I am going to come home and find him dead in the house. We are not kids we are 57 and 61 years old. We should be enjoying our lives right now. This drug really needs to be taken off the market. the sooner the better!!  
Anonymous This is an addictive pill. Please help us ban this dangerous pill! Thanks. 
Miranda kreiner It's destroying lives and people are hooked. Most horrible drug on the market 
Belinda My son died in 2008 at age 33 over heroin overdose. Started out with prescription drugs until they were too expensive and went to heroin. Since then, his best childhood friends mother died of RX drug overdose. 2 weeks ago, her son died of heroin overdose. No one is winning except the pharma companies. 
Dr james r maroney  
Kyle Hamblin Hi My name is Kyle Hamblin, been addicted to oxycontin for 13 years now, This crap has been so freely prescribed by so many doctors throughout my entire life that a doctor should be ashamed for himsel, but I was asking and manipulating for it also... but this drug has caused severe family problems, I have had 4 overdoses at least, I have lost my hearing in my right ear as well as many brain cells, but up untill yesterday I was takin 6-80 mg oxy a day with 10 30mg adderal forlast 6 years and 10- 80-mg a day for 3 years prior to last run THIS DRUG NEEDS TO BE PULLED FROM ALL SHELFS IMMEDIATELY!!! MY SOLE IS PAYING THE PRICE RIGHT NOW FOR ALL THE NEAR DEATH ATTEMPS I HAVE HAD, AND THANKS TO HOW GOOD GOD IS, IM BLESSED TO BE ALIVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT, THIS MEDICATION IS PURE EVIL, AND THE DEDIL IN A TABLET. MAY YOU FIND HELP PERHAPS SUBAXONE  
Denise Beem  
Ashley Burgess  
Susan Todd, LCSW-C I have seen the Damage/Disability and Heroin related Deaths. And the Effects on family and community Especially in the young adults who Were applauded for being in sports Till their injury and good hard working Adults injured on the job. " Pain Doctors" BAH 
Robert DiCerbo  
Barb Mynott I was given this horrible for several years pre operatively...threw it all out the day after surgery was done...thank goodness...but unaware of what I was facing ! Detox from this medication is horrendous and went on for weeks and was beyond ugly. No doctor worth his salt would give out this medication with out a very long consultation and investigation into what the patient really needs...and it sure is not this stuff ! Very nearly killed me. I am a 63 year old retired registered nurse, I just never knew or was informed of how devastating detoxing from this incredibly dangerous drug could be !!! 
Kasey hicks  
Art Yero Too many lives have been ruined. Those of the addicts, their families and innocent bystanders. Please end the suffering !!! 
Art Yero  
Betty Kelly Oxycontin is too addictive, and needs to be banned. 
Barbara Reed  
Michael Apostol I know first hand of the lies that our caregivers have told us. I was addicted to that drug. I also lost my brother to this medication. He was not in good health indeed. Which usually is the case. However because of the addictive nature of this medecine it is not a good choice to control pain. It should be banned!  
joshua banton this drug is one of the worst things ive ever seen in my life the only thing worse is the soul sucking methadone get these drugs out of or country stop worrying about pot and get what is killing our youth and loved ones out  
kathy I know this is a drug that needsto be banned. Not only does it ruin lives, get innocent people addicted, kill people...but for those who actually live through getting off...thier problems are different than they have ever known. Once off of them and the feeling of accomplishment has worn off..the long term effects can be devistating. Finding yourself in a world that you see now through a different outlook. While taking the medications, which if like this instance, being on and off, switched and changed etc...for over 10 years, one is left with no self confidence, weight gain, memory loss, overwhelmed with guilt, self doubt. lower than low self esteem and perhaps in some cases suicidal for unexplained reasons why. Behavior changed, personality changed and a feeling of wothlesness is what you get. The pain level although different for all, is increased with taking these to the point when off everyday aches and pains that are minor seem unbearable because the normal process of aging aches and pains are not felt over this time span. After meeting with several different Dr.'s, and attending several funerals because of this, witnessing people that once were very good doing the untinkable, family's utterly destroyed...I applaud those doctors that refuse to prescribe this and oxycodone to non terminal patients. Most today to get this medication takes about 5 minutes a month....if these are for sever pain one would think that more than merely telling a so called doctor my pain level can be measured by a number from 1-10 was needed but it is not. Please ban these as I wish no one this nightmare life you are left with while on or what is left after kicking them. It is truly a hell for those who trust and then are left with whatever is left of thier life after experincing this horrible addiction. This is written from first hand experince. 
Kathy Caldwell This drug ruins lives! This is NOT a drug for casual pain mgt, dr's that prescribe oxy for long term pain mgt are idiots.  
Ryan Caldwell  
greg my wife broke her back in 14 places, 7 broken ribs, 3 hip fractures 7 years ago and now we are both trying to get this horrible drug out of our lives. there have been several days when i've had to chew aspirin because i know i've eaten too many and my chest feels like its in a vice grip. in 18 months we spent $300k on this poison, tried maybe 10 times to quit but the withdrawal is like having your soul scooped out of your bones with a razor. If i'd known what i was getting into when my Dr switched me from Loretabs I would have just dealt with the back pain. same for my wife. Ive called 6 Doctors to help me get off this evil chit but guess what, NONE of them are taking new patients?? its easier to GET OXY than it is to GET medical help getting OFF them. I don't know whats going on with this stuff but it is NOT being controlled. it is EVERYWHERE. Evil little Blueberries  
Elena Ortega I lost my beloved 15-year old daughter to an overdose of OxyContin. The pills belonged to her paternal grandmother. The grandmother was prescribed the pills for pain but rarely used them. However, she kept them in the house "just in case." I firmly believe that if those pills had not been available, my daughter would have had a much harder time ending her own life.  
Jared Wendel This is one med that has to go, ASAP! Hospital use, only. Other than that, it needs to be made illegal before it can kill anyone else 
Stephanie Lee-Berryman O.C. Has ruined so many lives in my family. I despise this drug, along with heroin, for destroying families. Shame to the pain management doctors that prescribe and patients who sell.  
Heather Batchelder  
Kimberly Anding For my nephew, Greyson Wayne Anding. And for the mothers that believe it will be ohkaye for their newborn to spend the first few months of their life going through the opiate withdrawals she could not bring herself to endure. 
Mark Johnson Ban Oxycontin! It was the first drug I ever did, I was only 10 years old, and it led me into a drug addiction to Opiates that nearly took my life. I eventually became addicted to Heroin by age 18, and overdosed four times on it over the following four years. I am grateful that my parents committed me twice and I was able to kick the habit. I have four years clean now, but my past still haunts me. Please ban oxycontin, it ruins lives plain and simple. Big Pharma doesn't care about the lives it's ruining, they simply care about taking our money. This country is so screwed up and corrupt. The corruption goes deeper than you could ever imagine. One of the reasons why our government did 9/11 was so we could go to Afghanistan to control the Poppy trade. They are the biggest drug dealers in the world. The FDA is supposed to be protecting us. They are poisoning us and turning our children into addicts! Please Ban Oxycontin!!! 
Jessica Tedesco  
Colleen T McDonald  
Amy Sheeller I was addicted to OxyContin for 4 years. It was the worst time of my life. Thankfully I beat the addiction and have been free of that burden for 5 years now. Banning OxyContin would be the best thing possible and information and knowledge of the power of this addiction need to be well known. 
Allison Jackson  
Roze Groeneveld  
Stacy Therrien-Sebastino  
Kim DeWitt This drug sneaks up on the innocent - I sure hope this petition works. 
Brendan W. Riley For KB 
Caroline Junker  
Anonymous My husband has been addicted for longer than I knew. Apparently it has been 5 years. We are drowning in debt. we have a 6 month old son. I am scared. It is his priority and it is obvious. He is working on it. He has been working on it for over a year. When does it end? 
Rob Please ban this drug. I lost my best friend to this drug. It does nothing good for anyone. Too many doctors are prescribing it unprofessionally to make a quick buck. RIP bro, you are missed, rest easy. 
Diana Ruiz There's a hype about heroin being a drug used by many Americans , let's include the alternative to heroin , away with Oxy! Making the the inventors beyond rich and making our friends and families addicted to their virus! Stop! 
Anonymous This drug is not necessary. Growing up I had many surgeries. I had no pain killers just bed rest. The body needs time to heal.  
Tommy Keller  
Kiki Phukan  
Jordan Dunn Lost the last three years of my life to Opiates in general. I quit one month ago and now have the tedious journey of putting all the pieces of my life back together. But I am free, and that my friend is a blessing considering NONE of my acquaintances look like they will ever drop their shackles. People don't understand how long term use alters you brain chemistry so severely. Even after a month of sobriety my mind is still in the mud. I do have hope though, and hope is something that evaded me while on opiates. To all my brothers and sisters wishing to quit for good.... The only thing standing in your way is your own head. Good luck and i hope to see you on the other side as do the rest of anyone who means anything to you. Opiates might have run your life for some time now but us humans are resilient creatures with a remarkable spirit. Anything can be done if you want it bad enough and in return you body will show you that it can heal itself. 
Frances Coleman As a parent to an adult child, you have no rights to save your adult Childs life from this manmade poison , I will gladly sign this petition, and thanks those who made it possible. Our family has been destroyed and devastated with this manmade poison. If not a sudden overdose, then it kills the person slowly, shutting down their bodily functions if taken long term as prescribed. It first causes constipation which left untreated, and trust me, no stool softener nor medical medicine, WHILE STILL PRESCRIBING OXYCONTIN, will relieve nor completely stop the constipation. Then prolonged constipation will cause the pressure from constipation to burst the patients bile and leak poisons into their entire body, causing a host of damage, from sites breaking out all over their skin, open puss filled sores, to lover damage, rotting teeth at young ages, and body functions shutting down. Graffic but true. This is a manmade poison that destroys families and takes our loved ones lifes, whether fast or slowly, we loose them and watch them disappear, right in front of our very eyes. Long term users families can sometimes watch their child or loved one, from 115 to 86 lbs UN no time due to this poison eating away at their system, while doctors tell their parents lies, such as it's not addictive and it doesn't damage the body, and you trust the doctor, thinking surely he would do what's right thing for his patient, until bold facts hit you square in face 
Susan M Pierce  
Daniella Datskovska Please, stop this! 
Jason Bordeleau This garbage has RUINED MY LIFE!! I was a slave to this horrible drug for over 10 years. I actually suffered a stroke and was legally dead for a matter of minutes but thankfully I was brought back with CPR. When my parents found me I was completely blue and had no pulse and was not breathing. Its a miracle I am here today. I am still on methadone working hard to finally get off that and be free of opiates! You know that there is a problem when a literally kills you and the first thing you think of when you open your eyes in the hospital is how can I get some more oxycontin! I remember I was in the hospital room recovering after an angioplasty and I was trying to get my dealer to sneak in and give me some oxy's. What a truly horrible drug! Purdue pharma has no bloody idea the pain and suffering they have caused me! They destroyed me financially, they ruined my body (my left arm is all screwed up and my body overall is in horrible shape from the stroke). I cant even believe that the government allows this poison to be sold. How completely backwards is our society! How many more others need to lose their lives or health?  
Gina Milligan A few months after my youngest son was born, I awoke with a headache more painful than anything I had ever experienced (even labor!). This in and of itself wasn't the worst of it. The larger issue came when the headache didn't go away... ever. Neither my husband, family nor myself had any clue as to why this was happening, so we went to see the doctor, then others, then more and after they all hadn't been able to find the source, they put me on painkillers and began exploring remote possibilities. Many surgeries, pokes, prods and scans later, I was on the brink of death. Not from the pain, but from the medication. The doctor had me on Fentanyl, Oxycontin and Dilaudid...all at the same time. I began to plead with her at my visits, insisting that the meds were killing me. I'm 5'9" and weighed 90Lbs. She refused. I finally had to simply leave her care and with the help of a doctor who helped me taper off with Suboxone, I'm now healthy and though I still take a very low dose of Morphine as needed, I adamantly feel that Oxycodone and all other synthesized, concentrated, high-powered opiate drugs (especially Oxycontin and Fentanyl) should be illegal to manufacture, distribute, import or possess in the United States. No child should have to worry that their Mother won't wake, no Mother should have to worry that their child will die. Nobody, anywhere, should fear that someone they love will be forever lost due to a medication supposedly intended to help. Nobody. 
Mark Johnson For Jen 
Amelia Derusso My only son passed away at 22 OxyContin to blame I am forever broken.?? 
Leroy Sutliff I became VERY addicted to that crap, stopped breathing twice! A dear friend just died from it. It stopped her heart! 33 years old! 
Mary M Johnson I just lost my sister to this drug. Her doctor had her on it for years. She would detox and he would put her on other meds but would always put her back on Oxy. The Oxy and Morphine combination he had her on was deadly. She was an amputee from a birth defect. Her pain was Phantom pain and the doctors got her addicted and kept feeding them to her. She died January 22, 2014 from a Heart Attack at the age of 32. 
alej killing my husband and everytime he gets better he goes back and we dont know what to do anymore... 
Laura Garczynski It is killing my children's father... he is an addict and can't stop BAN IT! 
Anonymous I am from Canada, My son was prescribed this drug for an acchilles heel tear. He has been on it for over a year, he is drinking more with it and ruining his marriage. This product needs to be banned except for those who may be dying in pain.  
joann please ban this and all prescription opiates..all they do is ruin lives and families.  
Mary Paisley Please get this legal heroin out of our lives. It's killing our loved ones. 
JudyAnn M Porter  
John Hubbes .This drug should have never been given for more than a 4 to 6 day period. This would have saved a lot of lives from being destroyed. 
Jarka McSwain  
patricia scott My Son, who was only 53 passed away as a direct result of being prescribed Oxycontin. He was given this drug in 2010 for a shoulder injury resulting from a construction mishap. After 3 months, his shoulder healed but his doctor. My son wished to be taken off this medication but Doctor insisted he had to be withdrawn slowly using same medication and same strength - My son visited him every 30 days to have his prescription filled by this Doctor, meanwhile becoming depressed and loosing weight, but his Doctor continued prescribing this medication and assured my Son he would eventually be just fine. He passed away from a massive heart attack in July of 2012. In 2010 he weighted 235 pounds. When he died in July 2010 he weighed 140 pounds. His Doctor never gave him a full exam during this time and was not concerned about his depression or weight loss. Just kept giving him same prescription - after it was taken off the market, he continued to prescribed the replacement for oxycotin, same dose. every 30 days. Never checked him over, ignored my sons complaints about losing weight and depression. This all started with oxycotin and a lousy Doctor.  
Clayton deperna I lost an uncle,many friends and 4 years of my life to opiates, I found oxycontin on the streets after years of being prescribed hydrocodone, after finding oxycontin I lost all control the drug was more addicting than Meth!!  
greg This drug is ruining to many lifes It doesnt have a preference it affects anyone. Please stop making this highly addictive drug.  
lynne Mcbryan  
Debby Corder I am losing one now, have lost my brother and seen many struggling people dealing with this addiction 
Anonymous My neighbor's son's back was injured in a car accident when he was 17; he was prescribed oxycontin. When the Dr who prescribed it realized the young man had become addicted, he cancelled the prescription and refused to see the young man or offer any references / support for withdrawal or support. The young man turned to crime; his life and his parents' lives were hell for 7 years, including two prison sentences for theft, before his slow ascent to treatment and getting clean. If there is not a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer and Drs who prescribe this (and similar) HIGHLY addictive pain killers there needs to be. Now. 
Tanya -cassias - Rivera My husband lewis Casias has been hooked on Oxys now for 2.5 years. Those pills have seperated our family of 15 years. He snorts so much oxy even well over 300mg a day. Neither to say.. He's dying.. He so sickly skinny I'll looking. I tried to help him many times. But. He's a mamas boy. And let's his mama talk for him. Even though he's 43yesrs old... You were given a gift of life lewis gilbert Casias but how pathetically you threw that gift in the trash. And love your drugs more than your wife and kids Well I wish you peace... Love... The remaing days// months you at have left. Guess your following in your junkies family foot steps. They all died at age 43... Lewis. Your 43. And look like death is at your door. I wish you well. But the rest of those so called friends and family all can go to hell!! 
carol wilber  
Mike Giordano  
Angela Anderson  
james meadows I use to use it destroyed my entire life. 
Tatum going  
Melissa Siano I lost my brother because he became addicted to pain killers after breaking his back. His addiction escalated into a heroin addiction. We are losing way too many lives starting with this medicine. 
Shannon Piccione  
Barbara M. I've heard of more and more overdoses from this drug than any other drug ever. BAN OXY 
Ted Davis Please Ban This Drug! 
Sally Stilwell My brother, cousin, now ex-boyfriend, and former best friend are addicted to this horrible drug and have been for years now. I am 20 years old and I'm raised in a middle-class Christian family with great patents, yet I have this many loved ones and know countless others who are addicted. None of my loved ones have been able to be sober despite several rehab trips. Please help stop others from suffering, don't let money control this country. 
Dawn Chitwood How can something that sends 20,000 people to the emergency room each year, kills another 1,000 and shatters the lives of countless others even need a petition to ban it?  
Jeff Sutherland  
Julie Robinson  
Grant Normandin I sign this petition to ban Oxycontin because: This is an evil drug. My mother in law died not long ago due to brain and lung cancer. The clinic that prescribed a ridiculous amount of these pills to her had certain staff that treated her differently as if it was strange thing that she was nodding out and acting differently. I mean the basically got her addicted to them and then wondered why she needed more and more and why she would act strange when she was all messed up on what they gave her. I also believe that these may have been what caused her cancer to come back but I'm not an expert I'm just someone who cared for her for the 2 and 1/2 years that she suffered until her death. She was having trouble hearing and seeing and would get disoriented and spaced out. She would nod out while smoking ( the last 5 days of her life she mustered up the strength and will power to quit smoking without a patch to set a good example of better late than never for her family). I believe that many doctors and pharmaceutical companies know they are getting people addicted and taking them prisoner either through a secondary clinic to get them off of them or through the fact some days she could hardly move at all but when it came to the days that her prescription was due she mustered up the strength to be able to get her refill no matter how much it hurt. I feel that she would still be with us had they had prescribed alternatives to this pill form of heroin. I would love to see this pill banned and sent back to hell where it came from. Another thing I suspect is that by buying Oxycontin people are really supporting terrorist who grow the poppy plants that produce the materials needed to make these pills to begin with. I would NOT be surprised if the Taliban is the organization behind these pills if you follow the paper trails. I sign this petition and add my name to the list of people who's lives have been negatively effected by this evil pill. I will pass on this to others' hopes we will succeed in seeing it banned in the USA. Sincerely, Grant Normandin 
Joseph Nompleggi Overuse of this drug is becoming an epidemic and fueling an even worse heroin epidemic 
ann angehr i to have a son addicted to opiods which now is heroin i would love to join any group ready to fight these drs. 
Ryan Flynn This drug ruined my family. Nothing quite like a pill addict.  
james f. lee  
chad jacoby  
colleen gallagher My little brother took his own life in jan 09 bc he couldnt deal with the guilt he felt due to his actions (stealing from and lying to loved ones). He felt hopeless and alone and hung himself in my parents basement the morning after an all night binge on oxy and cocaine. :'( Rest easy lil brother. We all love you and miss you so much.  
Jillian Nelson Peace and love to all who suffer from this drug and the people whos loved ones do as well.  
Bernadette Butler I found out my 21 year old daughter is hooked on these pills! 
Dawn Nilsson Where do I start. I'm so sorry to the family's friends and children of an oxy addicted loved one. I was a lucky one who had gotten off the drug 30 days ago. It almost took me down and my husband to be. It truly is the devil drug. I have stayed up for hours tonight reading this petition crying my eyes out. It is the worst drug pit their. And was mad by the same government built to protect us fellow Americans It truly is a killer. I ha never had anything grab me so tight and abuse me the way this drug Has.i was a hair away from loosing everything. I was getting to the point that I would have done anything for this drug.150 thousand dollar in a year gone. Job gone. The lying, the empty feeling. I couldn't do anything with out it anything.not even get out of bed to brush my hair. The most smile acts of your life seem impossible. All I did was worry about when was I going to get my next pills,when can I take my next dose. It's the worst. And the withdrawals are just pure hell. I had had enough when I ran out of money and Was forded to almost do Dope. I knew then with in months I would be dead or in jail. With the strength of my mothers soul I did my resourcing and found a dr who could help me. I'm in group 3 days a week and was given suboxone. Maybe it not the answer but it was a amazing start. With the help and support of BEST I know I will be one of the lucky ones to Telly story. To help people realize their is coming around from this gel we call rosy addiction. Please I'd nbet say this but I your addicted it's ok you can turn it around. After 5 years we did at 15-20 30 mg a day !!!! That's as bad as it gets before death. So get the help you need Only you can make the choice to live !!!!! God bless all of you !!!!  
John kim America is losing the pain med pills. Please get this drug off he streets and forever banned from manufacturer. 
Melissa Auter  
Tammy Thompson Pain medication and methadone have destroyedy brother and his wife's life they are homeless and have lost there children I have tried to get them in a Christian rehab but no one will help me I think all pain medication should be banned or stricter laws on it instead of just being able to go to a clinic and get what you want that's just saying it's ok to use drugs I pray that God will make away for all of this to be ban  
Kelsey Christensen  
J.C. Timm My brother in law just came out to us about an on going addiction to this horrible drug. What the future holds for him is unknown because of the terrible addiction this drug produces. I can only hope that this junk is banned so no one else has to go through this suffering that it has caused my family.  
Belinda Lopez  
Anonymous I lost my soulmate and my two children lost their father. All our dreams and hope are gone. He's still with us but not for long. As a wife and mother I tried everything in my power. But as many of you know the person you once knew, cared and love is no longer there. I cry every night for 13 years because I felt I failed and blamed myself somehow. The worst part of it all is I could not protect my kids from the pain of it all. And I couldnt be the mom I knew I was meant to be in this life. We were middle class and looked great from the outside but now we are losing everything too. It will be a hard adjustment on my kids but even harder when their father passes on. I hate the drug companies is putting it nicely.  
Karen Marcil A Mom who wishes to prevent others from experiencing the spiraling depths of your child being prescribed this evil drug! 
John Jeffers We lost a son to OxyContin. It has to be taken off the market.  
Jill Jeffers My 27 year old son just passed away on 02/09/14 from an OxyContin overdose. Please Ban this highly addictive drug! My son struggled with it for many years. 
Lisa Sadon  
Anonymous They need to ban this terrible drug for the benefits of public health and the future of America. It is a fact that %90 of crime is drug related. Clearly it is getting into the wrong hands more often than not.  
Cynthia Tevis This is a must do. Too many lost lives. 
Daphne Surdin  
Alana Fangrad  
Debbie Irwin Thank you for doing this. I have a son in a long term rehab facility at this time. He has a pharmaceutical addiction and has experienced many overdoses followed up by many rehabilitation programs. He is currently 8 months sober living at Teen Challenge of So Cal. In Riverside. He will be the first to tell you that drugs control his life and no matter how bad he wants out of the bondage of drugs he has no control. Its time we band together and eliminate the problem and save our kids lives.  
Anonymous This drug caused me to develop an addiction, which I had never imagined of developing. I hope this drug becomes banned and the entire world population realizes the impact and the amount of harm perscription opioids in general can cause to many innocent individuals.  
Ted E. Hanson I lost my beautiful, intelligent, accomplished sister to this drug in December 2013. My sister was anti-drug her whole life and was a victim of an unscrupulous doctor that was more interested in money than my sister. She was 43 when she hurt her back (non serious injury) and was given her first oxycontin and dead by the age of 46. If you have a family member taking oxycontin or an opiate base drug do whatever you can to get them off of it and do it TODAY!!!! It took three years for the opiates to kill my sister and I figured it out 9 months before her death and could not stop it. Intervene TODAY the longer they take them the harder it will be to stop. It is exactly the same as heroin but they have a permit (subscription) to possess and use it. If there is anything I can do to help just ask. 
Chris shea I am a recovering oxy addict, and I know all to well of the struggles involved . My heart goes out to the other families affected by this. 
Danielle Hughes  
valerie arsenault My 27 yr. old sister is in jail for stealing money to buy OxyContin. Now that I've done some research I see how common it is for those addicted to do anything to obtain it, including, as in her case, losing your children (she has two babes). Of course I know that "removing" this drug will not make it impossible to get, I just hope that it will become more difficult as she seemed to have no problem. I pray that it's not too late for her... 
sam quinnell Ban this awful drug im currently in withdrawl after coming off this medecine legally prescribed within days i was hooked, its torn my mums heart out and she wants her son back! 
Monica Donnelly  
Shelley Maes There are other pain relieving options that approved and/or are being explored. This and other alike agents should be banned from the market for new patients and patients who have been on the agent for greater than 30 or 60 days. It should be banned from being used off-label under the same criteria. I believe it has caused more pain than relief- relief being it's original intent. Studies are being conducted all the time that point to the need for ban on Oycontin.  
Carolyn Burleson  
James maes  
Eileen Quijano The love of my life is seriously addicted to pain killers. I've had to let him go. He was a Marine, Paramedic, Golden Glove Boxer and later in life a drug addict. He is still alive but I do not know for how much longer. It's now grown into Dilaudid addiction along with so many other pills. When is someone going to step in and stop these pain clinics from over prescribing all of these drugs. Im so tired of these doctors getting rich off of people's lives!!!! 
John Giles  
Tracy Watson  
Leslie Filomeno  
Karen Brown  
Evan Bowen  
Jo Sammons  
Kevin Denny I am crying as I write this post. My beautiful daughter Kaylyn died from an ACCIDENTAL drug overdose on January 5, 2014. She did not want to die, but she made a mistake. It cost her her life and my joy. My baby was a wonderful and beautiful person who touched the lives of many. She 23 yrs old and had everything to live for. I am still waiting for the toxicology report from the medical examiner. Each day is a living nightmare. I do not know if I will ever be able to really function again in this life. I am so sad and heartbroken. One simple thing different and maybe she would still be alive. If you have a child on drugs as hard as it may be imagine them d3ead from an overdose. Perhaps it will give you the resolve and the strength to fight and save their life. You are fighting a battle no parent should ever have to lose. Do WHATEVER you have to to keep them save. Let them get arrested, drug test them, take their car, ground them, check their room, pawn shope mean drugs are involved, watch the money. If you see any signs of sketchy behavior immediately address it. I hope you win the battle. 
Teda Maes I wish you all the best 
Kathleen maes  
Alan Mooney  
Amy Conley  
John Sullivan Enough is enough, being prescribed this or not, I cannot tell you how many people I see addicted to this and what an awful affect on their lives. 
Kaitlin Goldgraben This is a horrible epidemic, and steps must be taken to put it to a stop. 
Melissa Rotondo  
Melisa Bishop This is highly addictive & dangerous! My very dear friend died not long ago! RIP Jojo <3 
vicki maes  
Tammy Lynch  
carol brown  
Candice Ferrari  
Nicole May  
andrew McDevitt  
Kelley Cullivan  
Maureen Keane  
chris dryden  
Judy Mooney  
Michael Maes Jr  
Al Johnson  
Judy O'Brien We can't just stand by and watch our loved ones die. But we are, because of drugs such as oxyContin which is passed around like candy. POISON candy. We don't know which 'candy' will be the last...the one you don't wake up from. And now, your life is'll never see your parents, your brothers and sisters, your grandparents, the children you'll never have. It's the people who have loved you since you were born, we will pay the price. The family will shatter in a million pieces. Each one of us will try to cope with our loss, looking for something to dull the pain But, it's over for us. If only my hero had the strength to say, "I quit", the rest of us can be saved. I LOVE YOU 
Melissa A Smerdon This prescription drug has taken too many lives. Its time to make sure no one else has to suffer. 
Dan Conroy  
Emily Febiger  
Russell key  
Alyssa Erikson  
Keri Ann Perry  
Marissa Parisi  
Lindsay Moran  
renee nicolosi  
Sabrina Wilson  
Kim Almon  
Kim O'Connell  
lisa harrison  
Bridget Johnson  
Brady Ressel  
Anonymous I have seen first hand what this drug can do to someone. It is destructive to a persons body and life. It is disgusting to see how easily people can obtain this drug both by prescription and not. It can devastate a family in just a short time. After seeing what this drug can do to someone I can guarantee I would never let my doctor give it to me and I would discourage anyone I care for from taking it also.  
Julia Johnson For my brother Peter. Rest in peace. 
Allison Smith  
Kelli Signing this in hopes it will help! So sorry to one of my best friends who had to go through losing her loving older brother. Hope we can make a difference! 
Jennie Why doesn't the FDA remove this poison? MONEY!!! Sad that their greed has caused and is continuing to cause death and heartbreak to so many families. Our grandson, who we love more than life itself, is addicted and it is the most difficult thing in the world to see. No one can do anything for him until he wants the help, but this horrific drug has a hold on him and his mind and he cannot find the strength to move forward. We pray each and every day that he finds the strength to get some much needed help in a clinical facility. I am not a believer in suboxone - in my opinion, its a false treatment that is also addictive, and helps to make the addict feel like they are receiving treatment, but they are only substituting one drug for another. No one would have ever believed that this would happen to someone in our family.........but it could happen to ANYONE. Sadly, one of my best friends daughter (22), bought oxy on the street and it was tainted and she died within hours. Unfortunately no one thinks this will happen to him/her but no one is invinceable. Please FDA - stop your greed and take these killers off the market. You have no proof that someone would have died of pain without them, but there is more than substantial proof that MANY have died taking them and others are slowly killing themselves and their families. 
Amanda Johnson  
crystal coady  
Laurie Bouchard I begged my children to NEVER EVER give into peer pressure and mess around with any of these drugs - because just once could turn into a life sentence. They assured me that they would never be that stupid. We invested $80k in our eldest son's college education (he has his own student loans in addition)- he was the first in our family to go to, and finish, college. We couldn't be any more proud of him. He was offered an amazing job right out of college, bought himself a new car, and was in the market to buy himself a condo. Later, we found out that he was introduced to oxycodone (percocets)while in college and had formed an addiction. Let me tell you - there is nothing that you can do or say to convince the addicted mind that they will lose everything if they don't stop and get help immediately. A drug that is SO powerful and that is able to take complete control over the minds (and lives) of our children, who otherwise had so much potential and would have had an amazing life if only they hadn't given into that peer pressure in college! In their minds, it wasn't like they were shooting up heroin or anything... it's a pill that is prescribed to people all the time for pain... how could that be so bad? They have absolutely NO idea just how bad these little pills can be until it's too late. These drug companies, and our government alike, know exactly how deadly this epidemic has become - it has to stop! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take these drugs off the market.  
Anonymous My beloved husband passed away in 2007 from an overdose of oxycontin. It is a highly addictive drug that is easy to access. Please ban. Rip peter... 
Debra Matheny My daughter Jessica Rae Matheny (Bailey) and her husband Greg Baily are addicted to Oxycodone as a result of the mother-in-law Colleen Marie Miller Bailey (Beissler)giving and selling them her prescription for her back.  
Nathan newell Just be because it is prescription doesn't make it right and shouldn't make it legal. Ban Oxycontin, Adderall, and all other drugs like these now. 
Marybeth Nelson  
Paul Lawless what is the need for such a strong , highly addictive pain killer? What was used before this horrible epidemic? The epidemic that leads to death. this product has ruined and devastated my wonderful family with no end in sight.  
Marirose Risbon  
Donald McClintock My daughter got hooked her senior year in high school - while we now recognized the signs, we did not at the time (or preferred to hope ?????) I feel like a failure as a father. We had to bring her home from college recently, and it has been painful and a major stress on our marrage. She is still in love with a recovering heroin addict. I think the drug affected an important part of her brain at an important development time.  
Jennifer Keogh I myself almost died from this drug. I know of a few others who did die. It ravaged my small community, and still is. I would love to join your campaign...please let me know how I can help safe lives. Millions is being made on our lives. 
James Fisher My dad OD's this every day.. it's ruined his life! 
Yvonne There are no benefits to this insanely dangerous drug than cannot be achieved through another, SAFER avenue. This drug's unusually high potency and delayed effectiveness increase the potential for a relatively minor recreational drug user to either become highly addicted to this and other drugs, or cause death. I have seen this happen many times close in my community and it needs to stop. There is no reason for ANYONE to need anyonthing this strong, especially at the risk of this medication being realeased into the community through illegal drug dealings. If you are in this level of pain that causes this strength of pain relief (or blockage) to be necessary, there is either an alternative or you are terminal. This should have NEVER been a self administered drug. What a huge fail on the part of the FDA, there are many types of hormonal and non hormonal contraceptives, as well as life saving antibiotics that the FDA has sat on and failed to pass (when other countries have used them for years) but they have no problem passing this dangerous drug. Shame.  
Carol Sonnenberg find a substitute!! This will only make your search go on for life! 
Angela smith  
Melanie Johansson This drug is deadly. Everywhere you go you hear people talking about abusing Oxycontine rather than using. Ban it. 
Joe and Chris Turner Oxycontin is a dangerous drug and must be banned. 
Anonymous Too many of our young adults are being prescribed oxy for "pain" - back pain without being told they are being sentenced to a lifetime of addiction.  
Cynthia Wolf  
Alexander Kuznetsov I know many many people who started with oxycodone and then switch to heroine because is cheaper price and same even more effect. Government just making official drug business by approving this law and let it go. Its just so simple to cut off production of this bullshit drug or prescribe them only for people who really needs them, "HOSPICE PATIENT ONLY". In today days everyone can go to the clinic, show fake MRI or just pay some money to the Doctor and they getting prescription of 60 pills for a first visit. This is ridicules.  
Deb Alva This drug destroys families and kills our youth. Please ban!! 
jenna fowler I just lost my best friend do to oxys. It is the devil and needs to be taken off the market!! We r losing our family and friends. This is not worth it. Its a pain pill for sure.. (look at the pain we r in cuz of this pill) that's Pain Pill for u. It doesn't cut pain it cuts lives. SHORT!! 
Nancy Harris I am currently fighting withdrawals from this horrible drug. If I can help one person to not go through this hell..... 
sabina redzepagic  
steve anderson start with Oxycontin= heroin = death of our children every single doctor i have talked to says they would only prescribe Oxycontin in cases of no survival i am starting a website that will be asking those of you that have lost loved one to give names of unscrupulous doctors it should be up in a 
chad senatore for shane. 
Katie my friend is currently laying on his death bed, brain dead because if this stupid drug. please make it go away for good.  
Nikki Johnson I recently lost my sister to this drug.. Why give her 80 mil pills.. Why? This drug needs to be taken off the market 
charitie hale Well it's said to see all the kids on them and robbing people for what they worked hard for and I was on them really bad but I decided one day that I wanted control of my life back and I did with help from my man friend thank god and I've been clean for three years and never felt better  
Travis Brewer in memory of the love of my life... This drug needs to be banded for far to many of are loved one's are lost due to it...  
Holly Wilk  
Anonymous Im 39 yrs old and have seen my entire generation destroyed by this drug!i have countless childhood, and adult friends who have wasted their entire lives chasing this drug....but oxycontin is not only responsible for its own abuse, but it has increased the heroin trade in the northeast usa 100 fold! every single heroin addict i know, started with oxycontin....there isnt much difference between oxycodone and street heroin...once the street price of oxys went up..everyone including myself ,who swore never to do heroin had no choice but to switch...or clean up, which coming off oxys is allmost impossible to do without professional help!this stuff is in my opinion(with heroin,meth)is one of the plagues of this nation...imagine a drug that doctors prescribe, creating the same extent of problems as street drugs!purdue pharma new what they were doing... 
kevin gregoire There is no reason to have this drug. there are plenty of other pain killers out there. No one should lose a loved one because of this medication. 
Stephanie Sutch I have had several friends struggle with this terrible addiction. I would love more than anything to get these terrible drugs off the streets.  
Sandra Arjuna  
Karen Berman There are natural, nutritious ways to treat most diseases which the doctors simply don't bother to research or prescribe. We forget that it is the body that does the healing and needs nourishment (drugs or no drugs) to accomplish this. The drug companies have taken over the medical field, and, as with most corporate takeovers, are mostly interested in the money. 
Nathan Baya It's deceptive to disguise bad intentions as something good. Let us give way to justice to someone who died of a depressant drug. Normally, drugs are intended for medical purposes. Money cannot pay a person's life. 
Chinook Daddy I just know that opiates are highly addictive and it starts with improper prescription from a medical professional and then swells over into the street when doctor and drug shopping becomes to difficult. I have seen women lie, cheat, steal and take from the very children they have bier, anything to get this drug and others. May someone educate physicians in thus properly and other drugs. The broken brain and it's body is a terrible thing to waste.  
Rick Fernandez I am for BanOxycotin, it is KILLING our AMERICAN CHILDREN. I Run a Christian Faith Base Recovery Drug Drug In South Florida Called Teen challenge. Please BANOXYCOTIN from our community, and save our children. 
Chrissie Holton BAN THIS POISON 
D. Davis BAN IT! Look at all the people sharing their horror stories. I also lost a loved one to this last year, from an overdose. 
Monica Russell I have two sons addicted to this drug. My oldest 24 who is on his 5 th time in rehab. And my youngest 20 who is still refusing help. This drug is a mothers worst nightmare watching her children slowly kill themselves!  
Grover Blackwell Worst drug ever sold/approved for use in America. 
Dakota Roy  
Ashley Gann A doctor prescribed oxycontin to my first stepdad after a surgery for his epidermolysis bullosa. He became addicted and died of a combination of a surgical staph infection and overdose. It ruined him, tore our family apart, and killed him. We need to make this drug illegal. 
Mia Anderton  
Julie M. G. in NJ These types of drugs have become so readily available on the street that people and kids who don't even need pain meds are becoming addicted to these and more drugs because when supply is low, they use other drugs seeking some sort of high. It just snowballs because they are highly addictive. They often get addicted to various substances which makes it even harder to avoid addiction which increases the likelyhood of over dosing, crime and other risks to support the habit which is increasingly ending in death. The Pharmacutical companies should be held accountable as well as Drs. who precribe ANY of these poisons to people who are becoming addicts OR selling them thus creating more addiction in society. It is out of control. It needs to end. 
Virginia Chapman  
Paula Akbar  
Kayla Haddad  
Sherakee N Thomas In December of 2010 i was put in a situation that lead to me taking half of the pill. I overdosed almost half hour after i took it. literally crawling through my house to reach the lightswitch to shut the lights off because the lights were so intense i could not handle it. I was throwing up everytime i seemed to move. its a horrible and yes very addictive drug. As a child growing up in Wesley Chapel FL. my neighbors son whom at the the time he passed was mid thirties . Eddy was his name he was a big man and a trucker. the doctors prescribed him with oxyconton after complaints of his back aches from being a trucker for all his years. well the night he.took his prescribed dosage he never woke up from his night of sleep. so not only is this drug affecting those its prescribed to by knowledgeable doctor's but also people who may like i did want to experience a different drug. Either way if its used as intended or not ... i say ban this drug. its killed so many people and has claimed more individuals lifes as they struggle with addiction. 
Cynthia Parsons  
Peggy Melfi As a mother of 2 alcoholics currently in recovery, I wish Godspeed and hope and strength to the parents of those children "under the throes:" When your child is enthralled, and there is not a thing you can do but pray, there is no more hopeless feeling in the world. Reach out to others in the same straits--you are not alone; it just feels that way. God bless you, and pray that what you instilled in them as you raised them will prevail. 
Jeremy Randall Drugs aren't the solution. Society needs to change to produce a solution.  
Anonymous Nothing good has come from this. 
Mark Hall I took Oxycontin because I got 3 teeth pulled in 1 day and the dentist gave me a receipt for some crap that didn´t work so I went to another dr and got a receipt for oxy´s. I started off doing 1 40 a night and quickly progressed to 3 40´s every evening. After 3 weeks I started waking up in the morning with no energy and my body felt weak and tired so I dumped the rest of the oxy pills into a glass of 91% alcohol watched the crap melt and dumped it down the drain. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS IN started with a fever, then a cough, then my body stopped excepting liquids and the diariah started. I did not sleep at all the first night I was sweating and vomiting and curled up in corner IN PAIN. The next day it got even worse and by the next evening I was seriously dehydrated. That night I got 3 huge bags of salin water solution injected into my blood and slowly I began to regain my strength. I ate lots of sushi and sashimi and rise the 1st few days and then moved on to protein. I was depressed for a about a week or so but inwardly I was happy already because THIS CRAP was out of my system for GOOD. I have never considered oxy´s again ever. I did have some small pain the other week and could´nt sleep so I got a few diazapans which did the trick. I will never use OXYs again they are GARBAGE....if i get serious pain I will use liquid morphine to get me through at most 1 or 2 days. 
Kristen t Enough is enough; the lack of control has caused too many lives to spin out of control!  
Sandra Coffin  
Dan Kowalski  
Joanne Chilone OxyContin has destroyed my entire family and many others I'm sure. When will the FDA act? 
Karen Dalton  
Leslie Thompson  
Larry Stull  
Daniel Haddad  
Carol Bolding My son became addicted to OxyContin which the beginning of his demise! He was trying to break the addiction of OxyContin and took one Methadone tablet which killed him. He was my only child. He was 29 years old and died on Mother's Day, 2005. 
Cathy McManus  
Marguerite Hollingsworth  
Maryellen Stratman My husband died on October 26, 2007; he'd been addicted to OxyContin for 6 years. It all started innocently enough: he injured his back golfing. Once a successful finance executive, he was a quivering shell of a man by the time he accidentally overdosed. Not only did he go through our entire life savings, including retirement, he nearly destroyed our 3 children as they watched him wither before their eyes. I had saved him twice by 911 calls & lengthy ER stays. Once, it took 5 injections of Narcan to bring him back from the brink of death. Sadly, his 3rd (and last) overdose occurred while I was out with our children. We came home to daddy dead on the couch. Purple face, blue lips, eyes open & fixed with his hands folded on his chest. I had to borrow the money for his cremation. 
melissa mensurati i lost my nephew to this epidemic. he was a promising young adult with a lot going for him. he was given this drug for shoulder pain. why? what happened to mri, therapy, xray? pinpoint the problem not just give a drug. he became addicted and life plumeted from there. he just couldn't break the habit. he died at 33. no girlfriend, no wife, no children, no life. this drug robbed him of his future. he was veteran and a college student. he served our country to make our lives and futures better and what did he get in return? a deadly addiction to something that was supposed to help him. 
Lloyd Easterling  
Mary Easterling  
Matt Henderson  
Rebecca Henderson My teenage nephew was prescribed the drug after knee surgery, without any real oversight, warning or follow up. We didn't know he was addicted until 10 years later. By the time we figured it out his life was in ruins, and we still don't know if he will ever be healthy again, This is an extremely dangerout and unnecessary drug, and it is destroying people's lives! It must be banned!! 
Joanne Henderson  
Kathryn Shaffer thank you for the oportunity to sigh this petition. Our family lost a wonderful man at the age of 33 because of this drug. Something needs to be done as soon as possible to get it off the market. It is an epidemic and ruining our country and all our lives. 
Brian I became addicted to the drug oxycodone when I was 16, I began recovery when I was 18. Getting off of oxycodone was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire life, and I have spent the last 7 years trying to make sense of everything and get my life on track. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't prevented me from going on to receive a college diploma or finding a job in my career, but it robbed me of basically every degree of self-confidence I had. I don't feel like I can trust myself anymore, and to lack an internal compass can be damaging to one's ability to form friendships and maintain healthy relationships. I'm not entirely sure I will ever be the same, or if I will ever be able to form healthy interpersonal relationships. When I was reading through some of the horror stories posted in this petition, I just thought it may be prudent to point out some of the more intangeable after effects that addiction to OxyContin (oxycodone) can bring about. These are the things that no one ever thinks about, as they are not as horrific or immediate, but they are nonetheless horrible aspects of the situation. Furthermore, they go to show as proof that this drug can bring about terrible problems and issues even for those who are lucky enough to seek recovery and become successful in it (such as myself). Lastly, I would like to point out that while I feel a lot of gratitude towards Suboxone treatment for saving my life, I warn those who have just recently began treatment with it. This medication IS NOT without negatives, as well. You WILL become just as addicted to Suboxone as you were to OxyContin. Granted, it is safer, cleaner, and generally speaking the withdrawal effects are less severe. That said, it is still an addiction. In other words, even though you got off Oxy, you're still an addict, and you'll feel like one until you get off of it. I actually became more addicted to it when my doctor began reduced dosages (when I requested to get off it after 5 years). Instead of taking it when needed, the addict in me had me taking it every single day, which threw me into a more dependent schedule. In addition, the drug was a contributing factor in severe back pain, tooth degradation (back of bottom teeth only), early hypertension, insomnia, and a constantly cloudy mind. After I ceased taking the medication, all of those things went away or ceased progress. And that's my story. 
Reed This is harming so many families. Please stop prescribing it like it's an antibiotic. It kills and has damaged countless families. Colorado has one of the highest rates of abuse. Please help break the cycle!  
Diana and Terrence Lynch I have been taking my daughter to Dr. Adams for her drug addiction. It was a long struggle for us after my son lock up for life. He shot two drug dealers in 2008. I tried to direct my daughter for more help. Unfortunately she died accidently with alchohol and drugs. A dangerous mixture. I never took pain killer or mental illness drugs. Life is so unfair. I worked full time and trying to raise a family. My husband is blind and deaf. I am deaf, too. Police and school have no respect to me since my children are very intelligent. It is so heartbreaking.  
Anno Oxycotin almost killed me, I smartened up and stopped with the help of family, friends, and the lord. Thank you Jesus. 
Katy Haggerty  
maria I just lost my 33year old son to this scourge, something has to be done, why is our government letting this go on. The pharmaceutical company is making billions on the death of our loved ones. We have to ban together and be heard. There is strength in numbers!  
carol Pritchard Don't need this drug on the market. To have people become addicted almost immediately what are they thinking. My very good friend lost her son as a result of this drug. His doctor prescribed it to him after an operation, being such a strong drug and what it actually is. It's stuck an extreme especially when never had any type of pain meds before..... Sad, to trust a doctor that's actually a drug dealer with a legal degree... 
maggie agnelli  
Sofia bagherdai  
maggie agnelli  
Cody Brown RIP SS 
Katelyn Farella  
Tyler Voeller  
laurel traylor you give this to people who have tooth removed and other things at dentist office and you think you have percocet then you look on goodle and its oxy codone. i have seen a neighbor who had this for pain and then they took it off her and she became really depressed and talking death . i think ban this shit , actually taking 3 ibuprophen and 1 tylenol for so mnay days wiorks way better. ive heard of a dr who became addicted to this . and a woman in indiana goes to some so called pain clinic and gets all kinds of things and her husband cant stop it . when she gets it she takes most at one time. . even giving addicts meds at menatal health i hear they crush and get high off of them . enough . actually ibuprophen and 1 tylenol for so many days for a wekk or less works fine.  
Mercedes Cruz For Shane.. my he rest in peace ... 
Carol Conti  
Julie Toth My dear friend lost her 22 year old son after Dr. Prescribe for knee sugery ...Aswell as my mother was Dr. Prescribed over 20 years ago and has been hospitalized at least five times escape death each time. She is 74 and still hooked ... Something needs to be done . 
David Clouser  
Amy gerardino My 20 yr. Old daughter lost her life with oxycotin as a big contributing factor.  
Joe LaRosa I am losing my son to this drug. He is not himself and wants no treatment other than what the doctor has prescribed - he is on his 14 month of withdrawal with totally negative results. The doctor treating him is the same doctor that prescribed Oxycontin to him in the first place. I am unable to speak with this doctor without my sons permission, which I cannot get. Frustrated and afraid, I see where my sons life is headed. I'm going the malpractice direction. Any referrals for a good Connecticut malpractice lawyer would be appreciated 
Debra Dodd An epidemic indeed. In my county oxycontin has cost many their lives, and I don't just mean by death. A personal friend of mine was prescribed these highly addictive pills after a car accident. They have taken over his life, destroyed his life. He is so dependant on these pills and now abuses them. I know of atleast 3 people who have died from overdosing on these pills as well. You can put something this bad out in the market just to make a buck and have no concern for what it is doing to peoples lives! These people trusted their doctors and look where it got them. How about some accountability? 
Kimberly LaRue Ban OxyContin 
john hunter People need to wake up. Purdue did this on purpose. These are the same people responsible for bringing down WTC 7 (47 floors in 6 1/2 seconds). Wake up and stop them. 
Joann Larson  
Estee Gritmon Oxycontin ruins lives. Please help those that are addicted and those that love them and sign this petition! 
Valerie Dowling Love ya Cheryl Barber!  
william mintz  
Corinne Price  
Michelle Foley  
Allison Parker This last July i lost my only and favorite uncle to this horrible drug. if u had asked me 10years ago if my uncle would have done what he had done i would have told u you were crazy not my uncle. Some of my fondest memorys are going to my grandma's and riding 4 wheelers with my uncle. he was always so happy until about A year ago that's when his mood drastically changed. he withdrew and wouldn't come around on the holidays. i lost my only uncle to this drug. i also battled this demon myself. when i was in high school i lost a close friend due to suicide. to try and numb the pain me and a close friend of mine were stealing her mothers oxyfast. i was hooked from the first moment i tried it. it numbed everything in my body including the pain i felt from my friend taking his life at 17. I was too young to deal with something this extreme. i had a love hate relationship with oxys for almost 2 years . i scoundered my college fund on this drug. I also wasted two yrs of my life. if it weren't for my mother finally confronting me and giving me and ultimatum of either i stop using or i could get the hell out of her house i honestly believe i wouldn't be here today. please stop thos epidemic no one else deserves this pain.  
Connie Brown  
Patricia beckstead It needs to stop! 
Cynthia Yosef  
Roman Sandoval  
Karen Millett We lost a VERY special man, Shane Sandoval on Dec. 1st 2013, he was only 22 years old. There is nothing harder to watch your son and a very dear friend go through so much pain!! It breaks my heart to know he would be with us today if it wasn't for doctors to over perscribe this drug especially to such a young man. Please but a STOP to this madness!! 
Frankie Sandoval  
Maquel Houlihan  
Charlene Solano Doctors are responsible for giving out the pills....they want to give you a pill for everything... Soma needs to be banded aswell 
Carrie Foote I see too many people daily who are addicted. It needs to stop now!!! 
Ashley Caulder  
Johnnie C. Williamson  
Ashley Harper For Todd! <3 
Carol Traini I think oxycontin is being prescribed more than it should. I have rheumatoid arthritis....been on cancer drugs...but guess longer have insurance and can't buy my meds....use for I still hurt? Yes I do...but would rather use this than risking my life using something else!!!! 
Melinda Sellers  
Janet Mintz I lost my only brother to oxycontin last year. My Mom's only son, and the baby of our family. Nothing is worth the pain his family has gone through, and continues to go through and will continue to go through for the rest of our lives.  
Jackie Brooks RIP Todd! 
Amber L. Johnson I have lived with chronic pain and am thankful this pain medication did not work for me. This past year has been a painful learning experience to what medical addiction can do to a loved one. We lost the most caring, giving, and joyful man I've ever been lucky enough to know from his addiction. The entire medical community needs to cone together to find better ways for people to manage pain, understand the long term effects that these prescriptions cause. Please be very open if you are, or know someone, using such addictive medications. The journey away from them can be long and equally painful, but will be so well worth it to your future self and the ones you care about and love.  
Christopher Johnson I have lost my Father to this Drug and countless soldiers whom i have served with who addicted to this pain killer. The side affects greatly out weigh the benifits its time to offer something better. And if you know someone who is currently taking this now is time to stand up and help them stop. 
Melissa Johnson I lost my step dad this past July because of his addiction to this drug. It has ruined my family and tore us apart. We blame ourselves because we couldn't help him fight his addiction. The doctors feed this drug to people like candy instead of offering physical therapy or other pain relief options they write out a prescription for pain killers. I don't blame his doctors for his addiction, I just wish they could have done more to help him rather than give him oxycontin. 
Kathleen Locke For the significant other that I lost to this disgusting drug. It made him lose his mind and is now beyond paranoid and very ill. 
Jerica Loucas  
Stuart Cohen  
Jess Tay  
Kristen Gowers  
Nancy Cordes This is for my dear friend Cheryl whose son passed Dec. 1 2013! 
Anonymous For Shane!!!! 
kasey kruiz For shane. All hearts can be healed with love. Love u shane no pain!  
Reesa Sandoval For my cousin Shane... 
Ruben Sandoval I support the ban of OxyContin. We can not let any more of our young adults die... 
Rebecca Sandoval  
Lynn Harrison  
Diana trahan  
Marti Shulman  
Norma Eppinger  
Alin Perez For Shane!  
Michelle Hartfield  
Kendra Golgart  
Anonymous My son would have died from his addiction to Oxy had I not gotten him arrested. He served 3 years in prison, but it saved his life. I'm his best friend and he's grateful that in effect his life was saved.  
Lindsey Stevens  
julie lamothe For an old friend, she lost her son. My heart breaks for her daily.  
Anonymous One month ago on the first of December, we lost a very special young man at the age of 22. Need I say more. Ban the monster drug:-( 
Samantha Shanahan  
Donna Sandoval This isn't medicine it's POISON! Dr.'s that prescribe this to people are no longer Dr.'s they are KILLERS. Remove it from purchase please. 
Lisa Pyle I have known too many people who have died due to the carelessness of this drug being prescribed w/o understanding the high risks involved w/addiction. Doctors do not have an emotional investment in the well being of their patients these days and are seen as disposable. This has to stop, proper training on how to gather psycho social background, understanding how genetics are handed down w/addiction, and avoiding this drug as a first option must stop. Please stop the carelessness of these doctors offering death to their patients. Too many young lives are being lost and families are destroyed.  
Justine Voeller  
Anonymous I had some discomfort & was sent to a pain doctor, first visit I was given a script for 120 OxyContin the visit , those pills were to last 29 days until the next month. The events that followed after & what I became after several year's of the misuses of this drug is to embarrassing & to painful to speak of . There is one thing I can tell you, and that is I'm very luck to be alive today . There was many nights I didn't think I would wake up the next day & many more that I don't remember, being I was in a fog. I'm not anyone you would imagine to be the junkie I turned into, it became a full time job to feed the addiction, looking back I was like a girdle on the wheel, running so fast & going no where. I'm the face of many who have fallen prey to OxyContin, I'm a upper middle class wife & mother of wonderful children . From outward appearance's it looked as if I had it all together. Know one could have imagined the hell that was going on behind the door's of my home. My family has since forgiven me, But I could never forgive myself for the horror I've caused them , the damage is already done . I could only move forward & pray that others don't fall prisoner to OxyContin. When someone tells me there going to see a doctor for there aches & pains I cringe & tell them my story & they say what I said before my addiction , Oh it's not a problem I'm NOT A ADDICTIVE PERSON! Neither was I! Please stop the cycle . There's a problem when you walk into a pain doctors office & 4 people all from one family are waiting to see the doctor for there pain script. That's correct I've seen mom & dad & there young adult children & there accusing one another of stealing each other's meds in a hope the doctor will replace them. I've also seen many sales people from pharmaceutical comp, giving incentives to use there comp, pain meds. Of course the way they go about it falls a hair short of the law. My story is all to common , but it is preventable if these drugs are handled the correct way & given only to those who truly need to have them when needed.  
John R. Lawrence This drug is being abused by our children and young adults BECAUSE the addiction factor is so off the charts.... outweighs ANY benefit for the prescibed kills the individual NOT JUST PAIN... Let's help the addicted...State & federal laws should force the drug companies that produce these synthetic opiates to clean up their "pollution release". LET'S GET THE BAN PETITION to become a law to protect our future leaders.....  
Cheryl Barber My son, Shane Sandoval, had knee surgery July 2011. The doctor prescribed OxyContin 30mg. He was 21 and 175lbs. He has been addicted ever since til Dec 1 2013....he died. He was my only child! I have to fight for my son!! I cannot let his death go unheard!! I want to get involved!! Please contact me!!  
Christa Fern I'm Glad To See There Is A Petition For This. This Drug Is An Epidemic Anf Is Killing Kids As Well As Adults Everyday. I Know PEople Struggling With Life Because Of This Drug And I Wish It Would Disappear! Its Npt Only Killing People Its Ruining Relationships And Breaking Apart Families. Please Lets Start Healing . 
thomas abrams my brother is a heroin addict and his opiate addiction began w/ taking oxy pills...these kids dont realize how bad these pills are and before they know it, theyre addicted and moving onto heroin because its cheaper...he overdosed last night but luckily survived...the worst experience of my life...i cant understand why they continue to use... 
Daniel Dekker Its a World epidemic! SMH Its sad but its tough out there! Some People dont even know. I Know of at least 10 people of the top of my head that Overdosed since i graduated. No joke out there! People start taking meds from a Doctor and that's it! Everyone is affected, not just the user anymore-SMH the world we live in- Supply And Demand - The addiction of a drug can lead you anywhere from rich and average people to poor and loosing everything fast! ADDICTION, it has no emotion. Doesn't care what you are or who you are or what class your in, It will own you in the worst way possible! STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!  
Theresa This makes me sick! I have read so many of these and I also have a son that is addicted! What is even sicker is the fact grown adults go to these pill mills and get the drug to sell to our children because they are to lazy to get a job!! They sell them to pay their bills ! The doctors and these adults that are killing our kids need to be in jail! The government should step in and help this country! Once your child is hooked there is NO help for you or the addict! Please ban this drug for the safety of our children! 
Claudette Jacques Please take action to protect our families and our society from further exploitation by doctors and pharmaceutical companies. The impact of these drugs goes beyond the horrific destruction of individual lives. Why does our government allow our country to be weakened and destroyed by chemical warfare against its citizens without using their power to take action that will prevent it? Why do so many strong minds and bodies have to be debilitated or deceased and who are the ones profiting from the legal infiltration of addictive drugs in America? Take action now to Ban Oxycontin and allow the list of broken lives and broken hearts from related deaths to finally come to an end.  
Heather Walker  
Jacqui O'Connor  
Brandy Studley  
Jennifer Tomaine  
john meeder, PhD There are plenty of other pain drugs available with less evil affects. Why are the drug companies producing so many doses when they know how many are legally required? Answer, of course, increased profit! Didn't the Supreme Court rule that the primary function of a corporation is to maximize profit? Without all this excess profit how could the drug companies pay so much for their lobbyists, FDA and Congressional supporters? Do you really expect the government to watch out for the people? Remember one of the most addictive, medically dangerous drugs known - nicotine? or the most abused drug in history - alcohol? It's about time the people demand the government respond and control corporations like prior to deregulation. john meeder, PhD  
Claire Leidig The prescription drug corporations should be held accountableas there bottom line is supported by this doctor shopping evil epidemic... I has caused my family significant heartache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Charles M. Leidig The prescription drug corporations should be held accountableas there bottom line is supported by this doctor shopping evil epidemic... I has caused my family significant heartache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Coreena My sister has three children she lost to DCF care, after 17 years of addiction beginning with OxyContin. 
Laura Brady Roth My family has been adversely affected by this drug. Many good people have had their lives ruined because of the wide spread use of , this medication. I belive it is most important to get this drug off the street & away from our young people.  
Rena Hoover  
Jenny Clark Please take this drug off the market. It has damaged more lives than helped! It is very addictive, and has torn many many families apart. Enough is enough!!! 
jean engelman I really feel that this drug should be banned. As a parent I saw first had what this drug did to my daughter it turned her into some one I did not know nor care to be around. She spent 4 months in jail and ever since then she has not been on them and it has been 2 1/2 yrs. She is a mother as well. I am sure that there are drugs out there that are non addicting. So it is a big fat 100% a yes for me. 
Anonymous I know the details of this drugs effects.a person being on and a person being without..the struggles of a person trying to quit. The losses the disease causes you to have because nothing else matters..and the kong term effect on the brain..and the thoughts from waking moment to passing out..its only the drug that thoughts consist of. This drug is gping to continue to be the reason for the downfall in society...and good people never knowing a real chance at life. The doctors that prescribe this are legal drug dealers that realized how much money they can make and have fallen into an addiction as well..easy money and greed.  
Dawn Riley My husband was hooked on oxys. I feel they are the devil in disguise. Please ban them. I almost lost my husband and I have lost friends to them 
Ruthann Carroll I had friends who died from drugs 
Sean Dougherty I hate THE MAN. I hate these scumbag doctors and hospitals who write prescriptions to make money for THE MAN, so they can get a kickback. Greedy lousy Americans. Fuck them. They don't care who they turn into drug-addicts because they'll make more money for THE MAN through court fines and prisons. Damn greedy American creeps. They detonated the twin towers, plus the smaller trade center tower. Let's ban Oxycontin and Percoset, and all these prescription drugs that make these fuckin CREEPS rich. Fuckin' scumbags. 
patrick kenny my childrens mother died of an oxycontin overdose on 4/9/2009. in just 2 short years she became a full blown out addict. her doctors were subramanian and iyer both located in downtown clw fl. they gave her combined a total of 700 pills a month. this consisted of oxycontin soma and valium. she paid cash because having 2 doctors she could only run insurance thru one. she stole in excess of 30000 dollars from family. subramanian was fined by the state for malpractice but continues till this day practicing. iyer the same. i could not sue because they said 2 year limit had run out. lawyers gave me the cold shoulder unlike michael jackson i didnt have the green to make it happen. but my case is precisely like michael jackson"s. doctors who gave out medicine like it was candy and had no regard for the patients life. this drug should be taken off the market. if not it will cause more tragedy. 
Dorothy This drug turned my life upside down. My husband is now an addict because of the misleading drs who prescribed this.  
Anonymous Oxycontin ruined my life and the lives of my children an myself. My husband started off taking vicodin as a recreational drug. That lead to oxycontin and that lead to heroin. Unless you are effected in someway I don't expect anyone to understand the problems that arise from it. First to go was my relationship with my husband. The only relationship he values is that with the drug. Next was our entire savings and children's future that worked so hard to save for them. Bite your tongue next time before you say "not me, not my life" No one is exempt from addiction it happens in the blink of an eye.  
Beth Wilson You are all in my prayers. 
bill rozakis This drug is bad and overprescribed. They should stop making it period. It is ruining lives and being abused on a grand scale. Whatever pain it helps relieve is not worth the lives being destroyed. 
Stacey Sullivan I lost my brother 7 years ago after he mixed OxyContin with alcohol. He was a member of the Special Forces, came home for a friend's birthday party, tried OxyContin for the first time and it killed him. This medication needs to be banned, it has senselessly hurt too many people. 
Laurie Griffith My 21 year old son began by smoking pot in high school. Soon started experimenting with hard core drugs. Told me in 10th grade everything that myself, teachers and police in the DARE program taught/told him was a LIE. He said we are all just making up lies to scare kids away from drugs. He had developed an oxy and perc habit, moved on to HEROIN and has now flunked out of college. So sad that these kids don't believe the TRUTH. 
Ellen Phillips This was the gateway drug for my son fifteen years ago. He is now a 30 year old addict struggling to recover from abusing almost every street drug known. He has lost half of his life so far, and we pray constantly that he will not lose it all to drugs. This drug is destructive and should be taken off the market. 
glenda klinger  
ashley andersen  
danielle anderson  
santa tall  
dena klinger  
Bobby L and Sonjalene Littlefield  
Kimberly K. This drug has destroyed so many lives, so many families, my brother's included. You never think it will happen to you....someone you know, someone you love, someone who has kids counting on them. It does happen, it is happening and it will continue to happen until a stop is put to the irresponsible prescription of a drug that should only be administered in the most serious cases under hospital supervision. And, what is going to do happen when our friends in pharma introduce the latest, greatest, stronger, more addictive alternative? As the pharmaceutical corporations will continue to count their dollars, we will continue to count our losses.  
wayne gardner  
Shanna carver My ex husbands addiction to OxyContin destroyed our marriage. And my fathers pain pill dependency led to suicide. It is never worth it. I've never abused this drug yet it has hurt me in several waste. Ban it!! 
Linda D Metcalf Please ban this evil evil drug Oxycontin. It does and has hurt many families, destroyed families. And it is in effect destroying the country that we so proudly live in. Our children and grandchildren are getting their hands on this "too easy" and those selling/handing this "evil drug" out should have some respect, BUT all they care about is the almighty dollar. Please BAN this drug NOW... make it disappear from our society before we lose anyone else to this terrible addiction. Please, I plead with you as a mother and a grandmother. 
Kyle Wesley I'm another oxy addict in recovery 
Allison Wesley  
Anonymous I was addicted to OxyContin the first time I took it as prescribed for migraines. 5 years later I became a young widow at the age of 25, 4 more years of trying to get off myself was horrible, I was told the worst ex:my heart could stop, death -but I did it with no rehab! I was on a very heavy dose and only kept taking it because of the withdrawals, I am sure I cheated death on more than one occasion. I have been clean for 5 years and will never take another narcotic ever! Teeth pulled, i will suffer the pain, because the pain of withdrawing is a million times worse. I truly believe I should of died while taking OxyContin and if this drug disappeared it would save so many lives and heartache. The ones left behind after this drug destroys someone are the one that live with pain the rest of their life. 
Etenia Cherokee My boyfriend is addicted to this aweful drug. Though he denies it. He says his back pain is too intense so he needs it. But when I offer to go to the doctor with him to find a different drug to help, he refuses.I'm at wits end with this addiction. I cannot take the lies that it brings. He is no longer the man I fell in love with. He is always angry except the few hours after he gets his fix. There is no talking to him. We are engaged and plan to start a family. But I refuse to marry or bring a child into this lifestyle. It's not jus a addiction. It's a lifestyle. The constant lies so he can run to find a pill. As soon as he wakes up. He starts a fight to be able to leave. The people he must associate with to find these pills are about the worse people you could ever hope to NOT meet! His company is quickly falling. I've been cheated on. Lied to. Manipulated. And even physically abused due to this. Please take this drug off the market. If there is no oxycontin to get then these addicts will have no choice but to stop.  
Tanya Havier Im a mother of kids plus a daughter inlaw who are currently useing this damn drug they are all pill smokers and one is pregnant do in one day im sick of this nasty drug and what is doing to my family ! So please take the crap of the shelfes save our families  
Cassidy Clark My mom is an addict and sells them to get more for herself. She os becoming a person i dont know and it scares me. 
melanie My fiance had a bike accident and broke his collar bone and 4 ribs he was sent home after 3 days and told to come back in 4 days once the swelling went down for a operation.He was sent home with oxycontin,endone and morphine patches,he died 2 days later and he took the meds as prescribed.He was 39 yrs old .such a dangerous drug should not be available  
george garris My son and his wife had started using oxytocin about 3 yrs. ago. They have 2 children at that time they were living with my ex wife and sharing a home that me and my ex. owned together . They soon forgot all about their responsibilities of their bills and as well as their children. I was forced to have them removed from my property so they would have to face reality . Since then they have been enrolled in a rehab.program and have moved back in to my home. I feel sometimes that they may still be doing the oxy cotin but I have not found out for sure. It seems as though they are falling back into old habits. If this product was not s readily available thing might be different. Medicine is suppose to help people not ruined their lives  
Shannon Simmons my husband stopped taking his RX and now I have him back. 
Jill Aloia My mom is addicted and got my brother addicted. My brother just died a month ago and I fear my mom is next. She needs a new drug buddy and is now trying to bring my sister into her world. My mom is I'm denial she has a problem and she wished I was the one that died and not him. People think OxyContin is ok because their doctors prescribe it. This drug has destroyed my whole family. My brother , 36 left behind 4 beautiful children. OxyContin is evil and must be banned! There must be alternatives to this highly addictive drug.  
Anon My friend lost his life from oxycontin :( 
Gayle Rowe I lost my ex husband & father to my children as a result of this drug. 
Lisa Liu My brother almost got addicted after his surgery and it scared me to death. 
Gabrielle Matijosaitis I believe that oxycontin is more harmful than helpful and I don't think it is necessary to have on the market, there are millions of other drugs out there for pain. Oxycontin doesn't need to be one of them. 
Harry I have survived the hell the DRUG but I know so many that lost there lives to it. It dose not serve a purpose for pain medication it is a death sentence. Please if you still have a chance or know someone that can be saved try try hard to help. You can do it there are ways to get the hold of drugs OC TO LET YOU LIVE I'm one that did it and I got lot of friends now that did to my email is harrydonaghy1471@ yahoo contact me if need some to talk to smile your not a lone  
Bay Area Family Very dangerous drug for our youth! 
Anonymous I had no idea my precious son was doing this awful drug until 10-16-10 when a pair of cops knocked on my door and told me my 20 year old son was dead. 
erika kennedy  
Stephanie Thompson I am a recovering addict, 4.5 years clean. Opiates and over prescribing doctors, as well as my own bad choices, nearly killed me. I would be interested in becoming involved in anything that limits the public's ability to get their hands on these dangerous drugs. 
Kevin It killed my fiancé, a medical professional. 2011. It doesn't seem it matters.  
Ruth Sarnago  
Ryan Sarnago  
Steve Sarnago jr  
Steve Sarnago  
Cathy sarnago  
Donald McClintock Ban it. My daughter is addicted 
Tara DeSane  
Brandie Schnobrich Very scary that drugs like these are legal . Roxy Codon is another bad prescription drug. Hillbilly heroine they call it. I don't understand why they have pain management Doctors. They specialize in prescribing pain medication. I don't get it. How could a Dr. think it's ok to purposely make people addicted to deadly drugs. The direction this Country is going scares me. 
Anonymous oxycontin should be banned along with morphine, hydrocodone Tylenol 3s, oxymorphone,demoral and any other centrally acting u or mu agonist pain medication. 
patricia fenlon  
Joseph Carchia I lost my father this year to Oxycontin. It took over his life and all he actually wanted to do is quit and he just couldn't. It wrecked his brain and his relationship with his family. I tried to take him in and clean him out but none of my efforts ever worked. All I hear is horror stories about this drug. I don't know why they even make it anymore? Thanks, Joe Carchia 
Sarah Dyer My name is Sarah Dyer. I am 20 years old and I feel as if I am a survivor of Oxycontin. Up until I was about 6 years old, my mother was quite the perfect mom. She was very successful while having her own business with my father. She was very clean, classy, smart, and basically normal. My mom was prescribed Oxycontin after a horrible car accident to help with her pain. However, the pain, suffering, and hurt that came along with the drug is almost unbearable to this very day. She was prescribed this drug around 1995 and has been a harsh drug addict ever since. She is now into anything she can get her hands on, whether it is alcohol, weed, pills, crack, meth, etc, which has lead her to not even have teeth. After she had been on this horrific drug for about 9 years or so, my father has left and never returned, she has been in and out of jail numerous times, my sister and I were in foster care for about four years because of this drug!! Not to mention I was raped while being in foster care. I could go on and on for days and tell you how this tiny, but strong, little pill has ruined my entire family and ruined our future. Luckily, I am wise enough to have a good head on my shoulder and I know right from wrong. However, my sister has coped with this in a different way and is now a daily alcoholic and has also lost custody of her children. I really don't even have the words to say how this drug has just changed everything. So drastically, so fast. I fully believe I deserve some type of SOMETHING for all the HELL I have been through over the years with not even being prescribed the pill. It put me in a severe depression where I have even attempted suicide myself when I was younger and didn't know how to cope with the pain. I'm going to end it on that note because I'm not sure if anyone even reads these things and if anyone even really gives a crap. If ANYONE can help me get justice for myself after everything I have been through it would be really appreciated! I'm honestly a normal girl! I'm proud to say that I was on homecoming court in highschool 3 years in a row, I am in the best sorority in the world, (ZTA) I have a 3.7 GPA in college as I will be finishing my third year, I have an amazing boyfriend that I have dated since I was in 9th grade and he has been a blessing helping me in so many ways I could never thank him enough for. Please someone, help me!! 
Janet Roberts Ban Oxycontin before it takes more lives needlessly. 
Leann Chevalier  
Nicole Wright  
Danielle Cafferty  
shayla hamblin  
Mark Simmons WOW.... Glad I found this site !!!!! I have been a victim of these horrible drugs for four years. When I reached out for help, I was denied any detox or any help getting off these drugs. I quit cold turkey... It just about killed me, literally. Im so convicted in the reform of these dangerous narcotics I have contacted my senator to address Congress concerning the many deaths surrounded by these drugs. The problem is there are way to many so called DOCTORS prescribing these drugs.The manufactorer of these narcotics and the doctors prescribing them must be held accountable. If I have anything to do with it, with the help of God, they all will be. If anyone has any interest in attending a meeting with Congress, please email me at Should be the first congressional meeting of 2014. 
Duane Belcher I have friends that are now addicted to heroin because this drug is not always readily available for street purchase. Ban all opiates. If this ever gets to lawmaker's eyes, congratulate yourselves for the wonderful war you've waged on drugs. 
Patricia White  
Andrea Kovach  
Maryellen Stratman My dear husband overdosed on Oxycontin on 10/26/07. He was in 'pain management' which turned into a HUGE addiction. Before he finally died (on our family room couch in the middle of the day) at the age of 49, he managed to wipe out all savings, retirement, etc. in order to fund his doctor shopping & ordering over the internet. My 3 children (who were 8, 9 & 16 at the time) & I are still recovering from the massive damage caused by Oxycontin. Bankruptcy, home loss, emotional turmoil: May the makers of this insipid drug someday know the pain you have put all of us through. 
Anonymous My boyfriend is in prison because of this drug. Prison saved his life! When he went for pain management, they looked the other way and kept giving it to him...My father takes it for headaches...dentists perscribe it also! Please take it off the market! 
Anonymous I struggle as I write this. We are dealing with our 28 year olds son's on going battle to stay off of pain meds. He has been addicted and continues to this day to struggle with the addiction. He has stolen from us and others in the past and has not been able to keep a job. He was the brightest young boy in school and so kind and caring and he has, ever since the age of 22, been struggling with an addiction since he fell & injured himself at work. I have just called 2 of the Dr.'s I found that he is currently seeing to obtain pain meds. to tell them he is a pill seeker and i do not want to see him die! I do not know if they will do anything, but I felt I had to do something! My fear is that he will die. He is depressed and his mood changes are like night and day. We just do not know what to do any more. He had gone to counseling but soon gave that up and was on Suboxone but it was too strong for him and he said he had quit all drugs. He started to do better and seemed to be back to himself until lately after losing his girlfriend and his job and it seems he went right back to the pills. I wish these pills were never anyone, ever! 
Sarah Collias  
Janet Ivinson  
Tony Richardsf Ban all hard drugs make drug testing harder 
Melissa Torres  
rene mace  
Tija Martin  
Pamela Hoffmaster Our community is losing Young kids every week. It is a major epidemic. There is no excuse for our government to continue to allow the drug manufacturers to continue to make money off of our children and loved ones. I lost my 30 year old son July 31st 2013 to a heroin overdose. and many more that were friends of my children. I feel like im living in the twilight zone. How can this be happening in this country I once loved. Our community has started a group called Heroin epidemic in Waterford. As I drive through our neighborhood and watch the little kids playing I cant help but cry for them knowing they too will be a victim of the prescription drug world that is out of control.  
Michele Schwartz  
Mary jones Please ban this drug!! It kills!!! 
Jeffery This medication is killing me!!!! 
Alicia Edwards  
jennifer aliaga  
Michael Titov  
Tina Lapointe  
Michelle Fortin  
Irina Parpulanskaya  
Taylor Catterson RIP to those who have lost or destroyed their lives due to this "medication" 
Alexandra Moore Please ban this awful drug, so many people I know have become addicted to it, including my fiancé and father of our child. Everyone I know who does this or any form of it is absolutely nuts after becoming addicted, and they all start stealing from people and pawning their things so they can buy more. Doctors don't care how addictive these pills are, and in fact I feel as though they rely on the addictive qualities to make them more money in turn.  
Cladia Ban this drug now and pull Purdue Pharma license to conduct business for good! My daughter was near death when we discovered her addiction. This drug is legal genocide on the nations people. 
Leola Laroche Stop this drug now!  
Yelly Garcia My husband is addicted to this monster drug. He was in a cabad r accident 5 years ago. Doctors prescribed Oxycodone, Oxycotin and Methadone. His addiction has become a major problem for our family. The charming, honest person he was does not exist anymore. Our life is now full of lies and mistrust, financial problems, anger, hopelessness. It ruined our lives, . 
Ed Due to an accident many years ago, my wife got addicted to oxycontin and oxycodone. She now says she can't live without it due to pain. These drugs are highly addictive and needs to be ban by the FDA. Both drugs will ruin a person's life. All opiates should be ban. I hate these medication. 
Jim My child with a terrible addiction to this stuff. Ban this drug immediately before it takes anymore lives.  
Eric Miller  
Diane supino My 23 yr old son is addicted to oxyccodone. He would have his whole life ahead of him and should be a carefree happy young adult but now has problems with the law, motor vehicle problems, lack of goals and direction in his life and of course a lack of money and the finer things in life because every dime goes to buy the drug. He began taking the drug because of back pain. Ive never seen him high. Other people may not even realize his addiction. But those that love and know him know hat it is ikeeping him from the millions of other wonderful things in life because he cannot stop taking this drug and is preoccupied with getting it. I've noticed a needle mark in his arm and that is because heroin it appears is cheaper to get then oxycodone. He has been on methadone also which is like a rat trap for theses kids being as addictive as the oxycontin. I pray my son does not overdose. I pray my son gets to have a normal life. He deserves it. There is a beautiful boy inside of this addicted person that oxycontin is hiding. The physicians who are prescribing it need to begin to care about our youth. I guess their children are away at elite colleges. I hope they never have to see their child in line at a methadone clinic or be surprised to see a needle track on their arm. I hope they never have to watch them wreck cars because of falling asleep at the wheel,. The unreliability, the lying, causes dysfunction of the entire family. And i hope they never have to feel the sickening sadness that descends upon a parent when they think of their child llost out there in that world. What an ugly world it is the world of addiction. Please take oxycontin off the market!!!! 
Stuart Schwartz I am thankful that I caught my 22 year old son smoking this for about a year. This crap is worse than heroin because it's so pure and they scrape off the time release - and it controls your life after the first time you 'chase the dragon'. Through a successful intervention we delivered him to a great rehab center. Just see your kid during withdrawal and any good parent would do the same thing. This is the worst of all possible drugs to be involved with. I hope the damage that he has done to his body will eventually be repaired and he can once again be the great man I always knew he would be. Please pray for all of our kids! 
Oshea My girlfriend (25) recently started smoking Oxy's several months ago. She started with 1 15mg (given to her by a friend) which quickly led to a 3-5 a day thing, with binges lasting up to 2 weeks. Her first withdrawal was the worst! For days she genuinely felt like death was better, than what her body was going through. Since then she's tapered down gradually, having switched to 5's and smoking a handful of times a month (hopefully that's all.) I miss who she was as a person. She doesnt realize it, but I see it. From day .0001 it just clicked. People say it all the time, but for me- She influenced a better side of me. I have fought for this girl, changed, all that stuff women want us to do. I have no idea how to win this time. I'm losing her to Oxy's. A few months back I lost a friend to an overdose on Oxy's. His family came home n found him. His sister found him. His neice was sitting in the rm watching t.v., while her uncle is laying there lifeless. At the least to say, they're scarred for life from this drug. The day my boy died, my girl was with me. I got all deep into a rant about how much I hate this drug, not knowing she's currently tipping her halfway mark through a 2wk binge herself. I gave her the ultimatum. She detoxed for a month maybe, but she cant stay away from it. Dont get me wrong, she a great girl. She's cute and tempting, smart (with her blonde moments), successfully driven, with a damn good career for a woman her age, but she risks losing it all by tip-toeing on temptations fences, with an addictive personality. Well, she insists she's not addicted, but she admits being weak to it. I know she loves me deep down, and she just cant control it. After everything we've been through (from both sides), it is clear to me that she tries. Her habit is something she cant control. Her mind, along with probably millions not thousands of people are warped around this chemical reality that Purdue puts out like candy. doctors write scripts like they don't give a $*!*. Our loved ones, family, friends, people's kids, people's lives.... for greedy pigs to please their spoiled herd. They pharmaceutical companies are doing population control with people we love! Spread the word about this petition. Don't let this stuff ruin another persons life/family. What if it was your daughter? What if your son never woke up and your grandchildren witnessed? What if you were in my shoes, fighting to pull the love of your lifetime out of an simple mistake that can't be undone? Sign it please.  
Dave Fact: These drugs were used exclusive for cancer patients. Fact: These doctors and little nurses that write these scripts should go to jail promptly Fact: The police that are involved and allow these dealers to run all over town making there deliveries should be hung Fact: I believe things will change only when the FDLE and media decides to publish the names of doctors and put them and the sellers in jail and keep them there instead of letting them out to continually perpetuate this nightmare on society/  
Brandy I just lost my baby brother, 8-8-2013, to this drug. It is strait from the pits of hell and as destroyed our family, his family, and left us all morning the loss of a wonderful amazing, happy, loving son, brother, husband, father, and friend. He was seriously my best friend and could make anyone smile no matter how hard ur day was or what u were going thru. He wanted help from opioids and went to a clinc for help. The dr at this clinic gave him subsodone ( I think that's the name of it) and OxyContin on top of that. Along with that combination he was given antidepressants and who knows what else. I don't understand how someone goes to a dr for help to get off opioids ( his was hydrocodine ) and leave the dr with a script for OxyContin . What the hell..... Myself and my family now pick up the pieces of our broken hearts, but our hearts can't be put together because ithey have been shattered and without him we can not fix our hearts or heal them completely . I want OxyContin Banned!!!!!! It does no good and it destroys lives , families, and anyone this drug comes in contact with is doomed. Doctors know this and this dr should be ashamed of himself. With a ban of this drug we can help other family's and patients not have to live thru a shattered heart or help make that person suffering an addiction to OxyContin not become a statistic , like my brother, my best friend nw sadly has become..  
Erica Abelquist It's not right that this drug is getting out. There needs to be a better way of watching who gets these prescriptions. It's ridiculous how addicting roxy's are. Once someone trys it for the first time well that is all it takes. No access to this drug will save lives and give people the life they deserve. I'm not a mother yet but I have imagined it many times. Never once did it cross my mind my child would try this drug. I can't have that happen. I'm 20 years old and I pray this drug has disappeared in the very, very near future. This is America "land of opportunities" don't let this drug get out anymore America. This isn't the opportunity our children and children's children should be haunted with.  
Anonymous I loss the man I loved through this drug. It started with a bad back and since he was a Vet, he was given an endless supply. He stopped caring about his appearance, yells at everyone, cranky and moody. He can not feel Love or intimacy. He is a Zombie. I never see him smile. He might as well be dead to me. We broke up 5 years ago. We need to ban together and raise money to televise during these election commercials who is receiving fund raising from these ass wipes that make these drugs.  
Patrick Kivlahan  
Paula Kivlahan  
billy r ogle  
Teri Gainer  
Jeanne Turner I have lost my only two children to this drug. They haven't killed themselves yet but I know the chance of that happening is very high. Over the past two years our entire family has been affected by this drug. My oldest child is the mother of a precious 4 year old girl and she isn't willing to stop her drug addiction for her child. Both my children will steel from anyone to get the money they need to buy this drug. I'm not sure when this will end but I know it will not be a happy ending. 
nick Hankins  
Bobby Monaco My beautiful fiancé and best friend has been hooked on these for over 5 years. This is the most horrible product to ever hit the market. It kills people and makes them life long addicts. The goverment allows this because it's pretty much population control to a small percent. Fortunately my fiancé sought help and revived a controversial new treatment called a Naltrexone Pellet. Which is implanted and blocks withdrawl symptoms. I am happy to report that I have my partner back and she is getting better every day but it will be a life long struggle thanks to Perdue Pharma and the US Gov. These should be outlawed now! 
Kirsten Kelln I lost the love of my life to substance abuse. He always complained of shoulder pain from his physical labor job. One day he stopped complaining. I had no idea what had started. Soon it became impossible to determine who was walking in our door each time he arrived- when he bothered to come home- would it be the raging psychopath? The thief fencing out stolen goods? The lethargic glassy-eyed phantom who floated in and out of consciousness? The criminal activity , threats, emotional batterings and physical brutality were too much to bear and we left. To this very day I am finding evidence that I and my childrens' health information was compromised by this person and his co-addicts to rape his big fat union health insurance plan and obtain illegal prescriptions.  
Debora Tucker I have been a pharmacist for 32 years. I believe OxyContin is one of the worst drugs ever made . I was robbed at gunpoint 1 month ago OxyContin was his drug of choice.  
Vicki Mitzel I lost my daughter, January 16, 2012, due to the many years of continued prescription drug use, she was 32. This drug and many others that doctors prescribe to young people are addictive and misused. This drug should be ban or stricter, enforced laws for distribution of this and other drugs like it, should be in place. The word 'Chronic' is being misused. This drug should only be used on patients who are dying or those sick with illnesses such as Cancer, HIV, or other illnesses with no cure which cause unbearable pain. I have arthritis and have pain 24/7, and some days the pain is unbearable, but I take nothing but over-the-counter Aleve or aspirin. Illegal drugs are a big, big problem in this country... But, in my opinion, prescription drugs are now becoming a bigger one...  
Stephanie Witt  
Bonnie McDonald  
Niomi Wright  
nancy hodges I lost my son to this horrible drug. God help us all to ban these highly addictive drugs and bring to justice those that are prescribing these drugs to those that by no means need them. They get to our innocent children by those writing these prescriptions!  
Sherry Song I have watched this drug destroy, and in some cases, end lives.I fully support the endeavor to ban this drug. 
Lacey LaRochelle  
Anonymous My son and I have seen his father through this nightmare addiction. It still continues, we are keeping faith that he will overcome this!!  
Anonymous I had a major back surgery last year and was prescribed oxycontin andoxycodone, which I heard is basically the same thing. I am not a drug addict, I have never drank, but I will never forget the feeling I got when I was in the Intensive Care Unit and not recognizing my own parents and siblings because of the high dose of oxycontin. That was the only time I had been "high" in my life. I went through a phase when I felt like I needed it, and would force myself to stay in one room alone so that I don't go downstairs and take it. I couldn't sleep without it, and was so depressed. I am signing this petition because if I could prevent this feeling from any other 15 year old girl(at the time), I would. I would do anything in my power to ban oxycontin.  
Mike Craycraft "...passed away unexpectedly in their sleep." From my close family and friends all the way up to the world of celebrities, everyone is becoming affected by this monster. "The War On Drugs" rages on, yet not one single pharmaceutical company employee has been held criminally responsible for their actions. Purdue Pharma is continuing to comfortably fly over all federal scrutiny (and they do their flying in multi-million dollar luxury learjets). Why? Big business. To all our friends that have shown up in the obituaries, having "passed away unexpectedly in their sleep", let's finally be honest to the general public. "VICTIM DIED OF OXYCONTIN OVERDOSE". Stop the legal genocide against our citizens. Drug pushers are supposed to go to jail, right? Let's halt the financially fueled business of legal drug distribution and start holding the providers of such, accountable.  
Sara Kenny I was addicted to oxys and Roxie's they ruined my life I am proud to say I have been clean n sober for 4 years off them in 2009 they killed my mom 
Elizabeth McLoughlin  
Linda Keep the Faith, My son was addicted after about a long 4 years of us all suffering, All of you who have been affected by this serious and deadly addiction understand. He ended up in jail for violation for 3 months..I can prowdly say as a mother that was the best thing that could have happened to him...Just about killed me though..Anyway, There is hope..Keep praying and praying There is Hope! God Bless everyone that is affected by this...Our government sucks!!!! 
Nancy Daghighian My husband is addicted to Oxycodone and he can't stop.  
Danielle P seen to many affected by this drug. There is other way to deal with pain. There was a day before oxycontin and no one died of pain.  
Chris mcandress Please ban this addictive drug. So many people are losing their lives due to this.  
Ann Marie Lasinski  
nicole rosebach My husband was addicted for over five years, I watched as it turned him into a zombie with no emotion or moral code. He was missing days at a time, all of his high school friends were addicted too. It stole years of his life, and our trust. He did things he would never do. I strongly believe that drug is evil and given only for financial gain, it must be banned. 
John Owens A vital step to save children, adults, and families. 
susan ahlstrom The over-prescribing of a drug this addictive is criminal. We must find an alternative to this destructive menace. 
Charles Jennes This drug is to 2013 what heroin was to 1913. Perdue Pharma's website says nothing about how many lives they are destroying, it only states that they are "committed to improving patients’ lives in meaningful ways." They are committed to making money. The company and three of its executives have already pleaded guilty to misleading the public about the drug's risk of addictiveness - for which crime they paid a $634 million penalty. They were willing to pay that fine because they make so much more through their prescriptions. And still addiction rates, overdoses and deaths continue to skyrocket. This narcotic MUST be removed from the market. Based on the its history of abuse, and the various law suits brought against it (google 'lawsuits against Perdue Pharma'), the FDA should already know this.  
Brian Smargiassi  
Anonymous Terrible drug that fuels addiction. No need to prescribe it. Find alternatives. 
Barbara Jennes OxyContin has created a generation of young heroin addicts. There is no reason for this drug to continue to exist - except to fuel the profits of Purdue Pharma. Get this poison off the market. We have already lost enough of our young people. 
Carlos and Margie We now grieve the loss of our beautiful daughter who was prescribed oxycontin by her doctor, while he yelled at her that there was "nothing wrong with you". It was a few years before the doctors did find out why she didn't feel well, but by then, the oxycontin had a grip on her, and she, her daughter, and our whole family suffered greatly because of this oxycontin. Years of problems! It was careless of the "smart people" to give this to a young mom in her 20's, I can only think that these doctors don't realize the devastation this causes, but I hope they will hear this and everyone here. Our precious daughter, our forever love, and so many others are gone due to this. Please wake up medical people, 2+2=4, and taking oxycontin=devastation. Obviously pain medication has it's place, but for a young person who has "nothing wrong with you", it absolutely has NO PLACE! God bless our daughter and help all who suffer this. 
Lindsay Dunham  
Dawn Reynolds  
Linda Simpkins  
Bob Reynolds OxyContin is a dangerous drug, and should only be given to cancer patients that are dying .... Just goes to show you what the system thinks about the people  
Joyce Reynolds I almost lost my son to this drug had we not busted the bathroom door down ... he had quit breathing before he went under the water in the tub.... but we called 911 and did cpr until they got here... And that isn't even the end of it , .... bad enough that we will always see this when we inter the bath room, even my husbands and my life has changed for ever , because now we have to worry about him od ing again and not making it .... God how can they let a demon drug as bad as this out there .... Pleas , please take it off the market all together ..... Start giving people asprin for pain, at lease they wont die  
Jamie Lovett I lost my mother recently from an overdose of oxys as well. 
Dera Veinot My partner almost lost his life due to a serious Oxycontin addiction... I fully believe this world would be a better place if this drug never existed. 
Erik Schroen My Brother Donnie , died because he was prescribed this stupid drug after suffering and injury on a parachute jump in North Carolina , 82nd Airborne , he became addicted and died at the age of 37 brother was not raised to take drugs ,but he assumed the doctor was right when he got them . And It has destroyed my Family ....please if anyone can stop someone from starting down this dark path or prevent the biggest loss I've ever suffered , do so ... 
Margaret Harrison  
Maya .johnson 13000 petitions and they will never ban it.are you kidding , it's there money in their pockets. It's sad. These pills are ruining my life as we speak. And I want out so bad. It's a fight every single day. I wish I could go back in time and never take that first pill.  
Tricia DeTroia  
Marge Weiland Our son passed away on May 12, 2013 (Mothers Day)he was 36 years old. He had a accidental overdose of Oxycontin was released in the death certificate. How many times we related to the Doctor's about this prescription and its potential dangerous reactions. This is a horrible nightmares situation for us parents and the family to deal with. I agree this drug should be band. 
Tom Caverly  
Morgan Charterina  
Brian T Weir Stop The Epidemic NOW! 
Jill Gohr  
Gail Gruning  
laurel white I have watched friends worry themselves sick, not being able to help their own children.  
Kathleen Weir The fact is that oxycontin has created an epidemic of drug addicts. There is no reason for anyone to need synthetic heroin for any illness, when it became available they said it was good for treating cancer patients but many people before it got through cancer without it and now they not only have cancer but are now addicted to this medication. Its seem to me that Doctors are just handing it out to anyone who complains of back pain and its so readily available that its now on the streets and killing our youth or making them addicts who cant afford the price on the street so they are turning to heroin. Perdue Pharma should be held accountable for this epidemic.PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS AND END THE PRODUCTION OF THIS DRUG AND STOP KILLING OUR CHILDREN. 
Anonymous My daughter and son didn't lose their lives thank goodness but they both used this drug and it wasn't that difficult to obtain. I am grateful they are both off the heroin and the Oxycontin. There are too many quack doctors out there that prescribe these drugs like candy.  
Ruth Uveges Back in the '70's Quaaludes were at epidemic proportions. ONE MAN managed to get the ball rolling and banned the making of this drug everywhere in the world. We need to do this again. We NEED to put our humanity ahead of our wallet God bless those lost to this evil drug and their families.  
michael weyandt  
Dan Dabal Our oldest son (23) has been addicted to OxyContin for about 3-4 years, he recently moved on to heroin ( we were unaware) and on July 5th of 2013 he overdosed. We are very fortunate as he did not die that night. He is in treatment and doing well at the moment . We had years of living hell because of his pill( OxyContin) abuse and almost lost him when he graduated to Heroin as soooo many other young people do. We know of other fine young people and some older people as well who have gotten hooked on those terrible pain pills. We have been touched personally prior to my sons overdose, my cousin's son had the same horrible addiction , it ultimately progressed to a heroin overdose which resulted in the death of his 19 year old son . The pattern is undeniable , OxyContin , heroin , then overdose and possible death . these pills need to go !!!!!  
William Wilkins  
Cathy Letalien I read this petition daily and see the destruction this drug has on thousands of families. My family has been devastated and we are not going to stand for this any longer? I cannot believe that our government allows this to continue when it is CLEAR that Purdu Pharma lied about the level of addiction. If this were happening to their own family maybe they would have some compassion some decensy in stopping this madness. This drug "so called miracle pain drug" is killing our loved ones and needs to be stopped. Please stop manufacturing and pushing this drug on our society.  
Anonymous A local ARNP moved into our small community and within 4 years the crime and devastation began!! Numerous overdoses, murders, burglaries etc have followed. After many years and complaints the DOH and DEA have finally stepped in to shut her down. I hope they prosecute and find her guilty of manslaughter for all of the deaths and heart aches that she has caused. 
Amanda Peters  
Caroline Woolley-Laughlin Oxycontin has been over prescribed and is killing people, need to be banned ASAP. 
Anonymous I have lost many friends to this drug. 
Krissy McAfee On March 23, 2010, I walked out my front to warm up my car for work and I found my son (Trae Allen) laying on my driveway dead from a heroin overdose. He was only 24 years old. Trae had graduated with honors from high school but then became addicted to Oxycontin. Oxycontin destroyed his life. It led to starting and stopping college twice because of the addiction, he was to go into the Navy but the night before swearing in to leave for bootcamp he left, had 3 arrests for stealing to support his habit, 3 stays in rehab and eventually his death from heroin because the oxycontin cost so much more than heroin that he, as many others, switched to heroin. I truly hope the FDA will ban this horrible drug! 
Hollie Keohane  
Anonymous I lost 2 brothers-in-law to OxyContin overdose. They were both hooked for years. 
Cathy j Gonzales I'm a nurse and the use or distribution is in the hands of our doctors, it is misused and it floods our streets by our doctors and the people that are making tons of money off of it.If it was one of your children they would be on board with us. Stand out, take a stand ! 
James Stephen Lumpkin Our son was given Oxycondone for pain after a accident at work,he found that when he used up his presciption, he still needed the drug to keep from getting sick. But it was the brain that he had problems with. He went into a Methadone clinic, and won his battle after 3 years of hard work. He said it was in un-bearable pain after he left the program. He started on the pain killer that lead to the other drug, to get him off the Oxycondone. He re-lapsed after taking a friends half dose of Methadone, because he would still have serious pain. Because he had been off the Meth, but was still in his system, and he passed in his sleep on Jan,4,2013. Since then we have studied this and other drug's. And we now see so many people that went into a Methadone program, but the methadone is as hard to kick then the Oxycodone. If he had not been injured at work this would not have happened. He hated these drugs. Thank you for reading this. Our live's will never be the same again, and my life is now spent on trying to stop this drug and other's.  
Rose Hanks  
Loretta Di Lustro My precious son, became a complete dope fiend, after infecting himself with this terrible drug, Oxycontin. Purchased from a late physician in our North Hollywood, CA, many young boys and girls became addicted and the all went to IV drug use, with heroin. My son stopped breathing, the morning of January 3, 2011 at 27 years of age, and his whole life in front of him. Oxy stole my son from me, like a thief in the night. Please, cease and desist all manufacturing of this drug- it causes more harm tha good, is so highly addictive! Thanks you. John's Mom- Rest in Peace, John Travis Forever 27 
Monika Anderson Oxycontin has the same molecular make up as heroin and is the cause for countless lives lost. Purdue Pharmaceutical lied about it's addictive nature when it was brought into the market place in 1995 they were successful sued and admitted they lied yet the drug is still marketing. I think it is a disgrace to the American people and to our government and agencies like the FDA and Congress that this medication is still allowed to be prescribed.  
Amy Ingalls My husband was prescribed oxycodone is progressively higher doses for the past 7 years for back and leg pain. After years of poor sleep, difficulty thinking, trouble remembering, etc. he is now on day 2 of a cold-turkey withdrawal, and the dr. has never done more in our 10 minute a month visit than prescribe pills. It is irresponsible on the part of these drs. No one should have to go through this. My husband doesn't even drink a drop of alcohol nor does he smoke but yet he is going through this horrible withdrawal. 
Rebecca Arab  
Grace Dowdle  
Dean Dauphinais  
Anonymous This is a dangerous narcotic that lures the unsuspecting and then kills them (mostly young adults). Cheap and easy to get. The drug company is rolling in the blood of our lost youth and leaving a path of physical, mental and financial ruins for the families. 
Jacki Russo A horrible drug that ruins the lives of many. It should be gone 
karen Pierce  
Rosemary Vaccaro I lost my nephew. Please stop distributing this drug before more have to die. 
Kayla S.  
Anonymous Lost my son to accidental overdose. 
Jessica Boahn It's a huge epidemic reaching across all corners of the world; even the rural area of eastern NC. I have worked for a local detention facility for almost 6 years and the revolving door of substance abusers of this drug is astounding. Its like a terrible disease. I have witnessed, my own family members, addicted to this horrible drug and loose their own children because it. The vibrant people that once lived in this small town have been taken over by Oxycontin. Its so sad. I agree 100% its a drug that truly has to be removed from market. 
Susan Challen This drug has all the physical effects as well as the withdrawal effects of heroin. A prescription for this drug is easily gotten in South Florida. People of all ages and walks of life are addicted...heavily addicted to this horrible drug. Scores of people have died from overdosing on this drug. Thousands of people, especially young people have been incarcerated because of this drug. The pill mill doctors who prescribe this drug should be arrested on felony drug trafficking charges! They keep the addicted individuals addicted and up there doses to keep them coming back in to their offices. Our family has suffered personally from the horrible effects of this drug. Not only should there be a ban on this drug, there should be a class action lawsuit for all those affected by it!!! Is anyone else interested? 
Semone Simmons  
Nicholas Hall Oxycontin has ruined the lives of many of my friends, family and acquaintances. It is completely unnecessary for dealing with most kinds of pain. 
zach My wife has struggled with oxycontin addiction for years and has recently relapsed after being clean for several months. This stuff always turns her into someone I don't know and I hate the feeling powerlessness I feel when my love for her isn't as strong as her desire to get high. Everything becomes my fault instead of communicating and working through the challenges of being married with children. No matter what I do or say, the negativity and criticism is accentuated, and I feel like my feelings for her no longer have value. We don't do anything fun or intimate together, she is either too tired, sick, or cranky to be around me. These are the attributes that are created when her mind and spirit is poisoned by this scourge of society. I abhor this garbage in ways I cannot even describe and it never makes sense to me why the FDA would be apt to ban e-cigarettes instead of an opiate based narcotic that has killed thousands and thousands of people. I want my wife back and this poison purged from existence so no one else has to expirience the pain of watching someone they love degenerate into a shadow of their former selves. 
Beth Litteral Oxy and other prescription pills have ruined many lives in my family. I would support a ban on this drug happily. It should not exist, curse the day it was created. 
Anonymous Living in S. Florida where the pill mills were in effect has ruined countless families. My daughter and fiance are addicted, and yesterday I had to go to their house and take my 2 yr old grandson from them. They're finally going to get help. But when will the government step in and do something about this?!?!? Maybe when the politicians stop getting money from these scumbags as campaign donations.... This is a disgrace. 
mar chapman The abuse of these drugs is rampant, and because of their high cost, users turn to heroin-- my daughter's friend died of an overdose last Tuesday.... So sad! And countless diseases, crimes, and more damage caused daily b/c of OXYCONTIN.... Ban this killer now! 
Delvona Atteberry The family MD that my 86 year old mother trusted with her life, put her on Oxycotin for a fractured back/w pinched nerve and referred her to a pain management doctor who's only goal was to keep her on the medication for long term. We had enough sense to realize this was not quality life when she started having all kinds of problems on the drugs. By the time we found a doctor that actually cared and did the procedure that he said should have been done the first few days she went in with back pain, she would never have had the need for these terrible drugs. This procedure is where they inject cement into the back. The surgery took care of all the pain that she continued to have while on the Oxycotin,Hydrodon, Morphine (No thanks to 3 different doctors who would take her off one and TRY another until the next doctor decided to go back with one of the others). Needless to say, the withdrawals are almost unbearable to watch on someone her age. The severe depression, unable to sleep, nightmares, never ending restless legs, anxiety. Pretty hard to take when your mother tells you every single day she wants to die because she tries so hard and never moves forward. We are talking about a women that was completely independent in every way and loved life until that one dreaded day her back started hurting. Please stop the use of Oxycotin. We continue to pray daily that she can hang on until the day this passes.  
Anonymous This drug is very addictive and needs to be banned. There needs to be a program to get help that is cost free because this drug takes away the ability to keep a job and have any way to pay for treatment The company that has greedily profited from selling it should pay for treatment. They caused the problem and need to be accountable to all those they have hurt by creating it in the first place. 
Peggy Maria Wickline I lost my husband to suicide 10 years ago. He was addicted to his pain meds, including oxy and hydrocodone. One day he ran out (weeks before the refill date) and decided he couldn't go through withdrawal again and hung himself. My 3 young songs found their father's body. Now 10 years later, I'm going through the same thing with my 21 year old son. After going to jail because of his heroin addiction, he came home. He stayed clean for 2 months. Now he is injecting oxy. When I confronted him he said to me, " I have it under control. It's not as bad as heroin." My heart is absolutely broken because I'm terrified I'm going to lose 2 loved ones to this drug. I hate this drug and everything and everyone that supports its use.  
Shauna Egan  
Kelly Guarnaccia Teenagers are taking these to school. Theses should pay be used in a hospital without home use prescriptions! 
Linda Capobianco  
Irene Preuss-Meyer  
jenny phillips lost my son nov2,2012. methadone overdose trying to kick oxycontin. we need to ban both of these drugs. I miss my son desparately. 
Anonymous I have a son and daughter n law that are having issues with this drug and it cause so much confusion in our family. I just wish there was some way for them to come off this drug before it destroys them and their children.  
Anonymous This is written in sorrow. A wonderful father, husband, son, brother and friend was lost 2 weeks ago. If he hadn't been prescribed Oxycontin 13 years ago our family would be whole. Our marriage would not have ended, even though I still loved him dearly and always will, our son would be enjoying life with his Dad instead of handling funeral arrangements at the age of 21. His sister would not have found him dead on her bathroom floor, his mother would not have endured the death of her son just months after losing her brother and husband. The extrodinary man that he was, intelligent, kind, happy, loving and irreplaceable would be with us today. Oxycontin took this man from us years ago. Our pain is unbearable but our memories will last forever.  
Anonymous We must stop having this drug so available and easily abused. 8/6/2013 
Bill Hunt  
Jerimiah Peterson I have had several friends die from this drug. I have seen plenty of destruction caused by Oxycontin. Where are our morals? The fact that this drug is still legal, is sickening! Oxycontin and other drugs purchased legally at any pharmacy are destroying our country. Millions in taxpayer's money is wasted so that large companies can profit while killing this world with Heroin. We must fight the drug war from the inside, our corrupt doctors and legislature must be replaced. 
Amber Mueller  
Elizabeth Griffin My 33 year old son recently died from an oxycontin overdose. There was nothing wrong with him the doctor had no reason to prescribe it to him. He went from having a great job and life to losing evrything. He left behind a 5 month old daughter. 
Matthew T. Dunn  
shatara moore  
William Liantonio OxyContin is destroying Families, Loved Ones and Friends. Need to take action against Purdue Pharmaceuticals who manufactures & Misrepresents the Dangers of this drug. also Doctors who over prescribe OxyContin. 
jen Esposito  
Anonymous After going through an addiction to these pills with my husband and it breaking up my marriage I have seen first hand how incredibly addictive these are. Luckily my husband got clean and sober before it was too late. Too many doctors prescribe these freely and don't think of how easily it is to get addicted and how quickly it can happen and ruin lives.  
Susan Sessoms I have been in chronic severe pain for the last 12 years from multiple injures. I have had multiple family members addicted to OxyContin, a brother, three nieces, and two nephews. I have seen the horrible lives they live. I would much rather be in pain than have drugs out there that turn the kids of today into drug addicts!  
Anonymous Never knew how bad this could be until my son became addicted. I was amazed how many people actually get prescriptions and then sell them for money. This drug has totally changed my son. His addition has been the hardest thing I have every experienced. Feeling helpless! 
Kelly Crites  
Massimo Cavalieri d'Oro  
June Enos we really have a silent war going on with pills there making our strong weak and killing them, pills are breaking up family's, leaving are young untaken care of and family's homeless. its really scary come on doctors get a grip on it quit killing and giving people drugs to take to the streets. 
Jon Kesty My beautiful 23 year old daughter died from a heroin overdose on October 19, 2012. Percoset and OxyContin both played significant roles in her "graduating" to heroin which ultimately took her life. The evidence supporting the removal of this highly addictive drug is overwhelming. Remove this drug from the market not. 
Tiffany Jacobson  
Holly sledzinski  
Anonymous U have to stop this killer drug it's killing my son , destroying my family to see my only son drug abusing this medicine  
Joshua Masalko This medication is used for all the wrong reasons. It's time to stop the opiate epidemic that is ruining lives all across the country. This drug kills more people then it help and turns normal everyday people into monsters, that they never new they could be. 
hannah k  
Anonymous I'm loosing my son's life , I'm loosing my family life because if this horro drug Oxyconten , stop making this killer drug , teens r dying in my area because of this drug , I think my son will be next and I cant even help him . This license to kill drug has to be stopped, The doctors who prescribe this drug has to go to jail for killing our kids , STOP MAKING AND SUBSCRIBING THIS KILLER DRUGGGGGGGGGGGG  
Anonymous This medication destroyed teen agers in my area , I attended funeral of some of them because of OxyContin , really u have to stop making this medication , Put the doctor who prescribe this medication in jail for killing teens  
Anonymous Please ban this demon before it rips my life apart!!!!!!! 
Aileen O'Catherine  
Colton Roggatz I am currently a senior at north Tahoe high school and i know many, including myself who are abusing this drug. a week ago to day i had foot surgery to give me arches which i badly needed. i was walking on my ankles since i was a child. but anyway i was prescribed oxycodone and just three days later i have been snorting the shit. right now its 3:30 in the morning and im high on 15mg and buzzed off at least 10 shots of alcohol. im not bragging, and i believe this shit should be illegal. and im finding it harder and harder to breathe right now. and remaining awake. if i die tonight i hope this petition i signed will do something. 
Lori Nichole Woodson I know too many lives and loved ones lost to this terrible drug. 
k nande obviously MONEY is the ONLY reason why the damn goverment will not ban...forrest gump can figure out that it is all about profit, i wish the doctors/pharmacy which are all in the same devious boat would sink...i hate all of you for knowingly destroying lives,families with the dispensing of this damn drug that is nothing short of heroin. ..once upon a time i had a beautiful,witty,mentally alert close family she is a pill junkie 
Charlie speck Right now I am taking OxyContin (oxyneo) for RLS and pain. I have abused this drug for a long time and have severely suffered it's suicidal wishing withdrawals. I can go on and on about my horrible story of this drug but I am only interested right now of getting it off the market. I am willing to suffer withdrawals and go on to something else other than oxy because to me this is the worst drug ever and the proof is overwhelming. It has destroyed so many lives in more ways than one and others are suffering terribly every day. Here is my signature. 
David This is a terrible drug. It killed my gf's brother and is destroying my older brothers life as we speak and will end him sooner or later.  
steve wells My friend is the hospital right now. He is not the Steve I new before he took this drug. I was a drug and alcohol counselor in the past but have not seen any drug as devastating as this one. Please take this drug of the shelf it has more negatives than it does positives! 
brad belfield  
Anonymous Have a close family member who is addicted to oxycontin. This drug is a nightmare and makes one's life a nightmare overnight. there is no turning back from this drug. Why can't the FDA find something to help people get off this drug that was approved by them? It needs to be banned and the government should come up with something to help people get off this drug.  
Anonymous My little sister just passed away from oxycontin,not knowing it would take her life, Found her dead at her house on 7/14/13. She was onyly 49 years of age with no apparent health problems. We are devastated. 
Anonymous Oxycontin will cause more suffering than relief. For those still suffering from addiction you need to know that there IS a way out. I've been clean and sober for 1 year and 7 months. My old using buddy has over 3 years. You need to go to rehab for as long as you can then probly sober living.  
AnneMarie Lorenzini I love and miss you Lindsey M. Cannon. 02.08.2013 
nazanin abtahi  
Melita Jensen  
isis In loving memory of jd an amazing friend family member and son 
chris connolly it left me completely addicted now i take methadone just to feel normal. when will it stop? 
Sarah Wish this wasn't around. Ruins so many lives... 
Aili McKeen This is just like heroin and has no place in pain management outside of an IV drip. 
Hollie Dustin My son is 19 years old, and faces this addiction for the rest of his life, however long that may be. please, please???? As parents we beg you. 
Gary J. Seevers I feel like this is the right thing to do. 
Gail DeLucia I will never forget the horror this demonic drug from the pit of hell wreaked on my son's life for 5 yrs. ONLY by the grace of GOD is he alive and doing well today. In Wallingford, CT we lost 5 young people in 2011 to opiate overdose. Here in the suburbs, it ALWAYS starts with Oxycontin- often a local senior selling their medication for extra cash (!!!!!!). Then it quickly progresses to heroin because it's so much cheaper. PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS!!! BAN OXYCONTIN NOW!!! SAVE OUR CHILDREN AND OUR FUTURE!!!!  
John Verrier It is an Epidemic, stop it.  
swag fresh ban this demon drug. 
Kelley Costello This is one petition I can really get behind. Much love and respect to those lost, their loved ones, and those still effected by this monstrous & insidious addiction. 
Anonymous Oxy addiction has stolen my husband for many years now. I wonder each day if this is the day I will find him in a state where I need to call 911. 
Michael Steinberg Member of my family was prescribed this stuff and now he is drug addict that can not live without it. He tried everything to get off it be he can't. Our family is destroyed now because of this and there is no help available besides the prison. We have to pay 10 grands or more for one week of treatment with no guarantee of success. But if he goes to jail they will pay 50000 a year to keep him there with other criminals. This does not make sense at all but I guess it makes perfect sense for drug companies and for jails that are privatized now and are making profits from each prisoner. And nobody seems to be able to break this system of evil. 
Michelle Kennedy  
Anonymous Just because a doctor writes my daughter a prescription she thinks it is ok. I have lost the person she was. Over 10 years of taking pain meds and she is not addicted. Yeah..right. 
carol I have lost everything because of these pills, My son is now addicted and is trapped for a long period of time. I have been clean for 3 years from oxycontin and can say i've never felt better, all i need now is my son to be clean and these pills to be gone for good 
John Miles Galli  
Deena Onufer  
Madelyn Vega I am addicted to oxycontin. I wish I never took that first pill! I need help getting off this drug! Please help us on this drug to be able to live a normal life without it. 
Amber Cartieri Lost another good one today. We are only 25! When will this end?  
Belinda Mackey OxyContin KILLED my son in 2003. It is shameful that Purdue profits off of the sale of this poison and the total disregard to the havoc and trauma that it has caused so many families is shameful.  
Danna Rutherford  
Carol I lost my only child (son) in 2005 who was addicted to Oxycontin.  
myrna prince doctors should be ashamed for writing these pills( i call it a death sentence)26 or more people in our community died because of this monster all within a year. people are still managing to get the prescription.  
Larry Hiltz  
Daphne Surdin  
Sheila My son will be 22 and has been addicted for 4 years. This is not just a Dr shopping issue here in Florida ( Tampa area) most addicts never had a medical need, like my son they were given it at a party. He has been in rehab once, multiple times in jail and we moved him to another state. The craving was so bad he came back to Florida and is now injecting (blues) and living on the street. I have a treatment center ready but at 22 you cant force him to go, and the Marchman Act is a waste as they can check themselves out. He is in crisis now stealing and using more and more every day......I pray we find him and can get him into treatment.....I brought him to detox a week ago and they could not admit for 4 hours!!! So he ran. The system in Florida needs to change this is not just a prescribed problem...75% is bought as street drugs. 
Lorraine Semidey In memory of my beautiful 28 year old daughter, Kristin Schryver... Died of a OxyContin overdose on 2/23/2009. No parent should ever have to bury their child. 
lynn niehaus As a victim of the lies concocted by the drug companies, please stop the manufacture and distribution of this highly addicting drug! 
Robin and Vince Cesario Joseph Vincent Cesario 09/09/1978-11/12/11. His twin brother Daniel Jon Cesario 09/09/1978-11/29/11 both died from overdose of prescription drugs forever in our heats. Mother and daddy 
Rose Hanks  
Ann Burlock  
Dale Jollota  
Jessica Ginson  
leslie schumacher I have watched my boyfriend change before my eyes over the past year taking oxycontin. Its destruction of deciet and denial are overwhelming.please take stop making this horrific drug. Save all the lives and countless innocent loved ones that go though the tortur. es of this pill thank you. And my prayers go to all of you that this one pill has destoyed your lives.  
Valerie Loveys As an advocate I believe if I can save one child I can save the world..In the war against Drugs ~Valerie 
Debbie E. I lost my Son to this drug. It was prescribed to him and killed him. It needs to be taken off the market!!!! 
Gerri Scott  
Anonymous Ban if all... The most evil drug I've ever seen. I support the banning of ALL opiates unless administered by a healthcare professional  
Kelly R My brother has made life for my parents hell and after several rehabs he won't stop using. I hope this drug goes away because he's killing everyone around him 
John Stitz Sick of The Zombies... 
Donna Bell So heartbroken over this and I've lost a child due to this substance. 
Joy Miller  
Jenny graham  
Diane My son of 27 years old was prescribe these pills, and no drug tests were done too see if he was taking too many.. I lost him at a young age. A very intelligent man who worked full time and ot all the time. His life was cut short because of Dr's who go ahead and prescribe these pills but really do not monitor their patients.. I feel he died at the hands of a Dr please stop giving these out like they are candy.. 
Karen Adams My husband and I are watching our very much loved adult child who was always witty, fun loving, good natured and a loving family member change to an apathetic, no personality, isolated, gloomy, not caring about himself adult. After years of taking care of himself, working out at the gym everyday he tore his bicep. After insurance screw-ups, he was told he was too late for surgery to help him. Dr. started prescribing oxycontin for a prolonged period of time. The rest of the story is clear. Addiction has taken over his life. We want our son back!! We want this drug banned!!!! Our son is just one of many victims from this horrendous life taking drug. Family members become victims too!!!! GET RID OF OXYCONTIN!!!!!!!!!  
vivian zambus I would love to speak to other victims of this drug.Is there any support system for this other than NA or AA ? Please feel free to contact me at any time.7 years ago my life was drastically changed forever because of this drug! 
Alyssa Moran  
kim kellam I HATE all pills honestly. BUT...this one is killing my husband. He takes it for fibromyalgia, injuries from car accidents, and a torn rotator cuff. I worry all the time and I swear his personality has changed. My opinion??? Doctors are just legal drug dealers with all these meds. I know there are more natural treatments out there, but doctors nowadays just whip out that rx pad all too quickly. Ban this drug! (and all of them if I had my way!) 
Jennifer moberley  
CDM Ban the evil drug, does not help pain it only causes more pain for the whole family... 
Linda Get this garbage out of our country..96 percent of heroin comes from Afgainistan..Imagine that??? Greedy sick demented doctors..How do they sleep at nite..Our government is aware of the war on drugs too..disgusting,,,Just lost my x husband from this garbage..My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone they loved By this awful soul stealer..There is not a single person you talk to that has not been affected by this drug one way or another..sickens me. 
Alison Small Families destroyed, Lives destroyed. Enough is enough!! 
Kathleen Baswell On June 23rd 2006 my world stopped when I found my precious 24yr old son dead. He had overdosed on heroin and Oxycontin. After being clean for almost a year he relapsed for the final time and left a devastated family that loved him with all our hearts. Three other young men that all my children grew up with are also gone now due to these horrific drugs. As an RN i cannot imagine how Physicians can still prescribe oxcy. As I went through my sons room after his passing I found an empty rx bottle for oxcy in his pocket, an rx that he had gotten two days before his death from a physician that he had never seen before. This physician gave him oxcy on his first visit because he said he had a backache! No x-rays no nothing!! Please this has got to stop!  
Samuel griffin  
stephanie please ban this drug :( it is far too dangerous and takes lives too easily 
Tony Gerardi God bless to all the familys and friends who lost a loved one from this!!! I feel it is insane to have this drug on the market or any opiate that doctors or dentist can dole out. I am amazed to see how close this is to heroin!!! How in the world was this allowed? Why hasn't it been stopped already? Is it money and politics? How many more people have to die before something is done? Where r the attorneys to stop this? God guide us through this and give us the courage and knowledge to end this.  
Keith Oppelt Pain killers should be handed out each dose by a doctor... It's caused hell in my life, luckily I got away from it in time. I'm over one year now without taking a pain pill. 
Gina Keffer oxycontin is a nasty drug. Thank the lord above i am allergic to it or any morphine based products. i believe it should only be given in hospitals for serious injurys. under supervision. 
Stephanie Powell It hurts more than it helps. It doesn't save lives, only takes them. The risk is NOT worth it!  
Anonymous It's the devil and I no from experience and lucky enought for me I'm 27 days off after a 5 year addiction that started from an injury. I got so addicted and only needed more and more. I'm sorry for all those who have lost loved ones and my deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. I no how hard it is to kick COLD TURKEY with no help and you feel as if you can't tell your family BC you are so embarrassed about what this drug had done to your body. It is a daily thing I will have to live with and every day feels hard for me I only hope and pray I will be myself again soon but after all I'm still going thru I will NEVER go back to that evil side.  
Anonymous This drug has turned my intelligent, friendly, goal oriented, athletic son into every typical description of a serious drug addict. Heartbreaking. 
Anonymous Sometimes the remedy is worst than the illness 
marion Breg I lost my 23 year old Grandson from addiction to this horrible killer- originally prescribed for pain from a serious surgery and sent home from the hospital with a prescription - and became addicted to this killer drug. Why does a drug manufacturer have a licence to kill so many good innocent people?? Stop this legal murdering. 
Jan Paradiso My niece was first prescribed oxy when she went into her dr. with a back injury, that was 8 yrs. ago. My niece has been abusing this narcotic for the past 7 years, she was forced to find a dr. in a different county due to the fact that she has been black balled in her own county. She recently had an operation repairing a hernia that was strangling her intestines, an operation that has been repeatedly scheduled for the past two years that they were unable to do due to her drug consumption. She was taken back to the hospital by ambulance last night after getting high and passing out on the floor breaking open her stitches, her son went to her house to check on her and found her on the floor. I have tried to call her "DRUG DOCTOR" to plead with him to stop refilling that prescription as I am afraid she will not back the rest of the year. The Dr.????? has not answered or returned my call, you have to contact him by his cell phone.  
Katrina Coville I have seen good people, turn into zombies. Falling asleep holding a cigarette, falling down, over dosing, etc. I didn't see it this bad until I came down to Florida from New Hampshire. Its sad. I have had way too many friends go to their graves way too early. I don't want to see anymore. Doctors need to stop giving out these drugs. Its all about money, that's the reason they don't. They get people on pills, then you need more and more because your tolerance becomes so high. Then they start buying them so they don't get sick and die. We need to put a stop to this! Our children are at risk! 
Ross Davies Good luck - you have a LOT of signatures already. Sorry to the ppl who have lost loved ones. 
Becca Mehlin I buried my 23 year old nephew May 10, 2013. He died of an OxyContin overdose. He was a recent honors college graduate, scored 31 on the ACT, was fluent in English and Spanish. He was kind, smart, funny. He was addicted to OxyContin. Please get this lethal drug off the prescription drug list approved by the FDA. 
marsha favors I think the Dr. should be responsible for so many lives dying because of this drug. i had lung surgery and they keep giving them to me like candy. its nuts they should be more educated. it is taking over all ages. let all put a stop to this drug. 
Anonymous It is a horrible drug that take control and priority of the persons life, they don't care anymore about anything or anyone all they care is getting medicine. 
Kimberly Nikirk My daughter is 24 and we have been battling this demon for over 2 years. We are watching her kill herself with this drug. 
Susan Lamberton Please remove this horribly dangerous drug from the market. I lost my only son, 32 years old, four years ago in Orlando, Florida.. He would be here today if had it not been for this drug and his irresponsible doctor for giving him high dosages along with other medications. 
Hailey Alberger I, myself, have an addiction. removing this from the market, or limiting the distribution, would help people like me more than you know. and save millions of lives. 
Devan McFadden My brother and father were/are addicted to this drug because the doctor kept prescribing OxyContin to them even when they didn't need it anymore .. My father is no longer here and my brother is still addicted to this horrible drug in a different stay .. Somebody please get this drug off the market once and for all .. 
Kimberly Battease I would like to give a shout out to OxyContin for feeding the worst mental illness in the United States, costing the lives of countless youth, and most importantly, killing my best friend. Glad to hear you accept blood money. 
Don Lanier My Cousin Jimmy was murdered for his 20 pills he was given after Back surgery, if a drug is that powerful over people to make them want to kill others to get it, we dont need it, BAN IT,  
Anonymous Epidemic, epidemic, epidemic.... criminal prosecution for the Doctor's who prescribe like candy,..... get the Responsible Doctors on our side to agree and lobby for a ban..... 
Rebecca Yarborough I am a social worker and have seen my fair share of people fighting addition. This med is the worst I have dealt with. These are normal people who have accidents of health issues with so much pain that they are treated with this junk. I have watched good mothers and fathers turn on their families due to withdrwawl from this stuff. Why doctors still hand it out is beyond my thinking. I pray that all that have been affected get treatment asap. Please keep in mind that if you are going to try to get clean... dont sign up for the suboxone program or you will still have serious side effects. This is another LIFE SENTANCE!! You will NEVER be able to go without Suboxone or you will become violently ill! Same goes for methadone! If you want to get clean... GO SOBER! 
Trudy Please take this drug off the market. 
james emery  
Jamie Leuthauser My 34 year old sister was addicted to opiates. She passed away July 16, 2012 after being prescribed a toxic combination of benzodiazepines & opiates following a motorcycle accident. She was taking Klonopin for years due to anxiety & was prescribed Oxycodine & Valuim by one doctor & a day later was prescribed OxyCotin by another doctor in the same medical facility. First script was filled on 7/10, the second script filled on 7/11 & she was found lifeless 7/12. RIP sis! We all love you & miss you Mother, daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter goddaughter cousin and friend!!!  
Zachery Thomas Please ban this and ALL OPIATES 
Robert Ajiul Oxycontin ruined my life. 
Desiree my grandpa Dalton taylor was my hero and a damn good man that never touched drugs. and when he was perscribed oxycontin he was imedently hooked and he died in 2005 for overdose . 
RadioLUCKY7 Here at radioLUCKY 7, we have not one buy 2 employees. Our head technician and one of our broadcasters that have lost members of family, and are themselves recovered addicts. This needs to stop.  
Marie Gertsch Dear Mrs. Thompson, I just watched the 16x9 episode on Canada's Oxycontin issue, including the tragic death of your son, Michael. I lost my only child 25 years ago, albeit not to a drug overdose, but rather she was hit by a car. I know first hand the way a child's death affects a parent, and my heart goes out to you. I had requested a stoplight be put at that intersection, and after another child was killed a year after my daughter, finally a stoplight was put in. So to a degree, I also see those two deaths as ones that could have - should have, been avoided - just as your son's could have been avoided. So I also know the frustration that goes with the grief. Five years ago I was put on oxycodone. As my tolerance built up I was offered oxycontin, but I'd heard of how addictive it was and declined. Unfortunately my body did develop a dependence on the oxycodone. Also, like your son, I withdrew from my life, isolated myself from family and friends. Last year I decided to wean myself off of the pain meds and have now been opiate free for several months. However, two weeks ago I had to go to the ER for severe dehydration. The nurse gave me morphine for my leg/stomach cramps without my permission and I was furious, as I feared it would cause me to go through the withdrawal again. Turns out I didn't get withdrawal symptoms, but I also did not get any pain relief. For those of us that have been on pain meds for a long time are in a horrible position, in that if we are injured or require surgery - what are we do to for the pain? If we do get pain meds, we will need a high dose to handle the pain, and then we risk becoming addicted again, and have to go through the withdrawal again. My point being that people who decide to accept pain meds for chronic pain need to realize that becoming dependent on those pain meds have long reaching consequences - such as what to do when you are injured or require surgery? I am very impressed by your determination to bring awareness of the dangerous drug, Oxycontin, to the public. You have honored your son Michael's life and death in the best way possible, trying to help stop another parent from having to suffer the horrific pain and loss of a child's death. In my eyes you are a true hero. I hope you are doing well, although, like me, I am sure you think of Michael every day, miss him, and think of what he'd be doing now if he were still alive. One NEVER 'gets over' the death of their child. We learn how to live on without them, but with a huge hole in our heart and a void in our lives where they and they potential spouse and children (our grandchildren) should be. Warmest regards, Marie 
Cathy Letalien I have been reading the many comments about oxycontin and Purdue Pharma should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to market such an evil drug!!! This drug took my son who was an upstanding young man full of life and a bright future. I am so angry this drug continues to be pushed out to our communities and killing our loved ones!!! This has to be stopped!!! What will it take Purdue Pharma before you discontinue this evil evil drug!!! How can you in good conscious continue manufacturing and marketing this horrible drug!!! Please please stop this madness!!! 
JoAnna Poteet  
Anonymous Oxycontin is a horrible drug that changes people into zombies that only care about getting a fix. Ive had several friends die of it and it took my life away for five years! I did things i never thought and am still struggling to feel normal again. 
David Greco  
Bradley Lynam Prescription drugs have effected my life in the following ways: #1 - 10 Years ago. My Teena, the love of my life, became addicted to prescription pain medication. She is no longer the healthy, athletic, joyful and pretty girl she once was. She OD'd and now lays in a bed. She has brain damage due to opiate induced stroke. Teena was prescribed pain medication by the bottles and bottles from Doctors. This was a slow development. Teena's addiction(behavior)negatively affected her family's and my life for years. She initially only went to see a doctor for a back ache. That doctor effected all our lives forever because he thought best to prescribe Oxycontin. #2 - Just 3 Months ago: My awesome next door neighbors, Paul and Cathy. Their son Jeremy took his life in a sad way. He got addicted to pain medications. Prescription drugs radically had an effect on his life in a negative way. In all respects he was super cool guy: great family, life, job, college educated, had money, good looking, friends...... no physical pain, but Oxycontin found a way into his life and in effect took his life. It took hold so quickly. I feel so bad about it all. 
Jennifer Yoon  
Anonymous I have never heard of:"Oxycontin". The only sugesttion a can make is to Have: "O'RIELLY" from FOXNEWS get involved with.He has done womder about thing s of this order. I am sure he may be able to HEPL.  
Sergio M DiLorenzo  
Laura Bongiovanni  
Debbie Please stop this insanity which is happening to our country, young & old !!! 
Lucy My best friend is lost to this drug now. It is the saddest thing I have ever known.  
Douchie Getant To all the Families, I can only imagine this pain and lost, but truly we are in this together. May God turn his face towards us Kind Regards, 
Bill covington  
Zachary Dronet Ive lost so many family members to this drug, it needs to be off of the market now ! 
Anonymous My husband had a back surgery and was perceived oxys and he ended up so addicted he has lost several jobs ...the horrific withdrawal sent him to the street drugs where his life ..and our pets were in danger he is living in a trailer ...list ...friends . total personality change...and sadly we r divorcing after three failed treatment centers in 4 I am husband less....childless ..and financial on my own .oxy affects everyone in terrible ...negative ways ....thank you for banning it  
Anonymous when will it stop....we should not have to say goodbye to you children.  
Elisabeth English My sweet young (23)daughter was prescribed this drug for a year & a half when she OverDosed & got severe brain damage from the overdose. Now a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic she will never have a normal life. She even got pregnant & her baby was taken out of her arms by CPS before she left the hospital & is now in foster care. CPS "educated" shrink insists she take Another psychotic drug (Risperidone) to "manage" the Oxy damage. So she did --three weeks of it & now she is far worse & threaten every day--to throw herself off of a local bridge so she "can see God". These dam drugs are Not the Answer. Can anyone help us? If I don't get her around the clock care she will have to be locked up the rest of her life in a mental hospital. They took my kind hearted, sweet, friend to all, daughter who never did a drug in her life & destroyed her with their legal addictive drugs Never telling her or her family the danger ahead. These pharmaceutical company executives should all go to jail for the damage they are doing to our kids & our society!! God bless the families who have had to endure the loss of their loved ones because of these drugs. There is no way to bring back the brain damaged or those who actually died from these drugs. Shame on the FDA for allowing these drugs in our society. They are permanently brain altering & highly addictive & can & will change a person's (& their families) lives FOREVER. Thank you for any advice or help you can give us -- we live every day trying to somehow save our daughter :( 
Jim Reed Thank you for creating this petition, I fully support a ban on Oxycontin and other pure forms of oxycodone. The destruction that this drug causes far out ways the benefits. Nearly everyone in American knows someone who has been negatively affect by this drug while few know anyone who actually benefits. A dear friend of mine took his own life 4 years after being prescribed the medication for a back injury he had never used drugs or alcohol prior to this, he left behind a wife and 3 children. Shame on Purdue Pharma and the FDA for trying to band aid the situation rather than invest in discovering an alternative medication. It is time to end the heartache.  
Tamara taylor Ive lost friends and family from overdosing on perscription drugs. These drugs need to be banned im tired of all the ones i care about dying off these dangerous drugs this epidemic needs to end..... 
Carla LaStella  
Vicki Fyles I have a daughter who had everything, including a wonderful fiancé. Since both of them became addicted to Oxycontin their world has crumbled down around them. I dont want to lose my daughter. Please STOP PRODUCING and DISTRIBUTING this drug before this already too long list of addictions and deaths of a petition gets any longer.  
Anonymous There were people who lived thru having amputations and severe pain without products like Oxycontin. I think oxycontin use for any reason is worse than the pain it prevents and maybe it would be better to live through the bodies healing job pain and it's own desensitization applied to pain. Oxycontin is heroin in synthetic form but synthetic or natural, who cares? Same end results. It primes the pump to substitute with heroin which is cheap allowing drug dealers to continue to feed the fire while the imprisoned die. It is not even a gateway drug. It is the drug heroin. Pain goes away from broken bones and surgery. The pain and destruction to nation's, friends and families doesn't. It just becomes a historic collapse that gets marked as an occurrence in time like the opium dens of China's past. Ban it and don't let something like this happen again! 
Anonymous Please stop the addiction 
Pam Fodor It's a horrible epidemic in the midwest, taken the toll on my family and many others, unfortunate to lead into even more dangerous heroine use and awful law breaking acts in order to get it. I don't know how many signatures we need to get this recognized, but, please, not another life lost to this awful addiction/ 
Anonymous I know more than one family member who is hopelessly addicted to these evil pills. I think it's a ploy to just suck peoples insurance money! They get them addicted to this legal DRUG and then they have no choice but to keep getting it and getting it. GET RID OF THIS CRAP! My family members who are addicted can barely function because of it! 
john haines  
Anonymous I am hopelessly addicted to this god awful drug. I was prescribed after my second operation to my spine. I was given tramadol thru my first surgery and was VERY uncomfortable but survived. My life is a living hell now and those who have not been thru this can ever comment of how one should be able to walk away from it. After stopping (I have gone 30 days with no avail) Diarrhea, vomiting absolutely NO SLEEP for 21days straight due to shooting pain and spasms in arms and legs. How do you get up work, care for kids, etc without sleeping. Drs have been handing these drugs out like candy for years now for the smallest pain ailments and only now for fear of loss of license and incarceration are they starting to look away from there wallets not caring about the trail of misery left of death and anguish.  
traci stickel I am just glad this is one thing I hadn't tried and never plan too  
Charles Reeves  
Anonymous We need to get these pills off the market i had a terrible past with these pills and they haunt me everyday, living in fear is no way to live, lets get rid of it!  
Dan McPhail I'm Dan McPhail, a 65 year old broken hearted dad. On November 19th 2012 my beloved first son Todd said good night to us the evening before at 8 pm. By 3am the next morning he was dead in his sleep from taking Purdue Pharmaceuticals Oxycontin and mixing it with alcohol. 19 men age 20-40 a DAY die from this legal garbage, which SHOULD only be prescribed for TERMINAL extreme pain no hope cancer patients or severe burn cases. Purdue executives KNOW it and continue to supply bogus pill mills in Florida as detailed in a factual tv documentary months ago. Todd's death has left me beyond devastated. He leaves a 4 year old daughter who will never know her dad and over 200 of his friends co workers and family numb with grief. Todd was one of the NATION'S top MRI technicians and his patients are denied his skills and although he's at peace not even knowing he's gone one TWO MINUTE lapse in judgement to use this synthetic heroin cost him his life. There is NO valid medical reason for this garbage to be sold. Ironically one Derrick Hoffman whom we called to BE A PALL BEARER AT MY SONS funeral DIED in a Rite Aide Pharmacy after taking a Purdue Oxycontin BEFORE WE BURIED TODD. Ironically Todd had a friend here in Flint Michigan named Luis who ALSO od'd on this crap. At his friends FUNERAL 4 years ago Todd said to me "don't worry dad, i won't wind up like Louie. I'm smarter than that". I think of that statement when i tend to Todd's grave in Davison Michigan's Cemetery.  
amy lott i belive that oxycontin should be banned i live in ga and have watched may people die over the last 5 years ranging from 20 to 50 because of this drug it is out of hand and once it gets it grip on someone it wont let go i have seen repectable hard working people turn in to addicts this is really sad and something needs to be done 
Lesley-Anne Goodfellow I'm in Canada. Same suffering up here. It's horrible to watch someone you care about struggle with this terrible, terrible drug. 
Declan Devlin  
Kayla Reilly  
Anonymous Oxy has successfully turned almost every 18 - 25 in my neighborhood into a toothless zombies in a 3 year period. This company is a total disgrace.  
Alanna Reilly my boyfriend of 6 years is highly addicted to Oxycontin. everyday i worry about what will happen to him. He was my best friend and my everything and the drug has taken over his life, he is a different person now all that matters is how is he going to get his next high. i have seen the effects of this pill and i can not believe it is still on the market today. How many people have to lose their lives before people realize the devastating effects of this pills and take them completely off the market.  
Kelsey Walsh  
Kristin Lawrence  
miriam rowland Time to get this "demon drug" off the market. It is addictive when taken as prescribed.  
Matthew Habecker After being diagnosed with bone cancer, I was prescribed OxyContin and Opana for pain management. Fortunately, my cancer went into remission within two years, however at that time I was addicted to the pain killers. I did all that I could to get as many pills as possible, No matter the cost to myself or my family and friends. I lost my job, I lost friends, and I lost my motivation to live. All I cared about was if I would have enough pills to get through the day. Because of my previous cancer diagnosis, my general practitioner willingly dispensed hundreds of OxyContin and Opana pills post cancer per my request. Twice during the course of one year, I stopped breathing from taking an overdose of pills unintentionally. I finally had a wake up call when I was no longer able to obtain pills and went through severe withdrawals for two weeks. That experience left me feeling disgusted with myself and my actions, and I promised to turn my life around and no longer make obtaining narcotic prescription pain medicine my number one goal. It's been a long and rough journey, but I'm happy to say I am healthy and thriving now. There is no reason for this truck to be on the market. It is so highly addictive that It destroyed my former life as an MBA educated executive who never previously had any desire to engage in drug use. This drug destroys lives and kills, yet it is legal! People need to band together to ban this drug immediately. 
Anonymous Has anyone checked out the OVERDOSE & SUICIDE RATE in Graham County, Arizona associated with O X Y C O N T I N??????? Those of you who do NOT agree with this petition shouldn't be here in the first place, and should be redirecting your browser to a DRUG ABUSE REHABILITATION SITE, admitting you have a problem is the first step to taking accountability for your Chemical Dependency. DO IT for yourself, children, relatives, friends etc. That is, if there is any CARE left within your cold-hearted damaged emotions. I FULLY SUPPORT THE BAN OF THIS CRAP AMONG MANY OTHERS SUCH AS: XANAX, PERCOCET, VICODIN, MORPHINE, METHADONE, SABOXIN................ 
Anonymous This BULLSH*T has been handed out like candy by doctors ALL OVER Arizona and completely ruined my sister's life! Her brains have gone to mush and the whole town of Safford/Thatcher, AZ is filled with ZOMBIES that steal whatever, whenever they can to sell for money to buy this BS off the street from people who have been prescribed Oxycontin. So for all of this, I cannot sleep at night but instead..I sit outside all night and guard my yard. 
Meagan Montanari My life is a testimony to the devastating effects of Oxycontin. I became addicted when i was only 16 years old to the drug, which seemed like a "classier" substitute for heroin. Now, with my college degree in pharmacology behind me and rendered useless because of my addiction, I know that Oxycontin is the SAME as heroin? How can this drug be legal? I almost died from this drug, and i remember thinking, how is it that heroin is illegal and this "pharmaceutical heroin" is legal?! You can get it from a doctor and then from a pharmacy! How can this be? Now, in lifelong recovery from opiates (Oxycontin started my addiction and I ended up being an IV Heroin user) my life has gotten a lot better. However, now my little brother is suffering the horrific effects of Oxycontin. My dad lives in Panama and in that country, ALL OPIATES ARE ILLEGAL! They are on to something! Oxycontin should be made illegal and these evil pharmaceutical devils should be put in prison for a long, long time! They lied to us and because of their greed, a lot of our american families are broken or torn apart. This drug MUST BE MADE COMPLETELY 100 PERCENT ILLEGAL!  
Chance Miles I am still a recovering addict from this drug,i used to help with my 3 shoulder surgeries, but 1 pill was never enough and when i ran out, i looked on the streets, and it almost made me lose everything! how can a drug like this be legal. 
JoAnn Harley Shame on pain management that prescribes this without having withdrawal programs.  
Jessica May  
Carol Pedersen  
susan koontz Please take this horrible drug out of public's hands.People are dying and families are being ruined by this drug.There are other less harmful methods of pain relief than addiction and death. 
Samantha Jones  
Brad Leblanc  
Tracey The person I considered my adopted mother got hooked on this wicked drug after an accident. She was in NA, but couldn't shake her addiction. She overdosed and was in a coma for over a week. She made it out of the coma, swore she would do whatever it took to quit, but this evil drug rode her down the path to her own death. A few months later she suicided. Devistating to say the least.... 
Anonymous as an insurance professional, i see oxycontin as a problem for anyone that uses it.. it should only be allowed for someone who is terminally ill... someone on hospice.  
Rebecca Urda  
Anonymous My father has been addicted to oxycotin for the past 8 years and has torn us apart. He is not the man who he used to be. I just want my dad back.  
justin fraser it kills way too many people addicts are everywhere  
Anonymous A friend just lost his son.  
Cheryl Ketcham It is sad that has come to the point that we are at that we have to ban a drug that has brought comfort to so many with life threatening illness's. However, as a recovering addict I know how dangerous and at what lengths and lies these drugs take people to just to get through a day. And it is ugly. In these days and times we make phones that are at times smarter then we are, why can we not make a medication that can prevent pain without making you feel like Oxycontin makes you feel ?????  
Laurie Marchetti I firmly believe Oxycontin/Oxycodone should be banned! I hear all too often of people becoming addicted to it, which is increasing at alarming rates. Crimes committed and needless deaths because of it have also skyrocketed. Doctors are prescribing it like candy, giving it to those who could most definitely find less harmful ways to reduce pain. As I see it, it's legal cocaine. Every prescribed medication has side effects (which is why I stay clear of any), we all hear the commercials for a medicine that fixes one thing, but can cause a number of fatal effects. The addicts this medicine creates are from all walks of and poor, young and old, etc., which in turn affects us all. Purdue Pharma L.P., the maker of Oxycontin has already been ordered to pay $634.5 million dollars for misleading the public about the painkillers risk of when will we get a law to ban it? 
Johnny S my mother used to be a great person. she used to be so talented, she was a singer at church, she even had original albums she was going to get on the market. she used to have a well paying job and a stable family life, but then oxycontin came into her life. it all started when she went to a crooked doctor who wrote her that first prescription, it all went downhill from their. she cheated on my father, and left me and him for the guy (who ended up backing out of the affair to be with his family). she came back into my life and was using every day. she would pick me up from elementary school at least an hour late every day, and she would often drive me home under the influence of alcohol, oxycontin, and xanax. she would hallucinate and swerve to avoid animals and people that didnt exist. she even burned our house down while under the influence of oxycontin. shortly after, she started having the shakes, which ended up costing her her job. she then started dating a very bad man, a very abusive controlling man. he beats her and abuses her regularly and even threatened my life at one point, he is the main reason me and my mother no longer see eachother. she has prescriptions for xanax, oxycontin, various blood pressure medications, and antidepressants. she has not been herself since i was about 5 years old, i am now 18. along with crooked "doctors" and oxycontin, the life of a very talented successful woman was turned upside down, which in turn has ruined the life of her ex-husband and my childhood. this "medication" has no medicinal value, it cures no ailments and prevents no diseases. all it does is line the pockets of corrupt doctors and pharmaceutical companies. ban this DRUG and make the doctors and companies capitalising on peoples addictions pay for what they have done. 
Adam Williams I lost my wife to this horrible drug 5 months ago. This drug needs to be outlawed and doctor's need to recognize the signs of someone becoming an addict. Tried countless times to get her help from doctors to law enforcement but no one would listen. Now I have to live with guilt and emotional pain everyday. Ban this drug! 
Anonymous I would never sign and support this initiative as this medicine has changed my life and allows me to be close to my old self once again. I've been on 7 other medications and none has helped me nearly as much as this. Unfortunately some abuse it and some become severely addicted but there is a difference between addiction and dependence. If dependent so be it, at least I can live in a more productive life that leads now to my entire happiness. I say thanks to this medicine as I am ever so thankful for my life back. Daryl ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTE: Daryl is "a soldier" for the drug companies until the slow deterioration of mind and soul fully takes hold. Family members of this individual are welcome to share their observation of Daryl after a longer period of time on OxyContin. I allowed this comment in order to emphasize the typical personal testimonials that keep the misrepresentation of OxyContin alive. These testimonials, without more information, have fooled the media for years. This person is beneficial to Purdue until the mental dysfunction moves beyond control. Daryl is a "legitimate patient" until the psychological damage becomes more fully evident. His comment was written during the "heroin euphoria" OxyContin brings.  
Gene Frank I am almost 60 years old and I find that I need to rebuild my life in order to get by. Lost my son recently to an insanely wicked vise. The grip that this drug can have on some people is pathetic - and it seems that certain people are more at risk. My other children and myself can take this drug for pain and have no other interest in using it - It does not make us feel high. My boy popped his 1st Oxy at age 15 and thereafter became an occasional user. As he got older and hit certain stress points in life he went through binges until he got to the point of no control - like a train coming down the trac and I am standing there holding him and only I can get out of the way - can you believe it - I had to leave him there. We all saw it coming while I prayed to God that he would not discover the cheaper alternative. He was my occupation - I was so wrapped up in him and had such beautiful visions of our future. The 1st time I caught him using heroin he cried his eyes out in shame and guilt - and I thought that this meant he was cured because how can he ever repeat something that made him cry in utter sadness? So the drug fooled both of us in different ways. After 3 months of in patient rehab he tried to get normal and had 6 weeks of beautiful clean fun life with many straight friends that supported him. One nite he broke away from their care and on a sneak did his final deed. The train is still rolling - if you can't get off the trac please please ask for help if you cannot do it alone. 
Cliff Brulotte  
Darlene Bond  
Kimberly Kasonic My best friend is a recovering OxyContin addict, and she's been clean for almost seven months now. OxyContin should be banned because I know firsthand what it does and how it changes the ones we love and care about. No one should have to go through that pain, and OxyContin is not the answer. I almost lost my best friend, and my heart breaks for anyone who has lost a loved one because of OxyContin, and I wish it would never happen again because of this evil drug. 
Madison Hynes  
Erica Henderson This drug has ruined many lives close to my including my aunt sister first cousin and multiple friends. Its beyond out of control. Crime is occurring over obtaining this drug and people are getting hurt. The doctors of America are responsible. More regulations on them must be demanded! 
Ansley Choate  
Deborah S. Reid  
Joann Brooks This drug problem across the country is ruining alot of peoples lives.Here in our own county being made on a daily basis.We have to do something to save our children. 
Mercedez Calleros  
Caitlin Eberly I personally have encountered first hand the destruction that oxycontin can cause, it helped to ruin my life and made me loose myself for awhile. I know how extremely fortunate I am to have come out on the other side of this battle alive. I have lost loved ones and seen others family members be taken by this drug. I have been clean for over a year now, and strongly feel that oxycontin should be off the market, it is far to easily accessible. It is an epidemic in America and needs to be stopped. 
Trudy Vermehren  
Athena Rokas  
Michelle Hicks  
Stephanie Stavrou  
Nico Knigt Will suck every last ounce of life out of you. Will make you rob from your family. Will make you feel like you have nothing good to live for. Will RUIN your life and the lifes of the ones around you. I have been clean off this drug since March 5, 2011. Please get this garbage off the streets and PLEASE put these doctors in jail supplying it. Will do anyhting to help promote this!!!!!!  
Annaleigh Lizana  
Anonymous Save our families. Take this drug off the streets.  
Peter Sells  
Mark McDonald  
Ramse Kfoury  
Tiffany Clark  
Jo Simon I got my loved one back from the greatest hell I ever experienced and I'm a lucky one! 
Lory Manibog Please please please put a stop to manufacturing of Oxycontins its killing our children and murderring our families.  
michael flannery I think it is appalling that our government would sit back and let big buisness for the pharmaceutical companies take presidents over the lives of our loved ones I think it is time for action and if Purdue won't do whats right and And pull this dangerous drug from the market then the FDA should by all means avalible ban this drug. 
Hugh McCann Good cause 
deborah steele my mom is on oxycontin 95 mg a day and she has a few symptoms like yours im worried and dnt know wat to do so I agree with the ban Deborah steele 
Apres mclaughlin  
viola cain The city I live in has so many People young ,and old, all walks of life. Several Drs. have lost their lives because of oxycontin. It should ban yes. I have a grandson on drugs . we are at wits end on how to help him.treatment center don't help ....".WHAT IS THE ANSWER""Please help viola cain 
Carol McAdam my family has been through so much because of this pill I have never seen any thing like it My 23 Year old son has battled the addiction but before kicking the problem it caused a lot of pain for the whole family would go down to his room in the morning and listen at his door to see if he was still breathing because i would be locked out of his room. Yes I am blessed he is still here with us. I went to every place I could with him looking for help. He even had Insurance and if he tested postive for opdids he would be refused .I Pray they take it off the market I want to start a chapter called MAPP mothers agaisnt pill pushers 
Anonymous it is destroying my daughters life. I see her every day getting worse, and addicted more on this crab. Me and her husband tried the impossible to make her stop, but we failed. she has a two and a half old daughter and she is only twenty years old. It is so sad. this medication is destroying so many people's lives. 
Mark I am an GAD (anxiety disorder) patient, and I suffer from periods of depression. It is medically known that GAD patients are susceptible to substance abuse. Recently, I was diagnosed with stage one tumors on both kidneys. I am writing today because I also had a MAJOR negative personality shift when taking this drug after the kidney operations. Within days after my second operation, I found myself yelling at a guy at a local drive in because he was confused over what I had ordered. A day or so later I had to admit myself to the hospital, since I couldn't sleep, had itchy skin, extreme irritability and confusion. Fairly typical allergic reaction in my non-doctor opinion. The doctor told me in his opinion it was the drug. I readily handed him the whole bottle, and even tho' I believed I would be in horrible pain, went home. Imagine my surprise when I had no pain the next day! I have too many other pain issues to list, but I would like to point out that even tho' I have been on Oxycodine aka Vicodin many times over the years, and I am prescribed it to treat chronic pain. I do not have these issues with Vicodin. I can take them or not depending on my pain level, I don't take them to get "high." I do not have that addictive need. A counselor once told me that the cigarette was "the perfectly designed addictive drug because it was easily obtained, clean, and all that you need to administer it is a match. How much more so then this cousin of heroin, Oxycontin? Simply pop it in your mouth and off you go! It does not surprise me that the politicians of this land have done nothing to ban this drug. It's about money folks. There ARE older substitutes that work just as well. I realize that all these drugs are all based on the same drug, but there is something about Oxycontin that makes it far worse. I believe that in the coming years we will see how the big drug companies had hidden the truth from the public about this horrible, mind altering, life destroying menace, OXYCONTIN. 
Dustin Goss Because of this pill, I lost my best friend im so sick of this drug it comes with addicition and and itll take over your life. Why is this even a option to take when weve lost so many. I will do anything I need to do to get this drug off the streets.It disgust me. 
Carolyn Durbin  
sheila walker My sin was addicted to roxys. Thank God he is now clean. The stuff he done while taking those thingswill affect him for the rest of his life.but im do glad that he is alive! 
Ethan davis  
Patty Butler This is for myself and you Jeremy Letalien... I love and miss you soooo much. Life will never be the same. 
anita d crawford  
Kim Everett  
Kim Cooper  
Dina Heym  
Amber Rector I am signing this petition in honor of my friend Jeremy Letalien. We never knew how strong this drug was, that it could take such a brilliant man away from us. I love you and may you rest in peace.  
Vanessa Cabanas I am signing this petition in honor of my friend Jeremy Letalien, I pray that his life will help change lives of others struggling with this terrible addiction! We miss you Jeremy!!!!! 
Matt Everett OxyContin you ruined my young adult life!! I have spent years in prison and lost countless memories and several friends due to you. Your the worst thing that I ever experienced!  
Scott Aukerman I am signing this petition for Cathy L, who lost her son who was taking this drug. 
Kathleen Williams  
Minh Tran  
Allison Callender  
David Hill This couldn't be a more serious issue. This drug has an impact on "everyone." 
samantha belasco This drug needs to be taken off the market its ruining lives, destroying families, and killing our loved ones. How long can we sit back and allow this narcotic to take those that we hold so dear to our hearts away from us it needs to stop now. 
Gina Kane  
angie cozz  
Nicole May I have lost few people in the past but never knew how these drugs could be so addictive until I was prescribed them after a broken shoulder.Yes i said a broken shoulder which should have never been prescribed such a strong drug. I learned quickly how addictive it could be and stopped use immediately, of coarse not everyone is a strong as I was. I had a dear friend pass recently and this time it hit home hard. Her addiction was so powerful. She left behind all her family and her two beautiful children people who cared for her and it hurt o see her hurt.. Dr are just handing these pills out like they are Tylenol and something needs to be done about it. There has to be a better way to give this medication to the ones that actually really need it without ones that don't getting their hands on it.  
Anonymous This drug must be stopped. We have warnings everywhere regarding the use of illegall drugs and our prison and court systems are being tied up by petty drug use ie. marijuana and yet the politicians etc are turning a blind eye because we all know who fills there pockets come election time. These "legal" manufacturers are know better than the people making/dealing illegal drugs. Furthermore I pass on my sincere thoughts and condolences to those on here who have lost loved ones or those who are in the process of watching a loved one fighting the addiction as I am myself battling the addiction of what I first thought was a harmless drug.Please remember, You are not alone..  
Stephanie A. Patterson  
Dani Craft  
Renee Street  
Elizabeth Reed  
J R Kennedy I've seen this stuff do more than enough damage. Friends and relatives personalities change. Devious behavior. Prison. Enough. 
Maggie Curtindale  
annette allizzo We recently lost our 26 year daughter to an overdose, and I know it's only been a week since her death, however, I'm so angry at these people, scum of the earth people that call themselves doctors. I will do everything I can to stop this madness that is poisoning our society!! I vow not to stop.. 
norman nunly  
Kayli Taplin  
Roslyn Bain  
Hannah Kikcup  
Louise Bédard  
jo ann stone i have family members who are being prescribed oxycontin monthly by pill mill doctors in Florida. They have lost everything but continue to go to the doctor each month. They are legal and the doctors give 90 mg. a day to each of them. That is 90 30 mg pills a month. When each of them tried to quit the withdrawl was horrible. They are violent, in pain and out of control. I am in "the waiting room " hoping they will survive. How can this be happening? I had 3 hip replacements , one that failed caving into my pelvic bone and I was on a fentenol patch until the 3rd revision. They are healthy otherwise and now they are not due to the doctors. I think the doctors should cure not create disease. This is not right. They actually addict people , young healthy adults without any problems. It is an epidemic caused by doctors and drug company's for profit, while killing people? I don't get it.NO laws against this is evidence and proof that killing for profit is OK in Florida. Why can't this issue be resolved? MONEY. This will go down in history as a sort of plague caused by humans, not rats or flees. Century's from now this will be told. Sad.People from all walks of life are wondering , praying,and shocked that nothing is being done about this. It is like a twilight zone saga. When will it be addressed and will those suffering from the addiction be blamed? I'm sure those getting filthy and i do me filthy rich will prey on people-victims some other way to stay filthy rich. sad. 
j antonelli  
Teresa Lee I live with chronic pain everyday because I refuse to use painkillers. People are getting it to get high. Most people who are not terminally ill, can deal with the pain. It will not kill them! However the painkillers will. Please ban all opiods please please it is destryoing our society. 
Stephanie DeAngelis In memory go my little brother, Dennis Maddolo, who died at the age of 26 due to this horrific drug. Our lives are forever changed, and Mommy "died" the minute we walked away from your gravesite. I love and miss you aby brother. 
Rose Pirrone oxycontin is very dangerous and has the same hear me the same addictive qualities of heroin that being that it is synthetic heroin. Please do not turn you back or be blinded to that fact. I am sure you know it as well as we do. This drug has killed millions of people because the doctors that give it to these people and to the ones that sell it get big time money for doing this. Its a black market drug cartel and I really would like some action done to assure that this drug and other drugs that potentionally kill people will be baned. As a mother who has lost her son due to substance passing I am irate at the alarming rate these drugs hit the streets and the govenment that allow it to happen because they make millions of dollars doing so. James Harry McGowan 1-12-88 to 11-16-10 Rose Pirrone grieving mother  
Jacob P. please understand that this stuff is destroying a NOW x-friend of mine and with it her family. she fortunately has found someone who is helping her with her addiction by giving her other pills. her addiction seems to have ruined who she is sa person and it truly breaks my heart. please stop this stuff from being so available and instead of looking at how much money you can make, why not think about the people and families you can help save. please please please 
Landon Pryor  
Traci kaye Maddux I lost the love of my a life Emiliano Obiedo AKA Myloekoe, Milli Bug, Myloe, and Dewey. What an amazing person to have left us so early. Before its to late, and you have to live with the pain from the loss of someone so beautiful , talented and amazing. Just get rid of this stuff , its Heroine . The only difference its prescribed by doctors , they should know better . God bless you Emiliano , i will take care of Chili so good and try to get jubi back for you . My heart belongs to you forever . God , i miss you .  
michelle m All painkillers should be banned. 
Sabrina johns So hard to watch people's lives being ripped apart because of this drug!!!! 
Rachelle N. I forgot to add in my last post to the petition that a year after my husband decided to get help that we lost 2 friends to an overdose of Oxy and both were in within 3 days of each other. Both talented individuals in their fields. PLEASE stop this practice of just writing scripts for the sake of making money. 
Rachelle N. My husband was addicted to prescription pain medications including OxyContin for years. He called it "drug handcuffs" because he said that he felt like he couldn't get through the day without it--hence being handcuffed to it. He said alot of it was a mental thing--like if he didn't take a pill he would be sick or unable to function like a normal human being. Then he finally came to the realization that it wasn't "feeling normal" that made him want to stop the cycle of addiction--it was the fact that it wasn't who he really was. He went to a doctor that told him that he wouldn't support his addiction and if he "REALLY" wanted to stop--he could help.The doctor also warned him that if it worked he would be a 5% percent. He also said to remove himself from any friends or family that would be influence him to return to drugs. He did the Suboxone program the correct way , we moved 65 miles away from Largo/St. Pete and now he has been drug free for over 2 years. It was an injury that made him addicted in the first place. Now that my husband is clean and sober he also questions--if they banned Quaaludes back in the 1980's WHY haven't they banned a drug that is WAY more addictive and WAY more accessible than that was? Why are they allowing doctors and "pill mills" to continue to operate under the same laws? They have said they are going to control it but REALLY not much has been done. Kinda like they are going to control texting while driving RIGHT???? 
Carter H Yee Jr I was addicted to OxyContin for a long time and then I found out heroine was cheaper and that was it. I was stealing everything that wasn't nailed down just to get my next fix. It all started when I went to a doctor for my back and he prescribed me roxy's. after a while the roxy's didn't work for the pain so he put me on Oxys. Before too long I was going through a months script in 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. Then when my script ran out and I couldn't buy any off the streets the withdrawal hit. Man that was like pure hell. 
Anonymous hate it 
Megan marks  
Kenny Walters  
Leeann My dad took it to help with pain from a knee injury hes having a hard time coming off hes not himself i feel for all who have lost love ones through this it is so important this drug gets banned 
angela eberhart  
Amanda Rector Because of this addicting drug. I have lost a wonderful friend. He was smart and kind and so motivated to do great things in this world. Unfortunately this drug got a hold of him and was so powerful even he could not over come it. R.I.P. Jeremy Letalien 
john como  
Tina Belanger  
Anonymous I have witnessed first hand the downfalls of Oxy abuse. It takes the ones we love from us, whether it's who they are or pass on. In reality you feel like death either way. When you try to help they push you away. I lost my best friend and lover to drugs... It is time Dr's take a stand and help people instead of ruining their lives. 
Carter R. Pryor Jr was given this for neck pain, I had no pain but, after about 3 months on 200mg a day into HELL I went. Three years later I was up to 600mgs a day. Thank God I was able to get off this medications but it took a year and a half. I would rather deal with the neck pain.  
Paul Donald Letalien My wife and I lost our son this year to this drug at the age of 25. He was unable to beat the addiction and took his own life. For anyone that has family members that are in the clutch of this evil drug, I pray for you. My son Jeremy was a great kid and my wife and I were very proud of him. This drug robbed him of his future. I have never seen someone who was on the ball and the right track in life change so quickly. Moving forward after this great loss is very difficult. How many more have to pass away before something changes?  
Lori Rollins My loved one is completely on a downhill spiral over this drug he was prescribed. I suspect he'll be losing his awsome job soon. He is only a shell of himself now. It has filled me with dispair and hopelessness daily to watch what it does to him.  
Sean Hoban The statistics speak for themselves. There is no need for such a dangerous drug to be easily accessible to the public. Especially, if there are safer alternatives available for people in actual pain. 
caroline kerrigan  
Cheyenne Boatwright  
summer gorman  
Don Fenner I was addicted to OxyContin I have bad back pain but if I can quit from400 mgs then it's a miracle this drug is the most evil prescription out there, also had a friend die from heroin, Oxys lead him to heroin his exact words!  
Beverly Hennings How many ruined lives and deaths will it take before you ban this drug?  
Emily Stuppy  
Andrea Bowen  
Angela Wright This is such a horrible drug that does nothing but rob you of everything in your life and everyone around you. This drug must be banned!!!!!!!!!!!! I will help in any and every way possible to see that it is banned.  
Anonymous Ban websites like blue and hip they claim harm reduction but really shoe kids how to abuse OxyContin how to shoot it insufflate plug and stack w other Rx meds. Go on these sites and just read. Something must be done about these websites 
Kayla urie  
Rebecca Taylor My sister became addicted at the age of 28, she started off just taking the pills and ended up shooting them up. They turned her into a different person, someone I didn't even recognize. After 3-4 years her addiction became so bad, she ended up breaking the law to pay for her drugs. luckily she was arrested before the drugs killed her. She was just released from prison after serving 1 1/2 year sentence. She never had a prior record before.  
r moran  
Tiffany L Pieper  
Dan McPhail Ban this legal heroin now! My beautiful first born brilliant son Todd took one of those hideous Roxycontin along with 2 drinks of Vodka at am Nov. 12 '2012 and died within 10 minutes peacefully thank God in his sleep. A "friend" Derek who gave it to him DIED THE NEXT DAY AFTER BEING ASKED TO BE A PALL BEARER IN MY SON'S FUNERAL OF OXY CONTIN IRONICALLY WHILE INSIDE A RITE AID! Purdue has NO CONSCIENCE. tHE only LEGITIMATE medical use for this is terminal cancer and hideous burn patients who are ALREADY DYING. My son doesn't even know he's gone but FOUR HUNDRED PEOPLE....HIS FAMILY, FRIENDS, MEDICAL ASSOCIATES, LITTLE DAUGHTER, HUNDREDS OF FRIENDS IN SEVEN STATES AND COUNTRIES are forever denied his love and affection and positive fun personality CAUSE HE DIDN'T KNOW THE DANGER OF THIS LEGAL POISON. HOW ANYONE AT PURDUE CAN SLEEP NIGHTS IS BEYOND ME. AND THAT RAT POIN ROXYCONTIN IS EVEN WORSE AS SOLD IN INDIANA, WHERE TODD GOT HIS, rarely tell people it's INSTANTANEOUS DEATH unless you take a small dose with food under a doctor's care and ONLY ONLY ONLY for small doses in a short time for LEGITIMATE EXCRUICIATING PAIN. I am sick to my stomach throw up with grief cry myself to sleep hideously ruined as a parent and human being that this POISON is allowed to be sold. IF YOU'RE A PARENT OR LOVED ONE GET ANYONE YOU KNOW OFF THIS GARBAGE RIGHT NOW OR YOU WILL BURY THEM JUST AS I BURIED MY BEST FRIEND AND SON TODD. They have the right to do it to themselves BUT AS THE GREAT COUNTRY SINGER WAYLON JENNINGS ONCE SAID "YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO HURT OTHERS WHILE ENDING YOUR OWN LIFE AND PAIN". A heartbroken 65 year old Radio dj from Burton Michigan, Dan McPhail 
Krystina Heaney I lost my cousin to this drug one sad day. Sense then our family hasn't been the same. I see his face in strangers, and I find myself lecturing people about pills frequently. It's not something to take lightly. We ALL love you Chad Taylor Phillips, you will be remembered for eternity.  
Judy Cannon My beautiful 25 year old daughter, Lindsey, died on February 8, 2013 after an accidental overdose of OxyContin. This is a dangerous drug. 
Denise St John  
johnmcdonald To whom it may concern. My name is John McDonald and I lost my beloved nephew Jeremy Letalien to this horrible drug. My nephew was such a bright talented young man with a promising future ahead of him, it is shocking as to what this drug does to people. Jeremy was not only a college graduate he was a CEO of a company that he helped build from the ground up. What I'm trying to say is, if this drug took control of a person's life like him it can take control over anyone's as he was the one person in this world I thought this could not happen to. This tragedy has devastated my family and my work place, and I will gladly do whatever I can to put an end to this drug. I am thankful that Jeremy new the Lord as I know that is where he is now. God bless you my friend my nephew Jeremy Letalien. Until we meet again. In his grip I remain John McDonald 
Howard Burket After losing my son to suicide after years of oxycontin use, in 2008. I continue to come back and read the posts as a way not to forget or let the pain fade. I'm sorry for all the loss of life, and sorry that my country does nothing to stop the injustice. I speak out on the subject locally every chance I get and hope one day doing right will out weight the greed. I hope everyone in their community speaks out every chance they get in local papers and to their local congressman. God Bless!  
John Bauer Oxycontin is an awful addictive substance and for it to be discussed as a good pain reliever is extremely deceiving. The nature of the drug and how the brain interprets the feeling from taking the drug does not make it safe for people to take unless in a controlled atmosphere where there is no way for it to be abused, used, or misused. Prescribing it alone is not enough control. To say they are not liable for the problems one encounters once the person is addicted to it is nothing short of a lie. Anyone who takes percocet, vicodin, oxycodone, oxycontin and finally heroin is addicted after a very short period of time. It is in no way debatable that a person becomes addicted. If the person takes a prescribed amount only as prescribed they are still addicted to it. Once a person is addicted to it they will do whatever it takes to keep taking it to prevent the seriously un[pleasant withdrawal symptoms. I hope one day there is a lawyer who can put a case together so many others like me can sue Purdue for the damage it has caused in our lives. I finally was able to get my health provider to get me into treatment to get off of it but there are so many out there who do not have the avenue to get themselves into treatment. I am so grateful that I was able to get help. I burned through all my assets trying to keep myself from going into withdrawals. I can only imagine what others who did not have any assets did to accomplish that. It should be banned...period. Not controlled better but banned! 
Shane Champine I have seen Oxycontin ruin and/or dramatically set back the lives of everyone I knew who has taken them. I have had several friends and family members die. I have seen family and food friends turn otherwise productive full lives into useless, apathetic, miserable, wasted versions of their former selves. I know even if oxycontin were gone, the fight would not be finished - addiction usually becomes a lifelong battle - but it would be a step in the right direction.  
Ron Kellenberger Jr I have a sibling who is trying to kick an OxyContin addiction. It is a shame to see how her life made a turn for the worse by taking it. 
Vera Horiuchi  
Anonymous My husband has been addicted to oxycontin for some time now. It is not prescribed to him. He buys it off the street. If you don't ban it you should at least have the Dr who prescribe it to watch the patience more closely to make sure that they aren't selling it. And in my opinion if the patient is selling it they don't really need it in the first place.  
Theresa Pontello This stupid drug has my daughter now an addict. I support this ban to prevent others from falling victim.  
Shanna Michelsen This drug needs to be banned immediately!!!!! The companies making millions on this medication really need to do the right thing and stop producing it. For once do something because its the right thing to do and not let it be about the money.  
Carol Lindsey  
Renae Lemon Cathy and Paul, We are here for you both and we will help you in your fight to ban this drug! 
Matthew David Lemon We love you Cathy! 
Elijah Biggers My best friend, Dylan died from over-dosing on oxycontin, and i feel guilt and tradegy from the loss, because of this, i wanted to sign this petition to ban oxycontin  
Courtney Harris  
melanie rife In 2009 I lost my handsome brother(34)to oxycontin and signed this petition. This drug has taken away family and friends . Unfortunately now my 30 year old sister is now fighting her addiction with oxycodone basically the same thing. She just had a daughter a year ago (her first child)and shortly there after decided to do it with her byfriend (the baby daddy). I do not understand why drugs like these are so easy to get a hold of. It seems to be a loosing battle to get these off the streets. Awareness is truly the only thing that will work.I live in Florida and they bust people everyday here. Pharmacies,doctors,clinics and people on the streets sell oxycontin and oxycodone by the thousands. I have seen this drug destroy so many close families to me. I have seen normal hard working people turn into homeless additics.I have seen children loose their parents in death. I have seen my friends kids go into foster care and some never get them back. I have seen marriages and or relationships split. I have been to funerals and cried for them and the people they left to pick up the pieces. Now seeing that it is affecting my family again I am sickened!!!! I'm praying that any of you that are struggling with the addiction can stay away and sober. I pray that all of you that have lost can recover and premote sober living to everyone you run across. I have hung up posters at my doctors office, stores , and talked on a radio show to ban oxycontin. I wish all you the best in the world and thank-you for signing this petition. 
Candice Vickers Both of my brothers are oxy addicts alon with cousins and other family members...  
Deb Duxbury My best friend just lost her 25 yr old son to OxyContin addiction. He was a very smart and loving person who would go out of his way to make other people feel better. It is so hard for me to see my friend suffer over the loss of her child. Not only do we need to ban this drug, but we need to crack down on the pill mills and the people who sell this drug on the street. Too many young lives have been ruined and are over before they have had a chance to live! 
Cathy Letalien I lost my only child my son only 25 years old to this demon drug!!!! He was so tired of fighting his addiction of over 2 years and took his life. My son was a college graduate and worked in our family business. He was sensitive and kind and always a giver. He was always in control of his life until introduced to this horrible drug in college. This drug should not beon the market and is nothing but a pharmaceutical heroine. He was addicted immediately and fought so hard to get off but could not. I am heart broken and angry at the makers of this insane drug....I do not know how to move forward without my son but I have to!!! I would love to help others in the fight to ban this as once your loved one is hooked they and your family will be in for the fight of their life.. This is an epidemic and continues to grow and steal our children!!! There is no antidote or help for our children and this must stop!!! 
Stephen Lee My mother suffers from lower back pain and goes to a so called "pain doctor", just another term for a legalized drug dealer. Over the last few years I have seen her life deteriorate. Some days she acts fairly normal but these days are few and far between. Her current pain doctor, in addition to prescribing the oxycontin, also prescribes her hydrocodone and valium. My mother claims she is not addicted to all of these but her actions speak much louder. My mother stays with me in my home so I see on a daily basis what her life is becoming. After writing this doctor a letter, telling him what was happening with my mother, it was diregarded by him and the same treatment continued. Her memory has been affected along with her personality. In the past, I have known people whose lives have been touched by family members with addiction problems but never felt what they were going through until several years ago when this started with my mom. The pain that family members go through watching their loved ones ruin their lives with these drugs, I feel, is far greater than the physical pain the drug addicted family member is going through. Something must be done about this. 
Samantha Faulkner  
Anonymous i came across this medication 8 years ago. It quickly developed into a full blown addiction. I became a souless person who lived every single day trying to support my oxycodone habit so I would not get deathly ill. I didn't know this would happen when i first starting using the drug years ago. It only takes 2 weeks of using this drug everyday before you can't even live without it. SUBOXONE is the ONLY think that helped! When I did this cold turkey. it was almost unbearable!! It is no way to live and TRUST ME, hardcore addicts CANNOT stop on their own!! It is IMPOSSIBLE! if the addict in question knew what these pills would do to them down the road they probably would never even touch the drug. It is ridiculousy accessible in florida. They are EVERYWHERE on the streets!! 
kim weaver Lost my brother in law to this drug almost 2 years ago. 
Deb MacGillivary  
Christine Campos Please ban oxycontin. I have lost my 23 year old son to adddiction -which included this drug. No mother should ever lose their child, especially not to addiction. 
Robert Kristoff  
Eveline Brunet  
carole gour I have seen what this medication has done to people's lives; both personally and professionally. It is deplorable. Society seems to be in conflict; manage pain of those debilitated by it and risk addiction in our population, or remove it, teach people how to manage and save society from the pain and financial burden of addiction. I am strongly supporting the latter. I don't see the pharmaceutical industry donating to addiction treatment!!! They have simply developed Methadone. And thank God for it, but better if it was not needed in the first place. Step up Pharmaceutical industry. Shame on you. 
Donelda Pocock  
tom ryan im in my fourth day of withdrawal and thanking god every day at 51 years old i dont have to die from this drug. 
Linda Shannon  
Laurie Davis  
Tanya Rutherford  
Rebecca Zehngut My son died of a heroin overdose in October 2012. His journey with heroin began with OxyContin following a severe broken leg with subsequent surgeries in September 2001.  
Joanne Vanderwel  
Sarah Cook Oxycotin has affected 2 out of my three of my children, it has ruined our family relationship, brought my daughter to her lowest point in life and is still recovering. It has almost brought my son to the point of death and is just beginning his recovery. I know personally, people who get prescriptions an sell them illegally to kids on the street. The sad part is, some of the people with sscripts and selling them are parents and grandparents. This epidemic is ruining our youth of the future and needs to be stopped. Sincerely... from a mother who has watched the lives of her children ruined and has worried, lossed sleep and stressed herself out. Sarah Cook 
Dariush Maanavi Purdue Pharma and its management has spawned this horrendous plague upon us. If Purdue management lived in Mexico we would be after them. They live in Greenewich CT off of our healthcare dollars being paid to buy thier poison. These people are disgusting and it is high time for Americans to stand up agaist these muderers for profit. 
Sarah R Rask This "pain killer" actually produces physical withdrawls (pain) when you stop taking it. As a society, we should demand pharmaceutical companies fix these kinds of side effects! No pain killer should cause pain when you stop taking it. It seems they are more interested in acquiring life-time pill poppers, than actually helping to heal.  
Richard Schmidt We lost my son-in-law to this hideous drug - he's alive in body only. This drug is creating zombies of it's victims; he got it after surgery, and can't get back to his Family, wife, children. Why, pharma companies? Even doctors see it' s "necessity"... I suggest it only be used for terminally I'll patients. Period. PLEASE hear us, politicians and those in power. Before it hits you personally. 
S Burns I know first-hand how dangerous this drug is. My wonderful boyfriend is addicted and it's destroying our lives.  
david goodin the worst drug in the world i was on them for long time and i am starting to notice some long term effects and that has me worried a little this drug should be banned it took my mental health my family every thing i ever cared about, and i took it as was prescribed by my doctors i have memories but but so many gaps took them for it had to be at least 8 to ten years as well as other prescribed pain killers just saying worst drug ever..  
Anonymous My brother, my dad and my best friend are all addicted to Oxycontin. In each case I can see the change in personality, character, looks and overall happiness. My brother and dad have taken steps to try and get off the drug, but overall have not had great results. My best friend who was one of the funniest, most loveable guys that would do anything for a friend now sleeps his life away and lies constantly to avoid seeing people. This drug is horrible and not only ruins the lives of the users, but their friends and family who care about them.  
Robert J Mannion Just hearing the name of this poison brings tears to my eyes, with the reminders of all the great people that have left my life because of it. I've been around long enough to see many things hit the streets; but I have never seen anything like this before...EVER. The way it changes people is astonishing! I wouldn't be surprised if years down the road we find out that the engineers of it purposely altered it to be extremely addictive, like we found out about the Cigarette companies in their early years. This is for the people I love, but can no longer. 
Bonnie Smith Please, please ban this nasty drug. I hate watching others destroy their lives due to this addiction. So sad that it's all about money-hungry companies and their synthetic, chemically addictive potion!! Please, please BAN this garbage ASAP!!! Let's make the world a better place starting here.  
j Pill Mills in Florida are legal and distructive. Young and old go to these doctors,( who make as much as a great surgeon) and they believe that since they get it from a doctor,its ok. It's OK to take 3 30 ml oxyContin a day. They are addicted in no time and that ensures they will return to that doctor for more. Where is the justice? We need laws. We need help to stop this legal business of addicting people. Suboxone does work! It is so expensive but it does work for the addict. It helps with the pain and suffering, but very hard to get.  
Matthew Meade  
peter bowie I just want to say something from the point of view of an ex addict this drug ruined a lot of my life I lost a lot of good friends I lost the women I should have spent the rest of my life with my family stopped trusting me and for the past three years I spent in prison for acts that I did to support my habbit this drug should never have been able to get into the hands of so many young/old people who didn't even need them please help get this drug banned its ruining to many lives and taking countless more ty... 
Harjot Toor Hi, I'm on oxyneo. I'm scared for my life that I will get addicted. I didn't know of all of these addictions. I'm only 19. I have Crohn's disease that cause a lot of pain. Im going to go to my doctor and ask for a different pain management. Thanks for letting me know. They should ban this. 
Jerry Damn the person(s) that introduced my son to this. Hes now in the Phyc ward and facing charges but thankfully alive.  
Rhonda stein  
Tabitha stowell  
Sharon Faul My 23 year old nephew died of an oxycodon overdose in June 2012  
Matthew Nelson This needs to stop. To see the people you love crumble and fade away is the hardest thing you can ever go through.. 
joan lewis I lost my son to OxyContin overdose 3 months ago he was only 25. He was first prescribed OxyContin after back surgery 6 yrs ago. Six years later my loving son is dead. We all suffer profound losses but never the loss of a child. A parent is not suppose to outlive their child...Jonathan was a college graduate with a bright future, believer in a better world and love of he universe. Always lending a helping hand to others in needbeliever in Richard Dawkins Project Reason tried several times to stop taking pain medication was in and out of rehab . Who would have thought medicine prescribed by a surgeon would be deadly. And entire family destroyed grief stricken, hearts cracked wide open. Have to honor my son and try and make some sense out of his death. I have to do something . If one person can here our story, hopefully they can be spared the tragedy of trying to live without a son who died before the age of 26. Sincerely, Joan Lewis  
Amy Sheeller I was addicted to oxys for 4yrs. They ruined my life as well as hurt my families lives. I have now been clean for 3 years and I could not be doing any better. Oxys are an awful struggle an hurt the addict as well as their families. My brother is now addicted an it hurts to see him struggle and know there's nothing I can do to make him stop. Oxys need to be banned along with all opiates. Amy Sheeller xo 
Michael A. Hampton  
Amanda VanAlphen OxyContin basically ruined my father. He was put on it over ten years ago and was addicted to it until last year. Now that he doesn't take it anymore, he's still not the same person because the drug ate up half his brain. It's rediculous that such a drug is available legally.  
Laura DiPuccio The label should read this DRUG will DESTROY your family and eventually KILL you. 
Joe My girlfriend was put on oxy for pain relief for a back injury. She was addicted to it within days and spent the following 9 months struggling to escape its clutches. This drug almost tore our relationship apart. It turned her into a completely different person, made her aggressive and borderline psychotic. When she finally managed to get off it even though the actual withdrawals took about 2-3 weeks you could notice differences immediately especially in her disposition. I hate this drug and can only hope anyone who goes through what we did is lucky enough to come out the other end as well as we did. 
Patricia Sparrow  
Emily I was addicted to oxycontin for two years. It almost ruined my entire life but luckily I got help. I have been clean for 9 months and it's imperative that this narcotic be banned. The first time I was about to abuse oxycontin, I heard someone say to me, "Oxy's ruin lives" I thought it was a joke. But it's not. It ruins and ends lives.  
Kim Cowan This drug is an absolute nightmare! I cant believe in the United States of America that we have lost so many lives for one pill. I lost my best friend from an overdose and I have watched endless amounts of people lose their jobs, families, money and most impirtantly their soul. This is a devil in a pill form. If we dont ban it there will be more and more people everyday getting addicted to it. People will eventually start killing for it, its just an amount of time. PLEASE TAKE THIS AWAY FOREVER 
amy rowe Being the oldest sibling takes a special role in its own but being the sibling of a brother addicted to prescription drugs who can't seem to fight this terrible addiction is heart breaking. Being unisured, he's very limited to treatments the family can afford which will probably be the reason I end up watching him kill himself with these pills. He's begged for treatment and knows he can't do this on his own but we continue to hit dead ends. As he was taken in by ambulance yesterday after being found face down in a pile of his own bodily fluids I still saw that little brother whom was my side kick all our childhood. Things are different now, he's 33 and I 37, why him? As I hear him ask for help in the ER and the response be the same, he will not make it if we don't get him the help he needs.  
Anonymous My husband became addicted to this medication after being prescribed it when he could have easily been prescribed a less-addictive pain medicine. It has almost completely destoyed our family. He has gone through rehab but relapsed once already. It's just awful because we have a little girl. It's heroin in a pill! People don't know that! It should only EVER be prescribed to terminal, chronic pain sufferers, or better yet, banned altogether like it is in Europe! 
Linda Labbe Epidemic here in Eastern CT. Very sad so many families have to deal with this addiction and too many young people are dying from this. Takes a toll on the whole family.  
susan wilder What the hell are you waiting for a fckn invitation to death--get rid of this has hurt too many people... 
Nicole Blake Husband is taking oxy for years and doctors, all over florida, fill prescribtions without problems. I waited for a change, but I can not deal with the oxy side effects and will not expose my children to that. Please ban ocycontin I ruined my marriage. Once so happy, now full of hate. 
Tyler Chase My good friend just died on 1-5-13 due to an accidental overdose. Now I have to go to a 38 year old, father of two's funeral tomorrow. The insanity must end. Please, if you have any conscious at all, you will stop producing this legal killer before more innocent lives are lost.  
Anonymous It's killing my friends. Please make it stop! 
Cynthia Coury  
Sean Harwood  
Craig Guerra As author of my forthcoming memoir titled "Alive and Unwell" that is being released next month, I am proud to sign this! In my book, I attack Perdue and the corrupt Florida docs who supplied me and my fellow, former traffikers with oxycontin and roxies. This is not a James Frey Sham. I say that with all due respect. PLEASE CHECK OUT LIKE MY FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: Alive and Unwell Book Please support and spread the word. Follow on Twiiter @Alive_N_Unwell. The book also circles around my fellow former addicts..some who passed my South Jersey hometown. The book is not sugar coated. The message still needs to get out there. PROCEEDS GO TO SANDY VICTIMS AND THOSE WHO CANNOT AFFORD REHAB Any questions or joining in promotions, please contact my publicist Thysha Shabazz at 
Mary V Keane Please report and don't support doctors that write unneeded scripts. Particularly those who prescribe them for young people. Oxycontin is highly addictive, expensive and leads to addition and often heroine use.  
steve johns horrible horrible drug killed 3 friends and counting 
Anonymous My sister died from an "accidental overdose" on June 20, 2012 and she was addicted to OxyContin and other legally prescribed opiates. I know many others who have been affected and it is ruining their lives and devastating their families and loved ones. It should not be legal; it is an addictive killer. 
Debra Jean Banta  
Cynthia Currie My son has been in and out of jail because of his abuse of OxyCotin. I just had a student die of an overdose. He was 24 and had been out of prison for only 6 months. All drug abuse destroys families and lives. This one is so scary, so addictive. 
Erica Haddad  
Monica Bossone  
Olivia Coleman No words can even cover what needs to be said. Anyone who knows someone who has or had an addition knows exactly what I mean. Ban oxycontin! 
John Albano This February (2013) will be my 3rd year in recovery, 3 years without a pill, 3 years drug free, 3 years of free living. I'm 24 years old, most 21 year olds enjoyed their first year of being able to drink legally. But 3 years ago at 21 I was trying to find ways to sober myself up without having to let my parents and family know or ask them for help. I became aware of prescription painkillers at the beginning of my sophomore year in high school, and I began selling them and self medicating by the end of that year (2004). From then on everywhere I went, I or some of my so called "friends" at the time were sure to have some, It became uncontrollable and unmanageable. The years to come and the trouble that came with them is a story itself.. To make a long story short, I come from a great family, caring and successful but that didn't stop me. It doesn't stop anyone who becomes caught up in this addiction, these pills need to be banned. I wouldn't wish this addiction on my worst enemies. As for me, 3 years free living and going on life. 
cayce seaborn  
George B. Please ban this drug. It is destroying countless lives and families. It is a particularly vile and insidious epidemic that must be stopped before it completely rips the fabric of our society to shreds! 
Tim Kenneally  
Rhonda stein It is ridiculous that Purdue pharma is still producing this drug. It is one that is ending the lives of our young people. It has to stop.  
Nick My brother has an oxycontin addiction. This drug is too addictive. I fear that even if the drug is banned, it will be found on the streets somewhere=[ 
Kim Lyons  
monika Anderson I think that oxycontin should be taken off the market. They said they lied about it addictive qualities when they introduced the drug into the market. Therefore they should take it off the market. I know many friends that have died as a result of a oxycontin overdose and also those who started their addiction by taking a oxycontin pill and then switched to heroin after they were already addicted to the morphine of heroin and died because heroin and oxycontin metabolize in the body the same.  
Anonymous My best friend just died on dec-20-2012 from a drug overdose...  
Brie Rush  
Anonymous The non-prescription addiction and abuse of Oxycontin by my son played a significant part in his downward spiral and resulting suicide almost 12 months ago. This product is more dangerous than assault weapons. 
Anonymous It's killing our future before they have a chance to learn what life should be like. I know too many people who have been in trouble with the law even spending time in prison at this very minute for this crap. 
Grace White I'm almost one year clean on pain medication. I just took my daily dose of Suboxen needed to keep me from taking pain pills. My friend Justin passed away from an overdose. Even after his death it still took a year and multiple kidney problems to finally stop; and when I wanted to stop I found I couldn't. I was now stuck on a drug that supposedly helps people when there are many other options besides heroin in a pill. I am 23 years old from 2008 to Mach 11, 2012 I was a pill addict. I lost many friends, some of which still don't trust me now that I'm clean. I wasted years of trying to go to college and never completed on semester. I overdosed once in Boise Idaho off OC 80's Now I have to start my life completely over, I wish I never knew what a pain pill was. Idaho believe it or not has a huge pain pill problem an Oxy 30 can be bought on the streets for 10 dollars simply because there is so much out there the streets are crawling with them. I hope this works and Oxycontin will be banned. It's almost comical that they allow Oxycontin it's obviously deadly and addictive and easy as cake to get. WHY would ANYONE let something like this available? 
Kim Hayes This drug was introduced to my son at 14 years old son and all his friends by one of his friends mother. I had not a clue the drug existed. Lease to say they are all heroin addicts, in jail, on the streets and or dead. It has completely changed my life in a way I never imagined. I have struggled for years to do all I can to save my son's life. At this moment, after many times in the hospital and in jail, he is clean. I thank god each day that he is clean and pray to him he stays that way. Now, my boyfriend of five years is deeply into the oxy's and I caught him using heroin. I was once again devastated and can't handle much more. This has changed our relationship completely to the point we are on our way to the end. This drug needs to known to the public, to the parents of all children. It can happen to any of them. My prayers are with all those lives affected. 
carol holbrook  
Justin Howard This drug is terrible and has ruined so many lives and continues to do so today.  
Patti Strombeck  
Ms. N. Harwood  
Scott Templeton  
Kimra Rogers  
Yan borodanski Ban this terrible drug i live in staten island ny and its an epidemic here. 
Angelo Conigliaro Throw Purdue Pharma executives in jail!  
Glen Daly I was taking oxycontin for 3 years, from 2005-2008 for chronic pancreatitis. I was started on 20mg. tid, then increased to 160 mg. tid within 1 year. Then the MD realized I had an obvious dependency on the medication, and he cut me off immediately, I was never titrated at all. I subsequently went for rehabilitation and am now taking Suboxone for the last 4+ years. I have to say that Suboxone has been a huge benefit, however, it is an opioid of sorts, with dependency issues. I'm deathly afraid of even trying to come off of it, because of the ramifications that might ensue. Thank you for your time. If you would like to contact me that would be fine, either via e-mail or my cell # is (848)222-0081. Glen Daly 
Ghetonda Mosley-Shertzer  
nancy demarco My 25 year old son tragically died due to complications due to accidental OxyContin overdose. He was a great young man with a gorilla on his back by the name of O.C. which through multiple attempts at rehab was not able to overthrow this Dragon. I miss him every moment of every day and a huge part of my heart went with him. I am an RN and DON of a Home Health Care Agency and he shared my desire to help others and demonstrated a beautiful 12th step. Please Ban this drug to prevent this tragedy from being repeated.  
Kimberlee Hayes  
Jonathan Krieg  
Scott Pond all of my friend are becoming junkies in thier mid 30's people sell thier prescriptions and just keep ruining more lives this is a very serious problem 
karen brady  
Cheyenne Cary Oxycontin took my best friend from me this week. 
Joshua Day  
Greg Parton I am disgusted to see the effects of this medication on my daughter, I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore. We have the technology to do better than this CRAP!!!! 
Kaitlyn Reading these stories is absolutely heart breaking. Unfortunately I have a similiar story. The other unfortunate fact is for the most part the only people who know how terrible this drug is are people who have already been affected by it directly or through a loved one. By then, it's just too late. Ban OxyContin.  
Angela Santos  
Alison Galloway My daughter passed away on the 30th November 2012 The meds that her Dr had her on was horrendous. She was prescribed 4 Oxycontins a day 2 x 40mg and 2 x 80mg. Amber was on 4 x Endones a day 50mg plus over another 20 meds !!!She had a heart condition. The medication wasn't necessary. The Dr is known to give any type of pill that anybody asks for. He has already been done 2 times for medicare fraud. Amber died beside her twin daughters of 7 and son of 8. I don't need to wait for the coroners report. I researched this drug and am horrified. My other daughter Tao had a head injury after an unprovoced attack. Amber gave her oxycontin for her bad headaches. She too is a oxy addict. I am mortified. This drug has deverstated my families lives and I only hope that my other daughter can be saved. Alison Galloway Qld Australia 
Bee Pedersen  
Steven sanabria Ban oxycontin  
Carol flores Please ban this drug , have family members that have ruined their lives & our whole family w / this drug ! ! ! This would s ave so much agony & pain .......... 
Rasheed Shihada Oxycontin is a horrible drug and purdue pharma should be ashamed of themselves. Ban this synthetic form of heroine and stop the death, destruction, and exploitation of Florida's youth. 
Stuart Farnsworth  
Laurel Farnsworth  
Lisa Patterson  
Gail Murdock  
Theresa Pollock Prayers for family and friends who have lost loved ones to this drug. 
Debbie Cope It has destroyed my family My children my son was shooting 50 a day but by the grace of God he survived. 
Leslie Stegall  
Katie Campbell My son recently died from an accidental overdose of heroin. He started using heroin AFTER he became addicted to oxycontin and his addiction became to expensive. He would get a prescription for oxycontin filled under his insurance, turn around and sell them or exchange them to get heroin.  
Shawn Parker  
Hilary Parker  
Eric Carrington  
Jaimie Carrington  
Rich vidin  
kyle juk  
Greg Beddor There has to be other drugs, besides oxycontin. Make it go away. 
Jair Farnsworth Ban Oxy!  
Erin hungerford  
nancy hodges My son died January 2,2012 from overdose of oxy and xanax. I pray everyday that life will become more valuable to our government than money to stop these senseless deaths.  
Jessica Needham I have some one very, very close to me that has struggled with an Oxycotin addiction for almost 4 years now. I fear that one day she will make the mistake of taking just one more to get by and her poor little body won't be able to handle it. If this drug were taking away from the public, and eventually off the street, this world would be a much better place. No more unexpected overdoses and families left to pick up the pieces, less heartache, pain and agony. It's so terribly painful to sit back and watch her suffer knowing that I can't anything to pull her out. I feel helpless... 
Paula Sellers My 32 year old son died 4/29/12 for Oxycontin overdose 
Arun Chachad  
Stacey Rae Sellers I just lost my brother a few months ago. The best tattoo artist and drummer I have ever met. He thought he was going to work the next morning but I guess he took one too many. I know he wishes more than anything he could be here now. It was pure accidental, he had a fantastic life. I wish I knew he was doing this drug so I could've talked to him first. It's crazy, my brother and I were playing words with friends from both sides of the country and hour before I got the call from my dad, saying a few words I will never forget " Stacey , your brother is dead" I want to get as much involved with this as I can. I don't want anyone else to go through this pure agony and sadness. BAN OXYCONTIN NOW!!!!!!!!! 
Laura Burklin  
Frederick Smith  
Gantt Williams My girlfriends brother, whom I never got to meet, passed away from this drug earlier this year. What could of been a good friend and future brother in law is now no longer with us...all because of this drug. I've had a few clsoe freinds who did complete 180's in college when being introduced to this drug, wether it be a sports injury or for recreation use. Regardless...It doesn't matter the use, it shouldnt be available to anyone. The fact that this drug is readily available, being it dirty doctors, pill mills, doc in a box, or sports recover clinincs, just shows how low on the priority list the American Government finds this problem as well as highlights how irresponsibly drug companies (mainly Purdue Pharma)are managed. Corprorate Greed has cost the lives of millions, and ruined even more lives by affecting those that had to watch the suffering. Please STOP 
Lauren Byrns I lost my 20 year old brother to this terrible drug on 2/11/12. He wasn't an addict, and I doubt he'd ever tried the drug before. I'm making it my life goal to fight this drug and have it banned before it ruins more families. My heart goes out to all of you. 
Camille brother who's a recovering herion addict is now addicted to oxycontin - prescribed to him for a previous back operation - he's abusing them to the extent I believe he will overdose (15-20 a day) plus on methadone - he has custody of my 7 yr old niece and my fear is she will be the one to find him.  
Christy Michele Hamrick  
Kimberly It's killing my husband and destroying our family because of the addiction and lack of regulations on dispensing. 
Lori G  
stacey shea  
Mary L Stevens  
Christined Ban this drug! It's dangerous and many ppl have died.... 
Debra west I would have been one of the statisics of this,drug but i haf the oppertunity that most dont get The doctors prescribed this narcotic pain medication to me 11 yrs ago because i had injured my back . The drug ruined my lifebecause of the high addiction levels i didnt relize i.had a problem it took more and more of the oxicotin to work in my,system till i was being prescribed 280 80 mg a month and 320 roxicodone and even that wasnt enough i was falling asleep in my doctors office and they still wrote my prescrpition every month . This drug should not be prescribed to anyone and the doctors know that it is highly addictive and still readily prescribe it to anyone with an ache or pain . Take it off the market save some lives! 
sandra I was addicted to that garbage for 5 years. I hit rock bottom a year ago and have been pulling myself up ever since. I have never done any other drugs in my life. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Please outlaw this drug! 
John al  
Ami My 32 yr old husband became addicted to OxyContin after he was prescribed it for a 20 yr old middle school football injury. He died alone on November 4, 2011, leaving behind 3 children. The doctor writing the script never even tried to give him something less potent or addictive. 
April My little sister died she was trying to get help and relapsed shot it in her arm and died alone breaks my heart so bad think of her everyday she was only 26 
Mark McCartney  
Amie Cherry It is a shame FDA does not regulate any better than this and the US can't seem to make medicine that doesn't have such harsh side effects! 
Craig Johnson Lost a friend to Oxy... Just recently had to walk away from a girl I really loved after finding out she is addicted and it hurts in a way foreign to my feelings. I feel helpless, mad, sad and confused. Do I pursue and fight for her or walk away from someone who I care about. These need to go away because they are not only killing the user, but deeply hurting those around them.  
Nicholas James Bravo I am clean now for six days ... Get rid of the junk n live a clean life !!!!!  
alexis groff  
Vincent Anglesino I've lost a few childhood friends from this drug and I found this petition by googling a friends name and I stummbled upon this! very sad.. 
Monique Medeiros  
LaShawne Kirkem I reviewed many stories of loss of sons, daughters, moms and dads and my prayers go out to all the families who lost a loved one and to the people struggling with addiction. My story is a little different, I call it Grannies on OXY. My mother in law is 68 years old and was prescribed oxy 7 yrs ago after a dx of multiple myeloma. I understood the need for the oxy during the first year but not the subsequent 6 yrs. She is beyond addiction, the pills are her only reason for living. When she runs out before its time to get her next script she borrows pills from her 68, 69 and 70 yr old friends. My mother in law used to be feisty and full of life now she's like a zombie, but does have bursts of anger and/or severe depression. She does nothing but sit in front of the tv poppin her oxy's. She has told me on more than one occasion that she would die w/o them. Naturally I spoke to her doctor who faked concerned but wrote her another script the following month. My next move is to report him to the dept. of health. DESTROY THIS DRUG or we will become a nation of zombies! 
Howard Burket I read more signatures and more pain left behind from this evil drug. God bless all and rest in peace my son Thomas the battle continues. 
megan mcelheny  
janis hearn Like everyone else my beautiful, athletic son became addicted while using recreationally. It is destroying his life and may take it.. 
Anonymous My son got hooked on OC after oral surgery and after not being able to obtain another prescription started buying them on the streets. First he got addicted and then when he saw the HUGE potential for making money selling OC because the people he bought it from could get it so easily he ended up getting busted with a large quantity, half of which was for self consumption to support his addiction. This stuff is POISON and one of the hardest substances to come clean off of. Now he is facing felony charges that will ruin the rest of his life because of it. PLEASE, this needs to be banned asap before it ruins even more lives.  
John N. Crook In 2010, I tried twice to get help for my sister who was Quad doctoring Oxycontin. Told I couldn't interfere.1month later she was admitted to hospital on Form1 on July 17 2010.The 3 doctors decided to discharge her on July 19.No rehab. She went home and having no medicine got into a old bottle of Tylenol. On July 23 she was taken back to Rouge Valley and the next time I saw her she was on Life Support. Liver Failure/Brain Swelling.This should not have happened.Now in 2012 Canadas' Minister of Health will not ban Oxycontin after the stronger time release OxyNeo is out. Its a step backwards for everyone and the wrong decision.  
Fuller, A.Sharene My husband is in the hospital right now because of a bleeding liver. He has been strung out on oxycontin, percuset and vicadin for a while. I immediately told the doctors in the hospital to not prescribe any narcotics to him because he was an addict. Wee, they are still giving him Percuset, oxycontin and another pain killer and refuse to hear my voice!! 
David Pawlowski My wife and I lost our 29 year old son to an Oxycontin overdose 7/4/2012. This horrible medicine is so deadly and there are alternative pain killers which are available. The risks outweigh the benefits of this drug. Ban it! 
Danielle Wheelwright i am a nurse in australia and see the ever increasing number of patients being prescribed this. also, it has affected my life in a personal way with some people close to me being sucked in by this drug. it has to be stopped. 
Anonymous We need to stop allowing big drug companies to profit by the creation of synthetic heroin. 
Carol Levine I lost my husband to this addiction.  
Alex Levine My father passed away from Oxycontin after being addicted to it for years. This pill is a public health danger in the same way street drugs are. 
Chris R I'm a recovered addict, and proof that we CAN heal - given time. Yet the spread of this disguised heroin is a sad indication of how the medical companies love opiates and the effects they have on people - allowing them to become greater and greater users thereof. The only difference between this stuff and street junk is that street gear is known by all. Stop the drug dealers/manufacturers from pulling off the greatest public relations stunt ever, and producing more addicts whilst maintaining a caring persona. You know who you are!!!  
Betty My daughter is not prescribed but i recently found out she is shooting these pill up her arm, please put a end to these pills !!!!!!!! 
Kathy Quinton I got married 2 1/2 years ago and thought my husband just was on pain mgmt. It's clear he married me for health insurance, does NOT have a back injury and is abusing oxycontin. He has ruined my credit and almost made me lose my house. Filing bankruptcy and filing for a divorce. 
Cynthia Supan  
Melinda Purvis  
michell leech  
Diane Shelton  
Carlos M. Yero Sr.  
yvonne christie Please stop killing our children. They trust you medical doctors and you professional pharmacists and they should be able to do so. yet, you over prescribe and continue to do. The pharmacist you are supposed to be a stop gap of sorts. Do you even look at the people you are handed these pills that seek and destroy our loved ones and anyone or anything that comes near them. You have you white lab coats and me I am only a parent, a doctor yes but when I scream these pills are the same as heroin it is opium based. My son corrects me to point out no they are not heroin they are prescribed my a medical professional they are an opinoid. Oh EXCUSE ME. TRUST ME THEY KILL AND HEROIN AND THESE PILLS ARE NOT THE SAME. THESE PILLS ARE WORSE, BECAUSE OUR CHILDREN THINKS THEY ARE MEDICINE. You professional medical personnel should hide your heads in shame and humiliation. YOU ARE KILLING OUR BABIES. Stop please making them non crushable is not working . Get a grip you have created monsters addicted monsters. look out! a sad mother from the sixties when drugs were drugs and not passed off as medicine. 
Anonymous This evil drug has ruined my life. RUINED my life, and I will never get it back. Used to call it the 'devil'. Well, that's exactly what it was. Things wil never be the same since I lost someone I love to this. I wish I never even knew it existed.  
Anonymous This drug should be taken off the market. It is ruining people's lives. 
Dana Burton We need to run pain clinics out of our cities and states!!!! These are the sources of these horrible life destroyers that are called oxycontin. 
Anonymous My daughter got hooked on oxy by her former boyfriend and is now taking suboxen to try and break the addiction. We are devastated that this could happen to our little girl and can only hope she is strong enough to beat this addiction.  
Thomas E. Noerper  
Ezell Harris I have added you to my recommended websites. Please visit my website to fight the OxyContin Addiction that has grip our nation: The main purpose of is to help expose the utter hypocrisy in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry in cahoots with the federal government. All across the United States thousands of individuals who are truly addicted, are being charged with drug-possession and drug-trafficking crimes and receiving minimum mandatory prison sentences of 15, 20, and 25 years while the makers of these potent and addictive painkillers who have sent countless thousands to their graves got a pat on the back. 
Ron Howard I lost my beautiful daughter Brandi on October 9, 2012. She started on Oxycontain and tried several times to get off of it. We did everything we could to help, including rehab for her. At some point she started using Fentanyl patches. I had never heard of these. The abuser freezes the patch which enables them to break the gel into pieces to smoke, shoot up, or place under their tongue. This is what she over dosed on and it too should be restricted tighter or banned. She leaves behind a 4 year old daughter who I know she truly loved. The addiction got the best of this beautiful young woman... 
Laurie Champion How many more people have to become addicted to this legal heroin? How many more people have to die? when will this drug be taken off the market. 
Lori Semidey I lost my precious 28 year old daughter, Kristin to a oxycontin overdose... My heart is shattered... I will NEVER be the same. Please take this HORRIBLE drug off the market. I pray another mother never has to lose their child from this drug... Lori Semidey 
ginny sharon If you ever watch a loved one struggle with the affects of oxy, this drug would have been banned a long time ago. My Grandson struggled with the withdrawls of oxy more times than I care to remember. When he could not afford oxy any longer he went to heroin. In May of 2010 my beloved Christopher died of a drug over dose. He was 22 years old. He will never get married he will never have children all because of oxy. Please help us ban this deadly drug,so no other family has to deal with the death of a child or grandson. Please sign the petition and hel stop this epidemic... 
Lisa Steele My son has been addicted to Oxy's for 8 years and my family has been through hell. We live in Florida where there are numerous pill mills dispensing 1000's of this destructive drug. Our children are dying and we need to put a stop to this epidemic!!! 
Tasha I am so sorry for your lose. I am hoping that my husband will decide to get help. I am offering hime the ultimatum.  
Anonymous This drug ruined my life. The doctors got my husband addicted to it and he has destroyed me family. Please ban this drug!!!!! Doctors should be responsible.  
Matthew Spencer My mother died from overdosing on Opana and Xanax... two other drugs that need to be taken off the market. It started with this horrible drug. All she wanted was the back pain to end and this drug ruined her life 
peter (stevens dad) From purdue pharma: WARNING: ABUSE POTENTIAL, LIFE-THREATENING RESPIRATORY DEPRESSION, and ACCIDENTAL EXPOSURE Abuse Potential OxyContin® contains oxycodone, an opioid agonist and Schedule II controlled substance with an abuse liability similar to other opioid agonists, legal or illicit [see Warnings and Precautions (5.1)].* Assess each patient’s risk for opioid abuse or addiction prior to prescribing OxyContin. The risk for opioid abuse is increased in patients with a personal or family history of substance abuse (including drug or alcohol abuse or addiction) or mental illness (e.g., major depressive disorder). Routinely monitor all patients receiving OxyContin for signs of misuse, abuse, and addiction during treatment [see Drug Abuse and Dependence (9)].* Life-Threatening Respiratory Depression Respiratory depression, including fatal cases, may occur with use of OxyContin, even when the drug has been used as recommended and not misused or abused [see Warnings and Precautions (5.2)].* Proper dosing and titration are essential and OxyContin should be prescribed only by healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable in the use of potent opioids for the management of chronic pain. Monitor for respiratory depression, especially during initiation of OxyContin or following a dose increase. Instruct patients to swallow OxyContin tablets intact. Crushing, dissolving, or chewing the tablet can cause rapid release and absorption of a potentially fatal dose of oxycodone. Accidental Exposure Accidental ingestion of OxyContin, especially in children, can result in a fatal overdose of oxycodone [see Warnings and Precautions (5.3)].* so why does the FDA allow this drug? How many times did the above mention "fatal" overdose? PLEASE BAN THIS DRUG NOW!! 
Austin Papsidero I've lost many friends and my friends moms life 
Constance Farer This drug is needs to be outlawed.... 
David nykanen My step son is hooked on this drug- were tring to win this war over his abuse,its not easy and its killing his mother. Yes plezse ban this drug. 
Sad girlfriend This drug ripped the life out of my boyfriend. It made him steal and lie and part of him has died. He finally begged for help when he became helpless and lost. This drug is a killer. It is evil and ruins relationships and lives daily. Please ban this hell on earth. 
Kathy Fitzgerald This pill must be taken off of the market. I know a lot of people who have died from overdosing on it. People before money!! 
Candida Gut Ban this horrible drug. It has taken so many lives.  
DannaSue Pruett It is vital that the government put the people before the money. Prescription drug addiction is worse now than ever before. The death toles are rising as people with the drug administration become billionaires. Very sad. 
Savannah and Lulu We're signing this petition to ban OxyContin because after doing research on it for a project, we think it's really important to diminish the problems that people have with abusing prescription drugs. We have read enough stories and seen enough videos to understand the damage that drug abuse can cause and by signing this petition, we hope to eliminate any further abuse.  
Deborah K. Nelis On Aug. 11,2009 I lost my 17 yr. old son to suicide he was addicted to Oxycontin and lost hope that he could over come his addiction. Please do not ignore this life stealing, heart breaking epidemic. Forever Nicks Mom  
Jonadine Marie Mulnix  
Tiffany Marie I ran a long dark road of this disease! I met a man who swept me off my feet he was in recovery. We spent 3 wonderful yet stressfull years together! No other person loved the way he loved, or spoke the way he spoke kissed the way he kissed did the things he did! Four days ago after being clean I woke to him passed away in bed next to me. I ALWAYS SAID IT WONT HAPPEND TO ME!!!! IM HERE TO SAY IT HAPPENDS This Killer does not chose it's victims by age nor race nor reliagion or size color or shape...... it does not descriminate!!!!! 
Hope Dahm  
Nicole. Roberts My cousin is one of the sweetest most caring individuals I know. This drug took everything from him. His mother summed it up best..this drug will steal the souls of our loved ones. Relapse is so common that he will spend his life fighting this addiction. Help him and help those that may one day be in his shoes! 
Amanda Holliman  
Angie Jolliff Please we need to something as a society to help stop this out of control epidemic. My community has lsot so many people young and old to this drug. My heart goes out to the families who have to deal with this everyday. 
Marie Elena Sodeikes My daughter had been addicted to this and no mother should have to see their child go through drug addiction. Please make this a priority. 
Lucas wood OxyContin is bad ban this drug 
Kelly Wood My brother lies in the graveyard next to my house because of doctors who give this pill (oxycotin) out like candy to anyone that has a ache or pain. He was 33 and he left behind two wonderful children that will always miss their daddy. 
Michael Safoschnik  
Anonymous My son was given OxyContin 14 yrs ago. In recent years he was hospitalized and the dosages of this and other pain drugs were reduced however for the past few years his behavior has changed negatively. On some pain sites and certain doctors state that when a patient is in severe pain he/she cannot become addicted. This is not true and they convince the patient of this. I won't go into the grief this causes for the patients/victims and those who love them. The doctors who prescribe this drug need to meet with family and/or friends who might present another picture of the patient. My son presents a normal front to the doctors. When prescribing an addictive drug privacy laws should go out the window. I hope and pray this drug and others like it will be banned. I believe we are far along enough in science to come up with a solution that is still profitable to the doctors and drug companies (of course I do not care about the profit factor however if we take that out the way things operate now there will never be another solution). PLEASE SAVE OUR SONS, DAUGHTERS, HUSBANDS AND WIVES. DRUG COMPANIES AND GOVERNMENT, PLEASE BAN OXYCONTIN.GOVERNMENT AND DRUG COMPANYS, TAKE DOWN OXYCONTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Ken Parker This drug killed my uncle 
Stacy Blackburn The government and Pharma are breaking the law every day by selling Oxycontin. For every pill sold, they are guilty of a felony. 
Megan Smith  
Anonymous I was so badly addicted to oxycodone 30 mg for over 3 years. I became someone I never dreamed I could possibly be. I was given this pain med for management of pain from back issues. If I had known beforehand how addictive and how much of an abuse potential it had, I would have NEVER taken that first prescription to be filled. I was not told of the high risk and potential for addiction that happened to me. I finally decided in 2012 to take myself off this horrible, evil drug. I went through a "hell" on earth like I have never known coming off this medication. It was the worse thing I can ever remember experiencing. I have now been clean of oxycodone 30 mg for almost 4 months and I will NEVER take another one, EVER! I have known so many ppl who have had terrible addictions to this evil medication that has completely changed them and their families completely from happy well adjusted families to total dysfunctional. It has happened within my own family. My roommate's neice's boyfriend just went to jail for robbery of a CVS store, and 2 home invasions, one of which included a murder. ALL over the "hunt" for money to buy oxycodone. He is 22 years old, and his life will now be spent in prison for the rest of his life. We must have laws that govern these dr's writing scripts for this medication and to whom. Better still we need to just get this awful medication completley off the market. Please take into consideration the thousands of ppl, young and old alike, that are so addicted on this med that they either end up dying or destroying their lives with it. I am in favor of taking Oxycontin and Oxcodone off the market completely! 
Shawn Witthoff  
linda wandling The Drs hand it out like candy. My loving daughter is addicted it is ruining her life. Iam disabled and do not have the resources to get her help. She is slowly dying. I dont know where to turn or what to do. Get rid of this drug now!!!! Before too many become statistics. 
ken my daughter has been addicted to these pills/oxy for 3 years now.these pills should not be made.i wish i could meet ceo/president of the company that makes these pills so i can cut there fucking head off...shes been in 2 rehabs ive tried almost everything and will continue to try and be here , my love for her is unconditional so i will always be here for her.. trust me the drug companys know how addictive this drug is, but since this country is the most greedy place on the planet we will never see this drug off the market. all about the money,and not about lives... 
Anonymous My husband committed suicide this past summer and was taking OxyContin at the time. I firmly believe it was the drugs that drove him to his suicide. He became a person I no longer knew anymore. He was mean, angry and frustrated all the time. This drug totally changed his personality. I agree that this drug needs to be taken off the market - if it wasn't for OxyContin my husband would probably still be alive today.  
Anonymous This past summer my brother-in-law committed suicide while taking Oxycontin and we believe that this drug was the cause of it. There has to be another alternative for our loved ones to take to prevent this kind of tragedy. His personality changed completely while taking this drug and it must be banned. I pray for all of those who have lost a loved one from this terrible drug.  
Linda Brantley My daughter and grandaughter have both been addicted. Someone needs to step in and help before we loose a whole generation. 
Alisha Zook There has to be another pain killer with out opiates .. they ruin family and change people for the worst :( 
Anonymous We, like many, have been negatively affected by this drug. It should not be as readily accessible as it is. 
Anonymous So many sad stories due to this drug 
Tammy Eaker  
Chad Knight No one needs this. Their are true medicines out there. Oxycontin kills! 
Justine Bilski I too have lost friends and family to this drug. It should be banned and all drugs like it.  
Valorie Sessoms Oxycontin is synthetic heroin. FDA is aware of the addictive properties yet greed takes priority over saving lives, and sparing families the nightmarish events that occur when witnessing a family member in a spirallying decline to death or lifetime addiction. Big Pharma is in control.....Why does our government continue to allow this shameful exploitation of America? My friend since childhood was prescribed Oxycontin for Migraine headaches. She struggled with oxy addiction for the past ten years while living a hell on earth. Losing everything, home, job, car, self respect and valuable time with loved ones. This was an intelligent, loving, active women with many people that loved her dearly. God has taken her home, she died September 30 2012 at 54 years old. Leaving behind many devastated, tired, and angry family members and friends. Angry because of what this drug did and the helpless feelings they are left with because they couldn't stop the evil from consuming her. Please do the right thing and free America and the world of this ugly drug.  
walter kiernan hello my son died after a NP prescribed 120 oxcodone for a 30 day time period to him , these so called doctors and nurses make me sick that they give these out to kids that have no reason to be getting these except to get high , and these so called professionals need to be locked up  
Trevor C. Olson  
Cynthia Vreeland I have heard of so many who's lives have been destroyed by an addiction to OxyContin. I would like to sign this petition to ban OxyContin and it's manufacturing in the United States in order to save lives. 
Anonymous I've seen someone with severe back problems from a car accident go on a downward spiral since being prescribed OxyContin. Their whole life is a complete mess ever since the first prescription. This is on top of the many other people I've seen go down the same path. It's sad and needs to be banned because this is out of control.  
Karen Kent My beautiful 22 year old son lost his life to this terrible pill. It has been a little over four months now and my whole family is completely devastated over our loss. I thought about him 24 hours a day when he was alive with this disease and now I still think about him 24 hours a day - not believeing what has taken place to him and our family. I never thought this would be my life. Our whole family dynamics have changed since he left us. We get to pass his bedroom everyday with his door shut. His laundry, water bottles, movies he watched, hats, candy wrappers, etc. are still in his room in the same spot he left them. We get to see, everyday, the scratch marks on the wood floor coming out of his bedroom from the gurney that wheeled his lifeless body out of his bedroom and our home and taken to the morgue. All I get to do now, if I want to feel close to him, is sit in his room and smell his shirts. His sister, who is 21, and the only child I have left, will never have cousins for her own children to play with when she gets married, or be able to invite my son (if he had a family) over for the holidays. I can go on and on about how this pill has changed all our lives forever, but I will stop there, I just don't want this to happen to one more family. This pill destroys lives and families forever. My son was a wonderful person with a lot of potential and zest for life until this devil poisoned him, his life, and our lives. He tried to stop this addiction, but it had too much power over him. I am numb, my heart is broken, and part of me died that day too. We will never be the same with out him. I miss you Matt, more than you could ever know. I love you so very much! Mom  
Alicia Medeiros I agree with every 1 of the people who commented on Oxycotin..i was in a relationship with some1 who is no longer with us,cause of Oxycotins,perc 30s,vicodin,heroin,they might seem different from each other,but in reality ,they r all opiates..and it will kill u.And if it doesn't every day ,you will wish u never took the first pill....they need to ban these for all.Young people and elderly,its way to addicting..please oxycotin does not discriminate.dont even try it 1 time..cuz this is how easy it kids suffer ...their r without their a pill worth that.... 
Gail Cenik My son Christopher became addicted to OxyContin in or around 2004. He became a slave this poisonous but legal drug..well when it became to expensive for the Oxys he did what countless others have done,he turned to the cheaper but deadly poison..heroin.. He tried many many times to kick the addiction..but as we all know its not easy and help from the state is not nearly enough...he beg for help but those pleas fell on deaf ears..they put them in detox for 5 to 7days then send them packing...why not make these drug manufacturers help pay for treatment...after all they have made billions..BLOOD MONEY . After many years if suffering,Christopher lost the battle. He died if a heroin overdose on Nov18, 2011..He was a great young man...he was a compassionate,caring, loving son ,brother,grandson,nephew,cousin and friend...he was a great athlete, all star quarterback for his high school football team as well as team captain. He was the all star catcher for the baseball team as well as a captain ...he was always respectful of others. We where and still are proud if him ..he fought a courageous battle.. Please stop this man made monster from causing any more families this insurmountable heartache... 
Anonymous My father is addicted and it severely effects our family 
susan Haynes Just Help We need this horrible drug stopped  
Sandra Irvin  
Lorrie Briggs For Wendy -- two days before what would have been her 53rd birthday. I miss you. 
Yvette McNiece  
Karen williams  
Megan Goedecke  
Anonymous We have experienced crime in our neighborhood related to the illicit purchase of this drug...thefts with stolen merchandise taken to the pawn shop, to buy OxyContin (per police report...the pawn shop eventually turned this mother of one in). It's a shame a child is involved, whose mother is now in jail.  
Lois Sears  
Jill McCracken  
Rachel Gelbmann  
Deborah Hill  
Laura Hensley Get this ridiculous drug off the market ASAP! 
Angela Danyluk They argue in the states about how great the Canadian universal health care system is doesn't know any real Canadians. My wonderful brother in law injured his back while at work and his doctor set him up for an MRI as soon as possible. As soon as possible means when the next appointment is available in about a month. In the mean time he was given an unlimited supply of oxycontin to relieve his pain. His stepson, my 17 year old nephew, was the one that found him dead in the bed just days before his appointment. At autopsy they found he had over 20 in his esophagus alone. They don't exactly how many he had in his stomach but believed he had been too groggy to remember if he had taken any meds that morning. So it was probable that he was still feeling pain so he took more and that is what killed him. So it's not just about addiction, it's also about over prescribing them in place of real therapy. Back pain is excruciating and probably one of the biggest causes of addiction to this drug. So anything that can be done to encourage a therapeutic approach to pain management instead of a pharmaceutical one would be a much better model than we have today. After all, the true reason we have "pain management clinics" in the first place is so unscrupulous doctors can rake in untaxable cash to feed an unholy addiction to this legal drug. If marijuana is illegal because it's a gateway drug then how is this one legal when it just leads you to an addiction to illegal opiates like heroin when you can't get it? 
Martin Koprowski My dad was prescribed these a few weeks ago for a big kidney stone. Everytime they wear off, he becomes a huge jerk towards everyone.  
Chris Meyer I've lost every last one of my highschool friends to this drug, now all they do is mope around all day making fun of me and everyone who doesn't do drugs with them. 
Costas Themistocleous Free my house burned down this past March I started buying 30mg OxyContin pills and taking almost 8-10 a night different ways. Never injection but smoking, snorting, & slipping them in drinks. About a month and a half ago I sobered up and couldn't believe all the money I wasted. I have a bunch of friends who neglect and deny they have a problem the same at I did for all those months and I'm watching it destroy there lives. Some slower than others. Then I think back to myself wow this is the monster I was for all these months. This drug is pure evil. It's the devils candy and it should be banned and its factory's should be shut down.  
Anonymous My husbands destroying our family with oxys!! I didn't even know what oxys were until 2.5 weeks ago when everything came crashing down and his secret emerged. He drained $25.000 on illegally buying it. He's neglected our bills and loans and now I'm picking up the pieces es as he yells at me and throws temper and his iPhone. Get this off the market so otherr families don't have to go through this pain!! 
Sarah Ward  
steven gillooly fuck this shit oxies=death 
Keith Taylor Brother went to jail because of his addiction. The pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and doctors should be held accountble. 
Sarah Hixon  
Sharon Blair My daughter, Jennifer Reynolds died Jan. 15, 2009 at age barely 29 years old from an accidental drug overdose to opiates. She suffered from a chronic and progressive disease called opiate addiction for 12 years before she died. I support banning oxycontin from the market because it is easy to get, not dispensed properly and highly addictive and deadly for those addicted to it. Support The Jennifer Act. Help save lives in Florida & Indiana. How? By improving involuntary commitment laws with The Jennifer Act. Indiana SCR No.7 and Florida Senate Bill 1744. Visit my website to sign the petition and save lives. It's too late for my daughter. She is gone. But we can do something to intervene and save lives of others who are alive today and struggling. ~ In memory of Jennifer Reynolds~ died 1.15.2009. A life cut short due to opiate addiction overdose.  
robert hesson  
Megan Rhodes  
Teresa Weber My daughter disappeared. Apparently she started fooling around with Oxycontin when she was 16 or so. I never would have known. There was no indication that she was using or taking pills. Her friends told me that she decided to try harder opiates this spring -- she replaced an expensive addiction with a less expensive but equally dangerous one. Suddenly there was a change in her behaviors, and when I asked her about it she packed an overnight case and said she was spending the night with a friend. I have not seen her in two months. She was a university student who worked so hard to get into college and successfully finished her first year. Now she will not even communicate with her family. I have no idea where she is. It is heartbreaking. BAN THIS DRUG! 
Craig yobaccio oxycontin opened doors that could not be closed 
Jill S this drug has destroyed my marriage of 33 years , hurt me and my children and even my grandchild. It costs our country millions of dollars because of rehab stays and the chance of it working are slim... please dont allow another family to be destroyed like mine :(  
Rhonda Nichols Oxycontin is ruining our younger generation. people have been given it when it wasn't needed. 
Patricia Persico My 19 year old daughter experimented with OxyContin . She died 7 years ago on September14th 2005. I live in a beautiful community with loving family and friends all around. This drug distroyed my daughter. This child of mine was a easy baby, loving daughter, wonderful sister. To describe my daughter Alicia she was hardworking , honor role student, athlete ,and a sensitive sole. This drug is like a tsunami it just wiped up a large group of kids her age in our town. Many have died any many struggle and it is all because this drug was let loose of our society. My sweet daughter was no match for this drug. Experimentation was out of the question, this drug leads straight to hard core addiction. So I hope the next genation will never be exposed to a deadly drug as this that lives under the guise of a pain KILLER how appropriate . 
Amber Tansey  
odell lindsay i can never replace my son due oxycontin. 
Michelle Oakes Telling Big Business they DON"T run this country. 
Chloe Wells I lost my husband of 10 years to this drug and I am now left alone to raise our 3 year old son. It was prescribed to him after having surgery on his knee. I know there was other options to help with the pain, I hate this drug and am devastated the doctor prescribed him something that took his life and ruined mine. My son now has to grow up without a dad. 
Debbie M.  
Nick This drug ruins lives and takes lives. It is so easy to get and doctors prescribe it so easily. It is syenthetic heroin and should be banned. Other countries are doing it, it's time to step up and ban it from our country. How many lives need to be taken for everyone to see how bad it really is? 
Eryn Bass I'm 19 years old and this drug has ruined my life and has ruined many of my friends lives also. I've been off of this horrible drug for about a month now and I know I will never touch it again. I am lucky to have the supportive family I have, some aren't. I have friends that have been addicted to this drug for over a year now and it breaks my heart. I'm getting my life back on track now but it's been the hardest thing I have ever done and every day I struggle with not using. In high school I was always a 4.0 student, I started taking college classes as a sophomore in high school, played for the variety volleyball team and was an active member of my church. I had dreams and goals, the drug took that all away. I lost my job, friends, wasted all my savings account, all that mattered was getting more of the drug and after a while I just used so I didn't have the horrible withdraws. I would never ever want my worst enemy to go through what I had to. I hate this drug, it doesn't help anything. It just masks your pain and leaves you wanting more. There are so many better options if you are suffering from pain, options that actually help and don't just mask it. I do not want anyone to go through this, it ruins lives. I am 5'9 and before doing the drug I weighed 125. Now I am down to 104 pounds and I have many health issues from just using the drug for a couple of months. It has caused internal bleeding and permanent internal damage, I will now struggle with health issues for the rest of my life. Please ban this drug, I was lucky it didn't kill me, others aren't.  
Anonymous This drug is evil. It destroys marriages, families, livelihoods, and lives.  
Beth Piasecki  
Leanne Workman  
Julie Anne Lewis please stop the manufacture of this terrible drug that it's abuse is an epidemic to our society. I know first hand the seriousness of the side effects. you may email me with any questions about the experiences. thank you  
Kathy Frias  
Anonymous Oxycontin is very popular with teenagers all over the world. I have a 15 year that was taking it and let me tell you it is an awful drug to have a child on. Ban this drug... 
Shannon Bass I live on Maui. I have watched our kids fall victim to this drug. It has taken away so many lives. Why is it needed. Please don't let these doctors hand this drug out like candy. It is a real problem.  
cheryl pokomo Far too many accidental overdose deaths. Something must be done!! 
Dave Satterly This drug has and continues to ruin my sons life and his familys , the drug company paid a 600 billion dollar fine for not warning the public of its addiction , thats right 600 BILLION !!! where is our goverment , why are they letting this continue to trash our youths lives, as well as their parents going thru a living hell trying to save them . It is a money maker for the rehab centers and drug companys and police depts. , so that makes it ok to use our youth for jobs and profits , this country is becoming a discrase , if it hasn;t affected someone in yoiur life yet , it will , Please god pull this from the market , its benefits will never out weigh its tragic results , I am so sick inside watching my sons suffering , it is taking our family down . How can all us parents pool together and stop this madness killing drug  
Michelle Williams  
Rilla Hemmingsen  
Holly Massey  
ronnie mcbryde lost a friend to this drug....see it prescribed everyday...working in the medical field...i have seen the results of the addiction 
betty martin  
Kendra Hooks  
Samantha Chadwick  
Pamela Rocco This drug almost took my life it took my house my car but God spared me clean 7 years. My prayers and sympathy to all who has lost loved ones to this terrible drug.  
Cameron Brown  
Charles Jacobs  
Abasi Chapman OxyContin has damaged many lives. I personally know of whole communities who have been and are still at the mercy of mass OxyContin addictions. I have had friends who I have witnessed turn their lives from successful to disastrous. I have seen OxyContin contribute to the death of one of my very best friends. He was in an accident and was prescribed OxyContin to deal with the pain. That prescription started him on the road to addiction and ultimately his demise. I don't see any reason why this drug should be distributed legally or otherwise.  
Vicki Ward  
Beverly Jacobs So many families are ruined and many lives are lost due to addiction and death from overdose. Dr's over prescribe and give it to people who are not in pain but just addicts. Please stop killing people!  
Jolene Harrell  
Anonymous I think Oxycontin could be a good drug, if used the way it should be used. But the problem is, SO MANY people, my son-in-law included, use and abuse it and end up addicted. Many of those who end up addicted end up dying, as my son-in-law did. If this drug is highly addictive and so many are becoming addicted to it, why even use it? There are so many other pain medications that are not as addictive as this, so it should be taken off the market. 
Tonia Shell  
k.smith so many lives lost. so many orphan children. 
elizabeth hartley I do not understand why this drug is still being is legal herion and we all know how that worked out.. this is giving only more problems to people who are already suffering it is cruel and heartless . Maybe if the Dr, who wrote the rx. for these should have to take and experencience the withdrawls before being able to prescribe...that shoud take care of the problem............  
Maria Harris My boyfriend is addicted to oxycontin after having 2 knee surgeries. We have a child together.I fear for his life every day. I fear for my child when she is in his care. It has robbed us of every value and every bit of normalcy in our life, Destroying us more and more every day.I hate u oxycontin and everything u stand for. 
Carrie Nichols I lost my 32 year old cousin after it was prescribed for a broken arm.  
Heidi Lemmon  
Julia Winter Darin "Kreet" McClintock 4/25/79-8/16/11 In honor of my son may we witness the fall of Big Pharma, ASAP. Julia Winter.  
Mark Frederick Please remove this drug from being so commonly provided by Doctors. It is ruining the lives of so many families and needs to be restricted like morphine or removed from the USA altogether. 
Devin Turner  
Ashley Laucis Lost a dear friend, an amazing man to Oxycotin. It's not safe! Please ban it 
Ashlyn ritchie  
Amanda Cossin Although I am not an addict to this poison my life has spiraled downward because of my loved one that is addicted. After rehab and countless opiate detoxes he still remains addicted. He said it calls him and it won't stop until he gets it. This is not only affecting our relationship but financially and emotionally our children suffer. Having an addict in your home especially with an opiate habit $$$ has caused my loved one to many of things that I know he is not proud of. He prays I pray that one day this drug will release the hold it has on him stop calling him. It is traumatizing to the entire family to continue to try to support the addict knowing that he'll probably run back to it. How this drug made it on the market and in the hands of doctors that hand it out like its candy is beyond me but we have to stop it NOW! I have seen more bust in the last 5 months for this drug but the mills have to be shut down! The drug has to be taken off the market for hope that we will have to detox and their isn't anyway of going back! 
Steve Shelden  
Melissa Vicuna  
Wendy Whitener  
Danae Rubenzer I want it banned for sure...could have taken my daughters life.... 
Gaylyn Leach Evil drug...... 
Darlinda Lewellen  
MaryJo F Shelden Too many children have died from this drug.  
Carla Phillips  
Sharn Lundy It has taken me a long time to get off this "non addictive" drug. I was one of the lucky ones. 
april williams loved one with this addiction it is devastaing 
JENIFER FERGUSON I was addicted to this drug for 5 years. i am ashamed at things that i have done and also what I have put my family through. This drug was so easily handed down from a doctor which by the I trusted. Please lets STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!! 
Donna Flesher we have seen enough people die from this drug. 
rhonda poirier  
Kelly Ortlieb  
Jessica Noon  
Shannon Reynolds  
Anonymous LISTEN!  
Anonymous This drug and it's sister drug, roxycodone, is nothing but a poison. It has caused my family so much pain. One of the worst things about it is that it can be controlled. The government, dea and the manufacturers have total control of this. It's not something that can be grown or cooked. It is available only by the maker, and dr. TAKE THIS DRUG OFF THE MARKET!! I wonder if it was one of your children that died from using it, if you would still feel the greed of a dime!!! 
Dan Cost me nothing but misery! 
Garry Marshall Painkiller addiction changes people and hurts families. Doctors don't seem to notice or care. Please ban it! 
Cyndie Edwards  
Rebecca McCune  
Allison McCune  
michael capinski I know first hand what these drugs can do to people and I support this petition. 
Gigi Steel Please Please.. BAN Oxycontin.. My cousin became addicted to them once they were given to him for pain from a car wreck. That was in early 200's. He became addicted to them immediately.I found him dead in bed at the age of 33.. He was such a good guy. Had his own business,good-looking and a GREAT dad..These pills are like poison.. I have known other people as well who have become addicted.. For the safety of our youth and others ban this terrible medicine.. Doctors need to be more careful prescribing pain medicines.. They give it like candy. I know because i have been asked plenty of times if i need pain med. I simply reply no thanks i rather live with the pain...Gigi Steel 
Nicky Baker  
Stacey Please get rid of this awful drug that is destroying our country. 
K.Pelletier I've been taking oxycodone since 2006, its a poison, at first it helped but over time, the secondary effects became stronger and stronger as my doc was prescribing me higher and higher dosage stating that 'we' were not controling the pain anymore, now im sufering from the severe effects of a pain reliever that was supposed to help me, the new oxyneo is even worse, its not helping me with the pain anymore and i cant stop taking my pills, im taking such a high dosage that the doc said i could die from either cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest if i stopped, the clinic is charging me 3500$ for the detox, i have many health problems and i cant work anymore so i cant afford it, in 2006 my doc prescribed me 10 mg of oxy twice a day, at this day (2012) im taking 45 mg 3 times a day (prescribed) enuff to kill a horse they dying from this poison and all i can do is watch ! 
Anonymous Someone in my family died last night, not sure of the cause but she was an addict. Sadly, her sister begged her doctor to stop giving her vicodin sometime ago. The doctor's response was to give her Oxycontin. Doctor's are becoming more and more irresponsible with pain killers of all types. Someone else in my family recently had thyroid surgery and she came out of surgery on Dilaudid! When I became a nurse (an eon ago) we had no oxycontin or vicodin. People didnt get anything above demerol shots or darvocet for oral use unless they had severe cancer pain. The addicts these drugs have created is farther reaching than anyone truly knows. STOP the insanity. 
charlotte walker  
Deric rowles  
Suzanne Burg Oxy must go! Save our children, save our country. 
Melinda Sothern  
dave jagars  
Suzanne R. Tran My fiancé died from taking oxycodone (Percocet/ related to Oxycotin) prescribed by a doctor who incorrectly treated him for his condition. Please ban this drug and others related to it.  
Bradland Ross Oxycodone is perscribed for too many things. It should not be in ANYBODY'S medicine cabinite and the only way that it should be avabile is in the hospital. Because it is a legal drug people assume that it is safe, I have personaly witnessed people who belive that if a doctor perscribes it that no harm can come about only to end up with an addiction.  
Jamie Lindsay I lost my 32 year old husband 16 days ago to this horrible drug. Within a year he became addicted and lost his life to oxycontin due to an accidental overdose. Please take this drug off the market. 
Anonymous This drug DESTROY'S families as law enforcement and government agencies continue to remain uneducated and in denial about the addiction and devastation this drug creates upon any human life that gets in its way! Oxycontin/Oxycodone is wipping out an entire generation of young adults and wasting our tax dollars by only investing dollars in these drug abusers LIES -with no punishment, no correction and no help!! It's horrendous and sickening that no one who 'could' help will LISTEN because the nightmare seems not to have affected their own personal lives and families.. yet!! I feel this drug was created directly from Satan himself!  
Mandi longest My 22 yr old son and the friends he runs with are addicted to the drug OxyContin. I lost my mother 19 yrs ago to the drug heroin at the age of 42. We all need to stand up and recognize this is a serious issue that is growing.  
Devin Blado  
Thomas A Steiner  
Anonymous This drug nearly ruined my life. I've been clean for 5 months now. There must be another way to help people with chronic pain other then pills. 
Nadine Simonelli  
Maureen Durkin  
Anonymous My younger brother and I are less than three years apart and grew up best friends and family to 2 sets of single parents. I believe we are as close as two people can be. There are time periods when I feel I don't know and can't communicate with someone who I know in a way and who knows me in a way no one else ever will. I did not know the meaning of regret and sadness until I realized how bad this was. My brother used to carry himself in a way in which I admired in a since, once I couldn't beat him I joined him and I am so proud of many of the things he has done. This drug can begin so tamely and innocently and rob you of the most precious things you know so viciously in such a short time span. I believe it should be professionally administered only to the terminally I'll or afflicted (hard and fucking fast folks). I will not stop believing in you until there is nothing left to bet on. -mason 
diane kempski  
Maureen Hagner Take this drug off the market NOW. 
Kimberlee Davenport " I didn't think it could happen to me". The thought that kept going through my head as I sat on a plane on my way to detox from this drug that had taken over my thoughts , my finances, my ambition . It started out and I really didn't even know what it was but I tried it at a party in powder form a crushed pill. Wow I felt great! I felt confident, energized ,like the world was a wonderful place and I had all the enthusiasm and energy to accomplish anything I had ever dreamed of and more. Mundane tasks such as cleaning or studying were now actually fun. I began to notice though that now I always wanted to feel that way or I didn't want to do anything anymore. So I started using more and more ( no I never had a problem with substance abuse before) . Then I not only Wanted to feel that way if I did not have the drug I couldn't function .My body and mind just painfully Yearned for more and there was never enough . I was so afraid Of withdrawal that if I had any money I would use it to get more Instead of pay my bills. It felt like my flesh was rotting away it is the most horrible feeling I have ever had . If I could go back to being ignorant about opiate addiction I would in a heartbeat and I know that my life will never be the same . People look at you differently after you seek treatment . This drug should only be given to terminal people Because it doesn't matter who you are, how much money you make, what side of the tracks you come from . If you use this drug one day you will need this drug and that is a bad day!  
Kimberly Jagars I live in Fl. & have several loved ones who have battled this drug & still are to this day. it is out of control, the people they get these drugs from are going and getting several different drugs at the same time, oxi pills, xanax, somas...all from the same Dr, then turn around & go to a couple different Dr & do the same thing. the one lady I know who does this she makes thousands of $s a month, she does not work, just sells these drugs to her dealer that meets her at the Pharmacy every time she gets pills to give her the money. how can this happen to all these people & no one is stopping it. The place, "dr. office" these people go to you can walk in & know somethings not right, the people there are all strung out or have that pasty white sick look, that haunts me as a mother. something needs to happen to stop this drug that is killing & stealing the brain's of our kids & loved ones. if you can do something & you do nothing their blood is on your hands! 
Alan L I am losing both of my parents to this drug. They are in their late 50's , and they are not the same people I knew as a child. They are not the same people I knew 3-4 years ago. They are bankrupt, they are losing their house, their children and grandchildren, and themselves to this drug. My 5 month old will probably never know my mother thanks to this drug, and her drug dealing Doctor.  
Stephanie Astuto I dont know where to begin! Im so angery hearing these horrible storys of this demon killing drug Oxy! My husband had a wonderful life, perfect job, awesome family. He had a very detailed surgery in Nov of 2011 on his foot...Drs so quick to put him on his drug. He had been on it for 18 months. I started to see my husband change, quickly...depressed, aniexty, so miserable. He was trapped, lie after lie was told. Bank account drained, tons of debt owed to many. Robbed many times to get more pills, house broken into for drug money...I was scared for me and my two young boys. Gets worse, wrecked car, jail time, now in detox...lost Job, car home....has tons of debt, attorney fees. Broken family, hurt! Ban this demon drug! My husband is alive by grace of God! Tough rd ahead....i feel betrayed,we had everything going for us, this drug ruined his life. Now he has to rebuild it all. Humble himself and say SORRY to sooooo many hes hurt! Im sick to my stomach reading all these stories, God help us , give us favor to ban this horrible drug. 
Denise Thank you for all you do! This epidemic has to stop. I am a mom of a child struggling with addiction which began with Oxycontin. There have been way too many deaths this past year in out town.. so many friends of our children. Very sad...  
Teresa Milano It's time for this madness to stop. I almost lost my daughter to this nonsense which would have left her little eight year old girl to wonder why a simple knee injury almost killed her mother and father. Is there no end to the greed and corruption ? Is there no end to the misery that these pills cause the citizens of our Country ? It's sickening that anyone would make one red cent on this plague. It's time to stop it. Now. 
Christiane Oliva I'm a mother of an addict of Oxycontin no need to explain  
Jennifer Gilbert  
Nancy Grabarczyk My only daughter died at the age of 23 due to this drug. Canada has taken it off the market, and we should too before any more young people die. 
lynda Robinson  
Katherine Rose  
Anonymous Our 21 year old son was given Oxycontin for a shoulder injury by a DOCTOR. He became addicted to this horrible drug and died from it at age 22. This should have never happened. My son loved to work out at the gym and was very health conscious. He believed that the drug was okay because it was a prescription from a doctor. When we realized what the drug really was, it was too late. What a waste of a beautiful greedy people could make money.  
diane f. hollis  
nancy i have lost friends to this drug and its partner Roxy,and have seen so many people close to death from this drug.why wont the government do something it was easy enough for them to ban phen phen the diet pill cause it was so addictive and killed people. but they do not seem to care that thousands of people are dieing here whats the deal are they making money off these pills to or what why do they keep a blind eye to the problem as it continues to grow bigger everyday  
Arash Jalali Not only do we need to do something about this drug we need to take out doctors like Alen J Salerian, who has been brought up for charges multiple times by the DEA and the system lets him go. Maybe because he is Ex FBI who knows. But I support this cause. 
Pam Stephenson My grandson is a recovering oxycontin addict. He was close to death when we got him in to his second rehab. With the help of AA he is doing well now but it cost his family four years of emotional devastation and $50,000 to say nothing of the misery he went through. Oxycontin should be banned and only used for terminal cancer patients if allowed at all. 
Teri This is also a plague in my hometown of La Habra. People start with oxy then go right to heroin wich also runs rabid. Just found out the love of my life is addicted to both for the past year. I had no idea. Started with oxy. This prescription drug is poison in disguise.  
Will Lindsay Please prevent future deaths and heart ache. This drug is the most dangerous tablet produced. 
Anonymous Just trying to help 
Lindy preziosi I lost the love of my life to this horrible drug. He was there one week prior asking me to be his one and only and then he was gone in the blink of an eye. I don't understand how those pharmacys and drs can live with themselves.  
Joe Watson There has to be another drug that can deal with pain that does not ruin lives. 
Susan calleo This drug should be banned. It is over prescribed by doctors and then the poor patient ends up addicted and thinking they are in perhaps more pain than they are really in, if they are in pain at all! My poor husband has been prescribed it for the last 6 years, having under gone 3 back surgerys. He is now trying to detox from the oxy and it is a grueling process.. The pain doctors are only concerned about keeping the prescriptions flowing. Near impossible to find a pm doctor that would detox him- and we live in the NY metropolitan area! It's a crime what it does to those taking it. Ban it now! 
Marsha Schorr I lost my only son to oxycontin 3 years ago. This is something that I will never get over in my lifetime. Now, I found out that my sister is addicted to Lortabs (Hydrocodone)so I have tried to get her to get some help but she doesn't admit to being an addict even though she gets others to get prescriptions for her and steals it from others when possible. She has been caught several times but nobody will file charges. I fear that I will lose my little sister to drugs. This country has got to do something about the prescription drugs out there. These big drug companies and the doctors that write out the scripts like candy are killing us all. We have simply got to take a stand against these drugs or there will soon be nobody left. I miss my son everyday. He was only 24 and had such promise. Oxy got ahold of him and choked out all hope.  
Chassidy Harris  
Natalie McConnell  
Angelina Rosania This drug has destroyed so many lives and will continue to do so if it is not banned. I am in fear of my child growing up surrounded by this highly addictive drug and the many people that are hooked on it. Praying this filth is permanently removed from our communities. 
Megan Troy There is a reason this "medication" is called "hillbilly heroin." I had a very good friend of mine--former addict, but haunted with guilt for the time she spent delving into drugs as a teenager--take her life by these means at the age of 22. She was in such a horrible situation with a "psycho ex-boyfriend" (who was still an active Oxy and heroin user) harassing her and her family because of his codependency on her (on top of an unwanted pregnancy by this guy) that she saw no other way out. From all the other tragedies I've looked at, this drug is nothing but trouble in the long term, and there's even strong evidence for a link between Oxycontin use and suicidal ideation. It needs to be made illegal, just like heroin and crystal meth. 
Katie McCulley  
jennifer young One is too many 
Robin Genua My son has been addicted for almost 8 years. Our lives have been in constant turmoil. We are devastated. PLEASE PLEASE BAN Oxycontin.  
Anonymous family member is addicted i will be so relived the day this drug no longer exists  
Maxine Ollove  
Stephen Doris  
zeev greenstein  
Anonymous R.I.P Heather and Chance both were 23 when they were called home:( This drug has destroyed so many lives! THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!! 
Josephine Kramer  
Anonymous This is a terrible drug...must be monitored more closely! 
Nicholas S.  
nina kane  
jennifer venuti  
Kathryn A Lopez Our son died in 2003 at 27 years of age from an OxyContin overdose. What a painful 15 days before we consented to removing his life support. His friends that visited and saw him like this did not feel anything by seeing him in this state as their pain was numb from Oxycontin. 
Betty Smith This drug must be banned!!! It has not only effected my family but so many others that I have met. How many more have to die from this while the pill mills continue to make money!!! Please ban it!!!! Thank you! 
debi peterson  
Anonymous Good luck. I'm sure Purdue Pharma is multi-billion dollar business with lots and lots of lobyists paying off our "honest" elected officials.  
Lawrence Salovin  
Frank Mormando  
Dorothy Zarza We need to get rid of these Doctors who are giving presciptions to our Children & Adults , as it is killing the future for this generation. 
Joanne DeFrisco I have 3 boys ages from 27-37 each one has had the experience of the horrible Oxycontin prescription epidemic that we are experiencing here in Palm Beach County Florida. I cannot even put into words how this drug has changed my kids and my family. The desparation of wondering if your child would be dead or alive day after day. The money spent on rehabs, desparately trying to help get the kids straight. I was blessed so far and have not had any of them die, but it is never over once they have been addicted. It is a constant and daily fear. I know plenty of sad, sad stories of families who have lost their loved ones because of these pills. The pill mills, as we call them, are always there ready to prescribe anyone these drugs. THEY NEED TO TAKE THIS DRUG OFF THE MARKET!! I do not understand how if there is an accident where 1 person gets killed, 1 person, someone gets a product recalled, a stop sign put up,for example, but, thousands of people have lost their lives and thousands more have their lives ruined by these drugs and this has not been addressed or taken off the market. Guess too many people are making too much money. These drugs are destroying families, destroying lives, killing people daily. Palm Beach county alone 14 deaths a day from prescription drug overdoses, not including drug related deaths. When are they going to do something about it rather than sweep it under the rug and keep trying to hide it from people so these drug companies can keep raking in the big bucks. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost their loved ones and those of us who have had their lives turned upside down because of these companies and doctors who prescibe these drugs and have no remorse and do not care about who they destroy in the process of them becoming rich!! This could happen to any of us. Karma, before this happens to you think about it. If this doesn't change and this drug is not taken off the market, your kids or family member could be the next addict! A desparate plea from a concerned, and desparate mother. God Bless!!  
Vincent and Robin Cesario Let us hold accountable all doctors, drug companies and drug dealers for the problems due to opiod drug usage/overdose. Let us not ignore this problem any longer--- lives are being lost. my beautiful son passed Joseph Vincent Cesario from oxycotin and zanax accidental drug overdose..please give me justice for Joseph 11/12/11 he was what kept our heart beating...forever in our hearts my beautiful son...... 
Renee Widman Let us hold accountable all doctors, drug companies and drug dealers for the problems due to opiod drug usage/overdose. Let us not ignore this problem any longer--- lives are being lost. 
Diane Murphy This is the beginning of drug addiction and I blame the doctors as well as the pharmaceutical companies. Its like they work hand in hand. The pharmaceutical companies get rich on these drugs. The doctors have to prescribe it so they must get a percentage from the companies. They are legalized DRUG DEALERS! They all should be in prison. Whats wrong with this country??? Ban all prescription pain medicine. If you think about it...they make a " Pill' for everything these days. Its sick. 
k priest my brother is addicted and gets this from his doctor he is on 120mg a day but this is not enough he is waiting for the next does shaking feeling sick sweating something needs to be done and quick people are dying or losing any quality of life 
David Beattie Why does the addiction of people to drugs like OxyContin and all the sides effects such as , overdoses, and the violent crime associated come after the profits these companies are making, knowing full well the effects they have on society. 
Julien Remillard This is for you Brandon!! I'm going to miss you man.. I hope our voices can be heard through this petition. 
Anonymous I am the wife of an addicted oxycontin user. It is slowly destroying our lives. I am 100% for taking this drug off the market. Imagine how many lives will be saved, families not destroyed, happy marriages etc. This list is endless.  
Cindy Tribble I'm so sorry for all the loved ones lost because of this drug..It really needs to be banned. 
molly rhodes please. 
Angel Zaccaro  
Alanna Gajewski To anyone who lost a loved one, I hope this gets banned its aweful that young ones lives are being taken! 
Corey Yohemas Kill the drug before it kills us all 
Lisa M My beautiful 21 year old daughter has been struggling with opiate addiction since she was 18. She first tried oxycontin in high school and quickly became addicted. It's been a struggle of staying clean and relapsing ever since. The physical and emotional addiction are very difficult to beat but not impossible. We recently lost a 19 year old in our town who also started with oxycontin, then moved onto heroin. This is a dangerous, adductive drug that destroys lives.  
Elyse Latella Addiction destroys lives 
Debra I have a 23 year old son that has been an Oxy addict since he was 17. He stuggled here in Bradenton, trying to stay clean, but everyone he new since a small boy, was also hooked on the drug, so, he would fail. Finally, we sent him to Texas, where he had a sister; she took him in & took him to church for 3 months while he got clean.. At the 3 month mark, he had to move out & got his own apt & had a job. He appeared to be doing well for about a year, then, a series of evvents happened to him & he fell back into his addiction, not with Oxys, but anything else he could get a hold of. Long story short, he is now stuck in Texas due to legal issues & we can not get him home so he can have family support. Here is the dilemma, If he comes back home to Bradenton, the Oxy capital, I fear he will not be able to stay clean, if he stays without family support, he may die from his addiction. Our family has been in LIMBO & living in FEAR every single day for the past 6 years; we are literally in HELL, because this F$%&ing drug!! I would say every 1 out 5 people you come in contact with here in Bradenton, is on Oxys. I try so hard to get people I know to get names of Dr's off their family members RX bottles so I can turn in the PILL MILL they are getting them from, but people seem to be in denial or are afraid of their family member going to jail; I am beyond that. I would rather see my son in jail than suffering on the street with his addiction & waiting to get the call in the middle of the night we all fear with our addict children. I have anxiety from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed & can't get a grip!! We all need to join together & get this damn drug banned or better regulated.  
Sue Kaufman My son is addicted to oxycontin. He missed the birth of his son and the first 3 years of his sons life because of this horrible drug. He is currently in prison. I am trying to wage my own war against this terrible plague. Nothing will return the years my son has lost.  
patricia mcdonald I lost my beloved only child, adrianne, aged 27, in February, 2011. Not because she was prescribed oxycontin, but hydrocodone, another highly addictive opiod that has killed more people in western new york than oxycontin. Her physician prescribed it to her for three years. In late January, 2011 Dr. Mehta, a physician in our area had been arrested and charged with numerous counts of irresponsible, negligent prescribing. He prescribed more pills, than almost all doctors combined prescribed in our area. That story made headlines across the state. Within a week of Dr. Mehta's arrest, my daughter's physician cut her off lortab abruptly - i am quite sure he did this as he became frightened he might be busted as well. He made no attempts to wean her. Two days later she found some heroin and died. All opioids are a form of heroin... of course heroin is the natural alternative when pills aren't available. Why isn't the FDA doing it's job - protecting our citizens, rather than the profits of pharmaceutical companies.  
Anonymous I am all for a solution to helping those suffering addiction to this drug! 
Laura Necker So many drugs are taken off the market right away for less deaths, why not this one! 
stephanie My young cousins will soon be 6 feet under because of their addiction to this drug. They snort and inject it daily and are slowly killing themselves! They steal, fight and have even made counterfeit money to obtain this hellish drug. I have seen 13 people die since 11/11 to 6/12 and this was after they were released from our rehabs. Street value in our small community is $3000-$6000 for a script.This drug is from satan himself! It must be banned immediately and may the makers of the product be punished harshly! 
Erika D Westerlind This drug is the devil in disguise. It has possessed my sweet, loving, caring, sensitive sister (a former pediatric nurse) into a manipulating, lying, thieving, lethargic, drooling, zombie no longer able to care for herself, no less her 10 yr old daughter. She being a single parent, has now put her only child under the care of our elderly mother. That poor child has lost the only stable loving parent she has known all due to the power of that little pill. I can't even express what this has done and continues to do to our remaining family. It has put sibling against sibling, parent against child and nephews against aunt. I would do anything in my power to eliminate this product from it's existence, stop the production by the big pharmaceutical company, make every doctor held accountable for writing the exorbitant amount of prescriptions and to remove every pill pushing dealer off the streets forever. 
linda williams pure hell . My daughter was addicted to this MONSTER for 5 years. She is now in recovery rehab facility sober 60 days.  
Patricia L. Welch This drug just took my SON'S life about 3 weeks ago,He was a very special person in his mind he was mentally challenged n did not understand the danger of this drug.There are people out in the world that is handing it out like candy n it needs to be STOPPED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! My SON is having his first child n could have had a family that he waited for 30 years to have n now his first child will grow up without his FATHER because of this drug.PLEASE GET THIS DRUG N ANY OTHER DRUG LIKE THIS ONE OFF THE STREET. 
Tonya Cobb This drug needs to ban..I know lots of ppl that has lost there dear sweet family's due to Oxycontin...This drug takes over there whole mind and body... The only thing that they care about is getting there next high, they will sell every thang that they have to get there next high...even there soul....We must stop this drug and other drugs .... 
Amber R Moore  
KATHY Because of oxycontin my fiance is gone forever ..his unborn child will never be able to know his daddy. I am disgusted by how easily these drugs are distributed around and trafficked as easy as someone going to a candy store buying bags of candy then coming out and selling them on the streets where our children play . This is an injustice to humanity to allow such a drug to even be available let alone pain clinics dispersing them in large quantities out to anyone with some medical paper work! This is taking lives! OXYCONTIN IS TAKING MOTHERS, FATHERS,SISTERS,BROTHERS, HUSBANDS ,WIVES, AND OUR CHILDREN'S LIVES! THE WAR GOING ON OVER SEAS IS NOT THE ONLY WAR GOING ON! ! THERE IS A WAR HERE ON AMERICAN SOIL ITS A DRUG WAR AND OUR GOVERNMENT DOES NOT NEED TO SIT IDLED BY AS THOUSANDS ARE DYING DAILY! PLEASE BAN OXYCONTIN PLEASE!!! 
april fawaz  
Ben Daniels  
Kristyn Silver I disapprove this drug. To say that is an intense understatement, but we will leave it at that. I have heard countless stories of close friends and relatives who were prescribed this drug and changed in to a different person. This drug controls peoples lives. It is the devil.  
Kayla Brinson I am only 11 years old and i have lost both my mom, and grandfather to this horrible drug. A few weeks ago i had a bad ear infection and my grandma took me to the hospital and they gave me a prescription of Oxycodone. my grandma was shocked and refused to let me take them. This drug has changed my life forever and I would love to see it banned because I see nothing good in it. 
Stephanie Holbert I recently lost my 30 year old sister two weeks before her 31st birthday due to this disgusting drug that's doing nothing positive for the american people except making drug co. rich. I also lost my father in 2009, he was only 52 when he passed however I lost my Father 15 years ago when the first Doctor prescribed him a bottle of what was then called a non addictive drug Oxycodone. The drug changed him as a person. I would love to help in anyway to stop this devil from continuing to grow. We as Americans need to take our country back.  
Jennifer Sarik  
Clark Hubbard I have two sons who are 20 and 23 they both have been fighting oxycontin addiction for 3 years.The state of Florida is worst in handling the problem,the federal goverment is not much better.I take my kids to a doctor in tampa once in a while when they need Suboxone, which also can be addictive, and guess what a pain management clinic opened up next door! Is this a great country or not!!! 
Alec Spier Hey ya so I basically just kinda used oxy for the first time a few days ago, and I really really like it. I was using it to get high and not for pain. I can already tell that this is WAAAAAAAYYYY to addictive to be on the market. People do not understand that this is just heroin in a pill. I think all drugs should be legalized but this is Oxycodone big pharma thing is ruining peoples lives and livers because they don't actually realize what they are ingesting and just how god damn dependent you can become. I have friends that do it everyday...Not cool. 
Mrs Christi Macy Outlaw  
Anonymous This drug has destroyed my family's life as well as my own. It powerful grip has led to the demise of my Father and continues to control every aspect of his life. I doubt if he will ever find sobriety again, and can only pray that it doesn't take his life. 
Paula Maupin Being in the medical field, I have seen far too often the effects of prescription drug use, specifically, OxyContin. Unfortunately, I have experienced it on a personal level as well, having to watch people I love destroy their lives with their addiction. I would love to see OxyContin banned because of it is extremely addictive. 
Anonymous Contact PURDUE PHARMA (MAKERS OF OXYCONTIN): Main Phone Number: 203.588.8000 Medical Inquiries / Drug Safety: 888.726.7535 Customer Service: 800.877.5666 Public Affairs / Media Relations: 203.588.8069 Licensing & Business Development: 203.588.7293 Ethics and Compliance Hotline: Call 1.877.PURDUE1 (or 1.877.787.3831) toll free, 24 hours a day, to report any suspected violations of ethics, law, or Purdue policy. Or contact Purdue’s Office of Compliance at 203.588.8288. Callers may choose to remain anonymous and will be protected from retaliation in any form  
nancy My son text message a local dealer in Mesa Az. requesting O.C. specifically The delivery was made at 11:50PM by the next Am @ 922AM he was 911 to banner desert er admitted to ICU on every form of life support humanly possible He die not pull through and I was told by the director of the ICU He waited for you to come now my advice is you have to let him GO!Anthony atteneded the Rehab who had hired my son to work there after my son completed his 60-day program Death certicicated list Complications due to accidental drug overdose. 
Cindy My daughter at the age of 17 was introduced to oxy.....oxy was being passed around in her high school. These children had no idea how their lives and that of their families would be changed forever. At 26 years of age, my daughter is now a hard core heroin addict. This has become the natural progression of oxy addicts. Heroin is cheaper and easier to get on the streets. Our family has been ripped apart from her addiction. We have gone into serious financial debt paying for rehabs, ect. My daughter shoots up in the back of her knees now because the vains in her arms no longer work. I have had to prepare myself for the reality of the outcome of her addiction....we have seen and heard of so many young people who have overdosed and died from this. This all started 9 years ago when in high school she took an oxy from a friend....  
Michael Thomas  
Hattie Acres  
Kristen Averett I have lost so many people physically mentally and emotionally to this drug. It changes your very being, for the worst. Please put a stop to this. 
jessica cardoso Find natural needs for ruined part of my life 
Mike Gordon a drug not worth keeping!  
teresa williams the worst drug in the world and needs to be taken off the market streets and out of peoples homes! it will tare apart families!!!! 
Amber Leverone  
Sean Williams This stuff is a plague!!!! 
Concerned&Worried I have watched this drug capture & destroy the lives of way too many people, young & old. So many people are using this drug around my community It's become more common & more popular than marijuana. It's an evil & life changing drug that definitely needs to be banned from distribution worldwide. It destroys not only the addicts lives but the lives of loved ones who are forced too witness the painful downfall of the addict day in & day out. Oxy Contin is nothing mire than tragedy & in a tablet. 
PCH I lost my 30 year old daughter to Oxycodone. She fell asleep on Thursday night and passed away sometime on Good Firday Morning. Her 11 year old Daughter, fiance and my parents and myself were there when she passed. The shocked was overwhelming and only second to the pain. However I had to stay strong for her daughter and sister. However I feel sad, angry and disgusted by these drug companies putting profit over people.  
Lisa Lewis  
Jessica Elhail Oxycontin in hell on earth, every doctor would love to give it to you because they know that you will get hooked and then you are their patient for life. Getting off of it is so hard, you cant eat (I could not eat for 6 days), your cant drink or feel normal and you throw up every day. Your legs kick, you cant stop moving your legs, life becomes undesiriable and you want to kill your self because of how bad you feel. When getting off of this drug I slapped my self in the face, pulled my hair as hard as I could and punched myself in the head including other items it the house, I almost lost my husband to this drug. If HERION is againt the law on the streets it shouldnt be OK in a pharmacy just because a "doctor" prescribed it. This medicine almost killed me and my family and I curse all who make it - AMERICA will LOSE if you keep on making this drug, it does nothing but bad and nothing good will EVER come out of it. PLEASE BAN THIS DRUG! Thanks 
Anonymous please ban this.. for it is a family battle they must deal with the rest of their lives. enough is enough-- time to stop! Prayers are with those who have been hit with this and are going through it. 
Lilly Vega Yes, I agree that this terrible drug should be banned.  
Alexis Kent I personally have severe chronic pain and have suffered from it for 20+ years. The first pain clinic I went to would have, more than likely, prescribed OxyContin for me. I wouldn't and didn't request at all even I'm sure it would have helped my pain. I have heard way too many very bad (and bad is putting it very lightly)things about it. I knew one person that did take it for her chronic pain and when she came close to running out - she was a physical and emotional mess. I'd like to say to those who have lost loved ones to OxyContin that I'm very sorry for your losses. I think that the only thing that should be done at this point is to ban it. Nothing else could match banning it. It would also be very important that the patients on it be detoxed in the most comfortable way possible.  
sherry song This drug has stolen and still is many wonderful people. I firmly believe action must be taken to save our society and future leaders. 
Anonymous My sister got addicted to this horrible drug eight years ago and just recently quit (hopefully for good). My sister was always my role model growing up, and she is an amazing person. She had a huge heart and was always willing to help others, made me laugh constantly, and was extremely hardworking and passionate. However, as soon as she tried this drug with her ex-boyfriend when she was eighteen years old, she got addicted. She became a person I never imagined. She lied, cheated, stole, and did anything to get more of this drug. It got so bad that my sister's most recent ex-boyfriend called the police when she stole money from him, and she was put in jail for a year. She stole $1000 to buy a ton of oxycontin because she was planning on overdosing and taking her own life. She tried taking her own life several times throughout the years she was addicted to this drug, and it hurt my heart so much to see my sister and best friend coming to this. I'm thankful that she was put in jail because it was a year she HAD to spend away from oxycontin. That is just has strong this drug is. It turns beautiful, amazing people into hardcore addicts. I pray to God this drug gets off the market. I have read so many stories about how it has ruined lives, and I have seen it first hand. I pray for anyone addicted to this drug and those affected by it to seek help and overcome this addiction. You CAN do it! This is truly the devil's drug.  
Marlis Bennett  
Holly Lane over a year and a half sober. it took a year in jail to get this 8 year addiction kicked! and know many people that has lost to it. hopefully this works!! 
Pam Holbert  
Lozano Horrific drug that contributes to the addicted individual to committing crimes that they would never imagine themselves being involved in ... I know first hand. My son is addicted and with God's help he will reach the other side to a drug-free person. Please pray for him and the others suffering from this horrible addiction! 
Anonymous Introduced:May 05, 2005Sponsor:Rep. Stephen Lynch [D-MA9] Bill Overview Status: Introduced May 05, 2005 This bill was introduced on May 5, 2005, in a previous session of Congress, but was not enacted. WHY WAS IT NOT ENACTED THEN....LETS TRY AGAIN !! 
Anonymous HR 2195 IH 109th CONGRESS 1st Session H. R. 2195 To provide for the withdrawal of the drug OxyContin from the commercial market. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES May 5, 2005 Mr. LYNCH introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A BILL To provide for the withdrawal of the drug OxyContin from the commercial market. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the `Act to Ban OxyContin'. SEC. 2. FINDINGS. The Congress finds as follows: (1) The drug OxyContin has proven to be highly addictive. (2) The use of over-the-counter narcotics such as OxyContin has risen to as much as 9 percent among students in middle schools and high schools. (3) Overdoses of OxyContin have increased by 450 percent in recent years. (4) The abuse of the drug, which is prevalent in economically depressed areas, has been strongly linked to criminal activity and has in some cases overwhelmed local law enforcement. (5) Over 1.5 million tablets of the drug were stolen from pharmacies between 2001 and 2003. (6) The active ingredient of OxyContin, oxycodone, is twice as strong as morphine. (7) OxyContin's time-released effect, an important element of its pharmaceutical use, is easily negated by abusers to achieve a heroin-like effect. (8) The manufacturer of the drug has been cited twice for using negligent and inappropriate advertising, downplaying the potentially fatal risks of abuse. (9) OxyContin is the first brand-name product targeted for monitoring by the Drug Enforcement Administration. (10) Health care professionals, such as pharmacists and physicians, have been among those arrested and indicted for distributing the drug in a nonofficial capacity. (11) The burdens of this drug to the public health outweigh its potential therapeutic benefits, and given that alternative pain medicines and methods are widely available, OxyContin should be banned. SEC. 3. WITHDRAWAL OF DRUG OXYCONTIN FROM COMMERCIAL MARKET. Effective upon the expiration of 45 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the approved application under section 505(b) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act for controlled-release oxycodone hydrochloride, which drug is marketed as OxyContin, is deemed to have been withdrawn under section 505(e) of such Act.  
Stephanie Manning I have been in Methadone treatment for addiction to pain pills for the past 5 years. I would love to see oxycotin banned it has ruined some many lives. Doctors just hand this stuff out like candy and leave millions of people stuck being addicted for the rest of their lives. I wish when I started taking the oxy's I would have taken it more seriously it seems so safe cause your doctor is giving it to you. Then next thing you know you cant function without it. My heartbreaks for EVERYONE out there addicted to this poison. BAN THIS IMMEDIATELY AND LET EVERYONE ADDICTED START THE RECOVERY PROCESS. Trust me it is no an easy process.  
Anonymous OC is NO JOKE. I am a recovering addict an now that I'm on the other side I can see how dangerous of a drug they really are. Even trying to get off of them nearly killed me so I too see how important it is that they are banned. My prayers are with anyone who is suffering from the addiction an to anyone who has lost a loved one because of them. 
Anonymous I lost my marriage and my husband to these pills. He got addicted not realizing how dramatic there effects were. Within 2 years went from oral to snorting to shooting. This from a man who was a successful engineer with three kids and never would have imagined shooting anything. These pills caused him to lie and steal from family. He lost his job and so lost his insurance turning him to the streets to keep from withdraw. He became a criminal due to the effects of these drugs. The people gaining a profit should have to face what their product is doing.  
wayne lewis please lets banned together...and fight  
carol s shepherd i have a beautiful 23 yrs old daughter who has a gorgeous 5 yr old little girl ... my heart is breaking , my daughter is addicted to oxy... i need help is there anyone out there can help me please ......  
Jude C McDonald I have seen ALL TO WELL..the effects of this drug. First hand, lost families! So sad, cocaine, heroin, name it. 
Anonymous A living breathing nightmare drug that destroys users and users families. Disgusting and vile are the end results of this garbage. 
Anonymous U.S. Food and Drug Administration 10903 New Hampshire Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20993 Ph. 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332) LET THEM HEAR FROM YOU ! 
Brad Mcmillin I hate this "drug", heh more like beast. 666 is not the sign of the beast. OC is. I watched my best friend turn into a drug fueled careless drone. You all know the deal, compulsive lying, going to the doc for small tramadol prescription to cover up failing in ua's, stealing, sleeping whenever or wherever, its enough to drive you crazy. He recently got with a girl with the same thing on her back. She doesn't care either. I think honestly he got with her just to have another excuse for his actions, and make it available when he has none. I remember supporting him and trying my best to be understanding of his situation. Until 2 weeks ago. He was at my kitchen table, extra strung out, talking to me. I wasn't listening, I was staring into his eyes. This scared me straight, for I was on a meth n molly addiction lying to myself as well. But I was staring at his eyes, and a saw something besides him. His eyes were different, there was some creature behind them something evil. I told him stfu for a minute. "dude, your ate up from the plate up, when is enough enough"? He got mad as I expected and left. I flushed my meth n remaining mollies and haven't even thought about them since. That evil behind the totem that used to be my best friend was the final straw. I have since distanced myself from him no matter how much it hurts, but I can no longer b an enabler. I still see him around occasionally, you know driving on the wrong side of the street, stuff like that. THANK YOU PHARMA!!!!! ARE YOU FUCKING HAPPY!? YOUR MAKING YOUR MONEY, AND SOON I FEAR YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER SOUL IN YOUR POCKET!! I PRAY FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU WHO HAS A LOVED ONE ADDICTED TO OPANA, OC, MORPHINE, ROXY, OR DILAUDA, I KNOW ITS WORSE THAN WATCHING THEM DIE. 
Danielle Jorgenson  
Ryan borger Keep up the great work. Your passion has positively impacted numerous lives. 
Tamara Lo I have done all a mother can do to save her son from this horrible drug CALLED PAIN MGMT IN FLA is killing our kids. My son was in a car accident at 19. The Dr's gave him this... he is now an addict 26 yrs old this month shoots snorts whatever.We crave food he craves this.. The smartest kid ever He tells me MOM when i am ready ill stop . He will save you but not himself. I would give my left arm to save these children. I walk in FAITH and hope some day Gods plan will save him. :( 
annette This drug has ruined my daughter, my family, and myself.  
Peggy I have never seen a drug more devastating and so easy for our children to get a hold of. Last June I sat crying in my chair because my youngest son (20 yrs. old) was shooting up Oxycontin and I knew I could wake up any morning and find him dead. I have never felt so helpless. On June 19th, he finally asked for help. That was the same day a friend of my boyfriend found his son (18 yrs. old) dead from this awful drug. How has such a deadly drug stayed on the market? And it is so addictive. By the grace of God my son is almost one year clean.  
anonymous My uncle previously posted on here. He killed himself on Thursday night by overdosing on OxyContin. PLEASE BAN THIS, SO SOMETHING LIKE THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! 
Melissa Montoya This gateway drug has caused the destruction and near destruction of too many families. It was meant for terminally ill patients. Heroin and OxyContin are a plague in our communities. How many young people have to die and why do insurance companies make it so difficult to get treatment for opiate addiction!!!? 
Lorin I have not lost a loved one due to Oxycontin, however, I am now dealing with a loved one heavily addicted to this terrible drug! While I am angry with this person I am also angry that this drug even exists and that the doctors feel it's okay to prescribe this and other heavily addictive drugs to people. It ruins lives!  
Michael Quish Oxycontin steals peoples families. 
Danielle Tartaglia To many loved ones lost.  
Marsha Jarrett The last 4 years has been a nightmare, thanks to this horrible drug. I finally have my son clean for 8 months. Now I find out his younger brother is buying oxy off the street. My American Nightmare. Will it ever end? 
glenn krakoff this is America so i can say this, FUCK YOU PURDUE PHARMA.... 
Gigi Gay This horrible drug has affected the lives of people I know and love. I pray that this petition will help.  
Lindsey Burt-Hollifield I am signing this because a dear friend and sister 'prison mom' lost her son to drug addiction within the prison system. One of my biggest fears. Her pain breaks my heart. 
Sandra Wapniarski  
Hadar Bechor I lost my sister 4 months ago to Oxycontin. She was bi-polar and went to a "high class" psychiatrist in Pittsburgh, PA. He perscribed Oxy for what I consider "psychic pain" (after all, he's a psychiatrist, for other types of pain, none very serious that I know of, she could and should have gone to another kind of doctor. I tried to dissuade him from perscribing it by telling him how her life is falling apart, but he refused to do anything until six years after she started. By then it was way too late. I think he took her off the pills in question to cover his behind when he finally saw how destroyed she was. By the way, she had to pay 250-300 dollars a visit to get the perscription, and maintain health insurance that cost her in the end 1400 dollars a month. In the end she was not only physically ruined, but she was also completely depleted financially. I was not about to finance this habit (although I was willing to buy her food and hire cleaning people to overcome the disaster zone she was living in) and get ruined as well. My sister overdosed on massive amounts of some other drugs this doctor perscribed to try and overcome the irreversible addiction that he should have known could not be done. I know there are many injustices in this world, but the "care" of this sloppy and irresponsible doctor lead first to the suicide of my 23 year old son, and 6 years later to the suicide of my sister. I her case it is easy to prove his culpability, so I'm focusing on the latest tragedy in my life.  
Krista Let the souls of all the sick and suffering rest peacefully in a place where oxycontin doesn't exist. RestInPeace: MAJ, NDC, KAG, MJF, and WW. We love you. We will do anything to save those who are still stuck. 
Anonymous Our family is feeling the pain of these drugs .Havent lost a child to death over them yet Thank the Lord but very close.Our one son just committed a crime to feed his addiction and now is in jail again and my heart aches because i dont know how to help him off of them. i know jail doent help and ive seen him get sicker than sick and was told thats when he withdrawlsand was told withdrawls can kill them to go cold turkey so my heart aches not knowing how to help my child. 
Keshana Daniels I recently found out that my fiance and father of my two year old son is addicted to this drug! He has become withdrwn and emotionless. I have cried many nights trying to figure out what was causing such unusual behavior. This drug should be banned and the doctors that are prescribing it to people just for money should be too!!!!!!!!!!!  
Lydia waters Really??? But pot is legal... So many teens are hooked, this is an epidemic and the FDA knows it!!! 
Val White Signing brings tears to my eyes, too many young and old, rich and poor have lost the battle against this money making poison!!! 
lori zegarzewski i have loved ones on oxycotton and at same time percoset,valium,vicodan,zanex,and others.this woman dosent have anything wrong with her. what in gods name is her dr. doing?she drives stoned.she will be sitting there talking and her eyes start going to back of her head.its disgusting.she is going to kill someone.she is in bed at least twenty three and a half hrs. a day.showers evwery couple months.this woman is only 55 years old. 
Lynn Sorce My beloved son Andy Burr died 12/26/11 from overdose, this drug is horrible. We love him and miss him so much 
Raymond Debroisse My son is dead because of Oxycontin. A felony conviction means nothing if you are a Perdue Pharma!!!! They should be in jail. 
Stephen Stafford This drug was prescribed to my brother who was known to have a highly addictive personality. He never got off of it. He ordered it from India and Canada illegally once the "doctor" stopped giving it to him. He died within a few years of an overdose after having overdosed on it several times before. No one in the medical field helped. 
Natalie Fraer  
mary foley-david I'm currently a suffering victim of this drugs addiction due to various medical conditions. I've lost everything in my once full life & I've gained several new diagnosis ie depression, panic disorder, etc. I was NOT WARNED of the dangers of this drug when it was originally prescribed to me, nor did I learn of them until I was already addicted. Minimully doctors should have to have some type of training before they ever prescribe this poison. MFD 
Stacy Ridgeway Hello, my name is Stacy Lynn Ridgeway and I am 8 months clean and serene from oxycontin. My husband Richard Lee Ridgeway II died March 19th, 2010 of an overdose of oxycontin and oxycodone(the generic version of oxycontin). He was only 30 years old. We have 2 little girls together and now that he has passed away and is up in heaven looking down on his family, we miss him dearly and wish that he was still here but the legal pharmecutical drug took him from us. almost took me too but I put a stop to it 8 months ago. I coped with my husbands loss with using more and more of the pills, also was careless with them too because our youngest daughter, who was 19 months at the time, found one of the pills on the floor and ate it. of course i didnt know what was wrong with her so I dialed 911 and they rushed her to All Childrens Hospital i9n South St. Petersburg and she came up positive for oxycodone. Child protective services took my girls away and they are now in the custody of their paternal graqndparents until i can get my own place again and ,ake it on my own without my loving husband/father. that is a little bit of my story and it all boils down to the use and addiction of oxycontin/oxycodone. if anyone would like to speak to me my phone number is 727-712-681 
Barbara Molloy My son is alive, thank god. But that's thanks to the Doctors at the emergency room. He was in respiratory collapse when he reached the E.R. He'd ingested enough drug to "kill an elephant" according to admissions doctor. This was in 2007. I write this now because he appears to have "relapsed" after almost five years of sobriety (he's been on Suboxine for the past five years but is being tapered off that drug at this time). I know too many who have been struck by this drug, and are either in Prison or not alive today. My sister, while dying of cancer, took this drug. It made some sense in her condition, but even then, when she was "coming off" her oxy, she was "not my sister." She was a screaming drug addict, cancer or no. We gave it to her asap when she screamed, and when we did, she was almost immediately, a quiet little lamb...but only for about 4 to 6 hours, when she'd start screaming again.. It was obvious even as a cancer patient requiring pain medicine, my sister was addicted. What else is there to say? It's a failed pharmaceutical, whatever the maker's intentions. 
Savannah Polenske Oxy Cotton should deffinately be banned. 
Dawn R  
LaMarise C Reid  
Tukker Broda Please ban this. Ive seen too many people lose everything to this.  
Debbie Stopping the production will stop the destruction and deaths 
Gregory McLaughlin This drug has put way to many people in And around my life threw living hell It's makes people change when they become Addicted to it they forget about everyone who Has love them in there life and only Think about how to get more oxys And I think the doctors who dish this Drug out with no regard for public safety Are just as worse and the guy selling crack Cocaine. People but there trust in doctors Who only care about how many prescription they can write To make money off peoeple misfortunes It's really is sick how greddy these people are it make Me want to get sick. The blind could tell who really Need the medication and the people just getting high 
Alex Fuentes I just lost my son who took his life by injecting OxyContin overdosing and then strangled himself. It wss 8 days after he turned 19 years old. He was a brillant kid and set to go into the nuclear program for the U.S. Navy. He scored 96 out of 100 in his entrance exam. He was a great son who loved everyone and everyone loved him.He was very handsome and I will miss him so much as we had just spent the week together when I found him in my home. I will spend the rest of my life consouling others kids in the name of Alexander and fight against this terrible drug. God bless to all of that have lost a loved one. 
Arline Torres-Fuentes Please,help us ban this terrible drug!! 
Anonymous We need to ban this son was hooked on was very easy for him to get this drug..I called about 10 doctors in Seminole and Orange county and told them to stop giving my son this drug...150 pills at one time...these doctors need to be stopped in the state of son is passed and nothing will bring him back.....STOP THESE DOCTORS 
cindy cottone  
Cindy Robertson My precious daughter got addicted to this drug, it was given to her from a so called friend long enough for her to get addicted & get so sick she felt like dying, she tried methadone clinics only to be turned down by being given misinformation by a stupid employee, I took her to kaiser countless times, to anther methadone clinic, to a pain dr who never got her into a pain clinic, my baby girl died 9/28/10. she was found in her friends garage with cords wrapped around her neck and sitting behind a door with the cords thrown up over the door and tied to the doorknob, and committed suicide. thats what the police told me, but i have had 4 people tell me she was given a hot shot by some drug dealer, why god why? my life is hell, i dont want to live without her, i go to bed crying for her, i wake up crying for her, i go thruout my day crying for her, i miss my baby girl so bad, i dont believe she killed herself, i believe the people she was with killed her, for what? Tainted love, jealousy, but I'm left with a son that I need to be here for, i love him so much, but every day i want to die, i dont know how to live without my daughter, Roxxane Candice Robertson you are loved infinity and I know you didnt kill yourself. she wanted off, i found her journal dated july 17 2010 saying she wanted to dose off, but the cops wont listen to me, the doctors are no better than drug dealers, i had to bury my daughter...something that haunts my very core every sec of every min of every day. I dont know how to live without her, I love her so much, she was my only daughter. this drug is from the devil himself, and doctors know better and then cut you off when your needing more, its a science, how dare any doctor prescibe this shit, all for the sake of money, they are all getting rich at the cost of so many lives, my precious daughter was only 21, oh god I pray there is a ressurection as the bible says, i have to see my daughter again i just have to, I want us to be together again. 
Jena I have a 30 year old older brother who is addicted to oxys he is prescribed 30mg a day 5 times a day and the hardest part is he has no lefitimate back pain he has lied to these dr.s and they dont even care enough to check and make sure they just write a script and are on to the patient. i feel like my hands are tied on what i can help.him so that is my reasoning in signing this petition. i will make sure everyone i kno signs this as well. Thank you to the person who thought of making this. 
Kathy Mottle My daughter became very addicted to Oxycontin. It not only has effected her life, but also family and friends. Trust is no longer there and all door began to close. Nothing that came out of her mouth could be believed. She stole and lied from anyone she could. I seen her go from a beautiful college student, to soon end up on the streets... She had a choice treatment or streets. Thank GOD she chose treatment! This week she graduates from the program. All though trust is still an issue she has a chance to prove herself. This has been a 4 year battle that started with a little party fun to a major addiction. I beg the FDA to remove this drug from our system. It was done in the 80's with Qualudes and it can be done again!!!  
Carrie Turner Ban this crap! 
Robin Height Please for the LOVE og God and mankind ban this DRUG!!! IIn the Medical field I am at the front lines of a battle, the kind of which I have never seen before! There are so many mothers that have lost children just in my state alone that the shear numbers equal that of Hitlers Third Riech!!! BAN THIS DRUG! there are good alternative treatments for pain and the management thereof... 
Kam D.  
Jessica Nelson  
Felicia Hansen Seems like the whoe town I live in is hooked, thy are widely abused and killing off young kids one by one here. Stop the madness!! 
Lacie Castillo My husband has been fighting addictons to oxycontin for the past eight year and it have been devistating. I havent lost him to addition but it has had some close calls. The abuse of oxycontin in the state of florida is at an all time high and it seems the drug is around more for abuse than real help lately. This stuff needs to be banned for the safety of all as it has created such an addiction in multiple members of my family and it is so easily available. 
Hedy Porr I'ts been 6yrs.ago that we lost our Jessica to Oxycontin...Iwas her mother & I will never be the same person that I was..My heart is forever broken..The medical MD. that sold her OxyContin for $100. now in JAIL!!!y Thanks to my son Brett & his undercover work w the the Good Dr. BUSTED!!! He only got 10 a Mental Hospital..Had good Lawyer....At least he lost his Medical License....Never a day goes by that I dont greive for her... We found her Xmas Day DEAD!! Buried on her Birthday,Jan. 1.... We still have her lil dog Princes who was by her side when we found Jessica...OxyContin, no doubt, should be off the market! IT KILLS OUR KIDS!!!!  
Zach Adame  
Mike Mckinney  
Tammy Thorson  
Robin Height Please for love of God and our loved ones stop the production and sale of this narcotic not only for new patients but ones that are already addicted to it. The Docotrs that go home to there beautifully furnished homes should be made aware that what they posess was bought with the lifes of our lchildren brothers sisters mothers fathers. we have got to stop the genicide of our loved ones than equals no less than the holocaust. If we allow this to continue we do so not in ignorance but in full knowledge! 
Tara Orme My paternal grandmother is addicted, my 56 year old father is living with her jobless and addicted. My two brothers (HIS SONS) and their wives are addicted. They share each others prescriptions because, as the local sheriff says, "if they have a prescription my hands are tied." They abuse, sell, and trade their medications because they, like so many others, have found the loop hole. Find your local pain management pill-mill doc in the box pay him $300 cash and you can have what ever you want. Legally. It IS a virus and it kills just like any other disease. There are so many other ways to manage pain than with a heroin substitute...people educated in the human body KNOW this and yet continue to make and sell these highly addictive drugs because NOTHING generates as much revenue as addiction..ask any street dealer.  
Courtney Smith  
Connie Caston  
kayla hippensteel Lost my mom 03-18-12 to this horrible drug. miss you mom! 
Joanne Hall I say a pray everyday for my grandson fighting this addiction!!! 
Joe Hall  
Ryan Wegener Still Stuggling from this life long addiction, tell doctors to STOP writing prescriptions for addictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Chris Wegener  
Adrienne Winchell  
Melyssa Zierk  
Rose A. Morris  
mollie haywood I am so glad this petition exists!!! This is by far the worst drug ever made! It has taken many of my friends and almost took me!! Recovery is possible!!!!! 
macy chiles  
michael rumolo  
desperate OUR NIGHTMARE BEGAN AT HOME ,LESS THAN TWO YEARS AGO. I had reason to believe,and OXY to blame, that my life was at its very WORST!!! The tears now shed by many others who now share my heartache. The sorrow,endless......Pain ? My pain is truley RELENTLESS!! real pain! PAIN I CANNOT BEGIN TO DESCRIBE. Empty pain! IVE NEVER TOUCHED AN OXYCONTIN IN MY LIFE...STILL,I PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE...ALONG WITH MANY,MANY OTHERS WHOS LIVES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME,WHOS HEARTS WILL ALWAYS HAVE A CRY INSIDE IT.AS FOR ME AND MY HEART...OXY MADE SURE ID NEVER SEE IT AGAIN...HE TOOK PART OF ME TO HEAVEN WITH HIM.ILL NEVER HAVE HIM BACK.ILL NEVER SEE HIS BIG OLE SMILE. His playful spirit,NEVERRRRR :( HOW DARE YOU TAKE OUR LIVES AND NEVER DO ANYTHING TO STOP THIS.If I can manage to open my eyes every mornin without a damn pill they can too. Everyone! There is NO reason for oxycontin to be taken by mouth,or at least distributed for that route!just making it easier to fall into society waiting for someone to pay with his LIFE! He belonged to US! Not PHARMA ! ! ! Please do something,do anything! Dont let this company take YOUR LAUGHTER away for good! When someone DIES....that you tend to Wake up. Dont wait for that! Please! Fyi....he passed away 4 weeks ago and in those 4 weeks ive had already 4 people who are fairly close to me confess (on thier own) that either they ARE ADDICTED to OXY or they have very recently Started treatment. Ive heard to most disgraceful and horrifying confessions immaginable. This drug is everywhere, DO SOMETHING! PlEASE. :-(  
Jamie solchenberger  
Denell Even One life lost to this is too many!!!  
Keisha Schmidt  
Diane Cavasos  
Brac bradley  
Robert Householder  
ALONE & DESTROYED Dont for a second, believe that you would KNOW! Please dont kidd yourself. You dont always see the abuse while its happening. Oxycontin is such an intense addiction that the person...REAL PEOPLE...... (boyfriend, wife,son,daughter,mother,cousin,nanny,dad,best friend,babysitter,cab drivers,bank tellers, nurses, firefighters,police,and even doctors and teachers) who are using this soul-stealing drug, often do not like who they have become,the things they have done and worse,what they are willing to do for oxycontin.they hide out.they stay away from people they love most and dont stick around as long as they maybe once did. They make excuses to for being awake too much or for needing pain meds:my back hurts,i think I pulled a muscle,toothache,headache....the list goes on...they will cover it as much or as long as they think they can. Its shamefull! To the person abusing this drug. Theres no doubt, if they dont have it, well, the consequences are ugly and awful and did I mention painful? Yeah,its no wonder they go to such extremes to get it but these people are weak and they have been attacked by something far stronger than they are(currently). THE ONLY ADVISE I WILL GIVE YOU,IS....DONT TURN YOUR BACK!! Ever! Unless you are willing to use that moment as the beginning of a lagacy! Or should I say,the END of it ! Dont ever trust someone who says "its not as bad as you think!" or "i can quit anytine I want" dont ever think it cant or that it wont happen to you or someone you love!no matter the age! And fyi....just because someone is "hooked" on this crap, does NOT make them a BAD person! They WILL do bad things but inside there somewhere just waiting for someone to save them, is his/her REAL being. YoU be the savior,the helper,the salvation for your loved one.dont wait for options or I promise...they will appear! We all should know what that means.Push and dont take no for an answer.Let them get mad or hate you.they WILL get over it! Jail isnt even soo bad if you look at it from a grave-sight! Please ban this poison! 
YING Kerbaugh For some reason it shows me anonymous on last comment but I was the one who lost my brother 1-7-2010 @ 29 short years old. This is a terrible drugs that needs to be banned.  
Anonymous This drug took my brother's life and I am glad to say that the doctor in AZ has his license revoked because of his recklessness. My brother would be here today if it wasn't for this drug.  
Kristy Cosby  
anthony cenicola EVIL  
jennifer valencia they ruin kids and families 
angel remeika My brother has overdosed three times and thank God he was saved every time he is lucky to be alive today! I pray to God every day to keep my brother alive and well as far as my other brother he and his gf where crossing a highway in the middle of the night to get some Odyssey they where both high on the drugs when they where crossing her shoe came off he made it across but she was struck by a truck her head was cracked. Open and major brain teams she was in the hospital for about six months she now has a craider in the side of her head where the doctors had to preform a major brain surgery and she now has the mentality of a six year old :( its sad how these drugs destroy lives my friend Casey Jones wrote this poem and I would really like to share it with you so please take a min to read it... Jack and Jill got hooked on pills and live in New Port Richey Jacks unemployed and Jill’s annoyed, and often is quite bitchy. Pale and skinny, teeth are rotten, dreams have long since been forgotten All for what, some Oxycontin No more holding hands or kissing, addictions found but love went missing They were warned but didn’t listen, now they haven’t a pot to piss in When they no longer can get pills, they vomit, shit, and sweat with chills. Please don’t you end up this way, and listen close to what I say. Drugs are really bad M’kay. –Casey Jones 
Anna Anderson I have a loved one that is struggling with addiction to this vicious drug. I hate it. It's ruining people. It's breaking my heart. 
Ashley Williams  
Anonymous Oxycontin is a huge problem in my town. It spreads like wildfire, and i hear of old friends who are addicted to it and there lives are ruined. I never thought something like that could happen to our family. But it did and it has forever changed life at home. My brother became the thieving drug addict that everyone now knows him to be. We have fought this addiction with him for years, he is now 18 and has no future ahead of him. I feel like we have already lost him. The government makes money off of these tragedies everyday. Something needs to be done. 
Elecia Early It needs to go except for people who are dying from cancer. I know people personally who are addicted to this medicine. Their children and families do without food and clothing and braces ect........all that is important to them is getting this drug.....sad.....and they are getting it from people who have it perscribed for back pain/ neck I said cancer patients are the only people who need this drug!!!!! 
Tara Radcliffe  
Suzanne Parr Signing this because I have witnessed first hand what this drug can do to a person .. Ending with death  
Sean O'Hearn In support of my cousin, who is like my brother, as he continues to recover from severe Oxy, Benzo, and other pill addiction which landed him in jail and almost took his life... he is in a drug court program and doing well!!  
Meshell Munoz i was once addicted an proud to say i am sober since july 2011 oxycotin is THE WORST prescription drug by far and needs to be ban'd .  
Ginni Cummings  
Diane Boyd  
Laura Pauley I know of at least 10 kids from the upper middle class suburbs here that became addicted to OxyContin. Most turned to heroin as it is cheaper and is a substitute for oxy. Their lives and those of their families have been devastated. We cannot afford to lose any more kids to opiate addiction. 
Tonya Roberts  
Jill Hochman My 45 year old brother died by suicide from taking pain pills (not the pills alone) the pills helped him down down down 
Tanya Sari Woolever  
Carole Hill A death sentence drug, highly additive. My world was turned up side down, lost a son to it another served time because of the addiction. take this off the market please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
KarenJane Wilson  
Anonymous I have witnessed several people seek help for pain, only to become increasingly addicted to this drug. They've not only lost the ability to be treated, they've lost everything they held dear. One of my son's friends was prescribed this for an injury he received fighting in Iraq. He went from being a decorated soldier with a wife and child, to being homeless and destitute. He went from having a bright future, to begging on the street for food. All of this from an injury that healed several years ago. Please ban this drug from the market before we lose more people. It has been over prescribed and under regulated for far too long.  
Tammy Colle I have lost countless friends and loved ones of all ages to this evil drug. Two of my dearest friends, men in their mid fifty's who had gotten in auto accidents,and were placed on the treadmill of pain management, only to become addicted and committing suicide within apprx. 8 months of taken the drug. I know countless parents concerned about their teenagers, and adult children obtaining these drugs, easier than beer. I have a friend who's addicted son held up a local bank. Another whose son held up a Walgreen's Pharmacy .... and the list goes on and on! Please Stop The Insanity!  
Lisa Schenke  
Cortney Bradley  
Nathan Cesal  
Megan Vaughan  
tiffanie madden  
Susan Travilla  
Carol Parker  
Laura Bruce  
Scott Lauer  
mark guidry I agree that this drug should be baned from the market. 
Shannyn E Revere Our younger neice 12 y/o...shes soft hearted and cries easy.she was HIS sweet lil angel....she could do no wrong in his eyes. WHEN SHE WAS UPSET,SHED FIND HIM AND (JUST LIKE HER NANNA) SHED BURY HER TEAR~SOAKED FACE IN HIS CHEST AND SHE WOULD HIDE FROM THE WORLD..HE WAS A BIG BROTHER TO 4 LITTLE SISTERS WHO HE ACTUALLY ENJOYED BEING AROUND. HE WORKED SIX DAYS A WEEK AND LOVED TO Wtch movies. His favorite movie had to be the little rascals. Hed sing..."i got a dollar,hey hey hey" He Was There! For everyone! He was amongst "THE BEST" in my eyes! You see....It all sounds wonderful,i bet,right? AND MOSTLY,IT WAS...UNTIL HE STARTED TO APEAR AS IF HED TAKEN SOMETHING OR SOMETHING JUST WASNT RIGHT. Id ask,he denied it.This continued until the questions would sometimes become arguments or fights.ONE DAY HE TOLD US HE WAS LEAVING.He came around every single day and he cried alot but he left us After 6 years He was gone.I guess he couldnt b comfortable doing this around me knowing that I noticed everytime he was alter 
Dain Pierce  
Matt Cameron As I read the comments people make it becomes ever so clear the chaos this drug has caused nation wide. The sad part that there are even more potent and dangerous opiates out there....particularly fentanyl. It comes as a duragesic patch that is applied to the body to allow the opiate to be absorbed through the skin. This opiate is 1000 times more potent then morphine and is dispersed in micro grams or mcg for short. To give you an would need a thousand micro grams to equal just one gram. This drug bypasses the breakdown of the opiate through the stomach which in turn allows even MORE of the opiate to be absorbed then what you would normally by taking it orally. I know all this because I was a slave to this drug for almost 5 years (have not taken nothing for 3 months)...and like many people I had never heard of opiates until I was prescribed percocet in 2007. From that point I was slowly but surely needing to increase the amount of opiates as your body builds a resistance. Then found myself using unheard of amounts of oxycontin just to get through the day. Where some misconception may lie is when people say they are "addicted" rather then understand the physical dependantcy the drug causes you to have. Whether or not your in pain you need to take the drug from becoming sick....and in even more pain....with sweating and anxiety. The withdrawl from fentanyl is so much worse because it is so much stronger then oxy's it was no wonder in my mind why people rob pharmacies or acquire this medication ANYWAY they can. I almost died once and just got out of jail which is filled with people just like me. So many problems from a drug that is suppose to relieve pain...truth be told it causes more pain and problems then you would ever have before. I've lost my wife, son, houses, cars and $500,000 as well as my sense of well being because of this drug. Hopefully there can be a better support system for those who the people who try to recover are often looked at as the typical drug addict not realizing that this drug AFFECTS EVERYONE THE SAME WAY. If you take this will get physically dependant on this drug..even if you don't use other drugs. I pray for all those who are suffering and to those who have lost. Thankfully through your stories people such as myself get saved everyday.  
June Turner  
Jill Ownley The FDA MUST recall oxycontin. Too many people have struggled with addiction to this drug and too many people have died because of its use. Please, please, please, remove this drug from the market and please, please, please help those who are currently addicted. Let Purdue Pharma pay for their rehabilitation and replacement pain medications! 
Suzanne Meals  
Rita Furtaw  
Christy Vieth  
Josh denter  
renee sprotte  
tina williams  
Dillion Becker  
Lindsey Bolden  
Cameron Coleman  
paula vierck  
autumn wilson  
michael a smithey  
Misty Wilson  
Kathy Dogs  
Diana Doering  
Kelly Asp  
Casey Northcott  
Lara Simons Praying for those who struggle with addiction <3 
T L Wilson Please save a life!! 
Megan Willard  
Melissa Dyer  
anonymous I have never experienced first hand the effects this drug has on a person. But i have seen it effect my family. Working in a pharmacy i see people all the time coming in with a prescription for this. Mostly forged/tampered prescriptions. This epidemic of people being addicted on pain medications has to come to a stop. I have family that i don't know anymore. And children that will never know them the way i once did. They aren't bad people but this addiction has sucked their soul away from them. I have had to separate myself from them because any help i provide would be enabling. Please help save the ones who have dependencies to this drug. For them and their families. My heart goes out to everyone who has signed this petition. Thank you very much.I am beyond grateful. 
Sarah milligan  
Danielle Heart Wrenching... 
Eve Elsing  
Kristopher Heintz  
angela estrada To personal to discuss 
Brittany Bleick  
Amanda Craig  
Kim Kolls  
Melody Rosier  
Danielle Doyle  
Anonymous It is pointless to ban oxycontin without also banning oxycodone. Oxycontin is the slow-release form of oxycodone. Therefor, I would like to push for a ban on oxycodone as well. There is no medical reason to keep these drugs in production and distribution when less-addictive alternative pain medications exist. 
Pam Reynolds After reading all these posting's...It is very disturbing to me. I will pray for all of you and your families, and also for the banning of this horrible drug, as well as other drugs that are so highly addictive. Bless you all.... 
NICOLE HOOKER I had a family member abusing this drug I watched it suck the life and happiness out of the man I love the most. I begged and pleaded with him to get help. But he felt there was no problem to solve he wasted away to Almost nothing he was so thin when I left his house all I could do was cry. I was terrified it would take his life and I was the only one who knew he was using. I prayed everyday for him to wake up and realize it was destroying his life, he wouldn't eat or leave his house other than to work. He kicked the habit and hasn't touched them since today he is a happy and healthy he even has a new girlfriend who is wonderful. I'm signing this petition for people out there that don't have the strength on their own to get help. It can and will take your life. MY advice to those consumed by this drug is think of all the people who love you And get help before its too late. God will give you strength in your darkest hours when you need him he will be there with you. God bless. 
Sandra Preuss  
Bethany Miranda My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones to this drug. 
jessica brady  
Kathryn Perrine From reading every story on here people should be able to see that these pills ALWAYS result in a horrible situation. I have watched my first and most recent boyfriend (who I am no longer with, as he is in jail because of these pills) do things that are unheard of to get them. I attended a funeral with him at the start of our relationship, he had a friend overdose and die. You would think that would be enough to scare someone away from the drug, but it wasn't. I still hurt from all the lies, stealing, manipulation. He had me fooled for awhile and when I found out he was abusing the drug my attempts to help did absolutely nothing. He lost all his pride, even reduced to prostituting himself to another male for money to buy them. He is now in jail for robbing people in order to get them. That is what these pills can and will do to a person. I know that he is a good person with a great heart, these pills change you and make you not care about anyone including yourself. PLEASE BAN THEM. 
Jaime Miller  
James I had a prescription to this after a knee surgery and refused to take them. Aspirin was enough to eliminate the pain. 
Alisa Johnson  
Anonymous I have seen this drug destroy many members in my family and people in my community. And feel like an alternative should be considered and created. 
Brigid Stockner My very dear friend's daughter is addicted. She is a beautiful young woman with her entire life ahead of her. Her talents, intelligence and future is on hold while she deals with her addiction and is processed through the criminal system. HELP her and every other individual who is addicted! Life is too short to waste - please sign the petition! 
Willie Stewart It's a horrible product it grabs teenagers/adults an won't let them go. I've seen this drug take over so many people's lives its disgusting!!!! People give up everything they own for this garbage you call medicine doesn't matter the age race male/female. Something needs to be done ASAP.  
James Plowman I was addicted to Oxy it controled my life and nearly killed me from over dose over 5 times it made me into an animal and in that i hurt everone close to me and did things that i can never foegive myself for i became addicted because i was i injured and my docters perscribed my 40ml oxycodone and once i was hooked did nothing to help me instead completely cut me off from everything forcing me to find what i needed for the pain on the street ultimately resolving in a deadly addiction by the time i got into rehab i was cooking the pills down into medical grade heroin and shooting it into my veins and all u needed for that was a spoon water fire and a needle its deadly and needs to be taken off the streets and away from pharmacies 
Jason Allen I have lost both a brother and a cousin to OxyContin. While both my brother and cousin are still alive they are now just a shell of their former selves. Neither of them have any pride, feelings, or hope anymore and I have strong doubt that they will ever be the same. It's one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed watching the life slowly drained from their eyes and the last light of their childhood dreams snuffed out by this terrible drug. My brother just told me the other day that he has been dehumanized and has no feelings left in his heart. What kind of life is that? I am pleading to anyone who will listen do not take OxyContin even if it is prescribed by your licensed drug dealer (doctor). Thank you. 
Jamie hompertz  
Rebecca Rupenski  
Christine Eckert  
Amanda Lanham  
Robert Kennedy This drug has virtually ruined not only my sisters life but our entire family. Although my sister is the only one addicted, her actions from this being on this drug have ruined ours as well. Please save my sisters life as well as that of everyone else who is addicted to this horrible drug. 
Candy Schroeder  
elna sinclair  
Linda Our gov't stink's..It is all about the money... Get this devil drug off the street before it destroy's more lives..My husband got hooked after surgery and it totally took over him....This is a shame that it is still prescribed..Cmon get rid of it!! 
Candy Osborne  
Diane Wasserman How many deaths and addicts do we have to have before these companies get it ????? and shame, shame, shame on the FDA!! 
Rich Ware  
Deidre Robinson  
brian doherty  
Teresa Pusel  
Ruben Gonzalez My son was/is addicted to Oxy and it has totally changed the young man he used to be. He continues to struggle with the addiction and it has taken it's toll on him. This drug should be tbanned from worldwide markets 
kim neugebauer  
Louise Schippers  
john pierce  
Tabatha Steinbrink  
Lisa Berg  
Tammy Becker  
Peggy Welch  
Jessica Nelson  
Brooke I really hope this is done. Not just for my sister, but for all in this struggle. 
Michael Workman Time to make a change. 
Jeanne Nelson These pills are widely distributed by doctors and pain clinics and just as widely available on the streets. One month prescription of OxyContin is potentially worth $3600 on the street and often our tax $$ are paying for that prescription. My 24 year old daughter is addicted, there is no help for her. Our county offers a 10 day out patient program. She didn't intend to get addicted when she took her first pill but within a short time she was injecting it into herself because it was the only way she could keep going. She wants help, she's asked for help, she's asked the court for help. There is none, if you don't have insurance no one will take you. Yes she's been arrested, she asked the court for help, they declined and sent her to jail. Less then 12 hours after serving a 4 month sentence she was buying Oxy. Where is she now? Back in jail. Why? She was arrested robbing our house. Oxy steals the heart and soul of it's addicts. Will she get help? I pray so. It's time Purdue Pharma is forced to pay for EVERY addicts rehab just like the cigarette companies had to pay. They better get their big check book out though, a good rehab program is long term 30 days won't do it. Oxy is killing my beautiful daughter and all I can do is watch. 
Glenda Workman We must stop the distribution of this drug! Let's stop thinking about money and sales and Put people's lives first! Children are dying and families destroyed! 
Sharon Rhea I SUPPORT this petition more then anything in the world! I have lost friends to this drug and currently have people close to me battling. I think they should ban the drug period! Even though they ban new scripts being written they still have the old clients getting them and selling the pills on the streets. I STRONGLY believe the ONLY way to stop this addiction is to stop making ALL the drugs that fall into this category. Sadly enough, if the drugs are being made, people will find a way to get them, I pray that this petition gets passed! Good Luck! 
Amber Carroll  
Bobby Gatchel I want to sign this as this drug has impacted my family personally. I implore everyone to take a stand against this deadly drug. The only thing it does is transform beautiful people to people we don't know anymore.  
Vanessa R. Bautista  
James Lamont  
Linda Martain My son has recently gone to rehab to get off of pain meds and the detox is horrific. This is the third and hopefully last time he will have to go through this process. He has lost weight, lost strength and still has the pain he originally went on the medication for. Please think first before taking any pain medication. You may feel better at first but you put your very life in danger when you take this medication. 
Andrew No comment needed. 
Candace Anthony This is the most terrible epidemic of our time and must be stopped before it kills anyone else or ruins anymore lives. The medication is being wildly abused mainly because of the recklessness of physicians who prescribe it.  
Jeremy Reyer Lets get this shit off our streets and out of the hands of our loved ones!!! 
Kathleen A. Zbesko  
Andrew Lloyd I will never forget my friend JD. He will always be loved and remembered! We cant let this go on anymore. RIP James Daniel Laguna 
Donna Schink Two people I knew in less than a month gone due to this "legal" lethal drug!! It should be banned immediately!! 
Darlene Knight  
tim allen  
Vanessa Barnard This drug has taken too many of my friends and loved ones!!! 
Jason Bucklew R.I.P JD. Laguna we love and miss you very much. 
Sally Cain In memory of JD Laguna. My daughter misses you everyday and our family misses you very much. 
chip RIP JD 
karen gravina  
Brett Zickefoose  
gale siedlecki  
Crystal Knight In behalf of my beloved cousin/brother J.D. He was only 29 years old when this horrible drug took his life!  
Bonnie W In memory of JD.. 
Mike Myers  
Marissa Harding I have family and friends struggling from the addiction/abuse from such drugs as OxyContin. I hate to see beautiful people turn so ugly. And the pain they try to hide with such pills only spreads out onto friends and family. I have watched this stuff be passed around in schools. Children are becoming addicted and killing themselves! Tell me. Why would something so deadly and addicting would be so easily available? 
Delaila Laguna  
Anonymous I have lost 5 friends from oxy. 3 are dead and 2 our on their way if you don't do something. My best friend was taken from me. He just go sucked in. That drug that's a hold of your heart and soul. It changes your mind set and who you are. You will steal from your own mother to buy more, you'll leave your kids your job and your family. Nothing matters but your next "high". My friend just recently lost her kids and doesnt even care! She used to be a good mom. My husband walked in on his brother shooting them into his arm. He just bought a house. He is loosing it all along with his famiily. Why end all these lives and break all these once happy homes? Take the pills away please. What if it was your baby? Mother? Father? You have to there is no other way.  
ann nisson I just heard that the son of a friend has been "lost" to oxycontin. this available drug needs to be stopped and doctors need to be more aware of the signs and symptoms. 
Karla Lindeen  
April C.  
Holly tremper I have had 4 friends pass away in the last 3 years from these stupid pills it's not a laughing matter at all n it's about time there gone...r.i.p Steven this is for you <3 
Marie Kovanis  
Wendi Myers  
Denise Morales My son JD overdosed.He was 29 years old. As a nurse, I am convinced that there is no need to continue to make or sell this terrible drug. 
Anonymous the government profits lives are ruined. 
Kathleen Kowal  
Kelly brancato This drug has been my worst nightmare for my Family. Please ban OxyContin and give me my Husband back  
susan Kowalczyk I watched my son's life slowly end after OxyContin. He tried for years, with valiant effort to stay off of this drug. He had such dreams for his life and access to this drug ended it all for him. I hope that when you go to sleep at night, in the comfort of your home, with your family, you realize what an evil drug you have created. Lives have been dramatically ruined by your drug. I understand that people have choices and live with their consequences, however, OxyCotin and the deadly effects of it are not fully understood by all. This drug is lethal and anyone who supports its use does not have a clear picture or understanding of it. I hope that you re-consider keeping this drug on the market. Susan Kowalczyk  
rosa little My sister is in the hospital right now because of a possible overdose of this medicine. This med should be outlawed  
Michelle laliberte I lost my 25 year old sister to this monster. We have to save our people and our future. 
Christa Schenk This drug is ruining famies.  
Jamie Borromeo  
Anonymous Friend of a mom who lost her daughter to this horrible drug. Please do something.  
Lacey Rhea My 22 year old nephew is currently incarcerated for five years for a crime he committed while under the influence of Oxycontin and other drugs. His drug problem stemmed from a legal prescription for Oxycontin that he received after an injury. He became addicted to Oxycontin immediately and began taking other drugs as well. His life has forever been changed by this drug. His family has been disrupted and hurt. He will struggle with this addiction for the rest of his life. Prescription pain killers are not treated appropriately by the US Government or by the HealthCare industry. Prescriptions are handed out in most cases without any addiction history assessment done and drug addicts are created where there would not have been addicts otherwise. Oxycontin is extremely dangerous and must be regulated properly, or banned entirely.  
Narconon Florida  
Mary OGrady My only son almost died from 'oxy' two years ago and it was started due to painful swollen knee. 
Julie Huk ruining lives one day at a time. 
Todd Levow I know first hand how devastating and dangerous oxycontin addiction is. Please talk to your doctor about alternative treatments. 
Anonymous Detox is for rich people who have money to go to places that can keep them for months. Tried to do this for my child and they said your insurance does cover that long. So my child would go in for 3 days and be put back on the street to go to a outside therapist. Never worked we did this cycle every 3 months for 7 years. Check it out you will find I am right if you have cash 20-30,000 a month your in if not cremation is 2500.00 or 5000.00 to rent a casket. Cheaper to die then get help.  
Anonymous I went in to my son's room to wake him up and found my baby boy dead from an accidental overdose. He had been addicted at one time to marijuana, oxycontin, heroin. My son had injuries from sports and that is when the doctors gave him the oxycontin he got addicted and when that was gone he would try to buy it off the streets when that got to pricey heroin was the better buy. He would also tell me that oxycontin manufactures came up with a way that you couldn't cook the oxycontin down because it would gel up and not get into a liquid solution to shoot up anymore. Now with him being dead two people will be charged for his dead. Maybe if these dealers go to jail they will get clean and have a better life when they get out. NOT they will go right back to it and they to will die it is just a matter of time.  
Kevin Hall  
Daniel Placek Sr. My son Daniel took his life after being prescribed Lortabs for a back injury. These Opiates act on the brain in a terrible way. This drug causes Suicidal thoughts and should never ever be prescribed. 
Lesli Messinger On September 16, 2005, my sweet son, Austin Barthen, was pronounced dead from accidental overdose of Oxycontin. He was 24 years old. My world shattered. 
Diane Wegener Our son Ryan is a recovering addict from oxycontin addiction,This will be a life long battle!! We put together a documentary hoping to educate people of this horrible disease!!! We are 100% positive this drug should be removed from the market! Our hearts go out to all who have lost loved ones and those fighting this battle! God Bless you,The Wegener family 
jon and allene laney Thank you for this site. Im so sorry for the loved ones lost because of this drug. It needs to be off the market period. I pray that its band it is ruining to many lives its out of control destroying so many people. 
Suzanne Lee I am repeatedly reminded and shocked by the poor science and the manipulation that launched the whole movement to treat chronic noncancer pain with powerful narcotics, particularly and most tragically by the prescribing of OxyContin! As a nurse practitioner in adult psychiatry, I am constantly confronted with the fallout from the "bad medicine" of chronic opioid "therapy." Clients come to me and are depressed, can't sleep, anxious, non functioning, and the real problem is their dependence on opiates and it is this drug-induced mood and sleep disorder that is at the root of their pathetic and sad lives. However, getting them to see that is tremendously difficult, and getting them to agree to get off the narcotics is fraught with missteps everywhere. In a moment of weakness, those clients go to the ED and they're off to the races again. The very prescribers that created the problem continue to prescribe the opiates and perpetuate the addiction! It is such a monumental problem with stupidity, and sadly, indifference evident everywhere! 
shaun lee My uncle, an all round american guy. He served his community for years. He had an accident a few years ago. The doctor gave him oxycontin. He tried to get off of them. He struggled. But still he held his job, he was very dedicated to his family. He loved his wife,kids grandkids very much. Just an all round guy. Last month he took his meds ,that the doctor still prescribed him with and that night after taking them. He never woke up . This can happen to any person. It does not matter if you have control. This drug does not care how educated or uneducated you are. Who you are, who you know. It just does not care. These Doctors that are prescribing this drug are nothing more than a glamorized version of a street drug dealer. They get away with it just because they have that piece of paper in a frame hanging on there wall saying its o.k "you can trust me". When will there days be numbered. They "the doctors" should be held accountable.I think, because they are aware of the harm it inflects on people. They should be held accountable. Whether it destroys a person/persons life or whether it is fatal. They are aware. I thought , if you are aware that , what you are doing or giving a person can cause harm or fatality to that individual, that you could be held responsible. Could they get prosecuted for "premeditated murder"? "for personal gain" Just a thought. There are a lot of lope holes in the system. We just need to get smart and find them.  
Tiffany Moreno My boyfriend recently started smoking oxycontin. This drug has taken over his life. We have been thru he'll and back with this drug. He couldn't work and he would spend all of his money on it. It took over his life. He is trying to recover from it but it takes everything out of him. He wants to stop but hes body still wants more. He would smoke about five a day 30mg oxyies. His cousin told him to smoke them and he was hooked ever since. He is trying everyday to fight the urge. But its still a big struggle he and I are dealing with. He told me today that oxyies have taken over his life. He is sad and he just wants to sleep but he has trouble sleep. I think this drug is killing our people and we are letting this drug win. With a good support system and love I believe anyone can fight this addiction. I love you Julian and I will go thru with you.  
Amanda Ristow The drug company that produces Oxycontin should be required to provide free drug clinics to help people with an addiction to this drug. 
Aliesha Terrell  
michelle ross  
Jessie Jenkins I will do everything I can to share with others the real dangers of this drug and what it can lead to. 
belinda marquez Please stop this drug...there has to be something out there for those in pain,that cant destroy and take away our love son has fought this drug for 10 and out of rehabs,and jail..Ive watched him go thru great jobs..I watch his body waste away..and i know he try's so hard for days,he lives in shame,he lies and pawns things to get he's fix...I sent him off to college and went and picked up a drug attic and go thru 20,000 in a year..I check on him everyday to make sure he's ok..and when he dosent ans.i cant breath wondering if he's the dozen of friends he has lost to this..he says its the worst mistake he ever made,but cant stop..he's in jail for 45 days and dont know where he will go from there he is 26 and no ins..and he has a record so you cant find a job or apt very well..he is so smart he worked for lg.lawyers office doing computers..i used to hide it from people now i dont he is sick from this pill that has control of his life..and wish they would offer free long term rehabs.please take it away before it kills one more day and breaks the hearts of the ones left behind that watched them die each i mom it hurts so bad,maybe mr manufacture u should offer free long term rehab...and as you sleep tonight with money in your big accounts, i cant sleep looking at my phone and hoping it doesnt ring...these are sons and daughters good people who have or had so much to offer..i just hope you never have to go thru the pain we all do.. 
Jennifer S. Oxycontin... almost killed me. I have lost everything because of it. Thank God for treatment centers and programs that recognize how serious this drug is. We have to ban the distribution of this DEADLY PRESCRIPTION NARCOTIC in order to save the lives of others.  
Adam Edward Pollick  
Loriann Bevan-Ellis The manufacturing and sale of this opiant is 1st degree murder. There is absolutely zero difference and if you read the definition of 1st degree murder you will see that the manufacturers who create this drug know and have always known that this drug could and would kill and they lied to get it on the market and into the hands of their hired guns, our doctors. We have a maker/supplier of the weapon - the manufacturer. We have premeditation; the manufacturers knew their drug would cause addiction, injury or death and still sold it to specific target - pain patients & addicts, handicapped and underdeveloped, susceptible, naiive and vulnerable folk. We have the hired gun - the doctors who are paid to do the poisoning, whether decieved by the drug companies or not, and we have the poisoned pills - oxycondone. By Definition this is Mass Murder. We need to take a step further from banning it and have these manufacturers Charged With 1st Degree Murder. They are knowingly killing our kids, our neighbours, our friends, our parents, our society, our trust in our doctors and so on. I fully support the abolishment of oxycondone/oxycontin from existence all together sincerely Loriann Bevan-Ellis, Lanark County Ontario 
heather stone  
Jennifer Olds As a recovering addict, I've see a lot of despair in my own life and others in our fellowship over this medication. There is a huge fatal epidemic happening in our society because of prescription meds. RIP to all the addicts who have fallen victim to this devil of a drug. We DO recover! 
Hugo Fuentes i have no wods!!!!! im so mad, my wife is in rehab after 7 years on oxicotin, and she's not duen verry good!!! i want her back badly. 
Cheryl Placek Lortabs and OxyContin are deadly drugs. My son Daniel just took his life while on Lortabs for a work related back injury. These drugs cause suicidal thoughts and change the brain chemistry of the person taking them. These are VERY DANGEROUS DRUGS. The doctors put you on them and do not monitor the patient and of course they DO NOT tell you they are ADDICTING.  
Danielle Fogel Oxycontin is deadly and should be disinegrated all of it. Why would a drug be prescribed by a doctor to ruin a persons life. That is the only outcome. 
Jeffrey wills Drugs have truly taken over my cousins life 
Dan thank god for the just recent ban on oxycontin in Ontario...thank you for pushing the agenda. We have succeeded!  
Anonymous I know 2 people that have passed in the last year from oxy.. Ban it please. 
David Bart  
Amber Please ban it!! 
Jason Dilday  
daniel luberda our son was prescibed oxycontin for injuries he had from acar accident,within a very short time he was addicted to oxycontin.he evetually attempted to commit suicide.thank god for some great people who saved my sons live.for a phrmaceutical company to lie and decieve and play russian roulett with our lives is subhuman and lower than dirt.purde pharma and and those three criminals are just like the addicts they addict will do whatever it takes to get oxycontin.these greedy monsters will do what ever it takes to maximize profets at all costs .they have attacked us .now it is our turn lets get this killer drug and this low life company where it hurts their is the only thing they care about.they have attacked us when we are most vulnerable hurt and suffering.lets take this pill form of Heroin off the market.for everyaddict created because of this criminally convicted company how many people are effected from one addiction. 
Donna M. Dilday Although I was not addicted, I lost 6 months of my life to this horrible drug. I don't "remember" what took place during that time in my life. Sadly those were the last 6 months of my wonderful mothers' life and I can't remember spending them with her. This medication robbed me of precious memories that I will never get back. Sadly, I also lost a loved one, from an accidental overdose on this drug. She lived alone and couldn't remember taking her daily medications. The FDA needs to respond quickly before more lives are lost in one way or another. Regards, Donna M. Dilday 
Monique Poirier My ex husband is medically addicted to this drug. I am so worried when he has access to our 6 year old daughter that something will happen. He takes this medication when driving and also drinks alcohol while on this medication. He went a weekend without this medication and he was sweating and his skin was "crawling". My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones. Let's hope something can be done so no more lives are lost!!!! 
Albert Regenhard & Sally Regenhard We know of too many people who have become accidentally addicted to OxyContin prescribed by careless MD's, thus ruining the lives of the patients and their families, sometimes resulting in the death of the patient. We know of too many "pain Doctors" who run pill mills for profit and disregard the addiction of innocent patients. We know of too many honest drug stores and innocent customers who have been killed in NY & elsewhere during robberies committed by people who seek to steal OxyContin. It is time to ban this murderous and addictive drug. 
kim schmaltz  
corinna bowen pleas ehelp push this group forward todays society is being drained literally for is youth and the next generations leaders due t thsi highly addictive drug..the people are saying they need help to abolish this drug please make it hapen. 
Anonymous As I read through these testimonials I am heartbroken, and very angry. I almost lost my only son to oxy addiction. He must now be forever vigilant, never letting his guard down for a second, self monitoring, hyper aware, forever, for the rest of his earthly life. But he is alive and I am thankful for his beautiful life. Someone needs to be accountable. 
Lynn Zito  
elizabeth towne  
karen gravina  
Marianne Williams I am currently in Grad School (Mental Health) took this subject on as a project and it is no longer a mental health issue but one of corruption. I live in Florida and we are still experiencing the problem like many states did in the early days with pain clinics everywhere and no data base of sales. I have had personal experience with my child's addiction and we won that battle, unlike so many innocent victims of addiction.  
jane livingston When you are a mother of young teens and you see one of your sons get addicted and almost died. The toll it took on my family was great. Through four years of the whole family working to cure him and rehab in the states, he is finally cured. The people that deal oxycotin and other heavy drugs should all be put on an island with no boat to get off. 
Jillian J P. I watched friends and families be destoryed. Watched friends and family memembers pass away. But when you watch your OWN parent or sibling overadose and almost die, reality kicks in. This is no joke or a game. It's not fun or cute. This is a serious issue that needs to be stopped 
Anonymous This drug should only be given to "hospice patients" as use to be.Big Pharma greed stepped in and spewed out a hell that has captured the attention of many young people worse ever than the heroin epidemic from the 70's.This greed is killing many people of all ages and providing a over crowded jail population.It has ruined our family and many others and i intend to take the greed down and fight this horrible drug that should be illegal and the Pharma,doctors,drug dealers should be put out of business and do hard time behind bars,away from the mansions they are building making money off our loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Everyone should join together, stand up and fight.................. 
Rich Farrell don't just get rid of the drug(s)..get rid of the doctors prescribing them unneccesarily. 
Ashley Kelleher  
Erik Johnson  
Anonymous I'm working to save my grandson. After an MRI showing a painful knee from a fall, we find if he paid over $100 CASH per month he was prescribed Oxycontin for over one year!!! (from the same doctor every month!) How does she sleep at night . . . I don't! (We found this when the pharmacy sent a copy of his 2011 Rx's). Can they really do this under the guise of "pain managment?" I had a hip replacement and wouldn't be able to get this kind of Rx! Please help stop this misuse/abuse! I will be in Tampa April 1st. Thank you!  
Annie Foppert  
Jennifer Malefsky  
Cheyenne Williams  
Iris mamhot  
Stephanie Risimini  
Danielle M  
Anonymous This is a highly addictive drug that is taking over people's lives, from young to old. It shouldn't even exist in the first place!! 
Liam Patterson  
gayle waterson it has taken over my daughters life, because she said she had a bad back, her back aint no worse than mine...just stop the flow of this drug, before oxy's there was another drug..lets just stop killing the people for the HIGH of it. R.I.P. the people that this drug has taken thier lives. 
Cynthia Richards This synthetic heroine has become a pandemic! It is now street currency and the death of many, many people. Doctors who prescribe hundreds of these pills every month to people who have no true injury should be prosecuted for reckless endangerment!! 
Anonymous Please take this addictive and harmful drug off of the market, it causes way more harm than it could ever help! 
Lillian Yates Too many of our young have died from this dangerous drug !! 
Donald Kemp Oxycontin used for pain management in orthopedic surgery is very dangerous. Patients are not monitored closely in terms of Oxy's use and end creating addiction for many people. 
Catherine B Kemp The potential therapeutic effects of this drug are far outweighed by the serious and real health risks over overuse, and the staggering number of people who become addicted to the drug after only short periods of exposure, as few as several weeks. There are many other pain management strategies available than were on the market when OxyContin was first approved. OxyContin has evolved into a street drug of choice in much the same way as Quaaludes did decades ago. 
Deanna Firkik I sign this for both Justin Jules Mcree and DT. May both of you rest in peace. We love and miss you both.  
Anonymous They should of been banned a long time ago. 
Anonymous i was addicted to this evil drug it made me well itdidnt make me do it the first time but i was in pain and the doctor said it will take my problems away all my pain so i started taking 10 mg oxycotin and then within one year i was already at fortys then they didnt last me the month so i started spending all my savings and it got worst and worst to where i lost my fiance i lost my daughter and my step daughter i lost my family as i stole from anyone and everyone to get it as it is the only thing you think of if you dont have one you are so sick that all you want is just one it makes you better instantly. so anyways i lost everyone that i loved to the point where i tryed to kill myself i lost my jon of 6 years everything. i am currently on methadone and o have my daughter back and a new family. i think it should be banned so it dont happen to anyone else please this is a very bad drug and i usuelly just swallowed them and ssometimes crushed and sniffed i couldnt imagine the things i would of done if i shot it up i here is so much worse. but i am fortunate an old friend helpped me get clean took the time to show me she carred for me and that i could get better and get my life back if it wasnt for her i wouldnt be here right now thats foor sure. But most cases everyone gives up on you as they can only do so much you have to hit rock bottom before you wanna stop and by then alot of people are either in jail from robbing something or someone just to get some or there dead for ripping someone off or doing to much i have lost over 5 people i knew withing a year from this evil drug even an 40 year old mother of 5 boys that took it as the doctor prescribed not sniffing not addicted did how it was supposed to be she also died from the drug. there is nothing good about this drug.People got by with what we had until this drug came and they will be able to again please take this off the shelves before it takes alot more lifes takes more little girls or little boys mothers or fathers away from them or before they have a bad life not eating not being taken care of like they should have because of the drug it does this to the best of people the best father or mother can turn to the worst in less then a year your whole life slips away please more people need to sign specioally those that have been hooked on it or with family members hooked lets together all get rid of this evil evil evil pilllllllllll....thanks 
Richard G. Smith IV I work as a certified nursing assistant, and I have seen first hand the destruction of this particular pain medication. Ban it. 
Anonymous A good friend of mine is married to an Oxycontin addict. Her husband used to be a great family man and had a great job. Five years ago, he started seeking medical help for neuropathy (pain in his legs and feet). He was able to B.S. the doctors into prescribing more and more addictive drugs (he's a good salesman) and the doctors never suspected any problems, nor did they question his motives. If he was dropped by one doctor, he'd find another or even double up on doctors to get more prescriptions. His Oxycontin use has spiraled him into psychosis and delusional thoughts and behavior. He has been fired from his job, he has threatened his wife and son, he is verbally abusive and he is no longer the person he was 5 years ago. He is a mess mentally and physically. He has wrecked his cars, gotten into legal trouble, destroyed his home life and committed outrageous acts, yet he still manages to get a doctor to prescribe Oxycontin for him. My friend's life is completely changed. She now needs to find a way to protect herself and her son in every way: psychologically, physically, financially. It is a very bad situation. It is a travesty that doctors prescribe this drug and do not monitor closely how each patient reacts. Legally, I think they should be held responsible, along with the drug companies. Oxycontin has devastating effects. And it is legal. Literally, it makes people crazy, if they live another day to take another pill. 
Meg S I was given for pains and I instantly liked the feeling. Having a history with drug abuse this is something that quickly turned out to be very dangerous and I was immediately hooked. If oxy didn't exist I wouldn't be struggling right now and neither would thousands of others.  
Gavin Lynas Hi, I'm from Northern Ireland and I support you 110%, ban this evil drug and lets put Prudue Pharma out of business!!!! America seems to have massive problems with prescription drugs and I hope you can defeat them all!!! Good luck Gavin 
Benjamin Graham  
Katie Estepp All the lives lost and families torn apart; children without parents and rampant crime! For high paid exec to line his pockets? Something has to change. We also have to help the addicts around us. How can you market a product based on lies and leave the addicted to help themselves. We need cheap to moderately priced treatment for those struggling with an addiction  
Christina Frankland  
Lilli Miles  
Olivia Pacanowska We all lost one of the most inspirational, glowing, vibrant people out there. Paul made everyone feel alive, he made everyone feel important. Despite his issues he managed to shine through and struggled on his own. His life was taken and it brings tears every time I think about it I think of how much he influenced our lives, he was going to do big things, meant for big things and It really really was just unbelievable. We lost someone who thrived on life and making everyone around him feel the beauty of it as well. He remains forever in our hearts. Miss you buddy, rest in peace. 
Tom I have personally seen and felt the impact this dangerous drug has on people. Hopefully our signatures together can have a positive effect and stop the use of oxycontin.  
Brenna R.  
Tania Thank the Lord this is happening! I couldn't be happier!  
Anonymous I have a grown son who became addicted to oxycontin and lost everything in the world because of this drug. He lost his home,his car, his son, his job, his money, his happiness and his future. If this pill did not exist my son would not be the person he is today. It grabs a hold of a person and does not let go, and should be banned everywhere for the safety of all. It is a deadly drug, and going in you do not understand or realize the severity of addiction this pill has in its chemical make up. No one is immune to its consequences, and minds and souls are destroyed every single day by the thousands because of this drug. Its potency for addiction cannot be matched and its lethal nature cannot be duplicated. 
Maria Kidd My deepest sympathy to all that have lost loved ones with the poison that is oxycontin. We need to stand together and ban this murderer as soon as possible so we dont loose anymore people. To the doctors who precribe it, you took an oath to help people not kill them.  
Maria Kidd My brother is addicted to oxycontin and fentalyn patches anything that is an opiate he injests. It is so hard to watch him kill himself. We pray everyday that he goes to rehab and no amount of talking to him helps. I am so afraid that he is going to overdose one of these days. 
Suzanne Edmundson  
Jessica Jorski  
Bruni I have Fibromyalgia. I'm NOT one for taking med's. I am PROUDLY signing this petition. I hope and PRAY that this petition is heard and it works for all of our loved ones. I pray that the Doc. can find something else for my pain. 
Amy Del Vecchio  
Laura Kaysinger  
Paul Holmes  
Trudy Duffy  
Kathy Dowling  
Tamara M RIP EJC... 
Rick Lill Just Do It!!! 
Anonymous my son has been battling an addiction to oxycontin for more than a and out of rehab......once again we think he has relapsed.....this drug has torn our family apart and i pray every day we don't loose our precious son to it.....please ban this drug.... 
Tinar Roselli Deeply sorry.  
Kimberly Loffredo God Bless you Eric. 
Sue Martindell  
John Grcic  
Kristin M RIP EJC  
Erin Anderson  
Kim Atno I lost my son Eric on June 21 2011. his addition started innocently with the use of oxi and roxy and before he knew it he was addicted. He went to rehab for 15 days which is a total joke. These drugs become part of your soul and the devil is always on your back. Before 1 yr he relapsed and found he could no longer afford the drug he had become addicted to. Heroine was cheaper and unknown to us his family he was now shooting it. My son was arrested in North Brunswick with 4 bags of heroine(personal use) he was sent to middlesex county jail and bail was set at $15,000. I tried disparately to find a rehab facility but they are all full. This addition is rampant. I was finally able to find a place in Philadelphia on June 20th. I posted his bail and again it was not about the $$ he NEEDED TREATMENT NOT JAIL. unfortunately my son committed suicide while in jail. There are charges against the guards on duty as they did not perform the routine cell checks they are paid to do and then falsified the documents to cover their asses. My son did not have to die. He needed treatment not jail. Insurance companies will not pay for the proper treatment until the addict fails numerous times. Unfortunately most addicts are dead by then and these drug companies need to stop making these drugs that cause even the patients they are prescribing to become addicts STOP STOP STOP THIS NEVER GOING TO GET BETTER AS LONG AS WE ALLOW THESE DRUG COMPANIES TO GET RICH ON OUR CHILDREN. I MISS MY SON SO MUCH AND WHILE NOTHING CAN BRING HIM BACK I HOPE THAT OTHER FAMILIES NEVER HAVE TO FEEL THE PAIN MY FAMILY GOES THRU EVERYDAY  
Jennifer Oxycontin addiction almost killed me. I am a proud survivor. BAN THIS DRUG!!!!! 
Jessica After hearing a speech from a classmate tonight i have decided to sign this petition to band oxycontin. Drug abuse, addiction and death by drugs is happening everyday and it must be stopped. I am happy to sign and help in anyway I can.  
Barbara Guckian Lost my 30 year old brother to these pills. Left behind 2 handsome boys 7&2 they terribly miss there daddy.  
Connie Hale I lost a son 27yrs old to oxycontin. Please BAN OxyContin!!! 
Kris Grubbs  
steve I had multiple back surgery's, first at age 14, 1980, 2nd, 94' rods' screws in abundance. Got my RN, in 2000, never toke meds until around this time.. 2003? Doctor started me on 240mg's/day of oxycontin, started having physical symptoms in 04-05', Hospitals blew me off, ended with me flying off my motorcycle 100ft @80mph, head injury, for two years after they would not listen to me, until they found I had a pituitary adenoma, no growth hormone, no thyroid, etc, forward to now need 3rd back surgery just found rods and screws out that clearly happened in accident, havent worked, cant work, going in circles, cant find lawyer to help with Soc Sec appeal due to I owe back taxes, oxycontin almost kiled me and has taken the 6plus years of my life away, its evil, destructive and will cause your death and may cause others due to user's action. Nobody should use this medication, ever, esp. for chronic pain, I have had pain most of my life, oxycontin is not necessary period, pain is diffrent to every person, true, but I dont need to roll around and scream when I hurt and can cry to myself, Oxycontin kills people, causes people to kill for it. It has ruined my life and many others, im still alive but my previous symptoms are returning, I bounce from doctor, to doctor because I have state insurance, I feel I will be dead before I get the proper care to get my health back, nobody, health care -wise cares. Just another person on the list, cheers, Im a strong person and im fighting but I cant get a foot forward because of falling back, and it started with oxycontin. 
Diane Rodriguez It is time that someone sit up and take notice of all the life's that are being lost because of this drug! How many more deaths will there be at. The hands of our so called doctors be fore someone speaks up,  
Kristine Hale I lost my husband to oxycontin on January 26,2012. He was only 27 years old with 2 amazing little boys. He was buying it off the streets, if they didn't mean oxy so easy to get at the dr's then there would be less on the streets. I think oxycontin should only be banned. Too many people are losing their lives and something needs to change. 
Charlotte patton I support the ban  
James Richardson  
Brad Croisdale  
Will Arthur Well here we are. I have friend on his death bed due to this drug. I watched him turn from a healthy nice looking young man of 185 pounds at 34 year old into a 130 pound 'death camp looking survivor' covered in track marks and dying from pneumonia , failed kidneys, and a heart infection.He will not last 48 hours. Please help ban this drug 
Marta Gibbs  
John Tri My daugter was drug addick on oxycontin and almost died 2 times,iy led her to prison for stealing and robbery, Shall see when she gets out if she continues to take the drug, her destiny will be death It must be banned, the drug manufactures know what they are doing and the doctors also, time to ban it forever 
alison My brother, now 26 years old, has been addicted to Oxy since he was at least 16 years old. This is a terrible drug that ruins families. Please don't allow anyone else to be taken by this drug.  
Robin Olson My 19 year old son has severe Crohns disease. He was hospitalized and doctors put him on Oxycontin and Oxycodone in hosp and then released him after 2 weeks hospital stay, (Out 12/15/11) and w/ enough Oxy for 2 more weeks. He has tried to follow doctors instructions to TAPER off it it, and is now under the care of a Pain Management doc, BUT if he reduces the dosage by only 5mg, it throws him into a full on WITHDRAWAL. WTF!!!! It appears that it's IMPOSSIBLE to wean off this now obviously DANGEROUS DRUG! Why is this drug even legal to prescribe? The makers of Oxycontin should be in JAIL!!! And the hospital docs and admin FORCED my son when he was incapacitated (and I wasn't present) to sign a 10 page document releasing them from liability should he become addicted to Oxycontin. They KNEW he would become addicted. Those doctors can go to hell along w/ the executives of Perdue Pharma and the idiots at the FDA who approved such a vicious drug! It's the blink of an eye for someone to go from PATIENT to CRIMINAL with this drug! 
Nicholas Donato  
Sangeeta Sharma Last week we lost Richard Nason 25 years old, smart,handsome gentleman to this drug. He used to work with us when he was in school. We saw him growing Up in front of us. He went to UGA and graduated in 2010. This kid had most understanding, caring family. My heart goes for them. He had very promising career ahead only if... Please do not let any other son taken away from their parents or a brother from the most loving and affectionate sisters. Please ban this drug it's already too lte but maybe we can save some young lives. 
Sierra Smith I hate this drug. Its ruined many peoples lives & continues to do so...  
Annette Lopez-Lamott It is absurd that there is an argument over whether to keep medical marijuana accessible to cancer patients and gravely ill patients, yet this drug is doled out like candy... This drug is the devil. It only benefits the pockets of these pharma companies, certainly not the patients that are prescribed this medication. 
Loren harris My son fights the addiction everyday. This is an insideous drug that requires three years of being clean before it quits affecting the brain. The drug dealers find vulnerable victims and addict them to further their profits. In our small county there were 77 deaths from the drug this past year. I can't imagine that there aren't other drugs to give as a prescription... GET THIS DRUG OFF THE MARKET 
monica schottinger  
dustin Please ban this drug, it is constatly tearing apart familys and friends, i have watch addictions to these pills ruin the lives of people very close to me and forever change not only the lives of the people suffering from addiction but the lives of the people who love them and try and help them, i was very much in love with a girl who wound up addicted to pain pills, her addictions started small but within a couple of years she was shooting them up, i stood by her the very best i could and tried to help but i eventually had no choice but to walk away, her addiction took over her life and it was taking over my life too, and i have never even used drugs, i tried multiple rehabs for her, suboxn, methadone, anyband every resource i had i tried, but she just wouldnt quit using, now i worry about her everyday and pray for her, her addiction has forever changed my life too and i know there are so many familys out there that feel the exact same way i do, i just wish this kind of drug was banned so we wouldnt have to see our loved ones go through this 
Collin My own addiction to OxyContin currently has me in a treatment program in which I'm trying to rebuild my life and family relationships. I'm just thankful to be alive, something I can't say for some of my peers.  
Renee Marchak  
John Henchen  
Daniel Beasley I haved watched friends kill themselves slowly to this horrible drug . Oxycontin is destroying lives and tearing homes apart-and not simply because of drug use. I know this because it almost took my life. 
Cody Scott  
Randy Nason Last week I buried my 25 year old son. Richard was a graduate of University of Georgia and graduated with a 3.2 GPA in Finance in May 2010. Two and a half year ago, he tried oxycontin as a recreational drug, which flooded the Athens, Ga. market in 2010. His friends are telling me that it only takes about 3 or 4 weeks to become addicted on the pills and within a year or two he was shooting it up. Some of his college buddies are doing the same thing as I write this letter. I have told them they will end up like Richard if they don't quit, and I don't think they will quit because of it's addictive qualities. TAKE IF OFF THE MARKET. Randy Nason  
Valerie Ennis  
Wilson Arthur I have watched this drug destroy co workers who previously had no drug issues, and have had friends children overdose and die from this drug, it should be taken off the market or at least used for end of life purposes only. 
Cheryl Brown This drug is destroying our society.  
Clinton Hale Between 1990 and 2000 only 59 people in my community died of overdoses, but from 2000-2010 359 people have died in my community of overdose. Oxycontin is a scourge and MUST be taken off the market. I lived in a small southern town where everyone knew your name, but now there is nothing but junkies and hookers walking up and down the streets looking for a fix.  
Kim Christenson  
Joaquin De Los Santos This drug ruins peoples lives and fills the pockets of some medical practioners, congressman, and corporations. Please ban this drug.  
James henderson  
Brian Barnes This drug is bad. 
alan zemel Lost a relative... 
Anonymous Help! 
Heather Alberti My husband was a successful chef and part owner of a restaurant, he started taking oxi and a couple years later was jobless and robbed a bank to get his next fix.. our son was 6 months old and now wont know his father till almost his 5th birthday... please get rid of this horrible drug 
Ashley Jett  
paul rudnick  
Terry wolosin Fed.up ,pissed off ! The government has done nothing to these doctors that are over prescribing these drugs,as we know they are. A law should also be passed that anyone caught selling them will get a mandatory jail sentence. Most of the drugs sold are coming from grandmothers and grandfathers, or long term users for chronic pain. Most small time sellers are making 3,000-4,000 a month,at ten to thirty a pill. This drug and heroin have become a nightmare in my neighborhood. Most turn to heroin because it's cheaper ,that is until heroin gets a hold of them and they need more each time to fill their need which in turn becomes more expensive so they end up stealing to feed their habit. When they decide to seek help it's a night mare, unless your rich and can afford the best rehab. The answer is not jail for the addicts,they should receive mandatory drug rehab for at least six months or more,you should not have a choice to decide, they can not always make this life saving choice for themselves ,they are no longer thinking clearly.I also believe the pharmacutical companies should have to help fund these rehabs along with the federal goverment. I can't believe to this date nothing significant has been done to help fight this war on opiate legal I repeat LEGAL) Drugs! I guess money can buy some people's Happiness at the expense of those families struggling and lost as to what to do to help their loved one. The thought of it all makes me want to Vomit ( preferbaly on the makers and dealers!  
Ruth My other half is addicted to these things along with hydrocodone! He gets them from his closest friend and even his own daughter! There has to be tighter consequences for those that take these drugs illegally and for those that sell the damn things - they destroy people and relationships!!!!! 
Anonymous Death of beloved directly related to this drug. 
Courtney Sexton Thank you!!Let us stop this now! Aloha 
Lonnie Samek My daughter's husband, soon to ex is addicted to this terrible drug. It has caused such havoc in their lives. They have a 4 year old daughter. She cries for her daddy at night. Please ban this drug... 
Karin Byrne Losing a child to any drug is devastating, as is losing a child for any reason. I am not 100% sure which drug was the final ending for my son. I do know that oxycontin was one of the drugs found in his possession when his body was found. The toxicology report has not been completed and as of now the death certificates states "unknown" although the autopsy showed that he did not die of anything natural. I want to do anything I can so that no other mother, father, sister, brother or family member has to lose someone to this new epidemic. Please stop the ease of acquiring this drug. 
gayle in response to Mr McGowan~~ After fighting alongside my son with his addiction for four years, I finally came across some funding info on one of the websites. Unfortunately by that time, I couldn't gather all the required information that was needed to begin the process of filing for financial help to have my son in rehab. I was casually turned down by several Big Pharm reps, saying that I did not have enough documentation to file for funding. Very convenient for them. My son finally made it to prison alive, so we are hoping for a brighter future when he comes out. ** The problem is that by the time the addiction is identified and efforts to quit the drug have been exhausted by the addict and the family, it is nearly impossible to go back in time and document where/when/how the initial addiction started. Although there is a "fund" in place to help with rehab,it is close to impossible to access it. As anyone who has ever been in this situation knows, few people have the finances, emotional stamina, time and perseverence to chase down the devil after fighting with the beast! 
jim mcgowan My daughters life has been destroyed by these pills and the flimsy system we have controlling the distribution of this life destroying drug. Who set up the marketing for this drug the tobacco industry? Purdue Pharma should be held responsible by forcing them to provide inpatient rehab to anyone addicted to this drug. There liability should continue for the life time of the addict. Helping pay for these programs should be the estates of all the pain management staff and doctors who have been shown to overperscribe OxyCotin. 
JANICE KRAUS sLEZAK I lost my son Bill ~~~September 19, 2007 ! I was here, in my house when he put the gun to his head and killed himself. I tried rehabs and going to Calvary Chapel which kept him off of them for two years, but went to work for a man who had Cancer and the pills were readily available. The pains and tears of seeing him struggle to get clean was un~bearable and I still cry 24/7. He was the love of my life and today is still hard to go thru every day and No Bill. The drug was like the letter Joel had written awhile back. It grabs YOU and nothing ELSE in the world matters. I know he wanted to get off... but, the Oxy's had him.. just like the 'Devil'.. grabbing hold of you and never letting go. Can you imagine how I felt holding a towel on his head where the bullet when in and trying to stop the bleeding? Can you imagine how difficult each day has been asking myself could I have done More? Can you imagine being in "Limbo" for at least one year..? Can you imagine looking at his picture and crying out "" I need you back ! IF YOU HAVE ANYONE ON THIS AND YOU WANT TO HELP THEM.. SIGN THE PETITION... I WISH I COULD TURN BACK THE CLOCK AND SEE WHAT I COULD HAVE DONE DIFFERNTLY! THE withdrawals from this drug are horrendous .. Mean, angry, bitter words, hateful dispostion, depression, threats of killing himself... I would do anything to have him here. Help someone if you know them doing thru this? Are they having mood swings ? Not eating? Losing weight? Always chasing that "DEVIL".... I cry every day.. my life will never be the same.. we were close... I raised him by myself.. He was my baby.. and killed himself in my home and me here! Every time I " cross" where he laid... blood coming from his head...... calling 911....... crying.... screaming... and he never made it to the hospital ! He died in the ambulance. I am on a mission so no other parents have to suffer what I suffer every day! Prayers * God * Angels* NO one can ever take this pain away that I endure each day. R.I.P. WILLIAM ALBERT GENCO ~~08/02/1963 * SEPTEMBER 19, 2007... IF LOVE COULD HAVE SAVED YOU BILL * YOU WOULD HAVE LIVED FOREVER.......... YOUR LOVING MOTHER  
Sarah Bradford Paco. May your death not be in vain. I sign this with loving memory of my brother. 
Dorothy Bradford My son started with opioid pills then the fentanyl patch. He died at 24. Stop the love of $$$$ for the slaughter!!!!! God has a way to heal and there is no side effects..risk or death..God help us all!!! The love of $$ is the root of all kinds of evil... 
Jon Daily After attending a friend's funeral this weekend due to oxycontin abuse and overdose I discovered that close to a dozen people from my high school years died from the same thing in just the last few years. Most of these people were housewives with young children and career people that had achieved success in their fields including Andrea L. Yates a renouned professor from the University of Rhode Island at 40 years of age. This will be the legacy I will remember forever losing so many young people I grew up with in such a short time. It is probably hardest on those that survive because we just ask why but it doesn't help the overwhelming grief we all feel. I hate funerals. Please stop the pill mills in Sarasota, Bradenton, and especially Venice Florida.  
kellie hazelwood R.I.P. Paco  
Beth Putnam I have family and friends both addicted to Oxycontin. It is so addicting, there are better substitutes that are less addictive! 
Ashley Mckenney  
tanquella fegans  
Chardae Lewis R.I.P Paco :(. 
Ashley ayers Love you Paco miss you ... Love min 
rhianna Prophet My little brother was addicted to this stuff and is in prison due to his use. Since he's been in prison he's had 3 friends die by overdosing. My fear is for him to go back to that stuff when he gets home. And die from it. Please ban oxycontin.  
K 1 This drug has has stolen my son and has caused great pain to our family. Please save our children !! BAN OXYCONTIN TODAY  
Virgie Kirkman My grandson died from an oxycontin overdose. The pain and grief are almost unbearable. He was only 20 years old. 
Anonymous oxycotin almost ruined my life.6yrs of hell!!!ruined family relationships,finacial ruins,but even more than that....It left me mentally and physically broke.. 
Cathe Hardison This is a Horrible Drug It has taken many Mothers Children, and many Childrens Mothers....... 
Kristina I am a recovering addict. My drug of choice was OxyContin and my life was a complete nightmare! It is a miracle that I am alive and sober today! It will be a miracle if they ban the production of OxyContin!  
Recovering Addict FLORIDA NEEDS TO CLOSE THEIR PILL MILLS! I am in Florida, and have yet to hear any of these politicians address the fact that we have a SERIOUS problem down here, instead of making jokes. They put these databases in down here...what a joke! Someone needs to get this out to people within our states and government officials that have some kind of pull. Maybe something can be done. 
Bobbi T I am all for banning oxys and roxys. As a recovering addict myself, I have experienced first hand how a "little pain pill" can shatter lives. Like i said ' i was hooked" , doing 10-15 at min a day. Many of my friends have overdosed and passed on. I see some of my friends "living out of a bottle", and worst of all, my fiance has been incarcerated over these pills. Over an addiction that his doctorshopefully my signature will help get this "legal Heroin" off the streets.  
Jamie Tanda  
Deanna Moody Please, please take this most harmful, addictive drug off of the market. This drug is taking the lives of young people and we as parents are absolutely helpless to change their behavior. Please, please take this drug off of the market. 
KRIS SULLIVAN WE ARE NOW IN THE MIST OF VOTING FOR A NEW PRESIDENT BUT I HAVE NOT HEARD ONE SINGLE PERSON MENTION THE ADDICTON THAT IS DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY FROM WITHIN!!!our medical system @ educational &our judicial system is completely falling apart-our country better wake up and see what,s coming!!! we are not crimials we are victims we are victims of certain pharasecal companyies our goverment is allowing this sign this petition and bring the love back to our families we all deserve get out in the streets and get our country back!! wake up and have a voice!!!!! 
Kathy pettengill My family has two oxycotin addicts who have been struggling for many years. There are not enough rehab facilities to care for the number of people addicted in our small state. This drug is hurting more people then it is helping. We need to ban this drug to end this vicious cycle. Please 
Erich Curnow “in 2010, pharmacies sold enough of these opiate-based prescription drugs to give everyone in the U.S. a typical 5-milligram dose of hydrocodone every four hours for one month”. If your not outraged, you're not paying attention... 
rhonda helser I too have lost a close friend due to misuse of Oxycotin.  
Alicia Crew  
gayle My father was an active 80 year old gentleman when he was prescribed oxycontin for back pain. He died less than a year later, and the last months of his life were spent totally focused on his addiction. A miserable way to go, my brothers and I watched him decline until his death. This is a crime against society. 
j burn in hell purdue! 
Annette Southern This drug should have been banned years ago to save lives. I am 49 years old and never have I seen a drug kill so many people of all ages and all backgrounds. This drug has no mercy and crosses all classes of life. The stories are so sad and have touched everyone I know and come into contact with on a daily basis. We have an epidemic that must be stopped.  
mikellyn marion  
Nathan Dietrich Ban this poison 
Madalyn Gordon  
barbara I have a loved one addicted to oxycontin. She refuses treatment and all because a doctor perscribed her oxycontin for a hand injury. She has since dropped out of college, cant keep jobs and is not in good health. I pray for all the families and the only way to avoid future deaths is to avoid selling this horrible drug. If there is no access,there is no addiction. 
Emily Lauren  
Jenn Legnetti  
Rick Sotiropoulos Oxycontin is an epidemic, it serves no medical purpose. Perc 30s are designed to be abused and are killing too many young people. I have lost 4 friends in the last year and I'm currently in recovery myself. I proudly wear my black wristband and spread the word. This is a great site and I can personally guarantee I will bring 10+ signatures to this petition. Thank you.  
Annthea Waugh  
Jessica Krejci  
leana fugarino  
Ginger Pringle Oxycontin killed my husband. And I don't just mean that it caused his physical death. It killed him long before he died. It killed the person that I loved & married. It killed the spark in his eyes. It killed every positive aspect of his personality. It changed him completely, in unfathomable ways. Killed his love for life, his confidence, his graciousness, his love for his family. Killed all rational thought & his ability to make good decisions. Killed his future with his family that deeply loved and still misses him. 
Rita Montiel It is my sincere hope that we as a society can stop manufacturing such harmful drugs. The drug companies are literally killing us. My heart goes out to all the families dealing with the pain this tiny pill has inflicted.  
leticia gonzales my son and his girl friend are on drugs and i am afraid for my son, he is out of control. I don't know what to do. I need help. 
charlie bennett Was never perscribed but it was widely available in my home town. What I had once considered more bang for the buck, quickly became a habbit that was out of control and was to easy to buy on the black market. Thanks to novus detox center, I was able to break the cycle of abuse I put myself through. Thanks novus. 
Helen Comparoni  
Kimberly Roth  
rachel taylor I'm currently dealing with a brother in law with this addiction. It sad and I want to see this drug go away. 
Emmanuel Peter Makryllos I know, if you are a represintive of FLORIDA. Then he or she has known somoeone or known a friend that knew someone who has DIED! Because, of Oxycontin! So, let's all tell the FDA to BAN Oxycontin! Like they Ban Qualids in the early 80 s or late 70 s. Mr, Emmanuel Peter Makryllos 
Sabrina Quinones-Brannon  
Vicky Kirkegaard This drug has to go  
Bill Haberman BAN OxyContin Now!!!!! Bill Haberman 
Debbie and Jim Mair We lost our beloved Joshua, Sept 22 2010 at 31 years of age to this killer drug PLEASE BAN THE MANUFACTURE OF IT NOW. And thank you who ever is sponsoring this petition.  
Yaakov Nahum Ben-Avraham Isn't the (natural) Opioid MORPHINE sufficient for outpatients, especially by mouth? Morphine can be obtained at low or virtually ZERO cost from WHITE poppies which will grow virtually ANYWHERE in poor soil ! Why do Drug Companies need obscene profits from misery? p.s. RED poppies do NOT kill pain. Lest we forget... 
Patty Summerfield Oxycontin has claimed two teenagers this year already here in illinois and its only Jan.9th,2012. 
maria brittis  
Opal Barrett There are three ways out of this terrible addiction: Jail, Rehab or death..... 
Margarita Lopez In honor of my friend's children battling against this awful addiction and all who are suffering because of this horrible drug.  
Diane T. Williams Get this drug off the market. With two grandsons suffering from this nasty drug, I want it gone. Doctors who prescribe this for pain relief, need to feed other alternatives. Especially with young adults or teens. Thank you for giving us this chance to ban Oxycontin...a Loving Grandmother 
Karen Coulson So many lives and families have been destroyed by this drug. There are so many other options that are non-addictive. Remove this drug from production and distribution. 
Amanda Payne  
Ann Goforth  
Heidi Hoppie I would just like to say that my sympathy goes out to those who have been swallowed into this black hole of Oxycontin. I am a pharmacy technician and I see first hand what this drug does to people, how they start on vicodin and end up on percocet and then to oxycontin which is same but releases different. And it goes down hill from there. Now in MA they made buying syringes legal. I find that to be a welcome to heroin law. How clean is it when you walk down your neighborhood and there is syringes in the bushes. Really? Who is making the money. We really need to crack down on these drug companies that are making money on drug that are killing my friends, family. My cousin overdosed a few years back with a mixture of oxy and cocaine. I feel a need to tell these people that just by cutting an oxy alonne could kill u. I wish you luck on this ban and if there is anything that I might be able to do please contact me via email. Thanks  
jessica lauren I nearly lost my life to oxycontin and heroin. It ruined my relationship with one of very few that had touched my life, my ex husband and best friend. I wish this drug will remove itself from this earth and I hope that no more lives will be damaged by it. 
Bruce Williams  
Danna Abla  
Jack Mauldin Thanks to oxy i nearly lost my leg and my life. 4 years of addiction and now i am finally clean. never tried heroin because oxy is legal heroin. 
Frank Mauldin  
Justin I watched my brother ruin his life cause of oxycontin. He was a great person, great friends, great grades, and a great brother. After he starting using i noticed a drastic change in his behavior. He started stealing from family and friends just to get his fix. He now is hooked on heroine cause he needed to achieve that high. He was my role model and now the drugs have taken over his life and we are distant strangers. This drug should be discontinued asap cause I've not just lost my brother I've also lost friends to it as well. 
Cathi Lanham  
Shelbi Caitlin Lanham-Mauldin <3 
Ashley Pesich  
Paul Stacke  
tom kamet outlaw it.... 
Robert Evich Too many have died from this drug ! 
John Rollins That shit is the worst!! 
Kelsey Dorr  
Olivia chenoweth  
Ashley chenoweth  
Emily Ebling  
Ali Dickinson  
Anonymous I have seen too many lives ruined and also taken from this drug, it is becoming a serious problem and needs to be stopped. 
Johnna Hayes  
Kelly anderson I have lost many friends to oxycontin. Young friends.  
Bailey Lissy  
Anonymous My ex boyfriend was addicted. I tried to help him every way I could. His mom was prescribed and she was giving them out to his brother and then made my ex buy her more. It was an aweful experience for me. I went through it all for a little over a year and I couldn't handle it. He was a liar and stole from people he loved. He is still to this day doing Oxycontin and other drugs. This drug changes you, it makes you a whole different person.  
Sarah Robertson I have lost a brother and countless friends to this drug. Stop the ruin. 
Alisa Lovell  
Rachel Rayburn  
Brittany Higgins  
Tyler Pelosi Former "OC" addict, this drug has destroyed the lives of many of my close friends. It is a drug that does not discriminate against any social class,race,or religon. It is worse than any other drug our country has faced yet it is still being sold in pharmacies all across the globe. The government is failing its citizens while this drug is still on the market. 
Jessica Martinez  
Patricia Peterson  
Andrea Corn, Psy.D.  
Katie Burress  
Jordan S. Lost my best friend to OxyContin when I was 17, not because of addiction, but because of the counteraction it had with Dayquil and Nyquil that he had taken prior to. I don't know what it's going to take, but I'll do anything to help stop all of these tragedies. it's all preventable... 
Jamie kirby  
chris basile I have lost a best friend to an addiction to oxycontin and I have seen many other people get put in rehab and jail because of problems relating to the addictive with this drug ... Even my own father had to get off it because it was negatively effecting his mood ... I HATE the stuff and wish it never was created  
Julie Dexter Please ban this despicable drug! 
Patrick Wheat I actually know a few different people who have lost their lives because of oxy's. Including one of my best friends. Ive used them before but vow to never again and I fully support banning the drug. 
Kevin Currie  
marymiracle too many words about this deadly chemical to fit into a comment box. 
Steven Hillburn  
Brandon Ashworth My heart goes out to anyone suffering the effects that OxyContin has had on this generation. I don't think selling pharmaceutical heroin to our citizens is a very respectable aspect of our healthcare system. Please stop 
Taylor My brother was shooting up oxy for about 3 years. He's been arrested twice, just got out of his 3rd rehab and hopefully he's finally doing okay. My cousin was smoking oxy and amlost overdosed and went to several different rehabs. Two of my best friends have committed suicide while under the influence of oxy as well. This drug is sickening and extremely dangerous.   
Nathan Randall  
Ryan Ford Lost to many friends due to OC!  
Kelsey Goforth I have lost too many friends to Rehab, Jail or Suicide due to OxyContin, and all of my friends from high school have an addiction problem with this drug. They steal from friends and family, from those they do not know, and re sell the merchandise for the ability to purchase the extremely expensive drug. There is absolutely no reason for OxyContin to be made, prescribed or sold.  
Marc Sellers This drug took away one of my best friends. He was a brother to me. Even through his death, a dozen close friends have become addicted if they weren't before. I don't want this to seem like a hopeless battle. I don't want my friends to die. Stop these tears, stop this drug!  
anna michels  
roya toraby  
Katie Miller destroyed my life and will destroy MANY others of this drug is continued. 
Taylor Noll I have lost by older brother to oxy, He went from oxy to heroin then now on meth its a sickening downward spiral. No one should have to deal with this. Please sigh this petition! I hope that someday i can look at my brother face to face and have him tell me he is finally clean. The chances of that are getting lower and lower.
Amanda Skaggs i lost my boyfriend/best friend to oxycontin. i would love to help with this in anyway. feel free to email me if there is anything i can do.  
Taylor Took my brother on a downward spiral, he went from oxy to heroin now meth. He barly remembers me and has major paranoia, I lost my brother to oxy <3 
Caroline Ravenfox  
Anonymous We must stop this it's killing our childrens  
Laura Williams  
Sherry Swanson In hopes of preventing further PREVENTABLE tragedies... 
Robert Tersch  
Lisa Mitcheltree  
Conchita Cuebas My nephew is alive, thank God, but he has been in and out of rehab and jail due to OxyContin and other prescription drugs. He's due to leave jail in August and his mother and I are very worried. My son suicided Jan. 17, 2011. He admitted to me to have used drugs in the past, but I have no other information. Please, please, ban this drug! 
Jan Menzies  
Nancy Kueter I lost my 18 year old son, he had oxymorphone in his system he could of been saved if his friends would have called 911 or woke me up right away instead they let him die, waited for hours.  
Renee Levitt  
Zoya Hajianpour  
Austin Smith  
Karin Murpy My son Seth died of a heroin OD May 19 2012. Started like oters with Oxy. I know many other families affected by this. Today he would have turned 20. 
Kristen Tersch My heart aches daily as I have two sons addicted to this awful drug. My oldest needed relief from some ankle surgery and got this drug on the street; the other son was given a prescription for some mild neck issues. Our lives have been a roller coaster for the past 5 years and I will do anything and everything to get this drug off the street and the market, and to pass along information to the unsuspecting future. Thank you!!!! 
Carole Hill Oxy is a demon , it will take your loved ones to a very dark place and keep them there, or death will come, I know from first hand experence. Highly additive, people who are on this med will steal, kill, rob, whatever if they run out of it. BAN, BAN, BAN, before more people are lost and families are destoried.  
Eva Saw this in a minidocumentary on Dutch TV, and was shocked! How come America's government is so strict about relatively innocent stuff like marihuana and alcohol, but at the same time allow dangerously addictive harddrugs like these OxyContin pills to be sold legally by the pharmaceutical industry? Must have something to do with the money I guess. I sincerely hope this drug will be banned in your country. Reading all these heartbreaking stories I'm convinced that OxyContin is much more a paincauser than a painkiller (and causes a far worse pain in the hearts of victims and family). To the victims and familymembers: I wish you my deeply felt compassion. Hang in there!  
Tamer Gozleveli, DO  
Anonymous its disgusting and ridiculous thatanyone including children can walk into a doctors office and get these pills that are basically deadly!!!! They dont even check the medical histories of people.They are the true drugdealers...Havent we learned from the past about these dangerous pills!!when do we start caring about are fellow brothers prescribed by ignorant doctorsstop hurting and killing people all for money!!!!when do we start caring about our fellow brothers and stop hurting people with these drugs prescribed by doctors whom we are suppose to trust..Do they not care or just plain ignorant...I think people should make a new years resolution to start fighting back and speak up about every injustice in this world...Thats the problem people are so fearful they dont say anything!!!!!LETS START 2012 BY SPEAKING UP FOR OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS!!!!! 
Sheri Remington In loving memory of my son. 10.3.88 - 8.22.11 As long as I am alive I will fight in your honor. Love you always. 
mary Zawaski  
Anonymous I have recently lost my partner, and new daddy to his 10 week old son to Oxycontin. He had been prescribe to this drug after a serious car accident a few years ago now. He had came off the drug after we found out we where expecting a child. After almost 12months of not using the drug, he had a extremely sore foot one night, and took his normal dose of 1 or 2 tablets... He never woke up. This drug needs to come off the market and I will help fight until it is banned completely. Now his son, doesn't have his daddy here. The doctors who hand this drug out to practically anyone who says they need a strong painkiller need to be punished in some sort of way, as I am aware of docters who have handed out boxes daily to the patients just because they say, "I've lost the script". The public needs to be more aware of this drug and how dangerous it really is!!!! 
melissa bonello My husband secretly started taking oxycotin in 2007 by January of 2008 he was so delusional, after being married 22 years with two teenage children, we divorced, he refused rehab and has "disappeared" going on 4 years now..last seen, he was highly involved in drugs, guns, alcohol and any eratic behaviors..he acted like a schizaphrenic..double personality, spoke differently, walked differently listened to different literlly made him "crazy" and after investigations we believe he ultimately died of an overdose, but still have no idea...the drug is DANGEROUS!!! 
Lynn C  
Kathy Gibbas My son was found dead on Dec. 29, 2011. He was 33. His prescription for oxycontin was filled on Dec. 28 for 90 pills. There were 62 pills in the bottle when they found him. I don't know why a workman's comp doctor would prescribe 90 pills for someone with back pain.  
Haven Fricke My friend's brother was lost to this. His bro was a well known awesome guy and he was on this for a certain condition he was under. 
Jessi Ekmark For a friends brother 
Nick Gill My bro sean lost his brother because of this drug. 
Barbara Taylor I had become addicted to this RX due to 5 failed back surgeries, this is the worst medication I have ever seen in my 44 yrs of living and I used to be a Certified Surgical Technician so my medical knowledge is more than most but I still never knew what a destructive drug this was or had even ever heard of it, now all I know is it is becoming a problem worse than meth, crack, heroin or any of them put together. This medication KILLS PEOPLE, I only have my friends and family to thank for showing me (Damon, Sean & Dev) Thank you for saving my life, Pharmacy companies, stop killing us or is this your version of genocide? 
Katie Sol  
Luke Brands  
Justin this signature is for sean and my cousin and everyone else that has been affected by this drug 
Katie Goldsmith  
Cybrina Lost a friend to this. 
Meghan Griffin My friend lost his brother to suicide in 2010 because of this drug. 
Charisse DeVries A friend was lost because of this drug. 
Anonymous A lot of people lost a wonderful young man to this drug. 
Justin Stringer  
Conner Bassett  
Candace DeVries Lost a friend to the results of an addiction to this terrible drug.  
Kelli Skaug  
Tanya Ramirez Daughter affected.  
Anonymous I am supporting my friend who lost his brother in 2010 because of this drug 
sean bollig my brother had compartment syndrome in his right leg that left him with the disability of not being able to lift his foot up he was an all star football player at 6 4 220 of solid muscle and his future looked bright till his surgery made it virtually impossible to run after his surgery he was put on oxycontin and fell into a deep depression of not being able to get the drug and not being able to play football and killed himself on March 20th 2010 i miss him everyday and thats why i want this drug that the devil has designed to be destroyed and banned from the earth forever 
Anonymous Someone mentioned a march. I will def do it! For my nephew Albert Morelli and several friends who also overdosed on oxycodone. I have 3 friends who are recovering addicts of oxycodone. We all live in New York (Brooklyn and Staten Island). Please if anyone is interested please post.  
Anonymous Lost my nephew Albert Morelli on August 23, 2011. He was 33 years old. Never drank or smoked but, became addicted to OxyCodone when a doctor prescribed it as pain medication when he had a severe injury. He became very depressed we didn't realize it was the meds. He was ashamed to tell us the truth when he finally did he went into rehab and 1 year later relapsed and died after being in ICU for 12 days his body just slowly shut down. My family is a mess. He was an amazing human being. Never married and never had the chance to have children. Way to young! My primary doctor was writing scripts of percocet in my name. When I questioned this the office finally confessed and told me he had an addition. It is destroying people and families.  
Anonymous This drug destroys lives and should be taken off the market immediately! 
Juan Carlos Doampo This poison almost killed me. Thank God and my family for the tough love that showed me the way to freedom from the virus that is "roxies".. I think it start with irresponsible doctors. 83 days clean!! A whole lifetime of sobriety to look forward to. 
Anonymous My 18 y.o. grandson was prescribed 4 x 80 my oxycontin by a new to him gp on Monday afternoon. He died late tox screens done prior to Rx being written. Just his word that he had had it before and needed it for a major injury. May God forgive that doctor. Our beautiful boy is gone forever and the doctor's family suffer no sequelae.  
herbert n horner opioides have destroyed my family ban all 
Debora Casoy I'm not straight related to a addicted person but my boyfriend's sister is, the entire family!!! and I can tell that this drug is destroying the whole family.... Started with her husband, then to her son, daughter which the continuous use of Oxycontin have lead her to other kind of drugs. I heard that even dentists are prescribing to fight pain, they have gave to a friend of mine 20 pills with a refill for another 20 only because he had some tooth extracted!!! the dentist even warned him of the possible consequences.. this will be the next slow killer for generations to come.... and worse of all that it will be with the approval of the Government of the United States and FDA. Debbie Casoy  
Art Libby This HAS TO BE Stopped!!!!! The Government on down to the Doctors are letting us become addicts as to be able to push us all blindly into doing things we DO NOT WANT in our society! This problem in MOST Prevalent here in the United States and is being allowed by the F.D.A. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!! END IT NOW And make them ALL PAY!!!!!!! 
Suzanne Bartlett  
ashley jae It does nothing but ruin peoples lives it needs to definitley been banned 
Bridget Watson Please be responsible and remove this devistatingly harmful drug from the market and from the list of manufactured drugs. 
ernest paul keith I lost my father Clarence Keith to Oxycontin in 2007. The drug also Nearly took my life as well. My friend Eian also over doses in 2006 Had I not been arrested in 2007 for possession of oxycodone I would Not be here sharing my views on why this drug is of no use to Anyone. There are other means to which ones pains can be treated 
Thomas Grinnell  
Sally Blades My Grandaughter was 19 and beautiful until she became hooked on oxycontin, xanax and similar drugs. She OD'd a month ago and has severe brain damage after being brought back to life by paramedics. We don't know how long she was oxygen deprived because the chickenshit druggies she was hanging with all lie to save their own butts. The Doctors give this poisonous medicine to people in mega prescriptions and how can they not know they are supplying the people who sell them to our kids who OD! My granddaughter was very sick and needed help. She wouldnt listen to us, the police would not help and when she finally got put in jail for stealing we thought our prayers had been answered and she would be able to get off the oxys but the sociopath druggie forty-something man that was enabling her in order to keep her with him, bailed her out of jail and two days later she was in ICU on life support. This medicine is ruining more lives than it is helping. TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET. 
michelle dickson Hello- My cousin's 24 year old son has been addicted to Oxycontin for at least the last five years. He has been to inpatient treatment four times now, with little to no success. My son's girlfriend's father, hung himself in their garage as a result of his addiction. Oxycontin was originally prescribed to him for a work related injury. My 20 year old son is now using Oxycontin. As a result, he has lost his job and has resorted to stealing money from us to fuel his habit. He was an AP/ Honors student in high school, as well as the wrestling team captain his senior year. Since we have determined he has been abusing Oxycontin, he has rapidly been spiraling out of control. I believe Oxycontin is an Evil, highly addictive drug that has no place on our drug store shelves in any fashion. The recovery rate for Oxycontin addicts is bleak and frightening. Please ban this drug! 
angie bruno  
Kimberly Page My daughter is a recovering OXY addict.  
Christa Schenk Stop ruining lives 
Christopher Thornton At age 15 i was prescribed hydrocodone for back pain after a small operation. By the time i was 17 i was put on Fentanyl patches. i was prescribed oxycodone in 2006, at age 18. i was already very addicted to these drugs, but i didn't really realize it. Then i started taking too much, running out early, and getting very very sick as a result. I was 21 the first time i injected myself with oxycontin. This eventually escalated to 320mg a day. At age 21 i was put on methadone, (by my doctor, not a clinic). it stopped my physical withdrawl symptoms, but i still wanted oxycontin. In march 2010 my addiction finally got the best of me. Already under the influence of methadone and alprazolam, (and completely careless to the fact that this is possibly the most leathal combination of prescription drugs i know of), i walked into a pharmacy and told them to "give me all the oxycontin or i'll shoot myself in the f------ head"... I was serious. Police reports said i told the pharmacist "I am so sorry, without it i will die." I was arrested in traffic 6 hours later. This is the single worst decision i have ever made in my life, and, ironically, i believe it is also the greatest thing i have ever done for myself. I was sentenced to 10 years in prison, 5in-5out. Based on the nature of the crime i was sent to a military-style bootcamp called DOWC run by the OKDOC. In july 2011 i was granted a modified sentence for successful completion of the program, and will spend the next 9 years on probation. It took a trip to prison to reveal to me the true nature of my oxycontin addiction. Now i am 23, i major in high energy physics in tulsa, and it has been 21 months since i touched a pill. My deepest condolences go out to the families of those who have been lost to this growing epidemic. I offer my love and support to anyone with the desire to overcome their addiction to this terrible drug. In loving memory James Austin Harrison 5-18-1988 / 5-25-2006 
Gayle newman Anyone interested in participating in a public outcry/march/protest against these drugs? The situation has been ignored far too long! Bless the addicts and their loved ones. 
Annette Allizzo My daughter is addicted to oxy's, benzo's, thanks to the pain clinics in Florida. She is currently in detox, but this is her 2nd time. What's it going to take to stop these doctors to stop writing rx's.  
Olga Astreika  
Saad Judeh This is a scary drug. Easy to abuse and overdose. 
Angel I've seen at least 4 of my close friends OD in the last 3 years because of oxycontin.. being a young mother of a 4year old and a 1 month old I don't want to have to bury my children like I did my friends because NOTHING was done and this was never stopped. 
Cyndy Bove  
kelle kensey  
Jennifer Collins  
Elisha Doyle I am currently on ocxycontin for pain and now if i dont have it or try go with out i feel like shit and im only on 40mg a day 
Chelsey Guest  
vicki woolley I damn near lost my son to this drug, it is overly prescribed and the script holders are the ones selling it on the streets and getting kids addicted. And I have seen many times first hand where pharmacists substitute a more expensive non addicting prescription with oxy!!! How sad is that? Ban them, and if not ban them at the very least make them non coverage by drug plans, so as to stop dealers from getting them on welfare drug plans, there are other non addictive pain killers that can be used if truly in pain.  
Jacqui Flood Please stop the use of this killer drug before someone else loses a loved one to it!!! 
tiffany guest Oxy Contin- I destroy homes, tear families apart, take your children, and that's just the start. I'm more costly than diamonds , more costly than gold, the sorrow I bring is a sight to behold, and if you need me, remember I'm easily found. I live all around you, in schools and in town, I live with the rich, I live with the poor, I live down the street, and maybe next door. My power is awesome; try me you'll see, but if you do, you may never break free. Just try me once and I might let you go, but try me twice, and I'll take your soul. When I posses you, you'll steal and you'll lie. You do what you have to just to get high. The crimes you'll commit, for my narcotic charms will be worth the pleasure you'll feel in your arms. You'll lie to your mother; you'll steal from your dad. When you see their tears, you should feel sad. But you'll forget your morals and how you were raised, I'll take everything from you, your looks and your pride, I'll be with you always, right by your side. You'll give up everything. Your family, your home, your friends, your money, then you'll be alone. I'll take and take, till you have nothing more to give. When I'm finished with you, you'll be lucky to live. If you try me be warned this is no game. If given the chance, I'll drive you insane. I'll ravish your body; I'll control your mind. I'll own you completely; your soul be mine. The nightmares I'll give you while lying in bed, the voices you'll hear from inside your head, the sweats, the shakes, the visions you'll see; I want you to know, these are all gifts from me, but then it's too late, and you'll know in your heart, that you are mine, and we shall not part. You'll regret that you tried me, they always do, but you came to me, not I to you. You knew this would happen. Many times you were told, but you challenged my power, and chose to be bold. You could have said no, and just walked away, If you could live that day over, now what would you say? I'll be your master; you will be my slave. I'll even go with you, when you go to your grave. Now that you have met me, what will you do? Will you try me or not? It's all up to you. I can bring you more misery than words can tell. Come take my hand, let me lead you to hell. --- Prescription narcotic abuse is becoming an epidemic, Pass this on, It might save someones life 
adrienne hester  
Anonymous We need to get this crap and other drugs like it off the streets. 
Brittany Swanner yes get this trash off the shelves and out of lives! 
Bonnie Dennis The cover up and deception by big pharma is non-excusable. My daughter became addicted after her c-section. She never, after that, enjoyed her baby girl to grow up. She lost total custody. She is now a heron addict. She did not have an addiction prior. I was so unaware of this fact.  
Ray Vestal Ban it now! 
Linda Moran I just lost my ONLY brother to this crap!! I am sooo angry that this pill has even been brought around!!! My Brother was older than me, 2 weeks after his 33rd birthday (July 2011), I had my husband waking me up saying 'Your Brother Died' I thought he was joking!! But, no, it was true. It took the coroner weeks to tell us how he passed, because it was so bizarre how he was healthy and he just passed away. But, we were shocked to learn how he passed away, we never knew and never would have thought that was the case. That he would overdose on Oxycontin. Now because of this I don't have my Big Brother any more and my Daughter will never know how awesome her Uncle was, she will never get to meet him and get to know him! WHY DO DOCTORS KEEP GIVING THESE TO PEOPLE??!!! THE DOCTORS WHO DO PRESCRIBE THEM SHOULD GO TO PRISON!! THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!! 
Natalie Wright  
melissa crabbe  
Nancy Levy I am a teacher in AVRSB and know of at least 3 of my former students who OD on persciption drugs ...very sad.. 
CINDY BIGGS we have a 19 yr old who damn near died,twice,yes take them off the market,the money is not worth life 
Beverly Syms  
Mrs. Sharon Criss-ONeil  
Charlene Villa  
Joanne MacKenzie  
Stasia MacIsaac  
carla nemeth  
Valerie Loveys I lost my child to leukemia, and there are thousands of mothers living the same dreadful fate every day. Fearing this can be their child's last day due to prescription drug overdose. If doctors and Purdue Pharm cannot control this addictive drug, than it should be removed from the market. Street Pharmacists are a business without a conscience..Money in exchange for lives. Research is also investigating a huge link between prescription drugs and blood cancers such as luekemia and lymphoma. I also believe Purdue Pharm should be responsible for covering all expenses of rehabilitation facilities and methodone programs for those who have become addicted to ANY prescription drug they have marketed !!!! 
melinda kinghorn my son's life has been completely unmanageable for the last 10 years because of oxycontin! We are fortunate he is still alive! We MUST GET OXY IN ANY FORM OFF THE STREETS!!!! 
ronia baker  
Tammy Lepp  
megan My ex boyfriend of 6 years was prescribed opiates in various forms ending with oxycontin. They all destroyed his life. and his will to live. he lost everything he had, and has no drive to obtain it back. it's a sad story. I hope this never happens to anybody else ever. 
Ashley Krenzke  
Rob Holden Oxy's killed my guitarists step-mother. How many more must we lose? 
Ryan White  
Andrew J. Cates I am a criminal defense attorney and banning oxycodone (generic name for Oxycontin) would save a generation. I have seen more families broken and young people destroyed and locked up due to the ease of access to these pills. There are towns in my state where it is epidemic.  
Tom Kerns Hello people.On nov19th 2011 i lost my nephew to a drug over dose This has devastated our family I would like to help get this crap of the planet How do i help thank you Tom/jackie 
Christopher uhler  
Katherine M This drug has robbed me from knowing who my father really is. He is highly addicted because of pain and he is led to believe that there is no other type of cure for the pain than this. Please stop this from taking lives and destroying families through its harmful addiction. 
Debra vidal  
Anonymous My daughter is down in florida and did not want to take this drug because she was afraid she would get addicted to it. she had several friends who wer. but it was prescribed to her. That was 2 yrs ago. Now she is in a battle for her life and so erractic. She wants to get off and does not know how and is terrifyed at the prospect of getting off of it. She needs whatever help there is out there and does not have the money to go into a rehab. This drug is horrible. 
Gayle Selman  
rosy suarez  
Aubrey Wakefield  
Lisa Garcia  
Franny Thomas  
amber matheney  
howard r matheney Oxycontin is a very potent drug that can help and destroy, it needs to be closely monitored and only be available to verry few people that need them due to pain caused by injury or surgery, not handed out to the youth of our country like tylenol for minor reasons like back pain and head aches. this drug is destroying and taking lives of our friends and familys and needs to be cut down in a drastic way.  
Holly Davis  
Tamarra Anne  
Anonymous This is disgusting and it is ruining my little sisters life! 
Dee Davis  
Norman Taylor  
Anna Willis  
Thomas c wilson This drug distroys families please I'm sorry about your pain but your pain is no worse than when we did not have this drug prescription drugs is now the # 1 killer in the state of Florida this is wrong these companies are getting rich by killing people I THINK THAT WE NEED TO HAVE A CLASS ACTION SUITE ON THE DRUG COMPANIES  
Pamela Madonna Wake up America, this is killing your youth. 
renae latch I lost a loved one on November 16, 2011, due to the abuse of OP 80. He was addicted for several years. This is a dangerous drug and is so unbelievably available on the street. Please, please ban this drug. It can be fatal when one is addicted and fatality can be prevented by banning this drug. 
Andrejs Briedis I feel if this drug isn't readily available there will obviously be less people abusing it. There are other pain relief medications for people that really need it and I believe if taking it off the market will save one person... it was worth it. I'm surprised the pharmaceutical company making it continues to do so and think that for them to do so must be out of pure greed knowing that a considerable amount of deaths have been attributed to its abuse and illegal use. 
Austin Klenda  
joseph b. Being an alcoholic in recovery for over two years, I now understand the pain and resentment I had burdened the ones who love me. Seeing my girlfriend relapsing on this menace and having our relationship rapidly deteriorate when, not too long ago, I felt a love for another person I had never thought possible has now left me in a profound state of confusion and pain seeing someone I love so much turning into someone I don't recognize anymore. I feel this pain and resentment now that I had put others through. However, alcohol can be consumed in moderation for those who can drink safely and do not have a predisposed mindset for self destructive behavior. I am not one of those people but from my experience, this has never been the case with this God forsaken garbage that has destroyed the lives of so many people and has been the cause of incomprehensible demoralization to the users. It is an indescribable injustice that Purdue Pharma was not held accountable for its wanton falsification of its safety so its executives could get rich at the expense of those who've had to bury loved ones. I know many others who share my girlfriend's fate and I absolutely abhor this disgusting drug and those who profit from it. 
Melissa Groner One of my Best Friends lost her beloved cousin because of this drug being handed to him by a "friend" causing them to leave him to die on the streets. It should not be that easy for people to obtain and if it is legal for people who really need it, it should be controlled where people need to go someone to take their dose. Not in the hands for others to abuse.  
Brandon Bandi Please ban this stuff. My cousin lost his life due to the consequenses of Oxycontin.  
Brianna lent R.I.P Chris you'll never be forgotten
Gemma Godsell  
jessica bornschein A dear family friend lost their 22 year old son a marine for the united states. Their pain and the way in which they lost their son is a horror.I pray to god this awfil drug is removed from the market before many more young die such a senseless death :(  
elena arzumanova it ruins and takes lives... if you produce it make sure that it is used for its purpose  
Samantha Rodriguez God took you a little too soon, but this is the family's time to not let anything like this happen again. In the end it's never worth the rush or the relief of pain. The feeling of wanting more will always come back. R.I.P Christopher Dowling, don't forget to watch over your little brothers and your sister.  
Joice You didn't deserve to leave so soon, and you were so young. You still had time to fix your mistakes. BAN OXYCONTIN. 
Abigail Eidson  
deliza bravo I lost an amazing cousin/Marine to this. He never did drugs till his friends introduced this to him. He died on sunday of an overdose. The only time i every hear about this is when someone is getting high off of it. BAN OXYCONTIN and SAVE lives  
-Family R.I.P You died so young chris.  
Stephanie garcia My cousin was a 22 year old young man who was in the marines. Never into drugs until he got introduced to oxy. A couple of days ago he was found dead of an overdose. Nd died alone on a benech 
Joice Garcia This is for my cousin Christopher Dowling. You'll be missed You died so young, and i miss you. I love you so much. And i miss all your funny jokes and how you would always prove your point right no matter what, you always got people thinking. Thank you so much, You were amazing and may you rest in peace solider. 
Anonymous my son overdose on November 27 20011 with this pills OXYCONTIN 
Carole Tessicini  
Kristina Anglin  
Anonymous This drug is slowly started to kill my father! Ban this drug so no one else can go through this!! 
Denise Gerard Please ban Oxycodone, it killed my husband, left my son fatherless and tore our world apart. If there were more rehab places that could help people who need it, it would make things a little better. 
Tara Diez  
Robert Graham I've already lost 3 friends this year to Oxy, myfriend who just passed from Oxy lost his mother 2 years ago to Oxy and now their Grandmother has no one........ My neighbor had Cancer in 1996-98 and is in remmission and she's been addicted to Oxycontin since.  
Michelle morton Please ban 
Gloria Gastall  
Corey Gastall Oxycontin almost ruined my friggin life and im lucky to be alive! its and evil drug and id be happy too see in banned. 
sherri gastall  
Tracy Burzynski Many issues that I have experienced have been due to oxycodone hydrochloride. i have had friends, family and known many others effected by these drugs. My best friend (dustin Malone) had a serious addiction to oxycontin and all similar forms, he recieved them primarily from his fiance (ashley singleton grubbs) - who was prescribed them... He passed away 1/10/2010.His fiance was already widowed- having had her husband pass due to suicide - by taking her medications- after having become hopelessly addicted to her medications also. Ashley has lost custody of her two children and is hopelessly addicted to this drug. My best female friend began taking oxycontin with her boyfriend - she is no longer capable of being my friend let alone the best friend - she takes care of her 5 year old- and w/o any medical issues takes them almost daily. I have no friends anymore. I have one child and a second on the way. i can not afford to try to help be there for any of my friends anymore- they all have struggled with pill addiction and come from various lifestyles. At my last job - the manager and 4 of the 10 co-workers had 'roxy' addictions. I have known people who wanted to stop taking the pills but due to the terrible side effects and the wide availability could not resist them longer than two weeks. I can say my boyfriends mother has had cancer. She takes oxycontin products. She has copd. she has neuralgia due to the treatments she has received to fight her cancer... Oxycontin products have been the only thing that works. There is NO reason a 19 year old with back issues should be referred to take the medication. I have known more than one. My boyfriends father (separated from his mother-totally different people)... has a back issue. He can walk over 4 miles with ease- without any medication.. he is prescribed over 200 oxycodone hydrochloride per month from the doctor next to the- busch pharmacy in tampa florida. along with several other medications. he knows several other people who 'use' the same doctor - that actually referred him to the doctor. You can not stop addcits in my state. They have to be basically dying on the floor in order to try to save them and 72 hours later (or less) they are free to go and repeat the same sad course. And all that families can do is sit back and pray that they do not take, snort or shoot that final pill. Please do something. someone has to. And the only way I think something can be done is to take the source away. I have watched person after person go down the sad road to addiction. Before these medications became a known issue (years ago) a friends grandmother gave ME one for a tooth ache. Side effects were nausea (something i have been told a normal feeling before youre 'use to them' or 'feel it'... i thought the side walk was slanted. I was dizzy.. it was horrible. to me. and kids are able to get these pills - 13-14 year olds. I have heard of a woman someone i know - knows that shares with her 14 and 16 year old kids because she is addicted. help them. please guilt is often what I hear sharing is associated with. If no one can have them - no one will feel guilty. have a good day. I will. But many people wont even remember today just because of these well-intended- highly misused drugs. 
megan puckett My brother got addicted to them been to jail acouple times and now in rehab,I blame my sister Inlaw for it too. 
Samantha McGowan  
Amanda Renz I have lost friends and family to this horrible drug, not that addictive my rear end!!!  
Jerry Murray  
Donna Spakes My son almost lost his wife, children and life due to this drug. I am disgusted with the irresponsible writing of prescriptions for this drug. I had strep throat just last week and was offered a script for 30 pills! Tylenol easily controlled my pain. This doctor got an ear full from me! 
kathleen beavers  
Denise Russo  
Anonymous Oxycodone ruined my life. If only I could sign this petition a trillion times. 
Pam B My daughter almost died from this drug. It took several years for her to get clean. My daughter said this pill was just like herion but much easier to get. She said older people on fixed incomes sell there pills on the street. They dont need the drug they need the money. I hate pills!!!!!! How come they have not taken this and other drugs off the market like they did Quaaludes. Quaaludes were only arount 17 years and the justice Department classify them the same as herion on 6-16-1984.... Come on Justice Department do the same with oxi and so many other drugs are kids are using. Pam 
Gina Florez My sister is addicted to oxycontin, she has two daughters, one was born addicted, I just took in my two nieces for the past 9 months while she was in rehab just for her to finally get out and move into a place and I found an empty bottle of oxycodone in her purse written to someone else at a quantity of 120!! This drug does way more harm than good. There are other drugs that can be prescribed for people that need it and the misprescribing, illegal sales, and illegal use and addiction is immoral for it's continued manufacture. 
Lauren Carbone my brother is an oxy user. it ruined our family. PLEASE get rid of this horrible drug. it caused so much pain and heart ache in our family. i haven't seen him in 4 months, hes in rehab. PLEASE GET RID OF OXYCONTIN  
s The drug should be banned  
melissa ross This is a problem that is taking over our community... this drug needs to be exterminated!!!!!! 
Nicole Richiuti  
Anonymous This drug killed my 27 year old son. BAN THIS DRUG TODAY 
debby This drug has ruined my husband's back pain from an accident minor 
Bonnie Carner I lost my 32 year old son due to complications associated with oxycodone addiction. We don't have the toxicology reports back; it takes an excrutiating 8-10 weeks before we truly know, but all indications point to that. He struggled for years with this off and on. He became addicted after a car accident and had back pain. His pain was moderate most of the time, but the prescription was started. This poison took my son, and my heart. The real reason, I believe this medication is prescribed is for the money the dr.s , pharmacies, and manufacturers make. Not for the benefit of the patient. This medication is overkill; the trend is, "oh, you have are some oxy's and next time, I'll give you more because you'll develop what's called breakthrough pain. How can a medicine be looked at as effective if you have to have more and more of it... I'm sorry for patients in unbearable pain, but there has to be something else that doesn't kill our babies. We have 12 yr. olds using these poisons as a recreational outlet. Please stop manufacturing these poisons. 
Amelia Irish  
Christina Finnell  
Amy Sandner I had a severe injury when I turned sixteen years old and was prescribed percocets and then progressed to OxyContin because I needed something stronger. My tolerance just kept getting higher and higher, and soon after, I found myself a full-blown oxy addict at sixteen years old. I lost everything I had, my house, my jobs, car, everyone in my family, money, etc. I stole everything I could and broke every moral I had just to get enough oxys to snort. I am now in recovery after struggling with my addiction for the past 6 years. I have a little over one year clean now, but I am one of the very very lucky ones. I have been to too many funerals of people my age especially because of this drug and something needs to be done. Not a day passes when I don't wake up and think of all of the guilt and terrible things I have done in my past especially to others. It is a very very difficult struggle and one that will last the rest of my life, just like every other oxy addict has to unfortunately deal with. I did not intentionally want to become an addict, I was prescribed by a doctor that I trusted. Please help all the others in our country who struggle daily with this addiction and prevent the obscene amount of deaths that we're seeing because of this terrible pill.  
andrew venditello they should start from the top and not punish the people who were given this drug stop the problem were it starts  
Diane Smith  
Marcia Too many lives lost. Many doctors are the biggest drug dealers yet they continue to practice and not lose their license. 
Kathleen Beaton  
Melissa I really feel for you and your families. I had a tough time with this drug and I have been sober off of them for a little over 10 months now. It is a vicious drug that has taken the lives of so many people. I will pray for each and every single person who has been affected by this drug. God bless you all 
Leslie Thompson  
brenda hynes my beautiful 18 yr old daughter fighting the battle of addiction . 
Mike Yilmaz xxxxxx Pain and Injury in xxxxxx FL comes to mind as a "Pill Mill". You pay the cash up front and Dr. Comfort will offer you a menu of whatever drugs you want and for how many you want. That's why he's known around xxxxxx as the "Candy Man" and his office manager is his sidekick acting like he's adhering to the Florida laws, but if you give a little extra cash to office manager'll get to see the "candy Man." Call other Pill Mills now temporarily out-of-business and they all refer you to Dr. Comfort (the Candy Man). 
Anonymous This is a serious epidemic and physcians are as much to blame as those using. People are doing, lives are being destroyed. We must stop this insanity but placing a ban on this drug. 
Jeffrey Neubarth I am a physician. I have received death threats because I refused to prescribe narcotics. Most physicians I know have endured similar pressures, from both patients and employers, to freely prescribe opoid narcotics. I know physicians who were fired because they were reluctant to prescribe narcotics. I plead with the government to stop this plague.  
Vickie Kingsbury This drug is killing our children. After my son tried his first oxy given to him by a "friend".. He continued to get and use which let to his Lexxi expensive heroin addiction. 3 month in patient rehab didn't quite do the job. He overdosed in his room and died. Cprmwas not working nothing was.. Until paramedics in Dana point gave him a shot. He is 22 and has seen more friends buried from "oxy" ban it 
Deborah Coleman  
Tara Morgan There is no need for this drug on the market. There are so many alternatives. Enough lives have been ruined. Can't wait to see it go. 
Robin Brockman  
Anonymous Serious consideration to address the medical profession and the doctors that prescribe use of this drug. Doctors should realize the side effects, seems all the doctors remember is BILL, BILL, BILL.......collect co-payment. Drug companies manufacture and's a business. Doctors take an up to what they swear. If the medical profession and FDA address the issue it will go a LONG way, going forward, doesn't help those already addicted.  
Anonymous The doctors who prescribe this drug for any reason should be tried in court alongside anyone who commits a crime while taking oxycontin since there are other alternatives for pain that can work just as well.  
Debbie Hellers  
diana miller  
Jerry Iredale My brother was addicted to minor pain killers a few years for his back pain and finally decided to get back surgery to ease the pain in his back. When He finally got the back surgery, it did nothing but cause more pain and make him take more pain killers. When he got addicted to oxycontins, his life changed for the bad. He would take more then recommended and get F**** beyond belief. He wasn't the same person he used to be. One day He took too many at once and Overdosed and died on his couch. He left behind a wife, two kids and grieving family and community that really cared about him. I must also add I have back problems and used to take muscle relaxers for the spasms. After this happened, pills me sick. I'd rather have pain in my back then take any type of narcotic to ease the pain. We must do something about this pill epidemic and shut down pill mills aka walk-in pain clinics. WE MUST BAN OXYCONTINS! 
brendan tompkins  
Scott Capps This drug almost killed me and has almost ruined my life. I have lost friends to this drug. It is highly abused and getting worse every day. We will continue to lose people to this drug if we don't do something to stop it! 
Edwin Rios  
tina chesson this is not a death yea but i am scared it will be soon my mothe is addicted and has been to rehab but it dose not help when the dr keeps giving them to her she has never had a problem with any type of drug and now her and my steph dad will loose their life soon. 
Marianne Nordon  
Kevin Murray Lost a family member off that shit 
Cheryl Redford  
andrew keeton  
Sherry Tolen  
nicole keeton This drug destroyed my marriage and my ex husbands life. He was prescribed oxycotin for back pain. Soon he was looking for outlets to buy more than what he was prescribed. We were both working before he got addicted but once he began using he couldn't keep a job. He got to the point that he was stealing our childrens birthday presents to sell them for pills. I simply couldn't work enough to support his habbit, up to 400 dollars a day, and support our family. We went from a middle class family to bottom of the barrel poverty before I gave up and had to walk away. Nothing helped him. He has been to rehab 3 times and jail twice for stealing to get money for pills. My ex best friend is also addicted and I no longer see her. 
cheryl graham Please get these killers off the market 
Bryanna Kuharsk There's not much to say that hasn't already been said - we all have lost, or know of losses concerning oxy. Purdue, like many people including otherwise innocent teenagers, needs to be charged with manslaughter a hundred times over. Why are college students who give a friend an oxy being sent to jail? and the one who gave them the drug and so on... what about the COMPANY who makes BILLIONS. 
Danielle Chesson I just lost a really good friend on 11/10/11 to the uses of oxycontin. and if I dont do something my mother and stepfather will be next! 
Natasha Lang  
Kathy Bayard My son Brett just turned 26 died of a legal dose of oxycontin. My life has changed forever. This drug has to be taken off the market. I live in a very small city in Ohio, and three other children have lost there lives since Brett died from this drug. He has only been dead 46 days. What kind of company could manufacture death and get away with it. There needs to be a class action suit against these murderers. 
Karlie RN I am a registed nurse and have seen a large amount of patients whom have turned to addiction as a result of oxycotin. Within the last few years my brother-in-law became addicted to this medication. I think this medication is a disgrace to the medical community and to all of the doctors who continue to prescribe it to patients who do not need it. We need to BAN this medication it doesn't bring more good then bad. 
Debbie Hollis  
Anonymous Two weeks ago, I found my boyfriend dead from Oxycontin overdose mixed with Soma, prescribed by a doctor for back pain. I, his family, and friends are in so much emotional pain now from losing him.  
Anonymous Hell on earth is what the medical community has allowed and profited off of. As I watch the yachts float down the waters on south florida, I picture the trojan horse. Yes it is the undoing of our society. I can only wish that they be burdened with pain some day and these horrific drugs will not be available as they are banned. God please save my son as the evils on earth have taken over. I am weary from the battle. PLease help. 
Catrina henesy My sister who was always against drugs met and fell in love with a man who was raised with an addicted mother and is an addict himself. She is barely a shadow of the person she once was. This man has abused her, cheated, lied, stolen from our mom. He kicked her and their 6 month old daughter out of their home so he could procreate with a drug addicted girl he brought home. He has twins with this girl who were conceived at that time. My sister would have never tolerated this person in her life, but smoking and taking these pills make her numb to everything around her. Their daughter who is now 3 can't talk, screams and hits constantly, and is unable to socialize properly. Their 9 year old adopted son (who is the mental equivalent of 5 yrs old) wakes himself up for school, takes himself to a busy highway in a very bad area to wait for his school bus. My sister once had a daycare in her home. She never would have been this person!!! Thanks to this drug...she is! I miss her terribly and worry about those babies. Tried CPS and they wont help yet. BAN THIS DRUG!  
Kimberly Elaine Krause How can you sleep at night "Knowing" you are destroying families!! This is a drug that has NO business being on the market! My older sister moved in with me 8 months ago in order to free herself from this demon drug! I watched the pain as she withdrew herself from Oxycontin. This drug is responsible for destroying her marriage her finances and her life! Luckily this story has a happy ending and she was able to beat her addiction. My 20 year old niece I'm afraid will not be so lucky. She and her boyfriend have become addicted to OxyContin and their lives have been utterly destroyed!! I now have their 23 month old beautiful baby they have both abandoned because of their love for this drug. My niece is stripping in a trashy club while her boyfriend finds and sells this drug. How does he do this? There are many so called pain clinics where drug dealing doctors are more than happy to prescribe this Legal Herion! I sit helplessly waiting for the phone call that my niece has overdosed and is dead. It is truly sad that a beautiful baby girl will never have the chance to know her mother. Why does this drug exist and is so readily available? We all know WHY! Greed!! How do they sleep at Night?  
Anonymous i am on oxycontin for many years now and i am addict to it i have concipation shortness of breath vomiting spamsam pain in mybones i cant walk properly and keep falling down i dont have an appetite to eat my face tongue and gum they swollen and i had to take out all my good teeth cant sleep and iam going mentalthey neeto band this drugs the drug company dont uses this drugs when they get sick so why experient on us their is laws for this,it is killing the nation plesae let us all ask our god bless president barrack obamma to stop the drug company from killing us .good bless you all that want to help us. h.bynoe thank you all. 
Mark Conti I live in the shadow of the PF Pharma manufacturing facility and see how they are currently doubling the size of their complex on what in my honest opinion is blood money. They make no effort to get into the schools to make kids aware of the dangers that Oxy poses to them. What a Shame !! 
Adam hartle I had a cousin die from oxy. Perdue pharmaceutical is the devil 
keshia s this drug should be banned NOW 
julia Russell  
sarah gracia  
Allan borland  
Rose Holliday OxyContin should be banned, it should have never been manufactured. The intentions where greed, because the manufacture knew how addictive opiates are. They are no better than the drug dealers on the streets. My daughter abused oxycontin, and moved on to heroin. Its been a two year nightmare, for her and anyone who loves her. FDA needs to do what is right, before more lives are lost. 
Marisol De La Cruz My son, 19 is addicted to this horrile drug! I knew months before that something wasnt right with him. His moods were up and down. I confronted him, of course he denied it. He just recently confided in me regarding his addiction. A few days ago I tried taking him to a detox center where I called ahead of time to make sure there was a bed available. When we got there, we were told there were 6 people ahead of him and his wait to be seen would be up to 6 hours. HELLO, my son is an addict!! He isnt going to wait 6 hours for treatment!! I was so proud of him when he told me, "momma, please hurry and come for me!" I was proud because he was taking that big step to get better...well because of the waiting he starting craving..he left and he is not better! He begged me for money so that his pain could go away..I denied him, he told me that I didnt love him..which I know he didnt mean. It breaks my heart to see my once outgoing, energetic son, closed off to the world...I dont know how to help him & Im so afraid that one day I am going to loose him. 
George McCain  
James Oxy and other opium based narcotics ruin lives. Not only is the user destroyed, the family goes through hell also. Revelation 21:8 says no sorcerers will enter the kingdom of heaven. If you take the word sorcerer back in the Greek manuscripts, it is pharmaceutica, i.e. pharmacy. Illegal drug use will get you in hell. Don't do them, its not worth it !  
Fran Block  
brooke get rid of them or the people that like to take them 
Anonymous Take it off the market or manufacture it in other ways for those who really are suffering from severe pain. Who is making money....??? Too many unethical cowards that prescribe it with the intention of also making money! 
Heather Bartlett I feel the ONLY reason OxyCotin should be prescribed is if the patient is terminal.  
Francis Clark Let's stop letting our friends overdose or get thrown in jail! This has gone on long enough! Don't ever bring anything like this too our communities AGAIN! 
Priscilla Rodriguez-Barrett  
emily teffenhart I've been to rehab 3 times for oxycontin and im just 19 years old. They need to be taken off the market immediatly 
Amy McKinlay  
Kayla Branch  
Devin Sutherland  
Kathy Iredale  
Mckay Family I lost my husband to his precription of Oxys and Soma's which later lead to his search for them on the streets since he got addicted from the large amounts the doctors would prescribe him. I warned him and the doctors but no one listened. One day I finally opened my eyes and left...only to find that his mental state got worse as he started taking any drug he could find. Still Oxys were his preferred choice. One thing lead to another and about 6 months after i left him i got a phone call that he'd been shot fatally in the head over a drug deal gone bad. End of the story Oxys & Somas overly prescribed lead to death. We miss him everyday and chose to only remember Buck McKay as the great man he once was and not the person he became as a result of his Oxy addiction.  
Michael Rawls There are too many pharmacies beign robbed at gun point for this drug. It needs to be banned. Too many addicts and too many pain clinics for it. 
Magdalena Ziobro How many more lives does it have to take to ban oxi? Where is the FDA now when we need it? 
Krystyna Ziobro I think nobody should have the power to prescribe legal heroin to our loved ones: young adults. 
Rachel Peckham I was addicted to oxys, it started 2 years ago as a once in a while fun thing to do, it later on became a problem. I then got pregnant with my son, I quit for a while with him, then in the last 2 months, started doing them again, he was born with withdrawls. I then quit for another couple months, then became even more addicted, I now dont have my son anymore, he is in my mothers care. I did them more to deal with the pain of not being the mother I know I can be. I am now changing my life so I can have my son back, he needs his mother, and I need my beautiful son, Ive wasted too much time already, and im turning my life around. Dont let oxys get the better of you. Youll regret it for the rest of your life.  
Rachel Hall  
Martha Roberts  
Wesley Hall  
David Hall  
Debra Hall  
Christy kirkland Our son became addicted to oxycontin after surgery at the age of 13. We battle everyday. Now he is 22, and we have personally spent over 70,000 dollars on rehab programs! this month he has overdosed 4 times, each time ending up in the hospital. We have had to perform mouth to mouth 3 times! We had to take him off our insurance. His problem has financially ruined us. Where is the help for good American families suffering from this problem? He is facing felony charges, jail time and 20 thousand dollars in hospital fees. Why? Because oxycontin is a highly addictive drug that should defiantly not be given to children! 
Anonymous I have tried so hard to figure this out... BUT it all makes sense. Today is the day I have to leave my girlfriend behind in Las Vegas just simply because I no longer can endure the desire for her Oxycodone/Oxycontin. It is the thing that nightmares are made of. We who are the people who love these people are the ones who often lose will to stay the course & fight. I wonder what may happen if I give up now. She swears her life is ruined without it. I swear I wont let this substance ruin her for good. She doesn't really choose life by choosing this medication. Hers is a VERY UNIQUE story... she lost all her family at 18-19 yrs of age. Now 33, she is married to the drug. Her Suboxone usage was unnecessarily continued too long and all her thoughts migrate towards the pill. When we talk of surgery, she thinks that is another opportunity to take the pill. SHE IS REALLY TOO FAR GONE. ROCK BOTTOM.  
Dawn Davis I grew up watching a lot of friends go down from this drug. Those that are still alive are no longer the same people. I can not understand how it is still on the market, how insurance companies continue to fund this drug. Every insurance company has lists of medications that they will cover. This should be on the "not covered" list while we are waiting for it to be banned. 
Anonymous My dad was struggling with overall prescription drug addiction for as long as I can remember. He was taking countless kinds throughout the years, one of them OxyContin. He just kept saying he was in pain. This whole year he was supposedly only taking a less dangerous and less addictive drug for his pain, Neurontin. His mood would be up and down, and he'd be falling asleep doing things all the time. We kept telling him to get off of whatever he was on because it was bad for him and it was hurting us seeing him like that. He kept lying and saying all he was taking were the harmless drugs, that he was fine, and he went as far to tell us that he was getting off of those even the last time me and my brother visited him. But two days later he collapsed and was gone. We just got back the toxicology reports saying that he had 3 painkillers in his system: oxycodone (Oxycontin), tramadol (Soma), and carisoprodol (Ultram) in his bloodstream. I hadn't seen him with any of those drugs for so long. I thought he was through with them...he knew they were bad for him, he would even tell us all the time. An addict will go so far to keep their precious thing they think they love so much so close to them, even if they have to lie to their family about it. Even it being a bad mix of drugs in this case, tons of prescribed medications out there are lethal alone for people. And just because a person is a doctor, it doesn't mean they know if they are treating you the proper way, or that they don't lie, or even know that they are lying.  
Ashlyn titchie  
Diane Smith  
kim lorenz  
Jeff briggs Purdue pharma needs to go down.... Along with all the doctors and physicians and physician assistants. My mother just passed away from this horrible drug... I don't know how this can keep going on. We the people need to put an end to this. I can't see how they can put thousands upon thousands of people through this. They are exploiting the public to keep raking in billions and to control this country at the cost of people's livelihood, people's lives, people's futures. Enough is enough. The opiates must stop... We demand it. ... Enough of these pill mill... Pill pushing doctors. Right they say taking these things will give you better quality of life.... Right when your hooked on opiates, when your dead... Quality of life is so great. Fuck big pharma.... Your going down.... If it takes till the day I die. It is now personal... You will be ended.... This is war. I am so sorry for everyone who is going through this or has gone through this.... It really, really sucks... I know I can't get my mother of 42 wonderful years of age back, but if I can save someone else from feeling this pain.... I will do anything I can to stop it. Sincerely. Jeff Briggs 
Kim Smith  
Lillian Greenup My son has been addicted to this drug for years. It has been devastating to to entire family. I would absolutely support this action so this drug can no longer be sold in Florida to make it much harder for the drug dealers to get them and get this drug off the street. 
Lisa Kaye Bishop  
Sheila Gould  
Lynn Liotto I have a family member with an addiction. We have to stop this drug from being over prescribed. Our families are becoming addicted and the doctors need to be held accountable!!!  
Chelsey Cox I had a someone who was close to me in many different aspects of my life die because of OxyContin. I grew up in FL and in a place where you may never see the same face twice, I did go to school from Kindergarten to my senior year of high school with two people. One of them went on a tour of America 2 years ago and the other died 5 years ago because of an OD on OxyContin. He was the best friend of one of my co-workers and a very close friend of my brother. Being 20 years old at the time, people still talked about stories they heard about others from high school very socially. I was working at a hospital at the time and had a lot of friends in the health care industry, including paramedics. After class I went to one of my friend's, who was also a co-worker, homes for dinner. After eating she told me she heard from someone who went to my high school that day that he had died of an OD, she told me his name to see if I knew him and I was shocked speechless to hear his name come out of her mouth. I had to pull myself together and call my brother. *He was found at his best friend's house, by his best friend's parents waiting for his friend to come home from work. Other friends account for recent conversations with him where he felt like he needed help and things were going in a downward spiral. I am definitely asking, here and now, for the FDA to create a compassionate program to be put in place for the people who are presently taking OxyContin with a realistic time frame that will lead to the complete withdrawal of OxyContin and to completely ban it from production, so that others will not go through a similar loss. At 20 years old, he was too unique to die. 
Roy G. We must nnite to stopp this madness! Oxy is the greatest threat to society!  
B Yes my son is also on Oxycontin. He is not the son that I once new he steals, hes short tempered, and he neglects his family and his belongings. I don't know why they would make such an addicted pain killer. You would help alot of family's out there if you would just banned this awful drug I call the "DEVIL". Oh and I am on antidepessants cause I feel so helpless that I cannot help my son. So So SAD. Hope you are all Listening 
Mindi Fowler  
Matthew J Bricketto We will never forget our dear Jeffrey! 
Dominique Riccobono  
Jason Franqui  
Debbie Franqui  
Lisa Dermon I have young children safety is very important.  
April Davis This medication was prescribed to a close relative of mine who has a form of Muscular Dystrophy. She is chemically dependent, and describes feeling "like she has been in a car accident" when she does not take it. I have known or heard of too many people in their 20's and sadly, also teenagers who have died from this horrible drug. I come from a neighborhood that is sadly infested with people addicted to this drug and in my experience it seems far too easy to get it off the street. It has truly torn families and communities apart. We must protect our citizens and our society's children from ever being prescribed this highly addictive and deadly drug or legal version of heroin. Following that deadly pharmacy massacre in Long Island on Father's Day, the newspaper reported that in Staten Island there have been more pharmacy robberies for this drug than there have been bank robberies. When the prescriptions run out, people will find an alternative means to get it, and many others are hurt during that process. The people on Oxycontin are not bad people they just had doctors and government officials that made bad decisions for them. Please ban the sale, advertising, and production for this. Please find a way to help all of the people in pain that are currently addicted to this drug!  
April Davis  
christina brodick  
Richard S. Hickman  
Catherine Koubek  
Patricia Mershon Oxycontin has destroyed my family. I live in a neighborhood infested with this disgusting animal. Why any doctor would prescribe this to any human being is beyond me. Pharmacies should be banned from distributing and FDA should be ashamed of themselves.  
Carolyn Hann  
Linda Antonowich  
LORI SAMALIN Its hard enough to have pain!....0xycontin.... addiction is another pain,that takes you away from your self and all the people close to you! : (  
Nick T I've been clean 11 months. I thank God everyday it s so amazing to be normal again.  
Nicole Bricketto  
Shirley Raimato  
Matthew Bricketto  
Deborah Bricketto  
cynthia glennan  
Somarie Bendickson Oxycontin has ruined so many peoples lives. It is extremely sad. 
Judson Harold Murphy My son has been battleing this for about 4 years ,in and out of jails and rehabs and treatment programs, i am not giving up and long as i have breath, i love him and will stand with him to the end. My heart goes out to those who have lost love ones, so many times i thought i lost mine. My prayers to all those who stand strong against anyone who pushes this drug .God bless 
lara denton  
Aaron Floyd I have been addicted to Oxys and it damn near killed me. I lost everything and didn't care at all. I had to go to rehab twice before I realized I'm gonna die if I keep using. PAin killers In general should be illegal and only dispensed at your doctor visit under professional supervision with NO take home! PERIOD! Nobody deserves to live their life dependent on prescription drugs or any drugs for that matter, but the pain pills are killing the young and old. And leaving people sick willing to do anything to get their fix. No matter the extent. Thank you, Aaron M Floyd 
Melanie Hogan  
Kelsey Hucker What is to really be said? This is one of those things that the World should have rid of a long time ago. My deepest regards to any family members who have lost loved ones to this drug. Though I haven't lost anyone personal, one of my favorite drummers died from said natural causes, till it was later discovered he had two forms of OxyContin in his body. I wish to anyone who has died from this to rest in peace, and now into the future we can clean this life of one less death toll. 
Edward Robinson  
RobinMorissette Too many life's lost as a result of this drug...please.... we must stop the madness!! 
Tori DeGroote  
Genna Garfield I love you Jarrod! This is for you, and all those who are gone but never forgotten! 
Matt Danner  
Heather K Bright  
M Ball The drug has been an endless battle for my husband. We have three small children and sadly, they have never had the DAD I imgained him to be. All these doctors continue to prescribe oxy, roxy, soma, whatever he asks for...wherever he goes, someone writes the prescription. Yet, I have to jump through hoops to get Cold Advil when I have a terrible cold. The authorities need to do something about this awful epidemic. I have petitioned Marchman Acts on my husband and because the time lapse in between being observed and the hearing, he checks himself in to rehab and eventually checks himself out to once again falter back to the medical neglect of these doctors. I have called doctors to report his addiction, most listen and remove him from their patient list. There is one doctor who will see him no matter what I tell her. He has been hospitalized, arrested, no matter what has happened...she doesn't care, she continues to treat him! My husband went from making over six figures a year to this awful junkie. I continue to find him help, because I believe in him. I believe in marriage, and I believe my little children deserve the good man he once was. These pills are taking away our good people. 
Connie Back This drug is more widely 'abused' than properly 'used.'. The time to remove it from the market is past due! 
Michael P OBrien Oxycontin should not be sold on the street they are getting in the hands of people! 
Janice Thomas This drug is evil and must be taken off the market now to save lives. Our family and friends are dying from their addictions to this drug.  
Eileen M. Robinson My son came home from serving his country addicted to pain killer, oxycontin. His struggle and ours has been horrible. But he has become clear enough to focus on bettering his life and is actually the one to post this petition for us to sign.I pray every day that God has really given him back to us but the fear that I will wake to that loss is constant. I have had numerous surgeries,painful illnesses,shingles,etc. all without the use of this drug. I survived. The way that this is passed out as necessary is disgraceful. The medical community needs to stop killing our country. The phrase "if used properly" is a joke. 
Stacy Chavez I support this petition... My husband has been addicted to these medications.. I blame the Doctors for not keeping track of their health history.. If the Doctors see if the patient has a addiction problem they should find other ways to fix it.. Anything I can do to support.. The medical board should do something about this..  
Susanne Ruiz  
Joe wood  
Cheryl wood  
Pamella Sprague  
Maria Elana Garcia I know way too many people who have died because of the drug and also have seen the effects the drug has had on people who were dear to me and have cost us to part. 
Lori Smith In honor of all who lost their lives! 
Brian P. Robinson  
elizabeth towne  
Michelle Coutsoyannopoulos  
Marlene Lewis The manufacturing of this drug must be stopped. The blame is often placed on doctors while the pharmaceutical companies cash in. They need to be held accountable also. 
Donna Prather I lost my 18 year old grandson last year- started with Soma & other medications for a medical condition-than went to Oxy -ended with Heroin- Get this killer off the market OR make it harder for people to get & Doctor's to prescribe-my daughter now talks to other kids trying to save lives-Our hearts are broken, we still cry everyday-he died trying to save a "friend" from using-Found out he was using in Dec- gone in May. Please visit our Grama-TheSethFoundation 
Lori Fleury I pledge to pass out 500 business cards to promote the ban on Oxycontin. Pass the word, pass out cards, make a difference! Ban OxyContin  
Karen Ogle  
lisaontiveros I am tried of my friends kids dying... I also have a good friend whose beautiful daughter almost lost her life to these drugs and is forever brain damaged... If there is anything I can do to help,I will... We are losing our children... 
Lisa Ontiveros  
Karin Murphy  
stephanie gomez These types are drugs are not necessary, as our ancestors made it through life and endured without needing such powerfully, dangerous and addictive medications. Not only do we need to abolish from existence drugs like OxyContin, but we need to stop allowing drug companies to air commercials on TV aimed to "sell" (push) their drugs and coax society to feel we "need" so many drugs! Lastly, doctors should not never be allowed to receive "kickback" money for prescribing a drug. I am sorry for all the families that have lost a loved one in the name of greed. Very sad. 
Giovanna Charleston  
Anonymous It was my understanding Oxycontin was originally developed for last stage cancer patients,to ease the pain while dying. Physicians prescribed the medication outside of the scope of what the drug was developed for. The interesting thing is the FDA did not step in and stop this when it became came apparent what was and is happening. Money talks Human lives are lost. 
Heather This drug is taking my son right now. All his hopes and dreams are gone. He no longer want's to be a part of society because he knows that he is no longer accepted. He was in high school with hopes and dreams, he had his direction for a career, he knew he wanted a family and children some day. People say some will try and some won't that that is the division right there (NO ONE KNOW'S) So what do you do at eighteen years old when you are not mature enough to battle this drug. Pharmacy is my line of work and I cannot even help him, I can understand what he is going through but only he know's the power it holds over him. He is now out of my home (tough love) it's worth a try. I do believe people think that if it is approved by law that it is safe....that is so wrong. A Mom 
John L Titus It is absurd that while the drug companies rake in the money people are dying over a drug that is legal but extremely dangerous. Where is the oversight? 
Sylvia Melkonian Stop the epidemic! Save our children!  
randy warren So many sad stories on here.I agree that oxycontin needs attention.I was in a auto accident in 1998. Started out taking Lorcet 10's. Make long story short i ended up taking 120 80mg.oxycontin per 24 hr period.Plus i was taking 180 percocet 10's per 24 hr. period starting in 2004.Also xanax,soma.I take these meds per doctors oders for 6 years.So,one day i go for a doctors visit and guess what?...sign on the front door CLOSED.My doctor packed up one day and left the area some 700 miles away without notice to anyone. I had no medcine what so ever.COULD NOT FIND A DOCTOR TO WRITE MY MEDS ANY MORE SO YOU KNOW WHAT?I had to quit on my own.The hardest thing i ever had to do but thanks to GOD i done it.Now i take advill!!!! 
Mary C This drug has a grip on my 21 year old son. I no longer recognize him. We have to do something about the manufacturing of this drug. It was not here years ago and people still had surgeries and injuries, I know because I cared for these patients in the hospitals and at home. There once was proper pain management and folks didn't get addicted. They healed and went on with their lives. I will do anything it take to be pro active and help get this drug off the streets! 
ELijah Titus I have seen first hand what Oxycontin, Somas, Xanax, and many other perscription drugs can do. It is a worlwide epademic. I am sad and heartbroken to see close friends pass from this disease. I pay my respects to those who have lost someone close. Its no joke and the spreading like wildfire. It is so much easier to get it on the streets it seems these days. I hope that something ca be done and a change starts to accompany the hope some of us who have experienced this have. God bless and Live for a better tomorrow remembering the ones we have lost, using the strength o carry on! 
Natalie Costa In the process of filming a documentary about Rx deaths of teens/young adults. When starting this project, I had no idea how huge this problems was. My daughter's friend died in Dana Point, CA of opana. Had never heard of it - until we started investigating. The flood gates opened. Dirty doctors need to be put away. Legislation from manufacturer to pharmacy to doctors needs to call for serious monitoring of prescribing by doctors. This can't happen fast enough 
Anonymous Oxys brought me to a low that I would never wish upon my worst enemy. It completely diminished all my morals and valueswithout me seeing. I've now been clean coming up on 11 months and I'm going to continue to work on never going back. 
Laurie Rivas  
Rachel hayes Its an epidemic and needs to be ended. 
Michael krohn  
Bonnie Dennis My daughter got hook after a c-section. After a year of abusing this powerful drug, she went to Heroine. This drug needs to be banded!!! Period, the end of this drug, instead an end of a life that cannot be replaced by this drug!! 
Joshua Scott I'm currently 26 years old. I was always a great student and a productive member of society until October 9th, 2009, when I was hit by a SUV that ran a stop sign while I was on a bicycle. The injury tore my MCL as well as my ACL. Pain management doctors from the beginning prescribed me 240 30mg Oxy's per month, a cancer patients regiment. In a very short time I spiralled downhill. What first was following doctors orders soon changed to snorting and worst of all injecting pills. Never in my life could I have imagined what I had become. From Eagle Scout to Junkie, and all under the direction of my doctor. March 6th 2012 I'll have been sober for 2 years. To become sober I required 18months of an inpatient rehab at a rate of $3500 per/6months. My sobriety is priceless and what seems expensive than seems like the deal of the century now. The hardest part, which I still deal with, was not the pills. It was hearing all the people you love and care about tell you of all the horrible things to did to them and others. My friends and family forgave me unconditionally. The only one who holds a grudge against me for the things I did while in my addiction is ME. Its very hard to come to terms with, even almsot 2 years later.  
Danielle Douglass My father, a father of 3 grown children has not had anything to do with all 3 of our lives for the past 4 solid years due to his addiction to Oxys and Roxys. I miss having a father but I have absolutely no tolerance for this drug and people who abuse it.  
Edward NeSmith  
kacey cherry When I was 22,I married my sweetheart from high school.we went to different high schools,so I never knew,heard or saw him using illegal drugs.He started at age 12,running backpacks of drugs,collecting money. We met when we were 15,dated on and off.we Then drugs.finally got married and the first year he hid drinking large amounts of hard liquor from me.He had a good job and was moving up in the company,so I dont understand why he turned to Oxycontin.Started using,then selling and using.soon enough,he was shooting heroin and cocaine.I found a burnt spoon when doing dishes,and knew in my gut that I knew something bad was going on with him for awhile.The hospital detox unit was full,so the dr gave me prescriptions to take him home and detox him.IT was HELL,I would never wish that upon anyone,detoxing the man you love.2 weeks later he was using and all of our money wasws gone.We were homeless,sometimes staying at my sisters.He finally got into the States residential rehab.same story,went right back to it.We got divorced.He was hospitalized from od,ing several times for meth oxy etc.2 times he barely made it out alive.It hurt,but I cut ties with him. He immediately married the first aggresive girl that persued him. In the same amount of time as my marriage to him,he lost his baby girl and divorced again. I ran into him,and we were talking about what he was going through at his apartment. I found that after he swore up and down that he was clean,had to be for his job,and ex wife,he was using agAIn.On the same path as before.I know that these drugs are going to forever rule his life.He wont remember all the special events in his and his families lives.I just heared the other day that his ex wife who started smoking weed and who knows what else,wanted and took him back.He has become a master of hiding his addictions.Im just afraid his wife is going to get pulled into the hard drugs. It would be a miracle and save so many broken hearts,torn up families if oxycontin was taken off the market. good luck to all of you that are having to experience this horrer.your strong 
Dee Dee Still I am all for banning this drug and others,i have never done drugs but i know many that do,i will be 40 next week and i have many friends,people i work with,my childrens friends and others that take different types of drugs,day in day out,all walks of life,all ages and it is very sad,i do know a few that take oxy's and they are totally different people then they were 4 years ago,it's a sad and sick situation, i have lost friends and my kids have lost 'many' friends in the past 5 years due to drug overdoses,i also lost my little brother whom was also my best friend in 2003 at the age of 26 not to a drug overdose but to depression from being hooked on cocaine,he had only been doin it for like 9 months before he hung himself in my parents carport but it was more then he could handle,after his death i found out it was my very best 'girl' friend that got him started on it,needless to say i no longer speak to her and nor will i ever again,we were friends for 16 years,i still live with this everyday and i will forever,you don't forget or get over it! my mother had to find her baby son hangin dead and my dad had to cut him down and last year in 2010 at Thanksgiving my dad died suddenly from a massive heart attack at the age of 57 and i know it was my brother's death that took a hard toll on him,he had a very hard time dealing with it over the yes ALL DRUGS take a toll on us all,somehow or another and they all need to be put away,somehow,i can say that when i was growing up you didn't hear of drugs like you do today,yes they were there but doctor's were more caring and watched what they prescribed etc but now they are all just out for that all mighty heart goes out to you all that have stories on here may God bless you all! I have this little thing i say to my girls everyday,i know they get sick of hearing it but i really don't care,they will hear it again and again but i tell them IF YOU DON'T EVER TRY 'EM,YOU WANT EVER LIKE 'EM (that refers to drugs) Thank you for listening! 
Maxwell Mason  
amy cavanaugh My husband died of an oxycontin overdose in January. He was put on it to treat pain associated with a car accident that prior to a hospitalization was treated with cannabis. First it worked great, then he needed more, then the pills not the pain were running his life. The hospital freely doled out this medication. They way I saw it they used it as a babysitter. They never made him hand over his stash from the house when he was hospitalized so he always had extras. I would flush them, hide them, stay up all night. The staff at the hospital feared for their jobs so they never reported the overdose. All of the time and effort and money that went into addressing his leukemia went out the window as soon as that poison was introduced into his pain management.  
Shannon Maiuri My Father commitied suicide with this drug and others, it was not an accident... He was addicted and wanted to end it. So he took the whole bottle and other pills also. He was only 52. BAN THIS!! The docs just keep giving and giving and they dont care cause they get paid for perscriptions... what a joke.. Im in process of suing the hospital and doctors!!! 
Brenda Franklin My son and daughter-in-law are addicted to this drug. They are in rehab and I pray it will help them. It has ruined their lives and they have lost everything because of this drug. BAN THIS DRUG!!! Our husbands, wives, children, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends are dying from the use of this crap!!!  
Anonymous This drug is a scourge on Upper Eastern Tennessee, responsible for lost lives and a property crime wave. It has affected everyone who lives here. It's time to ban this dangerous substance! 
teresa i have a 21 year old cousin who is also dea due to oxycontin and a nephew who keeps abusing it yes ban it please???? 
gabrielle bradford My brother passed away from synthetic opiates (fentanyl) and I would love to see them taken off of the market or at least curb the amount that are prescribed. This is an overlooked epidemic because of the amount of money it generates, however this legal drug dealing is out of control and needs to be stopped. Exactly what was the reason why there was a dramatic increase in the amount of painkillers prescribed recently? I'm sure it has nothing to do with kick-backs to the doctors from the pharmaceutical companies. And I'm also sure that increase in prescribed painkillers doesn't correlate to the number of deaths they caused right? 
Jeff Mcclure My 25 year old son became addicted to oxycontin. He is currently in jail facing 70-84 months for trafficking in opium /herion. This is a mandatory sentence. The executives of Purdue Pharma were found guilty of falsely representing oxy as a low potential for abuse and fined $643 million but no jail time. The federal drug laws and most state laws classify oxy as a Level II drug, along with heroin, with a high potential for abuse. Who are the criminals here and who are the victims? This drug is destroying lives and families across America and should be removed from the market. When will our lawmakers open their eyes. 
brittany goodman I was addicted and i have lost many friends. its killing so many it needs to go away 
tiffany stepp  
Courtney Milano I have lost way to many friends to this drug. It has to stop now. 
Anonymous Many doctors prescribe huge prescriptions of oxy to anyone who pays them enough. My brother and my boyfriend have been fighting addictions to oxycontin and I know about ten kids from my high school who overdosed after eventually making the transition to black tar. This drug causes far more harm than it has helped people and needs to be taken off the market and made just as illegal as heroin. 
COLEEN DEROBERTS Every individual, in each one of our communities here in South Florida, has been and will continue to be, negatively afftected by this epidemic. This is worse than the 1980's drug epidemic where Florida began passing laws to use maximum mandatory sentencing against drug addicted criminals, mostly in lenieu of their suppliers. We need to understand, without blame and anger at these addicts, that we now have 13yr old and up, children, smoking these pills - SOCIALLY. That is until they become quickly addicted. Please don't be mistaken. Every member of our society is affected by this epidemic. Wealthy, poor, middle class - there are no boundries as we'd expect. So how do we address it? Well, presntly we're incarcerating young adults for property crimes fueled by a powerful consuming addiction to a drug that should have never been allowed by the FDA to be made available on the open market. In PBC jail, aprox. 80-85% of the population are in jail due to a crime DIRECTLY attributable to their addiction to these pills, usually in combination with Xanax or similar drug. My own child, a 22 year old with IQ of 86, recently accepted a 4 year prison sentence for brakeing into my new neighbors home and attempting to steal her two young children's game systems. SUCH A THOUGHT WOULD NOT HAVE EVER ENTERED HIS MIND IF OXYCOTIN HAD BEEN BANNED ALREADY. What he did was so illogical, so stupid that there is no way to understand a reason that anyone, especially a young man with 2 more days of in house arrest wearing a GPS monitor, who was overwhelmed by love with the most beautiful newborn baby daughter whom he was lucky enough already to have been there for her birth because he was still serving a year sent. on PBC sheriff's custody, ??? would do such a horrible thing. HOLD THE FDA ACCOUNTABLE. They could've req. the drugf manuf. to put in ingreidients to make the pills un-smokeable. Presently, that ingreidient is only added to the lowest strenghth pill form of this drug, what's up with that?  
Holly Perry My son of almost 22 years is an addict and has been for I believe at least 3 years if not longer. My concern, worry, fear and love for him consumes me. I can think about nothing else but, How do I help him? I don't know what to do. I have cried, begged,pleded, yelled, been nasty, been nice, I have threatened all his drug addict friends and mostly I have prayed for God all Mighty to take this addiction away from him before I have to put him in the ground. This drug is davasting many families all over the country.  
esuor nivek Ban Oxy now!!! Too many lives are being lost.  
Debra Ann Curtin  
Christina Zemlak OxyContin should NOT be prescribed under any situation. Too many people have lost their quality of life, while Pharmaceutical companies prosper. It's a POISON that the general public should NOT have access to.  
Lee H. My mother has been in severe pain for years, and has found relief in using these drugs to a point. Soon, though it became an addiction and she began using it whenever she became depressed and sad over something, she would take it to get high to feel better. She began to fall constantly, ambulances would arrive daily to pick her up only to show up time and again. These doctors then addicted her to not only oxy, but vicodine, and on top of that ambian and meth. There is no need of this to happen. She would do well with just mild drugs, but would be pushed to take these instead. She will not listen to us, and hides them all over the house...All I can say is,should something happen to her, I will be taking these people to court, i will begin to record her on my computer for evidence as this happens. you do not go and give a person living alone at 72 these kinds of drugs. She is an intellegent person, but when taking these, she becomes a monster, angry, in denial, crazy, delusional, completely insane. Not knowing who she is, where she is, and so on. It will only be a matter of time before something serious happens. These drugs and the so called "doctors" that push them on the elderly need to be stopped! Please sign this and spread the word. I sometimes feel alone like im the only one. I feel sad, angry and hurt that she is weirdly in love with these doctors more so than her own family. Please help.. 
Patricia Lamasney A young man of 21 years old died last weekend - I had to do his eulogy. I had no idea how pervasive this drug is and how it is being abused.  
Jordan Lexell I hate this pill & what it has done to my life! It has ruined my family 
Anonymous After my husband was t-boned in a car wreck 5+ years ago he would pay out of pocket to see a "pain management doctor" even though we have insurance. Within the last year someone at his highly respected union job turned him onto Roxiecontains, he is a completely different person. Hes bringing down himself, our marriage & its affecting our children. He is an addict for these little blue pills. He claims to have stopped. All the signs are still there. The only thing he has gotten better at is hiding pills & lying. He is total denial. I have found straws everywhere. He took mu dog to the vet to get puppy shots, returned home with syringes & needles. I've kept all of this inside bottled up & very private. My husband is a well respected union member & an outstanding citizen amping the people within our community. Noone knows he's a closet user. I can't live like this anymore. I feel like I enabled him. He knows its wrong but continez to sneak around. I can't leave bcuz he will kill himself with these pills. Its like babysitting so he will still live. But I sacrificed my whole life. I'm in the shade in the dark.. shut up be quiet & watch! If I tell a soul it will be over I would die as  
lakeisha williams Oxycontin is a murderer put it a way! 
Mary Otto-Chang  
Jennifer Holloway Stop this madness now. If 11 dolphins were washing up on Miami Beach a day people would be outraged and would do something! Our young sons and daughters are dying and nothing is done. Where is the OUTRAGE!?  
Jennifer Sturgis  
Nancy P. I lost my 20 yr old son on Sept. 23, 2011 His addiction to Oxy (blues) destroyed his life. A few days before he passed away he told me that he wishes he NEVER tried oxyContin that first time. It stole his life, his family and his sanity. He was struggling for years to stay clean.....This drug messes with your mind and once you start it's extremely hard to stop. Doctors prescribe these pills as long as you can pay for them. I have called doctors, insurance companies, & police to report these doctors but it still didn't make a difference. They still do it. I will help in any way I can to stop this epidemic. I can't save my son but hopefully I can save someone else's child. 
Rosie D. So many families are suffering from the loss of a loved one from this drug. Mine is one of them. Make it illegal and admit it is heroin. We can't allow corporate greed to kill our kids! 
Grant Scherer Nine months of hell this pill put me through. Recovery sometimes sucks but i will never go back to active addiction. 
Anonymous Please get rid of this drug and spare families from going through the pain that I feel right now. 
Shane Albritton I have a younger brother that is addicted to this and other pills. He is also addicted to weed. he has continusly stolen and sold countless objects from our house including raiding my fathers gun cabinet and selling off his guns. This and other drugs like it need to be taken off the market. Don't these people see that it is killing more people than it is helping. Get rid of it. Throw the doctors that keep prescribing this drug in prison. 
Jeffrey Hann  
Gary Webster  
Brittany Cristello ban this drug for good its ruining everyone's lives!!! 
Anonymous This horrible drug started my son and many other kids on a path to Heroin...All opiates must be stopped ..Too many Drs. are giving patients these drugs and they are selling them on the streets. Older people as well are doing this to survive in this economy. It is a disgrace...I have heard of this pratice.. It is not only teens selling them. All Doctors Must Be made Aware of this...NOW 
jennifer Woods  
Anonymous My husband was an Oxycontin addict his dad was a doctor! This is the worst thing that could happen to a family! He has recovered but it was very long process and very hurtful! My Heart goes out to all other familys. This drug does NOT need to be out there! 
Tish Westrup  
Haileigh This drug has effected many friends in my life, including my current boyfriend. It ruins the life's of the users and the people in their life's. It is too easy to get and this needs to end! 
Anonymous I was on OxyContin for three years. After my younger brother died I lost all control, control over my drug useage, my heart and my sanity. It got to the point where I felt like a prisoner stuck in own my head and I wasn't strong enough to get out on my own. This drug had pretty much brain washed me and depression kicked in!! I fought myself everyday from running my car into a pole!! Thank God for my children, who I love more than my own life or my own happiness! As each day my car got closer and closer to those trees I know I needed to go get help and I did!!! I am now going on three months, clean and sober! To all those families who has ever losted someone to this drug: my mother is addicted to this drug and has been for ten years! Her back this shape of a "S" and does need some pain relieve, so when telling her she needs to quiet she has a reasonable defense and I dont know how to help her anymore!!!! She was such a happy beautiful person but now (and GOD knows I love!!!) she looks like the grem reaperr has her by the neck!! I hate to see her like that and I wish I could help her but HOW???  
Barbara OBrien  
Deborah l rohrbaugh to many lives have been ruined by this Drug, it needs to stop 
Rebecca D  
dianna seijas Please ban Oxycontin. As a mother of an 18yr old son who tells me he has one, ONE, friend that he knows that doesn't do it. I drug test my son on a regular basis because of this. I am blessed that I am not one of the parents forced to witness the demise of their child, but heart breaks for those parents and kids that do. I have been a victim of theft because of oxycontin. We should not be living like this.  
Michelle Benjamin I am a single mother of 4 kids; I have a 20yr son that has been using oxycontin for 4 years; he was recently aressted for theft and pawning stuff to get money for his habit. Here is a 20yr that was a star soccer player with a bright future and now he is a felon. I have a 16yr son that is following in his older brothers footsteps; the sad part is that he looks up to his brother no matter what. I breaks my heart that they choose this path and this detructive habit....this pill is the DEVIL!!!!!! My 20yr entered into detox last night, it was that or back to jail. I working to get him placed into a inhouse program. But for mothers like myself that can not afford it, what do we do? What can anyone do? I need to save my boys and I need help to do it!!!I welcome any advice or help, I'm desperate! Michelle 
Sarah Wilson Rip James Wilson, love you forever big brother and I'll see you on the other side in a better world where nothing can hurt you and things like this dont exist. Miss you so much it hurts. Cant believe its already been 8 months. Watch over me, I need you more than ever right now.I Love you 
Margaret Lavisky  
Dennise Cardona I am wanting to participate as much as possible on the fight against prescription drug abuse as I have a family member who is addicted and I also lost a family member due to over dose. 
Patrick Cherry oxycontin is soo evil and the ppl who make this are evil too. Oxycontin ruined my life and my mother & father's lives for upwards of three years until I finally got clean with the help of methadone maintenance. Sadly, many and many of my friends are STILL madly addicted to this crap!! leaving em in jail, in debt, in trouble with thugs & lots of other nasty shit. oxycontin needs to be completely banned, it has no purpose other than to steal the souls of anyone it can. Purdue's main players are going to hell, oxycontin is the new crack and we give out to ppl who DON'T need it! Please God, shut down those fucking pain clinic in Floridas and shut down Purdue and arrest all the members of the cartel, aka drug dealers with ph.d's who call themselves doctors.. 
Debra S Walker  
amanda vinopal I have know many people affected by the addiction of is a horrible useless drug... 
Sabrina Bellotti  
Marsha Schorr I lost my son 2 1/2 years ago. He was 24 years old. I knew something had changed about him, he didn't seem like the same person. I knew he had gone through a period of depression over wrecking his car. I had no idea he was doing cocaine when available and snorting oxycontin. The "friends" he went with that night did not call for help or realize he needed help. My only son died in the presence of idiot drug addicts who didn't care for his life. I mourn every day. It seems to get harder and harder going on without him. We lived in Cape Coral, Florida at that time. The drugs were apparently plentiful as the DEA allowed the pill mills to run in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. They care more about the stupid manatee there than they do about human life. I can't ever have my son back and I'm not sure I want to go on without him. I love him so much. 
Brenda White  
Anonymous I think I am loosing my children father over this drug the anger.. and rage is all to much the children see it almost every day.. he wasn't like this before the meds. now it seem when he is about to run out or a week before he gets violant with his family and their is nothing I can do to stop it!!!! but maybe I can save someone elses husband of 10 years and father of 4 girls!!!  
Michelle Cote I live in Florida, also named the pill capital of the United States. I live in the small area of Citrus County. This is an epidemic here. More then half of our young people are hooked on oxycontin, including my 19 year old son. Several young people here have died from it, and more are in and out of jail because of it. Crimes are increasing due to burleries,theft, home invasions, selling stolen property to pawn brokers, it goes on and on. It once was a nice place to raise a family, a safe place. Oxycontin has taken over and is destroying our young people, and tearing families apart. The jails are full, the court dockets are staked high and there are no affordable programs to get these people the help they need. The goverment needs to address this very serious issue and fast. I have seen my own son spiral down into a very dark hole very fast. I fear for his life everyday. I've had him in treatment only to see him relaspe again and again. He has given up and given in to this drug. I cry all the time to lose alitttle bit of him everyday. I fear I will lose him forever. He has a younger sister, and two younger brothers that see what he's becoming because of oxycontin and it hurts them terribly. Please, I pray all you people out there, lets ban together as one big voice and demand our goverment stop this drug and regulates stricter guidlines for pain pills. It will ruin our nation. I'd go to Washington if I have too! Please join together in this effort to save our children from death and distruction and not let this drug and others like it take our children from us. God Bless you all .. 
Susan Cote My 20 year old grandson is addicted to oxycontin. He started using the drug when he was 18 years old. We've had him in treatment twice. It only helps for alittle while, then he relaspes. He has since been arrested for theft and has a felony charge. He was put into an outpatient program, NA,community service and 3 years probation. My husband and I had him come live with us. We thought we could help straighten him out, but we failed. He has recently started using again and is facing more charges and a VOP. This kid had a soccer scholarship, was an A student, very popular and well liked by everyone who knew him. The only people in his life now that he trust is other users. We love him very much and won't give up hope, but we know we can't help him. It hurts so much to see this drug I call the Devil take such ahold of his life and destroy it before our eyes. Yes, I would rather see him in jail then in a coffin. I fear for him everyday. This drug is lethel and should be banned before it claims more young lives.  
Cynthia J Williams  
Anonymous This devil drug is sucking the life out of my 27 year old son and needs to be banned! He injured his back at work and was prescribed this very addictive pill by his MD. Everyday a little piece of his old personality is lost to this wicked drug.He has lost his job,most of his old friends no longer come around because of his addiction. He stays in his room all day and night.The depression is gripping. He tells me that he can't get off these Oxycodone's until he gets his back fixed. It is just a vicious cycle.I blame his Doctor and the drug company. I pray that God will save my once healthy son from the death grip of this addictive drug! 
Anonymous You are SO right, Adriano!!! ALL these drugs must be taken off the market. Society is in big trouble here, and the vulnerable suffer while someone else profits.  
Sheila Bailey I've seen countless people around me addicted to pain medication prescribed by candy doctors..Doctors need to be held accountable for handing them out so nonchalantly. 
Jo Ann Meehan I have and am still watching my sister and her family be torn apart by this drug! I watch her dedicate her life more to these pills than she use to her children. something has got to give! 
Joelle Doherty  
Emily Rooney  
Heidi Kiernan  
Beverly Marshall  
J MacKenzie I was prescribed Oxy 11 yrs ago by a doctor who I thought was looking at helping me for work related injuries and yes I was on them daily for the 11 yrs consistantly without abusing them whatsoever with my doctor gradually increasing my doses over the yrs to where I ended up in July 2011 at 320 mgs per day as a functioning addicted drug addict. When July 2011 came and my doctor lost his licence to prescribe abruptly, I was given a referral to find another doctor in Ontario Canada and no one would touch me when they heard who he wassince he had lost his privileges twice in the past (yes I had other doctors that he helped me continue my pain management on Oxy's while he begged for his licence back). In August 2011 I started tapering on my own with absolutely no supervision to where I ended up trying cold turkey for a couple of days but then realized I could not get over the final hurdle until I entered a detox program in Sept 2011 I was a mess and stayed for the week that I was alloted in the withdraw mgmnt clinic but then went home to my own continuation of detox suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, I could not leave my house, I could not eat and lost a total of 25 pounds. I have an excellent full time job and thankful the place I work appreciates that doctor where I work referred me 11 yrs ago to this guy 11 yrs ago for work related injuries. So they appreciated what I was going thru. Now today I have attempted to work on two days in the last 7 weeks and I am depleting my sick time in a profound manor still on my own. This doctor had no intention of ever helping me or the other patients who were left out to go on their own to find another doctor to take them on or to detox on their own. I don't appreciate that type of doctor behaviour since they are there to assist with us not put us in harms way and jeopardize our lives. I am now working with a new doctor to find alternate pain management but I will never ever go on Oxy again even if he insists that I take it or I'm dying in pain. I want to work on alternative pain management since I am still in serious pain but now now that I can actually determine what is pain not being masked by the amount of Oxy Contin I was taking on a daily basis I can determine this much better now that I have been clean for 30 days and forging ahead to better myself even tho I'm still experiencing insomnia, and the usual diarrea, headaches and aches and pains and minor symptoms that are slowly subsiding as my days go forward My new doctor pointed out a very compelling point to me. What happens if I end up with Cancer or in a serious car accident......what on earth would the hospital be able to give me for pain if I am on such a high dose of pain medications. An you know he's right. Please take this terrible drug off the market and let patients find alternate ways to cope rather than having us all addicted to this medication and our quality of life and our families suffer for our addiction to this awful medication 
Alexis Larsson My sister has been battling with an oxycodone addiction for over 2 years now. My family has sent her to detox and rehab numerous times but she always goes back to the drug. One of my close friends also got involved in taking the medication and has lost custody of her 2 kids. I hope this make some impact in actually getting taken off the market. 
Marissa Lyon Killed someone I loved very much, so sad he was a good hearted person, that always tried to make someone smile. 
Sue McMillan My beautiful,loving,smart son is in prison because of this drug.I am scared that it will end up killing him. Please ban this horrible drug before it kills anyone else or destroys any more families  
Robert Huffman Although not directly related to this drug, it has affected my life through others. 
Jacqueline Wainscott This drug has played havoc on my daughter's life, which in turn has crippled our family. It has to be the most addictive drug on the market. My second grandchild was born addicted to this drug due to my daughter's addiction to it. This grandchild had to be hospitalized for 3 weeks after birth to be weaned from the addiction. As a registered nurse I cringe when I must give it to my surgical patients. After doing much research on oxycontin I have learned not only do people become addicted by recreational use, but also by legally being prescibed. Research has shown a person can become addicted in as little as 2 weeks. By the way and only by the grace of Jesus has my grandson not shown any long term effects from being born addicted. My daughter is in a recovery program and still fights the addiction every single day of her life.  
Kyle Kuhn I have had many friends addicted to and overdose and die of OxyContin and Roxicodone. I am firm believer that these drugs are very harmful and very addictive. I also believe that natural remedies can cure anything...yes!!! I said anything!!! Earths resources have been put here so we dont have to put some man made pills in our bodies. The drug companys are tough to beat being that it is a multi-billion dollar buisness. The government wont say anything because..well... its money for everyone!!! The United States of America isn't as free as we all once thought it was!!! A friend told me about this petition and I hope that one day these types of heroin based substances will be banned forever!!! I live in Florida were the pill mills are becoming an epidemic!!! Doctors aren't helping this situation either. Prescribing pills to just about anyone who has the money!!! My heart goes out to all of you who have been through the tragedies and even the lose of loved ones!!! Together America we can make a difference for the future!!! God Bless and remember "Nature is our Pharmacy!!!" With love from a 29 year old Disabled Veteran... one day this fight will end I just hope its sooner than later!!!!  
Thomas Shenk Ban Oxycontin Now. 
cassandra Patterson-Smith I lost my sons father to a 5 year battle with addiction to these pills and struggled myself to get off of them. Neither one of us were addicts until a car accident and doctors carelessly prescribing them to us both for years and not trying to help us get off of them. I thank god everyday that I was able to go to rehab and get clean and stay that way for 4 years. I wasn't so lucky with my sons father though. We lost him last year. I will do everything I can do to make sure it dose not happen to anyone else that I love and care for. 
Tonya Beauregard I have lost a relationship with my dad and my childrens grandfather.How long will we set aside while our family is told these lies that they can't deal with a little pain "so Here Take This Drug" and You can't deal with this loss "so Here Take This Drug" and my favorite you have a chemical imbalance "so Here Take This Drug". This has gotton way out of hand! I am raising my kids to be accountable for there bodies there thoughts and actions. You have to give yourself time to heal not dope it up so you don't feel! 
Adriano Raffa Percocet, xanax, valium, diazapam, lorezapan, percodan, oxycodone, hydrocodone, vicodin also need to be banned. R.I.P. Carl. Will love u always. 
Amy Graves  
Candace Westfall This is a horrible drug that needs to be taken off the market immediately. Shame on Purdue! 
Leslie Tilley My daughter is only 24 years old and has lost over 20 of her friends in the last 5 years. Not all to oxy, but prescription drugs and alcohol. In NS Canada we are pushing back at the government and demanding help for our kids. Amy Graves and myself have no plans in stopping until NS has what it needs for it's addicts. The addicts our doctors have created! Perdue makes me sick, the whole corrupt systems needs to be stopped. The more awareness the better. Enough is enough. Leslie Tilley Nova Scotia Canada 
enza scat you need to take this off the market now its killing so many of our childrens  
Anonymous I was addicted to Oxycontin for 6 years. I got into a Methadoe program and it saved my life. I started to detox off the Methadone and I relasped. I have now been using again on and off for over a month. I am so sick of this. I hate Oxycontin. I hope that it is banned and not another pill is ever made. 
Marilyn Fisher  
Angela Davis  
Kim Zaruba  
Anonymous The Drug killed my 19 year old son and destroyed 20 of his friends. They had no idea it was Herion in a bottle. 
Susan Lynn Smarrelli My daughter Michelle had knee surgery for a torn ACL. After the surgery the doctor sent her home on a Pain Pump and with Oxycontin after a few days for break through pain. My daughter got addicted to the Oxycontin and after she couldn't afford to buy it off the street anymore she was introduced to Heroin, which is a derivative in Oxycontin. My daughter Michelle died on July 8Th of 2007, due to an overdose of Heroin and Cocaine, mixing drugs. Her heart did not know what to do so it chose to stop altogether. She was twenty-five years old and had her whole life ahead of her. Her sister found her and it has been a constant struggle trying to move forward. The death of her sister has affected everyone in our family. Her Dad, Stepfather, other two-sisters, Grandmother, and myself her Mother! I miss her everyday, it starts when I awake every morning until it is time for bed. I am no longer myself, there is an emptiness in my heart that I cannot explain, I just know that it's hard to find anything anymore to smile about. The reality of knowing that I will not see my child until I go home "with my Lord" is heartbreaking. This medicine needs to be pulled from the market, and the Pharmaceutical Company needs to be ordered by a Court of Law that they are no longer allowed to produce or manufacture this product. I will never see my daughter get married, I will never see or play with her children or my grandchildren, I will never see her future successes in life and I will not see her for a very long time. Is the production of this product worth a life, or how about thousands of lives, young and old! Please get this Oxycontin off the market and out of production for the sake of so many future addicts. Susan Lynn Smarrelli, Mother of Michelle Lynn Ruger. I wanted to start a petition myself right after this happened and call it "Michelle's Law"!  
Karen Lee FDA It is time to stop and regulate this medications, it is destroying are young people. Our youth are dying from these drugs they are everywhere. Does we the people mean nothing.My only two Sons have been effected by these drugs,I almost loss my 33 year old with two small babies this weekend. The other is in jail due to this Drug and his bad decisions while under the influence.I am 54 and I do not remember when I was in my teens and 20 and 30 remember any type of drug out there like this. This has to stop. FDA help this society that is being loss from your Drugs.  
Gina Dicapua I am 4 days clean.. these pills are killing our youth.. 
Portia Rix I have 4 daughters and 3 of them have either went through or are currently experiencing roxie addiction. It's a nightmare as a parent to feel helpless as you find spons and syringes hiding inside/ outside of the home. I have thrown them out dragged them to rehabs and cried till I threw up. These pill mills get $200.00 cash and hand them a script for 180 Roxicodones/ AKA blues every month. I work in Law Enforcement and still am helpless in fighting this drug war. Operation Pill NAtion was successfull in closing some of these pill mills, but the pills need to be banned. IT'S AN EPIDEMIC IN OUR COUNTRY RIGHT NOW.  
Ray R. Ellis As a natural born Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Visionary, Tarot Reader, Healer. Iam very much aware of the turmoil, danger and hazards that this drug can do to others. How it too, affects other people such as friends, neighbors, etc., of people that are takking this kind of drug. It is crap, dangerous and destructive to everyone taking it or for those around others that are on it. Get rid of it and ban it now. It has NO PLACE IN OUR SOCIETY AT ALL! Thank you. Blessings and Love to you ALL. Ray R. Ellis *RAY OF LIGHT* Psychic Medium. Canada  
Rikki Bernius all of my friends and the whole town is all on this drug!! my sister died in my home at the age twenty five! I have went throught this drug taking over my friends and family for too long now! lets get this drug off the market for good! Rikki 
Alysyn Gordy R.I.P. Anthony Lindsey 
Stevie Bernius I lost my sister to this drug actually found her. This is horrible it needs to be taken away forever. This needs to happen so no other familes ave to feel what my family did over this horrible doctor prescribed medication. 
Allie grecul  
terri my daughter has been addicted it was her boyfriend that got her started, I always thought she could do better but anyway she chose the bad boys and to this day alan milford will always be controlled by this drug. He has been arrested over and over for robbery and he doesnt seem to care anymore what happens to himself, my daughter has moved on from him and they both lied to eachother over and over but the addiction was starting to take over them there feelings changed for one another and Alan has parents that truly just dont care about him enough to make a change he grew up too fast in life ,alot like my daughter wanting to grow up and be accepted but reality is now he is probable looking at prison and what will happen in there to him is not what any child ever deserves instead of helping the kids get off the drug they now face being raped or being someones bitch in prison just to survive what kind of person do you think he will be when he gets out? He truly had a ddiction problem and parents couldnt afford detox and wouldnt of paid for it even if they had to, he was running the streets at a early age but when he gets out 90 % he wont be able to get a job and will fall right back into the trap to bad the government couldnt use the kids for making the streets clean and give them rehab in exchange instead its just keeps feeding the crooked system, i feel bad because he truly needed help and now he will get what he truly doesnt deserve in life by brutalality in the prison life how fair is that and it could be your child your reading how would you feel then? I miss the AlaN Milford I tried to help along time ago, goodluck in life my friend and when you get out leave Sarasota florida fast for you dont have friends there only drug friends and family isnt there for you so my friend look deep into yourself and find a way out of this cruel messed up world  
Frankie Andrews Hello, I first want to take the time to say Thank You for allowing me the time to speak about something so very close to my heart. My name is Frankie Andrews, I am 46 years old. I was 42 before I had my one and only child. I say this because, for the longest time the closest thing I ever had to a child of my own was my nephews and nieces. Family is everything to me. I have 5 sisters and when one of them hurt, I hurt with them. I have some newspaper stories I would like to share with everyone also. My phone numbers and e-mail is also attached with them, please contact me anytime if I can ever contribute in helping combat what each of us are here for. Now on with my story. On August 22nd, 2006 I received a phone call that my Nephew Matthew Absher had been taken to the Hospital and things did not look good. It wasn’t long after that when I would get another call telling me Matthew had died. He was 25 years old. When you receive news like this every emotion you can imagine, runs through your mind. My first thought was with my sister. I wondered, “How would she ever be able to overcome this” I later found out that Methadone was what had taken Matthews life. To tell a little bit about what got Matthew to this point you would have to go back to when he was in High School. Matthew had hurt his back playing football in High School and through the years he would continue getting treatment for his back. Eventually he would be prescribed OxyContin. He was prescribed this narcotic without any real education on the chances of becoming addicted to it and what troubles come with addiction and dependency. Well as I am sure each of you can guess Matthew did become addicted and dependent with OxyContin. I would also later find out that during the months prior to Matthew passing away he had really worked hard and getting off all these pills. From my understanding he had been clean for about 6 months. The night he relapsed he had ran into a person that he use to get high with and the person talked him into getting high again and Matthew gave in and took Methadone. He went as far as taking the amount of Methadone he had been taking 6 months prior. He did this without thinking his tolerance level would not be the same as 6 months prior. Matthew took these pills and never woke up. His father is the one who found him. I started to become proactive after Matthew passed away and soon realized it would take a lot of work. I then became frustrated, it was as if no one seemed to care. I then said to myself “If no one else cares then why should I? There is no way this could ever happen to this family again so just forget it” That is what I truly said and laying the issue to rest is what I did. Well I was wrong! On May 15th 2010 less than 4 years of Matthew dying, I lost my second nephew, but more tragically than that , my sister Diane just lost her second son to prescription drugs. Now keep in mind, for almost 4 years I have watched my sister make herself keep going on for no other reason , but for the children she had left, and now she has lost another one. 2 of her 3 children are no longer here because of prescription drugs. I talk to my sister just about on a daily basis and her emotions are all over the place. All I can do is be there to listen and Pray God will give her comfort. Just to let you know Matthew and Brandon were just like many of your own kids. Matthew loved sports but his passion for basketball was 2nd to none in my eyes. Oh what that child could do with a Basketball. I truly thought that was going to be his ticket to great things one day. However, for numerous reasons his Basketball ended when he Graduated High School. He also had a love for Football, I have always been a Colts fan and he has always been a Steelers fan. We would have endless arguments over who was best, with me never giving in nor would he. I guess since the Steelers have 6 Superbowl wins and my Colts only have 2 now, it truly isn’t too hard to tell. Just don’t tell him that. He also done very well academically in School. He was a simple and respectful kid, which is how he was raised. He was so simple , you could offer him a dinner at a fancy restaurant or put a frozen pizza in the oven and he would take the frozen pizza every day, that is as long as you have some Mt Dew to go with that pizza. He was Diane’s first child, to try and tell you what he meant to her would be impossible , however those who have children can understand. She was very proud of Matthew. When Matthew Graduated , Diane was as proud as any parent I had ever seen. I could go on and on about Matthew but I know my time is limited. Brandon, Being the youngest of Diane’s 3 children, you can only imagine how spoiled he was. However his thirst for life was something many were envious of and many thrive to be like.I am not sure I ever seen that child when he wasn’t smiling. He truly loved life to no end. His love for life was so infectious to the people around him. If you were having a bad day,it would end as soon as Brandon came around. There truly was no other way to be but happy when he was around. He would have it no other way. Growing up Brandon was the mischievous one. You all know the kind. The one who was always into something, but always seemed to find a way to get out of trouble. I can still hear my Dad saying “ Brandon what are you into “ I say these things but it was never any real trouble, it was just kids being kids. Brandon also played sports in High School and also done well academically, he graduated on time. Football was one of the sports he played and loved, but his true love was wrestling. He was brought up knowing that if his grades dropped he would not be able to wrestle,so therefore he always made sure to get his homework done and keep his grades up. I am sure though that with most student athletes it was a struggle from time to time but you never heard him complain. He always managed to keep his grades up. 3 of his 4 years he placed in the State and in his senior year he finally won what he had been trying for so many years to win. For you see in 2002 not far from where I am speaking now Brandon won his State Championship in Wrestling. His name will forever be in the record books and forever Brandon and Matthew will be in our hearts. I tell you all of these things because that was a very small glimpse in the life of my sister and her little family. Where my sister used to enjoy the wrestling basketball and football with her children.She now goes to a grave, and the only indication of the sports her boys once loved is the Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia or basketball on Matthew’s grave decorating his tombstone. Or the wrestling pictures along with the words 2002 NC State Wrestling Champion etched into the black granite on Brandon’s tombstone. No parent should ever have to go through this pain. My heart breaks beyond any words I can convey for my sister, but the both of us actually our whole family would love to see some changes in the way prescription drugs are handled. The stories in the newspaper articles will go into more details about the circumstances of both Matthew and Brandon’s death and as I stated earlier, I give you my contact information to try and help make change. I also know that pharmacies in the state of North Carolina are required by law to report to the NC Controlled Substance Data Base and that is great. However I know of some who do not and from my understanding there is no penalty for not abiding by the law. In my opinion that is like saying the speed limit is 55 but if you get caught speeding then all they say is “Now you know you need to slow down” I also believe Doctors should be required to access the data base before prescribing and controlled substance. Education is not what it once was when it comes to drugs. There are numerous things I would like to see on the education front but I will start with the obvious. 1.In our schools, I believe the way we are educating our children today about the harm that comes with taking drugs does not really get to these children. There is no better teaching tool than reality. I truly believe with the right education many people would look at other alternatives than prescription meds. I really believe that if some of these things were in place both my nephews would still be here, I know there is no way of bringing them back but I do however hope that by their deaths others will learn. I also encourage each and everyone to call your children and tell them you love them we truly never know when something like this could ever happen to us. Please don’t think it can because none of us are above it. Thank You and God Bless Frankie Andrews 
Sandra Williams  
Stephen Raulston I have been addicted to Oxycontin for nearly ten years. I have never purchased it illegally and haven't ever been involved with the illicit street trade. Makes no difference because once someone has been using this drug for some time, there is no easy way to get your life back. I am currently undergoing a self imposed detox with Suboxone which is really a huge help. But then again, you have to be careful because it is also extremely addicting and can actually be worse to withdraw from than OC. Some require long term use to keep the cravings at bay. Some can do a quick ten day to two week detox and can have their life back. As they say, there is no free lunch. If you know someone addicted, seek detox but also all the necessary counseling and spiritual support to get your friend or loved one on the correct path to wellness. IT can be done with patience and love. Wishing you and your loved one the best in the quest to healing and wellness. God bless us one and all.  
Simone Jerrell This has taken my husband away from spending time with his 2 little boys. he is now in rehab and getting help. i pray to God its not to late to help him get on the right track  
Anita C. My son battled with oxycotin but thank God he found Suboxin and has been able to live a normal life,without it it would not have happened.. 
Diane Legal heroin. This drug will hook you to the point you would sell your soul for a pill. The people around the addict are the ones that suffer, not the user. The drug companies have the ablility to design a better drug for pain. Let's get on it drug company. 
Anonymous No comment 
Dawn Tolliver Drug addiction and abuse is taking over our country and families and the only way to try and end it is by banning drugs such as this heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones to this and those who are dealing with the addicition...I pray that our world can somehow overcome this!!! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!! 
Anonymous this crap is screwing my life up and peoples who are closest to me as well. please ban this drug asap with serious consequences for any sort of distribution of the drug. there should be no more than 15mg of oxycontin in a prescribed pain killer at most. the fact that 30mg-80mg pills are being prescribed just blows my mind away. the fda needs to put a stop on this asap. 
Mel Painter  
Ken Dyal I work in and around the N.E. FLA. area in drug counseling. The 0piate epidemic is out of control in this area. Not only in Jacksonville Fla. but also all the surrounding small towns in ant manner of direction you might look. Not only are people dying, becomming addicted, and tearing families apart it is causing an epidemic of crime also. Costing the tax paying citizens who knows how much money.Also the state and federal goverment money to prosecute the offenders at seemingly no effect! Because our jails and prisons don't and can't afford them the treatment that they need in order to recover! It has become a downward spiral at it's best. Where the addict gets hooked, gets locked up,gets high, locked up, or at the utmost end of the doward spiral DIES !!!! This is not solving anything! How much does the state of Florida spend on inmates in jail or prison each year per inmate???? $90,000 ? PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS !!!! 
Dean King  
Brandy Holt  
Linda Lee So many many people, including my son are addicted to pain killers. Please get rid of all these pain killers!  
Shari Collins My son passed away March 12th 2005 of an accidental over dose. Please help get these bad drugs off the streets 
Renee There are too many doctors that are prescribing this evil medication where others will work. They do it for nothing more than money. My brother is addicted, has no insurance and does have severe medical problems. I have seen too many people's lives shattered by this medication. Past time to get it off the market! 
L Berg Everyone here is correct, this drug ruins many lives. I've known countless people who have died from it. Drug companies and doctors are the only ones who's lives are enhanced by this drug. 
Anonymous My husband is on this mess and it's destroying our family. He doesn't see that because all he has on his mind is getting high. Please ban this medication!!! 
Stéphanie Thibault My ex-husband died of an overdose of Oxycontin, two weeks ago. I was separated for a year from him because of his addiction to Oxycontin. I tried to help him but nothing could be done. Now my daughters are without a father and I am so heartbroken for them. Nothing will replace the lover their father had for them. Please banned this medication!! 
Tamara Gillispie I have to also lost a loved one to an institution because of this drug. It is so powerful and it takes over your whole life and the person you once were will never be the same again. may God bless those who are still sick and sufffering because of the powerful addicting drug. 
johhny fuck purdue. may they burn in hell for eternity. 
steven lillie this is such a horrible must stop 
P.S. Tate  
Paula Giordano My husband became addicted to Oxycontin back in 2005, he died in 2010. He distroyed his body, teeth, and family and made his doctors very rich.  
anonymous This should have been taken off the market a long time ago. people throw their lives and money away on this drug everyday to get a high. Well, life should be enough to give you a high. To thank Jesus everyday that you are born and alive and breathing. So many people die from this terrible drug everyday. Ban it before more people die!!!! 
Debbie A. Lewis Oxycontin has ruined my daughter's life. She met a boy four years older than her right after high school graduation. She began smoking oxycontin with him and since than has flunked all her college classes the last quarter of school, lost her job, and lost tons of weight. Her personality has completely changed. She is no longer the person I know, she's here and I have faith. We hired a certified interventionist and family counselor to help us with this battle to save our 19 year old daughter. She's already lost a year of her life thanks to this drug.  
Jamie Tilson  
Anonymous This drug doesn't need to exist anymore 
Eric Feezell The drug companies celebrate there earnings while destroying our country from within 
Anonymous I wish for nothing more than banning this form of population control. Barely addictive my foot. This drug has caused a lot of economic turmoil in regards to imprisonment costs, law enforcement, insurance fraud, burglary, rehabilitation, public awareness campaigns, extra taxes, etc. Just watch the oxycontin express documentary if you still think oxycontin is "barely" addictive and when you see the insane line of people waiting to visit the pain management doctor answer the question of how addictive this drug really is. 
anonymous I am a recovering addict who has lost everything. All of my friends I grew up with have become a zombie to this demon of a pill. I myself have been clean for twenty months now and vow to never again touch another oc. This drug needs to be banned. 
Matt Maples I live in "pillbilly" hell. This is just one of the many prescription drugs which are ruining Greene County Tennessee. Far more problems have come from drugs such as this than benefits to people who claim they really need prescription narcotics. Why oh why can the FDA or some other federal organization not repeal the decision to allow these opiates to propogate like cockroaches due to the extremely negative effect they have on populations. 
Rena pullman  
Julie Watson My son died because of this drug two weeks ago. I really lost him at least 4 years ago. This drug kills and I didn't know enough about it. Make sure others get the word. 
nick guilarte  
Anonymous My Friend Just Died From An Overdose of Oxy she was getting them from 3 different doctors and she was mixing them with Norcos and the doctor would just refill her Prescription when ever she would call the doctors on the phone and they would call in a refill With NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!! something has to be done 
Megan Bousquet I'm very sorry to all of those who have lost loved ones to this terrible drug and to those still sick and suffering.  
Danielle This drug has ruined my life and my childrens. People who didnt even choose to be a part of this drug are some way affected by a person addicted to this crap. Almost everyone I know or thought I knew have all become a slave to this drug in some way shape or form. Whether or not they are the addict or are in some sort of relationship with the addict. Terrible. It needs to be put to an end.  
Joann Gubinski  
Julia Lederer  
Jessica Steenwerth  
Rosane Pires this drug causes souls to fade until theyre gone. another distraction from awareness of life and happiness. please get these out of here. 
James Micheal Dirks  
nicole demars I know way too many people who died and addicted from oxycottin very sad 
Anonymous Please ban this drug. My mother has been on these for about a year. All she does is go to work and take oxycodone sleep and stay in her room. She has lost a lot of weight. I don't,know what to do to help her. She doesn't think she has a problem. The doctor keeps writing her scripts for these unbelievable. I feel helpless  
chelsea alexis my mother gave me, my 2 sisters and my lil brother away because she wanted to party and do this drug instead of love us. she had me when she was 13 and is still abusing t this day but i grew upp with my gma(thank god) and i am a sober high school graduate,working 19 year old and proud that i am not like my mother . None of us know who our fathers are. this drug not only messes with the addict it effects the whole family. 
corey gough  
Chelsea Miller  
Anonymous I am a 25 year old female,and also a recovering Oxycontin/RoxyContin Addict. This drug is more deadly, harmful, and life consuming than anything I have ever seen. Every single person I grew up with is now an active addict, dead,in jail or recovering (and the later of the 4 is very few and far between). It has ripped my family apart, more than once. It is very very troubling to me that our Government and the Pharmaceutical Companies seem to be putting profit, and gain ahead of the well-being of the youth and young adults in this country. What will become of this country when these people are 35,40,50 and so on? Something needs to be done. I personally do not believe you should be able to walk into a doctors office with an MRI (Real or Fake) and $250, and be able to walk out with enough pills to kill you, or leave you severely addicted for the rest of your life. Luckily, I was able to break away from this life, after 5 years of horrible, incomprehensible demoralization. Since then, I have become a productive member of society, and a mother to the best gift God has ever granted me, My baby girl. With her, however, comes the fear that by the time she is a teenager, this epidemic will be even worse. It scares me to think she could someday be where I was. I have recently taken a very strong interest in trying to do what I can to raise awareness on this issue, and to help anyone I can get away from the horrible "existence" that is Oxycontin addiction. Lets put an end to this era, and make this country a safer, healthier place for our generation, and the generations to come. 
Anonymous This drug killed my brother, and took him at such a young age. It should be banned so others do not have to experience what me and my family had to experience.  
Amanda Gill  
Suzanne Long  
Carly Sinigoi  
Anonymous Ban this drug!!!! Its killing people/friends & family!! 
Jessica Byrd  
Craig "These corporations dont care if your child dies. Your child is only dollar signs for them.  
Donna J Weldon My grandson Anthony Lindsey passed away from an overdose of OxyContin on June 3, 2010. He was only 23 years old. Our family is devistated. I brought him up since he was 6 months old because his parents were drug addicts. I have since joined the NOPE program. I would like to sign the petition to ban OxyContin. Donna J Weldon 
Shannon Verity Let's all make a move to stop the madness!!! 
Sandy Krebs Florida close the pill mills. Kids are dying because of them. 
Anonymous What really disgust me is the big corporations such as CVS, Walgreens ect who push their pharmacist to carry so much and dispense it. They also get written up because the addicts that come in their store get angry if they ran out. Even though it is ILLEGAL to hold drugs. Pharmacist gets complaint about crazy addict and corporation writes pharmacist up. These corporations dont care if your child dies. Your child is only dollar signs for them. It's the corporations who need to be stopped along with the doctors! 
Amber Lewis I am a addict recovering from a nearly hopeless addiction to oxycontin. It brought me to do terrible things that I thought I'd never do. I lived in complete and utter misery for a years, but I was too scared to break away because the physical and mental withdrawls were so terrible. This drug robs you of a real life, of your dignity, and joy, and it needs to be stopped. It is killing people, if they are lucky, and if not it causes them to live dead inside. Please take this murderous, evil-doing drug off the market!!! 
Jeanine Cox  
Ali Cameron  
Lori Webster Please ban this horrible drug. My son was addicted many years and is still struggling to stay off of it! 
Rhea Ford Might as well give them a script for herion. Something has to change..... 
kathy fazio Our son was honorably discharged from the US Marine Corp in 2006 after serving in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. He Has back pain etc which the VA chose to treat him with oxycodone. We have been on a horrific rollar coaster ride with him and his addiction. He even went to the VA hospital in MA when he first realized he was addicted and was detoxing at home. What did the give him in VA hospital? yup you got it~percocets. My heart goes out to all of you who have lost loved ones. Our son has overdosed accidently a few times and attempted suicide two times. He has PTSD bad. I feel your pain. We have to stop others from going thru this pain. God Bless You All. <3 
Terri Cardinal I want the word to get out... I have a beautiful little sister who has been grasped by this horror. It needs to be stopped.  
norma myers We have enough choices to make in our lives and we trust medical doctors to take care of us when we are in pain. Maybe the doctors and manufactures of this drug and even possibly pharmacies are in this together to make a profit. If that is true then we need stricted laws on class2 drugs being passed out like candy. 
Mike Fazio My son age 27 is a marine veteran who was injured in Iraq. He was given oxy and percs for pain. When he was let out in 2006 he started going to the Worcester Ma Va. They kept giving him oxy for the pain. My wife and I have tried everything in the last 5 years to get him off. He has been in and out of countless VA programs and private facilities. My son served two wars for the US and was honorably discharged. I am a retired Police Officer who has witnessed the dangers of this drug, from returning Veterans in the town where I worked. This drug can cripple and addict anyone. Its not just a street drug but a medically legal drug that kills people. I have taken my own son out of the house unconcous from oxy overdose. He is now gone from Oxy addictiion to heroine. I pray that no one will have to go thru what my family has. 
Kimberly page I am a mother of a recovering addict.  
ryan kuhn  
Dianne Sproles  
rochelle rego  
Troy Tipton I am a firefighter we see way to many lives taken from using oxycontin. Please stop this. 
lydia ferraro I mentally and emotionally have lost my brother to heroin and now oxycontin. These people call themselves doctors and prescribe it to anyone. My brother and his gf have no illness that should allow all 5 drs they go to to prescribe this to them. He has lost so many people to this. My mother passed away from cancer 5 years ago, all I have left is my father and brother for my wedding next october. I am petified to have to bury my brother before or not have him there because of his conition. They need to ban this drug and we need a class action against this drug.  
Emma Luna  
Betty Boccia I just lost my close friend, she left two little girls orphans. How many orphans are there from this drug? We need to do something!  
Laura Hill I support a ban on this drug 
Donald Ludington I have seen first hand the perils of this drug, and living in Florida, land of the pill mill, it is seen here more than anywhere else in the U.S. BAN THIS DRUG NOW and force Purdue to bear the expense of treating the addicted!!!!! 
Arlene Barrelli  
Diane Curtiss My brother was prescribed this drug about 12 yrs ago after he crushed his hand in an accident. Now we are trying to get him into rehab because he has been crushing and smoking them for the last 6 yrs. Horrible. Please take this drug off the market, or only prescribe it to people who have terminal diseases. My brother's life has been ruined by this garbage. He doesn't even care that he has two children, a family, or about anyone who loves him. Our mom, naive about the drug culture, walked into the drug house he was staying at and was almost hurt. Crack, heroin, cocaine, etc. Prescription drugs? Do these drug companies cater to drug dealers?  
Anonymous Get it off the street, and out of the hands of our teenagers please. 
Beverly Lasaga I have lived and lost so much from this drug, amazing i would of thought it would of been illegal drugs. My husband died from this doctor precribed drug, not illegal, at least 5 friends as well. What are we allowing are pharmecutical companies to provide for profit.... Many loved ones especially my husband, many close friends someone needs to intervene and stop this killer drug......................and killer it is. please sign this petition, this disturbs me greatly. thankyou for letting me say my story which is totally short form........because the whole story takes more than just a paragraph. I want to know who holds these multi billion dollar companies who have apparently taken of the illegal drugs in our world. Listen everyone OxyContin,.Coden will KILL...just a matter of time, it will just down your heart, kidney, liver and your going to pass away. The addict just wants to sleep into a coma, and a coma it becomes. Lets pursue this, this really bothers my soul, and we need to realize our doctors and pharacists are the new drug dealers imagine that.......prayers are with u, i have been there......xoxo  
chris donoghue i'm 31 years old because of people like you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Dr. will write me OXYCONTIN ER. they will write the hell out of the 30 Oxycodone 30 IR that lasts about one hour. so fu all. i have had 8 friends die from abusing it. 
Rechelle Cook  
Lana Dawson This drug is just too dangerous to be given as a frequently used pain reliever!  
Amanda Griffie Feel like a lot of people turn their heads and do nothing about the drugs in our communities. Really want changes to be made to prevent anyone else from losing their family members to drugs..... Want to say to the people that are fighting to get off drugs to be strong you are fighting for your life. I pray that you get the help and support you need to over come this addiction.  
Paula Griggs My 20 year old son is battling the addiction of this drug It is awful what it has done to his mind and body. It destroys the addict and the entire family. It becomes a family disease. Ban this drug and all forms of it. 
CAROL GUGEL I lost my son, Michael this is awful drug. It should NEVER be subscribed to ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carol Gugel 
THERESA E CARWILE If you see or have a family member or friend going to one of these millions of pill mills. Call the DEA and don't stop. You just might save a life 
Jack Jimmerson The risk far outweigh the benefit of this drug. It must be removed. How many will die before something is done about this powerful drug!  
Shyne Pilcher My son past away August 27th 2011 from oxy overdose. It was prescribed by his doctor due to a accident he had years before. He became addicted and went to the streets to get it. My son was 35. He wanted to be clean and went to the methodone clinic where he became addicted to the opne thing that was suppose to help him. Oxy needs to be regulated Kentucky looses 8 people a day due to this drug. Its time! 
Elizabeth Beltrand  
Dana Randall I am a recovering addict from pain killers. I wish there were never anything like this on the market for kids to get hooked on to destroy there life with. 
Patrick M.Marino In memory of my son Patrick A. Marino.10-17-85 to 6-25-09. We will live in heaven together forever..All my Love forever. Dad 
James B Merchant Sir / Mam I have contacted Perdu Pharma on 6 occasions over the phone requesting help for my son James E who has become addicted to this Oxycontin. He obtains it like candy on the street. Its every where and its killing my son. We get him clean and two weeks later he is addicted again. I have been told it takes 90 days to kick this habit and I have been quoted 65,000.00 for the 90 day program to help James E. Insurance is not accepted and when I contacted Perdu I was given a case number and when I ask for funding to help James E. I was told by Perdu they had no funding to help James E. The company made 6.5 Billion on this drug in 2011, Yet they will not spend one cent to help the young adults that take is as a party drug and end up getting hooked on it. Is it some conspiracy theory plan to kill all of the young american youth in america. Sounds like it to me !!!! Its time to Burn the Purdue Pharma buildings to the ground !!!! Save our sons and daughters.  
Anonymous My 23 yr old is very addicted and never perscribed....this drug is bad.... 
santana bennett i want to ban this drug because my wife left me because i was addticed to this drug and i love her more then anything and would do anything to get her back i love her so much . i got the help i needed please do so too. 
Victoria Foster Everyday I pray for every family and person thaat has lost a child and gone through what I have gone through with my son. My son is 24 years old and is now in prison after working for the government and having his whole life together, because he was robbing people for his habit and shooting up 4 times a day. I put my son in prison, but I did not bury him. I thank god everyday that he is still alive, it will be a struggle everyday of my life and I pray for every family out there that has gone through 1/2 of what I have. May god bless all of you through this struggle! 
Kyle Parker Thanks to Oxycontin I have ruined a 14 year Military career and have probably lost my job and put my family's future on the line. I'm going cold turkey to get off this poison and I know it will be hell but it will be better than putting my family through hell. Please pray for me and lets get this oxy crack off the market ASAP! 
Cindy Henning  
Diane Bass This drug has destroyed our family. Physicians and pharmacies are killing our youth. This drug needs to be banned. 
Lori Walsh This drug RUINED my children's father's life. It ruined our marriage. It almost ruined my children's as well. It did scar them. It did some serious damage to our family. the Doctor prescribed much more mg. than the amount that was needed. He has many, many former friends that are currently addicted. He almost overdosed and died. He is now in recovery and has 1 and 1/2 yrs. clean and sober. He no longer needs this drug and I rarely EVER hear him complain about "pain" anymore. I would love for it to be banned forever!!!! It is just plain evil. 
Tracey Peirce  
Mary Jennifer Pruim My brother's who is apparently addicted to heroin is apparently addicted because of previous Oxycontin prescriptions.  
susan nagel Just thinking abount my grandson James at 18 (2-04-06) Now they are looking at how many are dying in 20006 nothing was being done 
billie lacy  
madelyn kuhn god help us........get rid of this! help our children live!!!  
Anonymous My husband was prescribed oxycontin for unbearable hip pain. He took only the prescribed dose, never more. It produced horrible constipation, and pretty much shut down his digestive tract. One day he woke up in agonizing stomach pain and was rushed to the hospital. There, doctors found he had a ruptured colon and needed emergency surgery. Once they had him opened up, the surgeon told me that he had fecal matter that looked like "rock hard, sharp edged stones" in his colonic tract that had caused a HUGE perforation. He came very close to losing his life, but thanks to a crack medical team (no pun intended) he lived, with a colostomy bag attached to his body, and got off this horrendous drug. Purdue Pharmaceutical, you are an evil, horrible company. Why don't we get together a group of people to protest outside their doors? I don't care where they are located; I'll fly there in a heartbeat to create an annoying presence to these criminals. Wonder if any executives there are addicted? Lets take them DOWN! 
Heather gill  
Bruce D Stewart i truly would like to see this drug banned not only are the people who are perscribed this poison becoming addicts but the youth of our country are useing this drug at an alarming rate it is killing our youth every day also it is the ultimate gate way to heroin use among thousands of people every year i am not just speaking blindly my son is an addict and it all started with oxy. 
TOni Chopic  
Laurie Murphy  
Anonymous This drug needs to be taken off the market now!!!! It is killing our country.....please please please take it off the market. 
Kristen Giordano  
Leslie H. Higgins  
Amber Kelly Meagher  
Trish Cuccia  
Gail dunn I have not lost a family member... but he has destroyed family memebr life. Why do we have to wait untill they die.... Lets help befor that happens... 
MIchael Granata This must be banned period!!! The police are ill trained and helplessly manipulated by the oxycotin addict. These oxcy addicts are manipulative and extremely dangerous to themselves and others. To hide their addiction they lie and steal. The oxcy freak destroys not only themselves but everyone around them. If you are around a oxcy freak run away as fast as you can. Doctors mis-prescribing this crap should face jail time.  
Psy Ops Find a movie called GenerationRX. The movie will change your life and how you look at everything. My doctor wanted to increase the dosage because one day it stopped working, it's basic synthesized heroin. It took me three months to withdraw feeling hopeless, a feeling I never experienced before. I know of what I speak. We are in trouble, maybe the last trouble we will know. The movie is on Netflix, I have no affiliation with, drug companies or movies. You will suddenly realize this country went past being in trouble. GenerationRX is the name again, get it. 
joann james stop oxycotin and also other pain pill hydrocoanes too please. they are very dangerous drugs. joann james 
Anonymous My sister is abusing oxy, I actually think the crazy doctor is abusing my sister by prescribing her xanax,klonopin,oxycodone,adderall,norco,soma. Not lying here...25 year old, history of opiate abuse, bad knee, 1 prescribing doctor. This should be illegal before more and more people die! 
jennifer williams  
Denise Walters My daughter is hooked. I want her off of it so bad, i know she wants off as well. The more i read about it the more i worry about her. 
Anonymous I am so sorry for all the people who have suffered because of this evil drug. I too have had my loved ones affected by it & I am personally aware of a person who has dealt this drug for years, I have gone to the West Valley City, Utah police dept. and given this person`s name, address, & A list of the other drugs she is dealing, to a detective. I have also called the Salt Sake City Housing Authority, because she recieves housing, I reported the fraud being committed. This woman's boyfriend is a Math Teacher @ Hunter Junior High School making $49,800.00 per year. She recieves a 2nd. bedroom because he is listed as her aid, he uses the extra room to teach guitar lessons to children in the very same residence from which she is dealing the drugs! The woman who is selling the oxycotinen recieves it free of cost by way of Medicaid. After learning that she was still dealing several months later, and had bought a house w/her Boyfriend/JuniorHigh School Math Teacher. She has now moved another person into the still government subsidised apartment with this person being a dealer for her & selling the drugs in exchange for the apt. and drugs, she has now set up yet another drug house, in her new place. I made a follow up call to the West Valley police dept. and was informed that the detective I had originally given the information to, had gone to the residence and just asked the woman if she was selling drugs. How Stupid Is He? Should be fired, but if one is aware of the WEST VALLEY POLICE DEPT. THEY ARE NOT AT ALL SURPRISED BY THIS IDIOT WHO CALLS HIMSELF AN OFFICER OF THE LAW. I AM SO SICK KNOWING THAT THIS IS BEING COMPLETELY IGNORED AND THE PEOPLE WHO CAN PUT A STOP TO IT WILL DO NOTHING! IF YOU CAN HELP ME MAKE SURE THAT THIS PERSON IS STOPPED, PLEASE CONTACT ME! 
Katie Matlock  
Catherine Williamson The devils drug that is messing up our childerns future. 
Tammy Ratkiewicz This is the worst drug on the market they use it incorrectly and its taking the lives of loved ones who get percribed this drug and get additicted to it. I have lost one of the closest people in my life to this drug and I resent it everyday. I see more and more people loosing their battle to this horrible drug everyday :( ITs so sad! 
Blake Kanyha  
Matt Gilmore Please...please  
Chelsea Smith  
Jeremy chaerles Ive seen this drug ruin countless lives and take others the doctorsans pharmacys that give these substances to people are I believe down right crimanal modern day drug dealers and I whole heartedly feel that these drugs should be banned and the people who have been pushing them into our society should pay a price. To the familys who have lost people to this horrific drug my prayers are with you  
Steve Fish It is an outrage that this drug is given to people to solve a medical issue. It is a killer. Individuals prescribed this and all of their family members were better off without it, regardless of their level of addiction, or responsible use. No matter what you teach children they will be curious, and even good kids try bad stuff. Big Pharmacy, the FDA, and thousands of doctors are all accessory to murder, distribution of a dangerous intoxicant (often to minors who can't even legally buy cigarettes, through street drug trade!), enabling organized crime, erosion of moral fibers, and generally lack decency. I am disgusted by the cause and effect this product has had on society, and the ripples can be felt far and wide, from petty theft to accidental loss of loved ones. It is criminal, irresponsible, and simply greedy to not immediately suspend and halt the production, distribution, and consideration of these street drugs as a medication. There is no excuse for Oxycontin to exist, and there are safe ways to curb withdraw and stop this before its epidemic. I don't care how much money you lose out on, none of us do. Please act responsibly just this once and help create a safer world. How in the world is this drug any more acceptable then heroin? 
lloyd sakakeep  
charlisa fiddler yes get rid of that thing getting out into the world..... i know it is impossible for that to happen .... 
Aaron Orgill I, am only another statistic. another young adult who's life has been forever changed after an addiction to oxycontin. Yes, I survived.. yes, I've been sober since May of 2010.. but I am not the same.  
Valentine Please ban this drug. I see a lot young familes lose everthing. It is a downward spirqal drug. BAN OXYCONTIN. ty 
David E. Mazan My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones to this addiction and those who have loved ones now struggling to break free from it. I personally have a loved one struggling with it as I write this. I know the fear,heartache and worry that we all have for someone we love who is going through this! Whats the answer to the problem? Well eliminate the easy access to the drug for sure. As far as your loved one, prayer, a good dedicated counselor,and as much love and understanding and support as you can possibly give them. Other action sign the petition,spread the word and contact your local politicians to let them know you want this stopped. 
Alex Esposito  
Kelly Fancher If it weren't for OxyContin, my friend would still be here to celebrate her 28th birthday next month. She tried to deal with the addition for several years with no success. This drug stole the laugher and the beautiful smile of my friend Katie. The pain it apparently relieves for patients cannot justify the pain it has caused all those that loved Katie. The FDA needs to remove this drug from the market before it takes someone else's Katie away. 
Adrienne Schieffer We lost my mother, Nancy, in May 2011. She was addicted to Oxycontin and fighting a fight inside that she lost. She took her own life May 2, 2011. I know she would have never done this of her own free will, the addiction was too much, she got lost. 
Crystal My name is Crystal. In July of 2002 when I was 17 years old, I lost my best friend my dad to an accidental drug overdose of prescription medication. He was taking them and addicted for 17 years. The day I lost my dad, was the day the sun would shine a little less. I come from a family of 6 siblings, and for all of us it was the hardest obstacle. We always knew that our dad needed help, and that he wanted to help himself cause he didn't want to die. Unfortunately like others, we found ourselves burying him too soon. Today I am 26 years old, and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. I sometimes feel as though it were a dream I was living. Dealing with this sickness is very painful, and a very long journey. I pray for the families out there who are right now, on this path that their family member, dad, mom, brother, sister, son or daughter fights it. Because we are all affected. With much love peace and blessings ~Crystal~ 
Jennifer DeMenezes  
Muriel Ann May I am a mother who without my son dying has lost her son. he is not the same young man. I am angry at you and the streets that cant be cleaned up. 
Barry Peirson Its killing my brother and his friends, one of whom has begun using heroin. Fuck you Perdu Phama.  
Annette Ryburn Oxycontin is DESTROYING PEOPLES LIVES. I have seen many instances personally. 
Roberta Miller  
Jacqueline Diaz This is the most powerful, highly addictive drug I've ever seen. There is no good to OXY's!! 
Monica Meltzer So many lives ruined by this drug!  
Leah Freel This prescription drug is the new epedemic. Lives are being taken daily. This drug needs to be removed off the market, when its killing more people then its helping.  
Tahra Woodard I am begging and pleading to please stop the manufacturing of this pill and Roxies as well. They are killing and worse then crack epidemic. I lost another friend to this illness of addiction we need to come together and fight for this cause just as you would do for cancer. God bless all that have lost a loved one to this devil and may peace be with you always! 
Lindsey Dale  
Beth There are many pain meds that work for mild, moderate and severe pain, meds that do no not cause the devastation that these highly addictive opiates (oxydocone, oxycontin, etc) cause. Ban them now, or watch an entire generation turn into full blown junkies. Unfortunately, it's already too late for many who have died or who live as addicts, whether active or in recovery. Come on America, this is clearly an act of abuse on our society. The drug companies that sell these monster money makers should have to pay for EVERY oxy addict to have access to long term rehab, then they might think twice about pushing their EVIL on us. 
Bunny Lamb Rinehuls Herl There is a way for drug addicts who want help to get help that results in living drug-free. Narcotics Anonymous saved my life and it does not matter what or how much a person uses-any addict wanting to stay clean can recover through the NA program if they follow it as directed in the book "Narcotics Anonymous" and surround themselves with others who have gone before them by going to at least 90 NA meetings in 90 days. 411 will have your local Narcotics Anonymous helpline number for meeting inforation. 
Anonymous Please do something about this terrible problem, I have family members addicted and lost a brother who could have been with us a few more years. I get angry when I think about how he traded and spent money on Oxy's , the only thing I can do is try to help someone else, if only one person .  
tom dalton As a school bus driver I saw bright children- as a citizen I watched a few of these same die.--Where are production figures on number of oxy's made, compared to prescribed numbers.This is the computer age, they know..... yes, it could happen to you too. rich, poor doesn't matter.  
Kyrie Fowkes I live in East KY and I see everyday what this drug has done. I say we need TOUGH FEDERAL laws on this pill. Kentucky is cracking down but Florida is not and that is where a lot of these pills come from. Not only Oxys but other pills like Xanax that are plauging this region. People have to lock their doors and carry loaded guns because they fear people who will rob them for money for pills. I could take Moonshine and pot in this region but this pill abuse has to end. I am tired of it. Stop the Oxycotin express now! 
Vickie Pope Hamm My sister Cathy passed away May 12th ,Her boyfriend passed away Jan 12th, Another friend passed away the same day, all three and about 10 additional friends, went to the same Dr. paid 500.00 a visit to be given these pills, my sister was PreSCRIBED roxys the bottle said "TAKE 10 A DAY AS NEEDED" ALONG WITH methadone , ALSO "TAKE 10 A DAY" THE DR WOULD GIVE THEM 125. OFF THERE VISIT IF THE REFERED A FRIEND, THIS IS CRAZY! IF MY SISTER WERE A MANATEE,MORE WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE FOR HER, LET 1200 MANATEES DIE A YEAR AND YOU WOULD HERE IT ALL DAY LONG UNTIL SOMETHING WAS CHANGED, MY SISTER WAS A LOVING, CARING, PERSON, THESE DRS A MEDICALLY ALLOWED TO KILL PEOPLE. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!! 
Dezirae Walls  
V. Coates I do not and never have had a problem with addiction, but know others throughout the years that have and this one is by far the worst. All any of the pharma companies do is think of their bottom line first and maybe somewhere along the line when forced they then might think of the person and their families and what has to be gone through due to drugs they and the government approve only to find out later how much of a deal with the devil many are, especially the pain pills. This and many others need to be banned, but they are too much of a money maker in more ways than just to the pharma companies while someone is on all the garbage they offer to patients when you consider people pay and pay and pay until they lose their job, lose their savings, lose their homes, their vehicles, lose their families, beg-borrow-steal, end up in jail and or end up in rehab that is for some like a revolving door of return visits and never can kick the oxycontin and others and all to support a drug habit created by the pharma and medical industries who have all the real statistics on this and the other pain killers, including how deadly they can become and then when the user/abusers are at whits end and death takes over it is the ultimate expense of burial coupled by the pain and hurt for a life time for those left behind. Its not just the drug companies that need to be reigned in but also the one's who approve what they know is not a safe drug for the public and how easily doctors offer and push new drugs based on they were told it is safe for the patient. Would you consider Pharmaceutical Representatives in effect also LEGAL DRUG PUSHERS when you consider they introduce the drugs for the most part to the medical industry from their respective employer -pharma companies? Then it is told that the product is what is best suited to the patient from their doctor who is sold on a sales pitch that a given product is a safe and effective drug to treat a condition by the representative(s)? If the representatives working as agents for the drug companies didn't agree then they wouldn't they otherwise use the terms - do not use due to the effects on the body that may in the end also include DEATH for those who can't handle it when/if you become addicted. Just a thought to ponder due to there are many players in the field of pharmaceuticals and for some as long as they make lots of money then they met their goal even if they don't consider the end result or maybe they do and it is insignificant to what they can make by pushing them! God Bless all those who survived it and made a comebackand all best wishes go out to them for continued success! 
Lisa Riot I am a recovering addict who has been fighting a battle to stay off these damn pills!I just recently lost my fiancee cause he wanted drugs more then me.I also just found out I have 2 good friends just sent to prison in Florida for dealing these.Please ban these horrible drugs! 
Michael Thomas This drug has captured and stolen the brother I love and there is no helping him and this drug is way too easy to get. Please Ban 
Greg Dimina I have lost 10 childhood friends in the last 10 years and 3 of them were brothers. All from this poison! Can't believe this crap isn't band!! I am starting to think that the powers that be are letting it go on because we are over populated.. 
terri i want to say bless you to all the families and kids that have signed this petition to ban this drug, I never have seen such a powerful drug my daughter has over and over fallen back to this drug, when she does it the phone calls stop and she doesnt care cause its her world, family worries all the time that she will overdose or sell her body for the lowest point, I thought I was in this alone but realize there are so many she stops when the money runs out and then gravitates to anyone or dealers that have it, I have reported dealers and still look over and over and the police do nothing why? because it feeds into the system lawyers courts,rehabs why dont they ban this drug and stop using it to feed the system that is so broken they are not in it to help only want the money they sacrifice lives everyday it truly changes someone they get pimples on there face so just imagine what it does to there liver or kidneys just imagine 20 years from now whats goi g to destroy our kids bad enough now only more harmful stuff on the way so scary, i feel i will truly have to bury my daughter before I leave this earth, please make a difference and get family and friends to keep on signing i wish everyone alot of luck and support for life truly is more valuable than any drug maker dont you think  
Anonymous My sister is addicted to Oxy, via RXs from her doctor for pain, and her personality has changed drastically. She is aggressive, rude, lashes out constantly at others, and talks to people like they are idiots. She races around 22 hours a day, not sleeping, not eating, has lost a ton of weight, and refuses to discuss anything civil with anyone in the family. I have seen her turn on the charm with strangers, so I know she has the ability to be civil, but with the combination of Oxy, she chooses to take her irritabilities and lash out on those who care about her. The drug is ruining her as a decent human being, thus, it is ruining her relationships. She is currently divorcing her husband and treats him as if he was the devil incarnate. This drug is horrible, and needs to be banned. There are other drugs that can be used for pain, this one is nasty and destroys lives. 
Rachel Gibbs Its pure genocide! I am so disgusted with this stuff and the FDA as well. They know exactly what its doing to the people. Its a sad day when about 75% of your city is on this stuff! 
victoria I just lost a best friend due to oxycottin and other drugs that were mixed with it .. my best friend is sadly missed I feel like i should have spoke up more often .. even the name makes me naseaus im now without my friend I lie in alot pf pain sometimes but refuse to take this dreadful drug and will not now or ever allow a doctor to prescribe me this ....never...! i wish they would make a pain med that is non narcotic and safe to take because we could keep our loved ones for a little while longer, sincerly,victoria.... i hope this medicine is banned before someone else dies  
alexis krasotkin My 28 year old daughter is in a detox hospital for 3 - 5 days. I hope it helps her get her life back. Things in our family are a mess thanks to her addiction to oxycontin. 
Kristen Shuffield This drug came into my life after a major car accident and I battled this monster and other opiates for years after. I finally was able to beat the addiction to this drug. I have also lost friends to this drug and can no longer stand by and watch our youth be tainted by this drug and watch people dealing with moderate pain become consumed by this . This drug does not have to be on the market to control pain. My mother is a registered nurse and very very rarely does she see oxycontin given as a form of pain medication. Its on the streets, it's in our homes, and it's killing teenagers and young adults across the country. We can find something better, we can find a better way.  
teresita vega Stop the Pain Management Clinics and the selling of these addictive drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 
Linda Foss Please get rid of this drug before it kills my son! 
Mia P This drug is evil! Ruins families and lives - get rid of it! 
Michelle Dupuis  
Courtney Rohr  
Justin Hawthorne It's no mystery that Oxcycontin has become an epidemic in the opiate addiction community over the past 15 or so years. Natural forms of opiates cannot be bannished from the Earth, but these potent synthetic constructs can. They irresponsibility of doctors and drug seeking behaviors of addicts wishing to aquire them far out weigh (in my oppinion) the minority of people that use them responsibly. Too many people get hooked on the effects of Oxy and then eventually move on to heroin. There are other alternatives to pain management. The chemicals oxycontin, opana, dilaudid, and fentanyl are too commonly abused and result in an addiction that destroys families and costs the country billions. 
Cindy Fugate Bennett Cindy Fugate, whose mother, Sandra Fugate Riddle, died of an OxyContin overdose at a roadside motel while shooting up with friends. Sandra Fugate was a caring and involved single parent who began using OxyContin, became preoccupied with her drug use, and distanced herself from her daughter and friends as she became more deeply involved the underground drug community in the months before her death 
Jonathan Fees Ban this drug now  
Sarah Witmer I work in the medical field(E.R. currently) and I see first hand what this drug does to you and those you love and who love you. This drug is a Monster guys..lets get rid of it!!!! 
E.J Fink I'm a former Marine who was injured while serving and have been prescribed Norco, Percocet, Oxycodone, etc. for my pain. As much as I think this drug has a positive use for terminal patients, it is way too easily distributed. I'm very much struggling with my addiction to Oxy's, and fully support this being even more monitered and possibly pulled from the market all together. Thank you 
Mary Sheirburn  
Brittney Smith I have a mother who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few years ago and lives with pain everyday of her life. She started seeing a pain management doctor who instatly prescribed her with this drug. From then on it was down hill.. the family suffered everyday through what this medication did to her to affect us in the worst way possible to the point where I couldnt bare to be around her anymore. Im happy to say now that the last time she went to her pain management doctor she told him she did not want another prescription for Oxy and wanted something lighter, from then on she has been Oxy clean. I witnessed her through the worst withdrawls and suffering to now, back to the mother I love so dearly and care about too much to watch those pills kill her.  
Eric Vieira  
Vanessa Negron  
Dirk Kiprik A close friend of mine just died last winter from this poison.DEAD...The government makes non toxic plants illegal and sells this junk to everyone.awesome. 
Marybeth Barrett I know dozens of young adults addicted to pain killers, including OxyContin. I've seen too many throw their lives away, too many families torn apart by the use and abuse of this medication. With so many pills flooding the secondary markets, we have to ask who is writing all these prescriptions and to whom? We need to stand up (yes against the pharmaceutical companies)and ban this dangerous medication. 
Megan Blueboy I have recently had a friend addicted to these, I didn't even know these pills were in our community. I am from a reserve called Moose Cree First Nation. In Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada. I want this pill to stop being made, before it gets worse in our community. I've heard of other reserves in Canada where this pill is being abused and alot of people are addicted. This needs to stop! 
Anonymous I know that drug , a doctor gave me that drug for arthrose. Don t take this product. It s very dangerous. I took 120 mg each day, in the beginning , it was ok, but with the time , i becamed crazy ,it was hell. Don t touch that drug. 
Khristina Fortunato  
Donna Piranha the person i love most on the planet turned to heroin after becoming addicted to Oxycontin prescribed to him for pain. i don't know if Sick Rick is alive or dead ... i miss him every day but i can't be with him because he's a junkie and an addict. i cry and wonder every day how people can make money destroying other people's lives ... THIS DRUG SHOULD BE OUTLAWED. (and Godspeed, Rick, wherever you are. ptoatmyli)  
Jane Smith  
Jack King  
princess charming RIP travis and colby 
brandy labosette RIP travis.colby and stacy  
Michelle Ross  
DOLORES PIPPIN My brother is an addict and is living in the streets facing jail time. Also, he got stabbed the other night from drug dealers. Anyone who starts this does not have to be on it long to become VERY addicted to the point where all they care about is getting the next pill which then turns into heroin because it is many young children are getting hooked as well as adults.. where will this all lead if it is not stopped. 
Lynda Hughes RIP....KIPP RUDD 2009 COUSIN 
Eveline Craig Get rid of it now!  
Anonymous Please remove this drug from the market. It is extremely addictive and so easy to obtain and it's hard to watch someone try to withdraw from its use. I am a mother who doesn't know where else to turn for help and by signing this petition as least I feel like I can do something to save mine or the child or loved one of someone else before it is too late. 
Debbie This is a horrible drug that is destroying families killing people of ages. So many of our son had a problem he changed so much that it almost destroyed me I missed the kind sweet funny kid he was my next friend hes two months clean but it never leaves me that he can relapse.Some of these doctors are legalized drug dealers they have to be stopped. Please take this drug off the market and start cracking down on these whacky doctors  
Jessica Putch I have lost a few friends from this drug and now can't believe to see my own sister locked up because two years ago she was in a car accident, had never touched a drug in her life. She has a few different doctors that she visits to keep her drug coming. She can't work, because this and that hurts, every time I see her it is something new. Since she didn't get any money from the accident, only enough to pay for the car damage, can you imagine where the money is coming from to support her habit? I've tried to get her help, but a person with no problems other than having pain doesn't think they need help.  
Richard Spoerer  
Anonymous OXY KILLS!!!!!!! GET RID OF IT!!!!!!!!! 
Marilynn Ballentine My oldest son had back surgery years ago and his doctor gave him Oxycontin and many other drugs. He also kept reissuing prescriptions for all these drugs. Now at 55, my son is on SSD and lives a solitary life of drug induced depression and self doubt. He has also become an alcoholic. Please take this Oxycontin and all the other bad drugs out of circulation so others won't have to live like he does. 
Danielle Pallotta I have known too many young people who have overdosed and died from this drug and two of which I was very close to at one point. It's a very sad thing to lose someone you care about! I still think about them a lot and their family and friends who have been changed forever because of this disgusting drug!! 
Cynthia Highfill Please ban this drug! My sister became addicted to OxyContin over two years ago, and when she couldn't get them through doctors she went to the streets and when she couldn't get them there, she turned to heroin and lost custody of her three children. She later told me that the first time she took heroin, it felt NO different than OxyContin. Stop this drug from being produced, for the sake of all!  
willaim d. backus  
Marsha Schorr I lost my only son two years ago to this drug. He was 24. I would do anything I can to keep anyone from going through what my family is going through. I will not ever hold his children in my arms, I will not get to witness his successes and watch him grow. He's gone. I miss him every second of every day. This horrible drug kills. It's time that we take a stand against the pharmaceutical companies (Purdue) and doctors who prescribe this poison. I am happy that Florida has realized the situation with the pill mills there are are working to make a difference. We were living in Florida when my son died. If you have lost a child or brother or sister to this horrible drug, please try to find a Compassionate Friends local meeting to attend. There are others who have been through this and they care. My best wishes for you, Marsha 
Angela Black I have a friend who lost BOTH her parents to this drug before she reached the age of 16. Truly sad. 
Terii-Lynne Coakwell It is destroying our town, our families, draining our medical systems, police services but the pharmacutical companies and funeral homes are the only ones gaining 
Sylvina Rickard  
Darlene Galic Please ban this drug as it has taken to many lives & is to readily available thru doctors who would rather give into addicted patients then take responsibility to their oaths to "do no harm".  
Darlene Budd I cannot believe they have allowed this product on the market know it takes 6 years to leave the system completely.It has ruined so many lives in our city and people just look horrid. You are leading up to high crime levels keeping this drug legal. I cannot believe the Government allows to keep this going but hey they get a percentage back from the drug companies, so why the hell do they care!!!! 
Christine Vollick This stuff is poison! I know countless people with ruined lives due to Oxy. Thank God my family member has come out of the darkness (thanks to Methadone). It would be wonderful to have this stuff completely destroyed or only administered in hospital to people with cancer, as it was supposed to be used! 
shelley pfeiffer they are giving them out like candy in orillia ontario it has too stop now 
Anna Aitchison  
Michelle Grant  
Anonymous I am an Oxycontin addict and it is ruining my life and the lives of those around me. If I had to use one word to describe what I am now, it would be Junkie. 
Vicky Cole  
Anonymous i have been clean for a while now and i have to say you can quit this drug with out having repeated thoughts everyday to use . but i have to tell u i went from living in a nice house nice car motorcycle to selling my belongings and sleeping outside and riding a bicycle before i got tired of living on rock bottom . my sister is still using and i wish she would get help . i support this ban 
Alex Worden I've seen many people led to other opiates by this drug. OxyContin destroys lives, and dependents are detrimental to society. 
joann james  
Enid L. Afanador I have never in all my days alive have seen such an epedemic such as this. Good families whose young adults had aspirations and pursed educations have fallen into the grips of this drug and now are as Humpty Dumpties, who can not be put together again. We need all the kings, horses, men, women and all powers that be to put an end to this drug's street availablility. 
Amber Robles  
Dino Amarini Both Drug companies and doctors need to show more responsibility. These drug companies are offering incentives to doctors to perscribe more and more of these pills to they make more money. It's all about money and so called business. Some one needs to stop these murderers.. Where are the police and goverment when you need them? They know this is going on today and our young kids are dropping like flys..Where is the accountability? Wake up America....  
Michelle R. Allard  
Brandy Stocking  
Rebekah My baby brother became addicted to this medication, he barely had a childhood in and out of rehabs his whole youth. He has fought everyday to stay clean and hope that he still does. These drugs changed him and its disgusting that they are still legal. Please save thousands of kids lives I want to be a future MD and will use all my power one day to prevent one more kid from being the victum of this aweful epidemic. This website is fantastic!!! 
S raymond I pray it gets banned before another generation of our youth is affected. 
Justin Dougherty I am a recovering addict....these are more addictive than Heroin, or any other street drugs I have used....Alcohol is petty compared to this garbage. I've almost died a handful of times do the heavy use of this perscription. Yes I abused them, but I've never found anything else that has so much negative power over my soul....God Bless. 
Jade I would love if oxycontin would disappear. I wish my sister would come back and be my sister again, she's just not the same anymore. 
Renee Schmalbach  
Janet Goff  
joann james  
Angela Wilkins  
Dee My husband is addicted. I can't do anything to stop him. I've tried so many ways. He was originally prescribed this for back pain but now is spiraling out of control. It's affecting our lives and our marriage. I hate this drug and it should be banned. For all those who have lost someone to this drug. I am truly sorry and purdue should be too.  
Vincent Fernandez I was addicted to this for 2 years and almost had an overdose. Now I am suffering from alot of mental issues and take alot of meds for it. 
Monica Goforth  
jeanine filteau  
carrie coldren recovering oxycontin/heroin addict 
Mark Montgomery A tiny city in Vermont, 16,000 people, more Oxy addicts on it's streets than you can ever imagine. STOP THE MADNESS!!  
Karren Hart Oxycotin is addicting so bad that i lost my husband at a young age ... he had back pain and could get it from his doctors and if not them off the streets..yes,i agree it's like hillbilly heroin. 
Jamie Red  
angie hincapie My heart goes out to all the families affected by this drug. 
Teri Dodge  
Margie Fleitman  
Jeanine O'Connell My heart goes out to every person taken by this drug and to each and every member of their families and friends. 
Brittany Reid I believe the FDA has pain medication that is just as affective but not as addictive. I have seen way to many people who can walk just fine who has minimum pain prescribed this medication. I have lost friends to this powerful drug and have heard it's one of the hardest addictions to overcome. It's to easy to get from doctors and on the streets and needs to be stopped soon. How many lives does it need to take before the drug companies care? 
Aymie Burns Oxycontin needs to be taken off the market. There are other painkillers that are just as effective, but not as addictive or dangerous. This crap took down a friend who used to be a cop. Now he is facing 5-10 years in prison. Doctors who prescribe this so easily also need to be held accountable. 
Anonymous I know too many deaths and heroin addcits caused by this dreadful drug, GET RID OF IT! 
cynthia shermetaro  
Susan Bobbitt Is there anyway I can help with gaining signatures. I am so brokenhearted about the lives that have been infected with the PURE EVIL of drug production. It is so so so sad what is happening to the youth in our communities. The oxycontin express video should be shown to students in school. Is there a program that I can implement in the schools. What can I do to lead this fight in my home town? I am so passionate about serving this purpose, but don't know what or where to go. Please help me to help you. Thanks for your energy. Love and light to all that sign this very needed ban! God bless the efforts of all of those who fight this war on drugs. It is a battlefield of the mind and it is a spiritual war indeed.  
Anonymous I have a beautiful 19 year old daughter that is has been taken over by this drug. She started using when she was 14 years old and has continued to use. She has been in and out of rehabs for the last 3 years never completing one program. She has told us that when she takes the Roxys she "feels like Nothing can hurt her". She has not only destroyed her life but has taken our family down with her. She has effected my job, my family and my friends. Oh, and did I mention she is 8 months pregnant??? It KILLS me to see what this drug has done not only to her/us but to the thousands others that have to sit back and watch our kids slowly kill themselves. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Take OXYCONYIN out of our LIVES so our kids can keep THEIRS!!!!! 
diane boyd  
Julissa Crespo I hate this drug im a 19 yr old girl that this drug has destroyed my family. my father was percribed them and now has gotten adicted to it i was just to blind to realize he was even using and by the time i did it was too late he went from taking them orally to snorting to now injection and now my dad is spending his time in a county jail awating trial cause he is facing 3 life charges. he just got so badly adictted to this stupid drug and in a way i feel like its my fault i didnt notice it. he did a stupid thing to try and support his habbit. =[ 
Anonymous It needs to go. Now.  
Lise Touchton Please ban this monster drug 
joann james  
Anonymous I have never in my life thought I would see such damaging effects from one pill. 32 yrs of marriage down the drain because of it. This evil pill destroys families, friendships,communities and more sadly ,LIVES! BAN this drug before it destroys any more lives..I miss you dear freind. Rest in peace Vicki! I will always love you. I miss our talks together and the fun we had. 
Michelle This drug destroyed my life, thank God for the people and programs that are helping me put it back together, i hope NO BODY has to suffer or die from this drug ever again 
Anonymous Now we have 4 more innocent people killed in an oxy robbery in new jersey, plus a young couple who committed a horrible crime they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. God help us all if these drugs are not taken off the market! 
Patricia Foord I have had several friends die from this medication. Nearly everyone else I know that takes them are having serious problems in their lives. They don't know how to get off these extremely addictive medications & feel struck. I have been interviewing people for the last 8 months & nearly all of them told me various stories about how this medication has assisted in ruining their lives. There are very few resources in my area for these people to turn to in order to get clean, unless they have insurance, which most people dont. I'm heartbroken every time I pass ANOTHER billboard or read ANOTHER article regarding this medication. I have even seen coupons for a discounted rate to new clients. I have seen doctor's offices with people lined up around the building waiting to be seen. Unfortunately, I myself was a victim of a doctor prescribing me this medication & NEVER ONCE explained that I could become addicted or dependent on it! Thankfully, I got myself clean & have now devoted my life to helping anyone that needs assistance in getting off this medication. I am BEGGING you to please ban this product, as I do not want to attend ANOTHER funeral!!! Thank you for your time! 
Ryan Harvey You have my 100% support 
Lisa Newman Please save our youth from this horribly addictive drug. I am a nurse and a mother. I feel powerless to protect my family and my patients from such an evil substance. We have to ban together! 
yvonne roldan My son became a full addict with this and other pain killers. Rehab does not work anymore. He's living out on the streets and wants no help. To top it off, he's handicap..  
Melissa Adams This drug is an epidemic, it's killing and destroying peoples lives. It should not be legal! 
Krista Wilson I dont know of anyone personally who has been lost to this drug, but i feel strongly that it should be banned! 
Kayce Hoebel  
ryan nixon  
Anonymous My 48 year old husband was one of these victims to the addiction of Oxycontin. He was in an automobile accident in 1995 and since that day he had taken Oxycontin along with several other narcotic drugs for pain. His "Pain management" doctor, gave him 150 pill at the time and was in no way concerned if he himself was addicted to these pills. They did a drug test on him every few months, but that was just to make sure he was not taking them and selling them. They wanted to make sure the Oxycontin was showing up in his system. To make a long story short, it was nothing for him to take all 150 pills in a 10 day span. These pill were 20mg tablets and to say the least they destroyed him and caused his death March 31, 2011. He died from combined toxicity of Oxycontin, zoloft and methodone. Where did he get the methodone, I have no clue. Why wasn't the doctors checking for other narcotics during the drug testing, they were too concerned he was out making money on this drug, they could care less that he was an addict himself. Rest in God's arms Tom, your battle is over and you are finally at peace. 
Anonymous its killing our youth ...slowly. 
Anonymous What is wrong with this picture Our congress is allowing the Doctors to administrate and perscribe this medication that is killing our children, our family members, so the Pharmaceutical companies can make millions. But the FDA can make laws to what we use or have knowledge about the natural man made medicines that may help our well being, but this group is not stepping in with Congress to stop and band this highly dangerous addictive medication that is destroying causing a slow death. Our familie's loved ones mean so much to every family in America. Why Why Why? What also makes me angery our children are being thrown in to prisons for theft to steal for there drug addictions. No one seems to care! I mean is our fellow man getting so selfish to the american dollar that even if it's killing destroying our loved ones and we the people can not change this. How can a Congress allow this?  
Teresa Persinger Yes! I lost a beautiful Neice that had so much to live for that left two beautiful children that my Mother, and Sister, are raising them as a single parent. We all felt the empty lost of her leaving this earth to this Oxicontin, that a Doctor perscribed to her for pain in her back. She became addicted dependant traped to this drug and was consuming up 30 pills per day, after getting ammuned to them in a 2 year period. My Mother would call me cring, explaining how my Neice was no longer the same person her body so weak not being abled to function as a normal person, falling daily with constant splur speech. We all loved her very much what this drug did to her is just unbelievable how she suffered daily. Any Doctor that perscribes this drug to anyone knowing the outcome of drug is beyond me.  
Michael There are too many Pharmacies being robbed for this drug. It needs to be removed from the market. 
Mark Stevens I am currently in treatment for opiate addiction and have been for 10 months. It all started in high school when I had surgery and my doctor prescribed vicoden. When that doctor split town 5 months later I continued occupational therapy with a new doctor. When he realized I was still being prescribed the Vicoden he immediately had that stopped. Needless to say when the withdrawals started I went searching for them on my own. I continued using opiates for 4 years until I finally made the best decision of my life to go get treatment on September 21, 2010. So this really hits home with me and I really hope we can make a difference and get this "medicine" banned. I posted this link on my twitter and Facebook account for everyone to see and to try and get the word out. Mark Stevens  
Jean I have recently had to confront my daughter about her addiction to pain medicine. I never in a million years thought I would have to have a conversation like that with one of my children. My heart is aching, she is in total denial and thinks that because the Dr. prescribed it and she takes more than she should, that it is OK? She is in complete denial and come to find out that she has gone as far as to purchase any kind of pain pills she can get her hands on! I have notified everyone of her friends that if I find out anyone enables her or gives her access to pills I will turn them in to authorities! She is insisting that she can get off of them herself and even though I offered to pay for any detox or treatment needed to help her she refused. I am so distraught over this and don't know where to go from here? She has some back pain and I don't understand why a Dr. would continue to prescribe such a strong, addicting drug to a patient without any concern that they are getting addicted, especially when she continues to try and get refills before they are due? I realize that something needs to be done! I cannot believe how many people have access to this kind of medicine? 
Karen McDonald I live in Canada and our doctor made my husband an accidental addict due to a knee injury. He needed full knee replacement and was on waiting list in Canada for 8 years before it was his turn. (Yes, our socialized medicine isn't all it is cracked up to be). That meant he was on oxycontin for 8 years. He turned into the most miserable, angry always yelling and screaming person I have ever seen. This drug destroyed my marriage, my husband's relationship with his daughter. I hate oxycontin!!! and the company that is distributing it. Once my husband received the knee replacement, another total hell began with him trying to get off the oxy's. Our doctor blamed my husband for becoming addicted because he had an "addictive personality". What a crock.... I would like to see him taking oxy's for 8 years and not becoming an addict. Oxy's, percosats.... all should be banned in USA and Canada!  
Lauren I don't understand after all of this press and all of these shows and all of this addiction why these pills are still legal. I feel as if the FDA has really failed the United States.  
Anonymous We recently found out that our son is addicted to this hellish drug. He has spent every cent he ever earned, savings are gone, credit cards are charged to the limit, and he has resorted to hocking any items of value. So far he has limited this to his own stuff, however I wouldn't be surprised at how far he would go for his euphoric state.Doctors, legistlators, drug companies along with pharmacies. MUST be accountable for the volume of this drug getting onto the street. Solutions are needed now. Ban this drug completely. Have doctors issue a harder to comeby subsitute in the instance of critical pain management. Save our families! 
Brenda Wiles In memory of Dustin Nicholas; Fatal toxicity of Oxycodone 
Joe levy Florida pain doctors are the biggest drug dealers around  
susan larkin  
Nicole Kouba I have several close friends that have been hurt or are still hurting from the effects of oxycontin. It is very clearly something we DO NOT need in our society and lives. 
Beth Sanchez  
Karen Beggs Not only should there be a ban but doctors should be liable for extended prescibing. 
Anonymous having been addicted to most opiates beginning with vicodin, oxycontin, and ending with methadone I see and feel the devastating effects that it has caused in the lives of my children,parents and spouse...Iam blessed to once again be clean for five weeks.. 
Jacquelyn This drug is an outrage! It's becoming an epidemic. Doctors don't realize how much it destroys people's lives. They blindly prescribe this drug and don't even think twice about the affect it may have. As a result, people are turning to heroin to get the same result and then end up robbing to keep up the addiction. My deepest and most sincere appologies to those families who have lost someone or who are in a constant battle to keep themselves or someone close to them clean.  
Randall A Beggs Stop the manufacture and distribution of this evil poison. If the A.M.A. isn't on board with this ban, they (the A.M.A.)are sanctioning evil and have no collective conscience.  
Anonymous A very dangerous addictive drug. Join us in getting the word out.  
Anonymous A very dangerous addictive drug. Join us in getting the word out.  
Linda Carrico The sooner this drug is off the market, the better. There have been Dr.s in Florida getting kids hooked, then selling it on the streets. What a travesty. 
Anonymous My husband has changed his normal loving side and now drinks beer all day and says he takes less oxy than ever but, right. 
Stephanie Camargo  
Leslie Lang  
DEBBIE ROBINSON I too have been effective by this drug. My son was addicted on it and now is in recovery. Please DESTROY this drug before it destroys more lifes and families.  
Rhonda Perez  
Kirby Jill Conway  
Abigail Toledo I have just read of yet another death due to addiction of this drug; the wife of a young Sailor who serves in our US Navy. The dollar value of this drug is finite. The value of life is infinite. Please do the right thing. 
Jennifer Mongeau  
Ron A. I work in an emergency many young people come in, disowned by their families due to their addiction and the behaviors that help them supply that addiction. It is amazing how many of them, and also middle aged, started using oxy's as long as 2-3 years earlier due to a legitimate pain issue. There are alternative medications that are not nearly as addictive. I do not know what the ratio of legal to illegal use is, but, I suspect illegal use far exceeds legal use. It is a money maker for some, a life destroyer for others. Like Qualudes in the 70's, Oxycontin should be taken off the market. 
Amelia Levy  
Whitney Disney  
Cindi My son, Robert, 21 years old, is addicted to oxycontin...shots it into his veins!!! This drug is so powerful that it can over take a persons life like it has his. He just turned himself into the police for stealing copper to buy one pill!!! He had rather be in jail and not using than be free and continuing to use. HELP OUR KIDS!!!! God Bless everyone. 
Jared Parfrey This is the best thing i have seen in years. Oxycontin should be banned completely. 
Henry Farley First, my heart goes out to all of the families who have lost a loved one, including myself from this cash cow drug. The United States of America should be ashamed of themmselves. The Doctors in India and Europe dont prescribe medicine like this for people in their 20's and 30' for a so called backache. All you need is an MRI, but how can you tell if you back really hurts from an MRI? You can see the doctors just need that to protect their ass. My theory on this is that this drug started to get overblown in 2005. If I can recall we were telling Afganistan that they are not allowed to grow a poppy plant in their country. FOR REAL!!! Its their country. So not only di we rob oil we robbed their heroin refine it in the lab and bamm now you have the purest heroin money can buy. What happens when a kid on the street gets caught with say an ounce of cocaine in this country? I will tell you, they are going to sit him in a room. These no good for nothing midget cops on steroids, are going tosay your looking at 25 yrs if you dont tells who you got this from. Guys you dont tell them nothing. Tell them you want to speak to y0ur lawyer. Now on the other hand if you get caught with oxycodone that the FDA approvstrung out on oxys in his waiting roomed, and they want to arrest you, why dont you tell them who the greedy king pin Dr.who has 50 people strung out on oxys which is mostly what they prescribe. All these Dr.s want to do is book as many appoints as possible 
Laurah This drug took my father when i was just 20 and he was 48 he was using it under a doctors prescription and sadly became addicted... my father was the best dad i could have ever asked for, hard working and always had so much love to give life will never be the same and im filled with emptyness anger and confusion..i hope one day soon this drug will be banned and no longer given to the public as a pain killer..its awful and i think that what u are doing is great bringing awareness to the world. thank you Laurah. 
emily newman  
robin descaro  
kat schnepp I simply believe a medication of this caliber can only do more harm than good,and because it is endorsed by medical professionals it is "acceptable." 
astrid vera  
Jessica Smith Florida is the oxycontin capital - so many young people dying; something has got to change... 
April Stoneberg  
Judy Davis I lost my 28 yr old son (father of 2) 4 yrs ago to this VERY ADDICTIVE drug. Please take it out of the hands of people who don't need it!!!!! He was prescribed 180 a month for a knee injury from two yrs prior from a pain clinic in Tampa, Florida. His wife had a car accident and it was and still is prescribed to her as well. She is still addicted and unable to raise their two children.  
Brandon Jamile I have just found out my younger sister is hooked on smoking oxycontin. I'm scared for her. I know what it does. I'm a recovering addict and am just praying that she won't have to suffer such a loss as I have.. Ban this monster! 
Mary wilson  
Jennifer Rodriguez  
Seth Miller Dangerous DRUG that destroys peoples' lives, health, and basic well being. Synthetic heroin is all it is. 
Charles Price  
Stephanie B.  
K.Holcomb My heart goes to the families that have lost loved one's, or having to go through this nonsence. Ive watched several young friends and family go down the wrong path and it's heart breaking. It needs an ending, NOW. 
Norma foote In honor of your angels! 
Jacqueline Johnson  
Marla Johnson  
Carly Ourada  
gail levy Ban this drug immediately. How many more lost lives must there be? 
Ashley Jones  
Alexa B. Boswell I hope more than anything that one day our society and most importantly our government will accept and realize we have a serious problem that needs to be stopped with laws. OxyContin and similar drugs like it need to be classified like other hard drugs such as Cocaine and Heroin. I live in Florida so we see more than 7 deaths a day in this state alone but it seems as no one cares because nothing is being done. Actually the exact opposite is being done. Florida is the number one pill mill state. We leisurely sell it to ANYONE from ANYWHERE and off they go with these little murderous pills at their own hands. Something needs to be done or there won't be anyone left to do anything at all. 
Anonymous I have to friends dead thanks to those pills!!  
Norma Babin The recent killing of 4 people during a theft of prescription meds at a local pharmacy speaks volumes to the seriousness of the addictive properties of these drugs and the efforts addicts will undertake to keep the supply coming.  
Christina Moore  
Crystal Lamson  
Chris blau All about money...Afghan Opium ...the real weapon of mass destruction 
Jenny Marshall I have a brother and sister that are both addicted to this drug. I know of several others as well that are not related to me, however this drug has ruined their lives as well as the future of the children. One person I know that is addicted to this WAS a police officer and is no longer one because of this drug. Please ban this drug and stop killing people!!! 
Linda Jenson My father, sister and son all have addictions to opiates. All started with pain due to surgeries and injuries and now they are all sick. My beautiful 29 year old son is now shooting Black Tar Heroin and is a shell of the son I knew. He was arrested for it and will probably now do time. Why aren't these doctors in jail?? My father has been so sick and watching him and my son go through the same withdrawals is heart wrenching. My fathers doctor said, "he is old and it doesn't matter if he's an addict, he's in pain. He gets it from 4 different doctors and he's 81 years old. My son will not survive much longer and every day I must watch him die. Why can't this medication be distributed like methadone and kept off the streets? I have spent over $20,000 just trying to save my sons life. Justice must be served. 
carole a brown  
Anna Sowinski I saw my boyfriend's 26 year old niece in her casket because of Oxy addiction. That poor girl had so much promise for a bright future, and now she's dead. Ban Oxy, please. She was only 26... 
Vincente Viviette I currently am addicted to this drug, but even still, I can see how many lives it destroys and agree that it should be banned. The elimination of all Oxycodone or opiate-derived products for pain is not something that's going to happen. But I think that the amount in one pill should not exceed and absurd amount... somewhere around 10mg being the highest dosage for Oxycodone in one pill, I know, even still the risk of addiction or even physical addiction is a possibility, but I think it would greatly reduce how much you crave the drug or, I should say the time it takes to want more, which I will tell you, can be a critical factor. See, I know, because when most people start this stuff, at least when I did, you don't think in the terms of "oh, this pill contains 60mg or 80mg" you simply see it as being 1 pill or a half a pill Etc. 
Jacob Reynolds My regards to the many that have fallen to this addiction. I would like to see Oxycontin illegal. 
CRYSTAL GROGG I have had a few friends in my life ruin their lives becuase of those pills. I also have had problems with prescription drugs myself and I want to help the fight with those who just cant seem to get them out of there lives. I have family memebers who are really messed up because of those pills Please people lets do all we can so these doctors will stop just handing them out for backaches.. Something has to be done with these doctors, Thats where we will make a difference. Please everyone sign this petition and show your love ones u really do care about there life and safety.. I love you too all my family and friends fighting the fight against addiction I love you and am Praying for you all.. <3 me U can do it Get yourself clean and live a normal life without pills.. 
Amber Lynn I wish to help BAN. this product. I has consumed so many people i know and it hurts. Ban is not a big enough word for what need to happen, It should be worse DESTROYED like the many families have been DESTROYED by these. OXYCONTIN and other brands ARE THE WORST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS WORLD. An i know from expierence it changes a person and turns them into monsters, I know because i lived with it all around me knowing their pain and suffering. I missed the one person the most in my life My best friend, My brother sometimes i feel like i dont know him anymore, and thats sad to say. But he is getting help, Its not easy but it can happen. You can Stop! But it would be easier if its out their reach. Join with me and help ban, And save a life cause you never it could be your brother.Or cousin. Or even Child.. I Love My Brother,My Bubby, This needs to happen now, Not TOMMORROW! 
kayla smillie ive had two people especially close to me get cought up in the use of these pills. both of them are on the road to recovery, thank god! these pills DESTROY not only the person using but everyone who cares about them. it consumes you before you even realize its as bad as it is. its killing people left and right, young and old. the deaths from using too many or the wrong way is rising at an empidemic rate. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ban the distribution of these pills!! 
Rob For about 3 years I was lost in addiction. It started with Oxycontin and ended with injecting heroin into my veins. Would I not have taken that first pill, I might of been able to save myself from what would become a living hell. Im about 8 months sober and everyday is a struggle, though the physical part has long passed, the mental anguish and guilt I feel over my past actions will likely be there for the rest of my life. I was lucky enough to find the will to escape, but so many people I know haven't, and it kills me to watch them kill themselves. Off hand, I can think of at least 6 people whom I know that have died from an overdose, and I know at least 5 others who are not far behind. I wish there was something I could do. 
Ashley R Usina I would just like to say that it has hit St.Augustine, FL in the head...HARD!!! I'm so sick of losing friends of mine just because some doctor told then they needed to take this medication! The doctors get them addicted then leave then to fend for themselves. These doctors that prescibe this should have charges against them for what they do to ppl and their families and unborn children. The FDA should have never approved this of other harsh pills of this maginatude. I have tried so hard to find any research of what these pills may have done to my niece when she had no choice but to take it as she was born with it in her system!! They should do a more long term research before they approve anything!!! Please help us save our loved ones at risk! I just lost another friend that I have know almost all my life just last week!! How many others is it going to take. OR DO YOU EVEN CARE? 
Marion Kirkman  
Julia Kaplon  
Jodi Kesterson I ruined my life with oxys lost my beautiful boys my home and myself. But I am clean and sober today with the help of God and I would love to see oxys taken of